Ann’s Friends Come Thru Ch. 03

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I turned on the porch light and looked through the peep hole at who was ringing the doorbell at this hour. I immediately started laughing when I saw a man in a wheelchair and a tall woman, topless and with large breasts sitting with him. I unlocked the door and in rolled Dr. Jack and his wife April. They were both laughing also and asked if all the fun was over yet for the night. I said it was just getting started so come on in and join the party. By this time the others had started coming in to see what all the commotion was about. Sue recognized their voices from our bedroom and immediately headed for them. She had not bothered to put anything on either. She told Pat and Ann who it was and Pat started to put her cover on but Sue told her not necessary. Pat helped Ann from the bed and got her crutch for her. Ann said she wanted to have her arm on when they saw her so they stopped in their bedroom and Pat helped her get it on.

April was standing up now and she and Sue were having a good hug. Just as they got done and Sue found Jack, Pat and Ann made it in to the living room. I introduced Pat to April since they had never met in person, and Pat was very surprised at seeing April who has bilateral shoulder forequarter amputations. Pat had heard about it but had never seen one let alone two. April’s magnificent breasts set it all off. April said hug me and when Pat did April used her leg to wrap around Pat’s thighs and pull her closer. April was very slim and a couple of inches taller than Pat’s 5’8″ and whose breasts were now an augmented 36 D. April was a natural 38 D and 38 years old, Jack was 40. After their hug Pat was a little embarrassed to go to Jack but April said go ahead and let him see you. We are all fantastic friends and lovers here. Pat leaned down and she and Jack had a good hug. He commented on her new look and said it was fantastic on her. Blushing she said thanks.

Ann was last in line and we were all standing in a semi circle by now watching her crutch up to April. She and Jack could not get over how fantastic she looked with her left hip and leg gone and right prosthetic hook arm on. She walked up to them very gracefully only using one crutch under her remaining arm and with it very close to her side using it as a leg. Jack said to Pat my God, you are a true artist! He circled Ann in his wheelchair looking everything over. April and Ann were now hugging with April being very careful not to knock Ann over.

Jack and I went out to his car and got their luggage and took it to the other guest bedroom and accessible bathroom. Jack could not believe what a great job Pat had done on Ann and said so again. He said sorry to just drop in on you but with the long weekend it seemed like a good time to visit and we were both anxious to see Ann now that she is going to be staying here to work for Pat. I agreed with him about how good her surgery was and that he knew he and April were always welcome.

While we were talking Jack had gotten undressed and as he was transferring from his bed back to his wheelchair Pat came in. She said sorry seeing that he had nothing on and started to turn away. Jack said don’t be shy, we are always this way around here or at my place. Come on over and take a look at Dr. Edna’s work. He turned his chair to face her and she could see he was very long and hard. He was uncut and his cock head seemed to be quite large and purple. Jack looked down and said this is what your work did to me and seeing you with your new breasts just added to it. He moved forward on his chair cushion so she could see where his legs had been removed at both his hips. After the first surgery I had some stumps left but like it much better now with them gone all the way. Edna did not mind doing me again.

He asked Pat to have a seat on the bed by them and what can we do for you. Pat hesitated and I wondered if it was April and I being there and I asked if she wanted us to leave. Oh no Pat said, this affects you also. Finally she said to Jack I am sorry to bring this up so quick right after you got here but what I am going to ask will take a bit of planning and I am not sure what you time commitment is so here goes. I would appreciate it if you would inject my right leg and make it paralyzed from here on down and pointed to a spot just below her rib cage. I am fascinated by watching Keith and how crippled he is and I would like to be somewhat like him also. If it does not turn out right I can always amputate it like you are. I feel right now I still need one good leg. Pat asked if we do it where I am pointing will it affect internal organs at that level? Jack said he would have to get an anatomy book and check. He said you know, you will have no feeling, leg and hip be completely paralyzed and it cannot be reversed. She said yes, I understand and I want very much to be crippled like you and Keith.

Pat said one other question, will it affect any feeling around my pussy. Jack said another thing he had to work out with the book. I take it you would rather not have that happen he said Antep Escort Bayan grinning and she blushed and said yes. Jack said ok, we can talk about it more in the morning. Has your new nurse done a BIID interview yet? Pat said no and Jack said now would be a good time to start and Pat turned very red. After a few seconds she said I agree and I can see how well she does. Jack just nodded his head in agreement.

