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“What did you say?” he shouted.

“I’m going to do it,” I told him.

“Do what?” I saw him thinking, “You can’t.”

“Why not? It was your idea, it is your idea, you have been pestering me for the last two months, so yes, I will.”

“Don’t be silly Nikki, it was only a game.”

“Hah,” I rejoined, “It was only a game as long as it lasted, well I have warmed to the idea, and now I’m going to.”

“It was only supposed to be a bit of fun,” he said.

“It was fun for you but not for me, and you knew it.” I told him.

“It was for you too, sometimes,” he added.

“Well, I am going to have me some fun then, okay?”

“Fantasy Nikki, it was fantasy, a thing in our heads.”

“A fantasy?” I replied hotly, “It was real for you, it was fantasy for me. But you have convinced me, this is the way to go.”

“You can’t,” he said as hotly, “I won’t let you!”

“You won’t let me?” I shouted. “Just who the fucking hell do you think you are, talking to me like that. I will do what I want!”

“You are not,” he bellowed.

“Oh yes,” I teased, “who says I already haven’t?”

This was enough to make him fall on to his ass in a chair.

My name is Nicola Rabin, Nikki to my friends, I am 23 years old and have been married for the last 2. I am 5ft 7″ I am beautiful, even if I do say so myself. My hair is really dark brown, almost black. I am told I look like that Nicole Shwertzer? a girl singer from Pussy Dolls, or something like that? But I think I am better looking than her, my body is certainly better

Men want me all the time, even some women too, young guys drool when I give them the eye. My husband is Kenneth, Ken to me. He is two years older than I, and we have a great marriage, or it was until two months ago when he started all this nonsense of bringing other people into our lives, and into our bed. It started one day when we were out to lunch. There was a young guy on the next table, Ken tapped my knee with his and whispered, “Look at him Nikki, what do you think.”

“Think,” I asked, “what do you mean?”

“Well,” he said, “he is a great looking guy isn’t he, good looking, muscular, big, and big everywhere I’ll bet,” he sniggered. “Imagine him having some fun with you.” I kicked him hard on the shin.

“Don’t be so damn crude Ken” I told him. He quickly let it go. But that night in bed he brought it, and the guy up again.

I played along and for a while it was him in bed with me and not my husband. I have to admit it, I did have a huge climax but Ken never knew it, I kept it from him. I didn’t like it, t was wrong but Ken loved all the lewd thoughts he was having, escapism? And it has been happening for the last two months, he even started nagging me to let him find someone else. I was horrified but he kept on and on.

He suggested all sorts of things, and again I have to admit, certain scenario’s turned me on. There were big men, lumber jacks, midgets, powerful business men, neighbours, young boys, black men, workmen, coming to the house and getting me. That one did get me going. There were other women, young girls, older women, MILF women, and young black girls who had their way with me. He had me tied up, not literally but imaginary, and I did climax every so often.

And while I did not agree to have another in our bed, I did find it stimulating at times. He even mentioned his younger brother coming around when I was on my own and seducing me, he even had his dad enter the equation at times.

“Hmmmm,” I thought, I wonder what your reaction to that would be Ken?” His dad is quite a good looking guy.

He began pestering me to let him find a man to my liking. He told me it would be sex only. This was not my idea of love, sex was a big part of that in my life.

I kept telling him no, he even said he would find another woman, just tell him what I wanted, and he would find one for me.

“You, you mean, you fucking pervert.” I retorted. “It’s your interest not mine. How can you want to see me, your wife, with another man, or woman if it comes to that!” I yelled at him

“I know it’s difficult for you baby,” he said. The trouble was he was wearing me down, though he had no idea that he was.

“How about this then,” he said.

“Your here at home one day, I am at work. You are wearing short skirt and a tiny top that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. Your sink gets blocked so you call a plumber to come and mend it. He knocks on the door, and you take in the vision before you. He is an incredibly good looking guy of about thirty, maybe thirty five,” He whispers into my ear. I stayed quiet, I do like older men, but Ken isn’t aware of that.

“His voice is silky and reassuring, velvety, and disarming,” you ask him in, and you have to admire his butt as he goes to the kitchen. He messes around, then there is a spurt of water from the sink that hits you both. You are not soaked, but you are both wet. He, Thomas is his name, it’s on his ID tag. He mutters and asks if Ankara bayan escort he can take his shirt off to dry while he fixes the sink.”

