Annie’s surprise

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Annie’s surpriseRobert slipped out of the house early leaving Annie in bed, Kay was also at home and as he drove to work he wondered what they would make of the little surprise he had arranged for them. He had left the front door on the latch so Danny would have no problem getting into the house, in fact he saw Danny park up just as he was leaving…. ………… Danny slipped into the house quietly and locked the door behind him, he slipped the key into his pocket so even if either of the sluts were to try to leave they were locked in… he walked upstairs and peeped around the door of Roberts bedroom, Annie lay in bed with the sheets thrown back, wearing just the tiny pink panties she had worn to bed that night, ……… Danny looked at her for a few minutes them moved quietly to Kay’s room, she too was asleep but lying on top of the bed, naked as usual, Danny looked at her young body and his cock stiffened, her first he thought but first something to keep that bitch Annie quiet………. Danny walked slowly Back to Annie’s room and went in and closed the door, he pulled the penis gag from his pocket and made sure the clips that would hold it in place worked properly ………….. the first Annie knew of it was when Danny pushed it roughly into her mouth and clipped it securely behind her head, she jumped up suddenly but Danny grabbed her hands and cable tied them behind her back, terrified she looked at Danny and tried to scream but the penis gag wouldn’t allow a single sound to escape from her mouth………. Danny told her to do as she was told and he would be gentle with her, stupid cow believed him but tears rolled down her cheeks, she could feel the penis cock in her mouth and started to cry as she realised what it was….. She had not had Roberts cock in her mouth for a long time but recognised the shape of it…… Danny then tied her ankles to the bottom corners of the bed and after undoing the cable ties moved Annie’s wrists to the 2 top corners and tied then there…………. Helpless she could do nothing except lie there……… Danny eased her panties to the side and pushed the 10” perfectly formed black cock shaped dildo deep up into her cunt and then pulled Annie’s panties back into place to hold the dildo deep in her cunt, he flicked the switch and dildo hummed and vibrated deep inside her making her gasp……………….. Danny then took 2 modelling clamps and attached them each of Annie’s nipples, the strong clips hurt like crazy as they squashed her nipples almost flat and again she tried to scream but not a whisper could get past the gag………. Looking down at Annie as she squirmed and struggle Danny grinned and undid a small valve on the gag…….. a small trickle of cum, collected from a couple of dozen guys at Birdlip, oozed out of the hole in the tip of the penis gag and Annie started to wretch as she realised what it was……….. she suddenly realised that she would either have to swallow it or it would build up in her mouth and choke her, she sobbed uncontrollably as she started to swallow the salty cum filling her mouth and the pain in her nipples was unbearable……………. But even in spite of this she could feel her cunt getting wetter and wetter as the huge black dildo turned her cunt into a soppy cock craving mess…………Danny looked down Annie and smiled, he moved quickly back to Kay’s room and quietly undressed, his cock was at its full 9” as he looked down at Kay, she had rolled over and was lying on her tummy with one leg curled up underneath her, it exposed her young cunt perfectly and Danny very quickly positioned himself behind her, in one quick movement Danny pushed Kay’s head into the pillow and rammed his hard cock ball deep into her cunt, the pillows muffled her screams as Danny started to fuck Roberts youngest daughter, his hard cock and the rapid flow of precum making her young cunt so wet that it was easy for him to ream ball deep into her…………. She struggled and tried to scream but türbanlı düzce escort to no use……… Danny leant down and told her either she kept quiet or he would **** her ass as well as her cunt and then make her suck him clean, she started to cry but went quiet so Danny allowed her to lift her head out of the pillows…………. Danny continued to slide his hard cock in and out of Kay’s cunt and in spite of her fears Kay started to respond, she was hating it but loving the feel of the mans big cock in her young cunt and suddenly she started to orgasm, he body trembled then shook and suddenly juices flooded from her and ran down her thighs………. She wanted to stop but couldn’t and soon Danny knew that she was his to do as he wanted with…………. He pulled out and lowered his mouth onto her young cunt and sucked and licked until she started to come again and again………… soon she was sucking on Danny’s cock like her cock sucking mother and Danny knew that she would make a good little slut once he had finished with her……. He moved the little bitch onto all fours and fucked her like a bitch from behind which she loved, every now and then he would stop and tell her that if she wanted his cock in her she had to beg him for it, within minutes Kay was begging Danny to fuck her so he did, he reamed in and out of her young cunt until he knew he was going to cum so shot stream after stream of cum into her fertile young body, knowing full well that she would almost certainly get pregnant …………….. when he had all but finished he pulled his cock out and made her swallow the last few drops of cum before tying her up and gagging her with a pair panties that he had used to wipe his cock with……..Annie was so confused………. She could hear Danny r****g her precious daughter Kay but then had heard Kay begging to be fucked, what was the bastard doing to them, where was Robert, and as she tried to move another stream of cum dribbled from the penis gag making her swallow, the thick salty cum trickled down her throat, her nipples were on fire and her cunt juice was now running from her soaking her panties and thighs…………. Suddenly Danny was there in front of her………. He stood over her and began to rub his cock across her face, then her breasts, he unclamped her nipples and blood rushed