April spoke up and said I suggest Pat and I go with Keith and Sue and Ann come in here with Jack. I said fantastic idea and I saw Pat nervously lick her lips. As we got near my room I said I had better go and cath since it had been a while. Pat spoke up and said can I do it please? You bet I said, great foreplay! Pat said she would get the stuff and we can do it in the bedroom. I found Sue and Ann and told them Jack was waiting for them and they headed to his room. I could tell Sue had been doing Ann when she kissed me as she went by.

Pat got the cath kit and they both watched me transfer to the bed watching my flaccid, useless legs flop around and all three of us loved it. Both girls inner thighs seemed to be wet I noticed. I was by the edge of the bed and Pat used my wheelchair to sit on. She did the job with April watching closely. I had all I could do to keep from getting hard while Pat was handling me. I was also glad she cathed me as the bag got quite full. When Pat got back from the bathroom I asked April to sit on my face and asked Pat if she wanted to give my right leg a good going over. Both girls agreed to their jobs and we went to work. April was really wet and tasted fantastic as she always did. She had a light bit of hair and I wondered if she was going to have Sue shave her. April enjoyed being both ways.

I could tell Pat was manipulating my leg but could not feel it. She also took hold of my cock and started masturbating it trying to get it hard again. It had been well used today and I had no idea where my cock ring was right now. Looking up I could see April’s large breasts sticking out from her chest and swaying around as I ate her and she fucked my mouth and tongue, one of her favorite things to have done to her by man or woman. I was still not sure what Pat was doing with my leg, but I knew she now had my cock in her mouth for the first time I believe. April had started to cum so I lost track of Pat and concentrated on giving April a good one and the delicious cum she was giving me. I reached up and took hold of her nipples and pulled hard knowing that was another thing she liked as she came. As she reached her peak I moved one hand up to her missing shoulder area and started rubbing it. All of a sudden I realized that Pat had me down her throat and felt her muscles milking a cum out of me. She felt it also and grabbed my balls and pulled on them knocking that idea out of my head for now.

April was done with her cum and was looking down into my face as I ate her. She said thanks, you and Jack are the best ever. She lifted her leg over and saw Pat with my cock down her throat. The way Pat was positioned, her legs were wide open and April immediately headed for her pussy. Pat turned her head a little and saw what was going to happen and spread them wider but not missing a beat with me. I could see now that Pat had my right leg cuddled to her rubbing one of her new big breasts on my foot as she sucked me. Seeing what she was doing sent me towards the edge again but Pat pulled on my balls again slowing me down.

About that time we heard Ann cum then Jack and that set us off. April was sucking very hard on Pat’s clit causing her to start her cum, which caused her to suck me harder getting me to cum and for Pat to forget to pull my balls. I sent my load of cum into her throat as we both were doing it at the same time. This was the first time Pat had sucked me off and when she was done she had a huge grin on her face. She moved to April and they kissed with Pat sharing some cum with her. For the first time Pat freely fondled April’s breasts then moved to her empty shoulder area running her hands from April’s neck down her chest wall to her breasts and back. Pat seemed mesmerized by them and April was in heaven. They were soon looking in each other’s eyes and April said I hope you go for my size and grinned. Pat grinned back saying you bet I am and you can help me do it. They pushed their breasts together and moved around a little. Pat said I owe you one, you are a great clit licker.

Ann had slipped in the room unnoticed and finally spoke up saying did you wear Keith out yet and Pat said yes, I think he might be done for the night. Sue came in about that time and said he better not be! We all had a good laugh and everyone headed for their rooms. Sue got in bed with me and we cuddled. Soon she asked when I wanted her to get implants. I turned her around to me and pulled her face close to mine and saw that she had removed her grey, glass orbits to soak overnight. I told her never, that I loved her small A cup breasts and her slender body very much. She turned me on more than any other woman that way. I kissed her eye lids and said you’re being blind with no eye balls is a huge turn on for me as you know. I am glad you got to see things before we had it done so I know you see what your hands see now. Her hand had gone to my limp cock and she pulled the long foreskin down and was fondling the head firmly. I said I don’t think you are going to have any luck there and she said bet me, just lie back and enjoy. Did Pat or April get you off she asked? Pat did with her mouth I answered and Sue started kissing me passionately.