You of course say yes, and to “give it to you and I will put it in the dryer.”

“You are suddenly agog when he does, he has a magnificent torso, he is broad and flat chested, big strong arms, his chest is hairy, I know you like that he said. He has a six pack to die for, and his shoulders are broad.”

I remember I actually processed these thoughts in my head and I found myself getting excited, but I never let Ken know this.

“Your face flushes, just like it does when you get excited, your nipples ping at you, just like they always do, like a sonar on a submarine. And your eyes are locked on his body. You don’t realise what’s happening until you find his hands on your shoulders and he kisses you.”

“Tell me Nikki, tell me in your own words what he does,” Ken whispered in my ear.

“He keeps kissing me,” I mumble back, not really aware I am doing this, but the scene is locked into my mind. I can see it happening and I am commentating. “I am struck motionless, then he is bending me backwards over the table. He pinches my nipples. I moan into his mouth, his tongue gets mine. I feel him grappling with my skirt, he fumbles some more. I am paralysed by him. Then I hear a rip, a sharp tug. I learn later they were my panties.”

“Then he is in me, his cock is a great one I can tell. He fucks me terminally on our table. He forces me to cum. I can’t stop him, he is too strong for me and too big. He keeps on and on until I cum twice more. I happen to look up at him, and both of my feet are at the side of his head. He batters me until I am fully spent, a rag doll.”

I realise I am speaking and stop, not really understanding that I have just done what my husband wanted me to do. To talk him through it, me having wonderful sex with another man. I am totally embarrassed now, Ken slides up to me, I turn on to my side. His cock finds me and we start making love, but that’s where it changed.

“Close your eyes Nikki,” Ken whispers to me, “he hasn’t finished yet has he?”

“No,” I mutter back, I was transported back to my table.

“He has you now hasn’t he Nikki?”

“Yes,” Kens cock is working magic. In my mind I am staring up at this beautiful man who is now banging me good and hard. I cum again, then without seeming to break stride, he leans forwards, and he picks me up from the table and walks upstairs with me. I really was where Ken had taken me, maybe he wouldn’t like what I was thoroughly enjoying.

He climbs on to my bed and continues to fuck me, there is nothing I can do, and there is nothing I want to do more than this. The man fucks me until he cums. I feel him swamp me with his thick potent cum. I open my eyes and I am on my bed, he is gone. I lay there for some time remembering what has just happened. I make my way down to find him gone. There is a note along with an invoice. The note says he will be back in the morning for full payment.

Before I was able to think straight, I said.

“He is coming back tomorrow morning for his full payment.” Ken roared with laughter, he rammed in and out and we both came hugely, him because of me, and me because of the plumber. And this was where it really did change, to Ken it really was fantasy, a game, fun, but I was imagining it happening.

I love the cinema, and often go in the afternoon if there is something Im like on. I was in the que for a ticket this particular afternoon. And a man was behind me. I got the ticket, but a gust of wind blew it of the ledge, I stepped back, and stood on the toes of his foot. He grunted in pain, well I know what heels can do. I apologised profusely, he accepted on the premise that we could have a drink in the interval. I agreed right off.

He even sat next to me, and as the film wore on, it wasn’t that good so I found myself whispering in conversation with him. In the dark I could see he was quite good looking in a rugged sort of way. “My sexy lumberjack,” I giggled to myself. We had a drink in the interval, and I could see he was winding himself up to ask if he could see me again. To which my answer was going to be, “I’m sorry, I am married.”

He did, and I told him that, his disappointment was obvious, so instead he gave me his number, I said I would call him. It was two weeks later that I actually did. I said I was going to the cinema and would he like to come with me, meet me there. Halfway through the film his arm landed gently on my shoulder, instead of shrugging it off like I should have done, I turned to him and smiled.

Somehow my head finished up on his shoulder as I had a little cry, the film was a weepie. He again asked if we could meet sometime, he told me had had never met someone so nice, and also, he added like an afterthought, someone so beautiful. I was impressed, but again, “no I’m sorry, I am married.”

The following week was when Ken and I had our ‘bust up.’ And I finished it by telling Escort bayan Ankara him, “How do you know I already haven’t!” I hadn’t, but now he was stuck. That night I asked him to tease me, talk about another man, an older guy, someone who would treat me right, treat me mean, and keep me keen. Ken excelled himself and I had a massive enormous climax that nearly killed me.

“I think you really want me to do this don’t you Ken?” I said later.

“It could be fun I’m sure,” he answered, “if handled correctly.”

“What is that supposed to mean, if handled correctly?” I said.

“I would be there of course, my rules, my control.”

“I don’t think so,” I told him, “if I were to do this it would be my rules, my control, my way, privately, without you. I would tell you all about it though I promise.”

“Then we don’t do it, it has always been in my mind that I could watch, maybe join in if I felt like it!”

I was furious, the bloody arrogant prick.

“You Ken,” I pointed at him, “need to be careful what you wish for, you might not like it!”

That night we never spooned into the other for the first time in our marriage. It was a restless night, and I got angrier with him.

‘His way or no way,’ that was his idea, never mind what I might or might not want. I thought a lot about things. In the morning Ken went to work, not much was said.

I made my mind up. I was getting excited even just thinking about it. I called Derek, my cinema friend, and asked him where he lived. He told me, and I said. “Right Derek, I will be there in 1 hour, be ready for me,” and I put the phone down. If he was lying about anything he was well in the mucky brown stuff, or he would be when I got there.

I made myself look good, easy. Short skirt, my hair around my shoulders, tiny top, high heels no stockings, bare legged, a thong and no bra. I was more ready that I had ever been. As I drove my libido drove with me. Ken had made me get screwed by Derek last night in my mind without knowing it. He had never been happier seeing me get it off like this, all ny him being suggestive, making me have massive climaxes for him. He had not a clue that my thoughts had been firmly anchored on Derek. Now I was on my way to test drive him proper.

Ken had started something I was beginning to doubt he would be able to finish. I wasn’t like this, I had never been like this, a one man woman that was me, or I had been. Ken’s constant persistence for outside sex had got to me. Now I wanted to find out what it would be like, what another man would be like. I knew Derek would not challenge me, he would give in to me no problem. I would be interested to come across a man who would say no to me after being propositioned the way I intended to proposition him.

I heard the bell inside of his apartment ding dong. The door opened, and there he was, he looked all clean, washed, brushed, combed, and dressed in smart casual.

“You have been trying to chat me up Derek haven’t you?” I said as I walked in uninvited.

“Er, er, well, yes, I suppose I have, I hope you haven’t been upset by that,” he said looking at the floor. He was shy, I had guessed he was, but he was a man, and all man, but he was cool inside. I liked that.

Turning to him, I said, “Well what are you going to do about it, now that I’m here alone with you in your apartment?” I was past redemption, I was in, no going back. I wanted his cock, but to be honest, if a great looking guy had barged in right then, he could have had me too.

I was right in front of him, I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it out. “Want me Derek do you, do I excite you Derek Hmmmm?” I asked him coquettishly and felt for his cock to find out if I did, and I definitely did! He was half hard and growing.

“Mmmmm,” I whispered, “I guess you do, shall we?” I said nodding over my head. He changed from Mr shy, to Mr, ‘you are going to get banged’ in a heartbeat.

He backed me up down the corridor, kissing me and fumbling me as we went. I was dripping, I couldn’t help it. My hand wrapped around his cock over his trousers and it was now rock hard. I yanked his shirt off, he pulled my top off me, I dropped his pants, he dropped my skirt, my thong went over his shoulder in a tattered piece. I was more than pleasantly surprised at his obvious fitness level, you don’t get a body like he had without making it.

We jumped on to the bed in unison, then he was over me, we were both panting already, full of illicit excitement, full of vigour and full of the inane desire for good sex, fucking, shagging, whatever you want to call it. Derek slammed into me, it was like we had been waiting for months for this very moment.

I heard me groan with desire, fear, pain, and lust, he set about me. I had pictured myself taming him, doing things my way, being in control, making him almost beg me for my love, Wrongggggg!

The man battered me and it was beautiful, I hung on to him, my face in his neck, one hand in his hair, the other in the centre Bayan escort Ankara of his back, my heels hooked over his legs. He fucked me, I kept him in place so that he could, and he did.