Sue loved to make me cum however she could do it; cunt, mouth, hand and I soon was starting to get “that feeling” as I enjoyed her fingers on my cock head. I could feel that they were very slippery as if a lot of pre cum was being produced. I had seen her put a towel on my abdomen and very soon I was having a soft cum producing a fair amount of cum all over her hand and on to the towel. She licked her hand off first then took me in her mouth finishing the cleaning job. I am glad she had put the towel down as we did not have to get up to clean the mess. Sue moved back up to my mouth and we had a long passionate good night kiss. She cuddled back into me and I reached over and took one of her breasts in my hand and we fell asleep that way.

When I awakened the next morning I was alone in bed and there was laughter coming from the kitchen. I got into my wheelchair and hit the bathroom then into the kitchen. Everyone was there and the girls were getting breakfast ready; Jack was just watching the show. None of the girls had much on, Jack had nothing and I felt overdressed in my shorts. Pat shuffled the food to the outside patio table, since she was the only normal person here, and we soon sat down to a fine meal. Everyone knew about Pat’s request by now so we started discussing the steps as Dr. Jack said he would do it if she passed the BIID evaluation. Everyone laughed but Pat. She and Ann had talked about it and they were going to get it done right after breakfast. Dr. Jack was going to try and find Wendy, the nurse at his office, and have her get the medicine shipped by air ASAP.

Jack, April, Ann and Pat headed into the family room for the interview. Sue and I cleaned up the dishes and kitchen. Jack and April sat out of Pat’s sight and Ann had her list of questions ready. She and Pat had put t-shirts on and Ann had her hooks on over the outside of the shirt. She explained to Pat why the questions were necessary and that Pat should be as honest as possible in her answers. The interview was being recorded but would be destroyed shortly. Pat said she was ready.

Ann asked WHY DO YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR RIGHT LEG PARALYZED AND THE FEELING DESTROYED? Pat answered: I just had a thought, I would like all my family, and I consider all of you family, here to hear what I have to say. Could Keith and Sue please join us? No one objected so we were called in and sat with Jack and April. Pat then started; ever since I was in junior high I was fascinated by how crippled people managed to get around and do things. There was a girl in my class that only had one leg and we became friends and she finally showed me her stump one day. I started pretending to be an amputee by binding my leg up and using the bed slats as crutches when no one was home. I thought I would like to be that way. DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU WANTED TO BECOME AN AMPUTEE? No, it was just some feeling deep in me. A few years later, as I got older and as I was pretending, I got these strange feelings down between my legs. Shortly after I learned and realized they were sexual and I started masturbating. WHY HAVE YOU CHANGED FROM WANTING TO BECOME AN AMPUTEE TO HAVING YOUR LEG PARALYZED? Since I have gotten to know Keith I have watched how he manages all the time. I love watching his legs flop around when he does not have his braces on, and it is a big turn on to me. I don’t think I have given up being an amputee, just a different start to it. I am also thinking about my medical practice and how I will have to function, especially during surgery. I should confess now that I already have crutches, a wheelchair, a right leg brace, and hand controls in my car. I have been a pretender for some time and have used them for several years at home and when I go out. I will probably use the wheelchair most of the time now as I understand how difficult walking will be but I should be able to do surgery ok with an HKAFO brace. Sue has confided in me that she pretended being blind for some time especially after she met Keith. Pat did not mention that Ann had told her she had frequently bound her right arm to her chest and let the sleeve hang empty as she was out and about.

CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT YOUR FEELINGS ARE WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT BEING CRIPPLED YOURSELF OR WHEN YOU ARE AROUND SOMEONE THAT IS? (Pat had been looking at Ann as she answered her questions. She now bowed her head as she answered.) The most prominent feeling I have is sexual. There are other longings and desires I have but I have not been able to put them into words. My overwhelming ones are sexual I admit she said as she looked back up at Ann. Seeing you right now with your hook arm is very sexual to me. ALL of my family turns me on. Keith took my virginity with his life partner’s ok. He did not know it at the time but I wanted to have my first time be with someone very crippled like he is. My mouth flew open at this! DO YOU THINK IT IS WRONG TO HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT WANTING TO BE CRIPPLED IN SOME MANNER OR THE SEXUAL FEELINGS THAT GOES ALONG WITH IT? Absolutely not!

HAVE YOU BEEN WITH ANY OTHER CRIPPLED PEOPLE? Yes, in college I lived with two different women, at different times, who needed help with some daily care. They both expressed their sexual frustrations’ and I helped them have orgasms. One had birth defects and the other was a bilateral arm amputee. She was how I lost my hymen; her one arm was badly mangled and only had one bone left in the lower arm. It finally stretched and fit in my pussy. All of my masturbation had been external up till then and after I was able to start using tampons and toys. I did not date very many men, a couple were normal and only wanted to fuck me. The others were crippled in some way and some could not function sexually so that is one reason I saved myself for someone that I knew was special. WHILE YOU WERE PRETENDING, OR DO YOU FORESEE IN THE FUTURE, HAVING ANY REGRETS FOR HAVING YOU LEG PARALYZED OR POSSIBLY REMOVED? No, my only regrets are not being able to have it done sooner and wishing I could have more done such as both legs paralyzed or amputated. I wonder how long it will take to get a sexy very atrophied right leg.

Ann asked if Dr. Jack had any questions. He said yes, if you did not have to worry about your practice and could live ok financially, what would you wish to have done to you? Pat immediately said be a double above elbow arm amputee. Be a paraplegic with my right leg missing like Ann’s is. Still be able to feel my cunt. Jack told her thanks for being so open and honest with all of us and yes you are part of the family. I also want to thank you for being a doctor who is willing to help those like us be the way we need to be.

Ann asked Pat if she had any more to say or add. Pat said I just want to thank all of you who have helped me reach and obtain this fantastic next step. Never be afraid to ask for my help. Ann called the session closed and she and Dr. Jack got their heads together. It only took a few minutes and Dr. Jack told Pat he would do her leg as soon as the meds got here and she was ready. Pat said she would get her schedule cleared and hoped they could do it Wednesday at her office.

We all agreed that the pool should be the next stop and we headed that way. On the way out Pat asked Jack if he wanted to go over to the main hospital library this afternoon and he said that would be a good idea. Ann should go with us. Pat said she would call security and be sure her ID card worked on the door lock. She went back into the house and used the phone to call and they checked her ID number and told her she had access and yes she could get in today, Saturday. They went over after lunch and Dr. Jack took about an hour looking at various books and drawings. He showed Pat and Ann what he was looking at and also looking for. When he was done they were all of the opinion that there would be no problems. Dr Jack would have to inject at five locations and he explained the only problem might be the wicking of the medication out farther than intended. Pat would have to be still after he was done for around two hours he said. Pat said no problem. They put the books back and left.

The girls wanted to go out to dinner that night so we did and had a great time. They were dressed to the nines never hiding their features and we all got lots of looks. Several men and women gave all of us, at one time or another, the thumbs up and licked their lips. We had a great dinner and headed home to the pool. Jack beckoned Pat over to him and asked her to sit by him. We were all naked by now and I think ideas had formed as to who wanted to be with whom. Jack asked Pat if she had any questions or fears after their afternoon at the library. She said yes, I thought of one. Is there anything you can inject to speed up the atrophying of the leg muscle? I love the look like Keith’s legs are. Jack said he did not but would check. Pat added she knew things would be very different even from what she thought might happen. Jack agreed and Pat said no she had no fear or second thoughts what so ever.

Jack then said a personal question; after I inject you and you have been quiet for 24 hours, I would like to be your second male fuck partner. You made an excellent choice in having Keith be your first. Pat immediately said you’re on, I was thinking about the same thing but did not know how to go about bringing it up. Jack said don’t ever be afraid to go after any of us, we trade off all the time and we never sneak around about it. Pat said thank you, I have been told that before and I will get used to it soon. She took his hand and said I am looking forward to you being my next male fuck immensely.

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