Why I don’t know, but a picture of Ken staring at me goggle eyed popped into my head and I laughed, it was a quiet sniggering laugh, Derek stopped briefly then carried on. I can have multiple orgasms and I did here this day. It was glorious, but I wasn’t happy with me. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this, as another climax nailed me to the ceiling.

Derek came ten, no warning, he just humped hard right into me and blew. He was red in the face, satisfaction written all over it, and he was definitely one happy little camper. I suppose he had to be didn’t he, he had just fucked his dream woman, and to be honest, he had made a real good job of it. We lay there in a stupor, he had given me what I had come for and needed, I had given him what he had been dying for too.

“Can I see you again Nikki?” he asked, now that was the burning question.

“I don’t know Derek, I came here today for you, because you needed me, I got the message. And if I am honest, for me too, but I will have to think about it, I’ll call you okay?” I didn’t think I would be calling him again. I had got what I had wanted, to know what another man who was mad for me could bring to the table. I had now known another man. And while it had been stunningly exciting, and he had made me cum all those times, being unfaithful was a bone in my throat.

We were loving and passionate right up to me going home, I felt a little sad, a lot happy, my pussy was still tingling, but I was glad I would have time alone at home before Ken came in from work.

“Hi Nikki, I’m home,” I heard him call. I dashed to meet him, and stopped in my tracks, my plan to drag him off to bed and fuck his brains out thwarted.

“This is Dave, he has just started at the company,” he smiled at me. “And he has nowhere to live until next week. I told him he could stay with us until then, hope you don’t mind?” I couldn’t speak, I was so shocked. Dave held out his hand for me to shake, which I did. I found my voice then.

“Ken why didn’t you call me, I would have been prepared,” I told him.

“I did,” he said, “several times but you must have been out.”

‘Derek’ I thought. “Yes, yes, I was, shopping,” I answered quickly, “sorry about that.”

“I’ll show Dave to the spare room, shall I?” He pointed up the stairs, Dave picked up his bag and off they went.

“Fuck it,” I said loudly in my head, I also shot upstairs to make myself look more presentable. The woman in me would not allow another man to see me less than perfect. Then I made my way into the kitchen and got started on dinner for the three of us.

Dave turned out to be a good conversationalist, he was married with two kids who would be joining him as soon as possible. He was the new department head opposite Ken. I enjoyed his company, and I also thought he might be a bit of a flirt. I saw him appraising me when maybe he shouldn’t. I knew he was glancing and taking me in. I guess he was impressed with his new colleagues beautiful wife.

In bed, I whispered to Ken that maybe he had found the third party he was looking for, the other man, and what did he think of that? I teased. If we had been on our own we would have ended up in a blazing row, he was not impressed with my suggestion. He is a work colleague he stated forcefully. I rejoined that it was his desire to see me screwed by another man.

“A game,” he reminded me, “fantasy, fun,” he grumbled. I reminded him it was all down to him, and it was his fault that I was starting to think about the idea. What he would say if he knew about Derek I don’t know. He went to sleep turned away from me again!

The following night Dave was definitely flirtatious, though not in Ken’s presence. He was quite nice looking, good to speak with, was a feminist, agreed with lots of my moans about men and the male dominated world, I enjoyed his companionship, Ken was there and was a part of it all. I flirted back too, but quietly. I did harbour thoughts of Dave when Ken and I made up with a heavy but contained love session that night. And again, as with Derek, Dave was in my mind when I exploded into my climax.

The fourth day Dave was with us, he had gone to work with Ken as usual, he had packed his things to return home to his wife that night. My phone rang, it was Dave.

“Hi,” I said, “is there something wrong?” I asked.

“There might be, is my wallet on the shelf in my bedroom, can you look please?”

“Wait a minute, I’ll look,” I took the phone with me and checked, there it was right where he thought, or hoped, it would be.

“Yes Dave,” I told him, “it’s right here, what do you want to do about it?”

“I’ll knock off work, come and pick it up, then go, will that be alright,” he asked me.

“Sure, of course it will, see you soon,” I told him.

Without thinking about it I redressed myself, I have to look good at all times, especially when it matters. I heard his car on the drive and went to meet him at the door assuming he wanted to get straight off. He thanked me for my kindness, then he told me how much he appreciated my empathy towards him.

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