back into them making them so tender and painful…………. He slipped her panties aside and switched of the didlo and slid it from her sopping cunt , it slurped from her and she though it was all over but he suddenly rammed his cock into her wet cunt making her groan, he started to fuck Annie in a frenzy and as she tried to control herself floods of cum poured into her throat, Danny grinned as she swallowed, he tapped the container and it was almost completely empty, that 24 loads of cum you’ve swallowed Annie, like the taste that much do you, you slut…………. Annie was now a complete mess, her mouth awash with cum, it filled her throat and suddenly she coughed and it ran down her nostrils covering her face…………. Danny kept fucking her and suddenly began to fill her womb with cum, she knew it was her most fertile time of the month and as she realised that she cried, she would carry this mans baby and as everyone knew she and Robert never had sex anymore they would know she had been fucked by another man, Danny grinned and told her that at least she wouldn’t have to go through it alone as her slut of a daughter was in the same boat………. Danny could see that she was beaten, nothing left to fight with so he undid the penis gag and slid it from her mouth, a ling string of cum dribbled from Annie’s lips and Danny wasted no time in moving up her body and easing his still cumming cock into Annie’s mouth, almost instinctively now Annie swallowed and was rewarded with the last mouthful of Danny’s cum. Danny left then both tied and dripping in cum but before he did he turned to türbanlı düzce escort bayan Annie and grinned, tell that bastard of a husband to lock the door behind him next time, there are some dirty bastards about…………………..After Danny left he drove a little way then stopped and phoned his friend Robert and told him in detail of what had just happened to his wife and daughter, both of them were turned on for different reasons as Danny went into great detail then he said to Robert “I’ve left Kay so she will be able to get free and no doubt she will rescue her mom and then they will ring you for help! Let me know how you get on!” “Don’t worry Danny I will” replied Robert his partner in the crime “and don’t forget to email me the pictures you took of the two of them.” “I will do the later and email them to you and to some of the other guys who like the sluts” Said Danny.Robert waited but didn’t get the phone call from his wife and daughter for help that he had expected, he found out later that a very different situation had developed at home that he couldn’t have imagined. Kay had managed to get herself free and as she stood up she felt the spunk in her juicy cunt almost slopping about she wondered why her Mom hadn’t helped and she went towards her Mother’s bedroom.She smiled to herself her Mom was tied naked and spread wide on her bed with a pair of her knickers sticking out of her mouth obviously the intruder had enjoyed himself with Annie as well. Kay backed away before her mom saw her and quietly went downstairs and phoned her boyfriend and told him what had happened he went wild but Kay told him not to be silly she was alright and had actually enjoyed it! Then she said to Bryn “You now how when we are fucking you like to be dirty about my mom and how you always say you’d like to fuck her arse?” “Yes” stammered Bryn “Well get over her quickly the guy has left Annie naked and tied up and we can have some fun with her if you are up for it!” Bryn laughed and said “I’m on my way my dirty little darling you try stopping me!” A few minutes later Bryn’s car drew up outside and Kay met him still naked he kissed her and slipped his hand between her legs and smiled as he said ”He must have been good this guy he’s left lots of spunk in you slut hasn’t he!” “Yes” said Kay “He was rough and big but I will tell you all about that later lets go and play with my mom upstairs.” Bryn followed Kay up the stairs and they went into the bedroom together Annie’s eyes went wild with embarrassment and fear as she saw Bryn but Kay went over to the bed and stroked her mom’s body and whispered to her “Bryn has come to help us but he needed a reward for being so nice and we had decided that he should be able to fuck your little arse mommy because he always goes on about it when he is fucking mine so now he can find out which of us is best can’t he?” Annie was shaking her head but her daughter just laughed and said to her boyfriend “Come on Darling let’s undo her and turn her over so you can enjoy her” quickly they undid her wrists and Bryn held her as Kay undid her ankles then they turned Annie over onto her stomach Bryn pushed a pillow under Annie’s stomach to lift her arse up and then started to finger her there Annie moaned through her tiny thongs that Danny had stuffed in her mouth earlier Kay looked at her mom and lifted her head up and said “ Oh Mommy that’s not fair you shouldn’t have those in your mouth” and she pulled them out and threw them to Bryn and said “there you are darling a souvenir for you!” “Thanks” said Bryn as he rubbed his big bell end up against Annie’s tight arsehole she screamed “No No No please No Oh Kay don’t let him do it please!” Kay laughed at her mom and said “I tell you what mommy I will help you and she slid under her mom’s body so her young cunt was under her mom’s face “Now” she said türbanlı escort düzce “We can all enjoy ourselves can’t we and you can suck that man’s spunk from my little cunt as Bryn fucks your bum mom!” As Annie tried to say no Kay pushed her mom’s head down into her cunt and said “go on you dirty mother of mine suck me clean” then she nodded at Bryn and her boyfriend smiled at her as he forced his thick cock deep into Annie’s arse! Her screaming was muffled in Kay’s cunt as he head was held down. Bryn sighed and said to Kay “oh your mom has got such a lovely tight arsehole for an old bitch god it’s been used less than yours I bet.” He got into a rhythm and they both realised that suddenly Annie was no longer fighting the two of them but that she was licking and sucking on Kay’s cunt and moving her body and her arse with Bryn as he continued fucking her arse he said to Kay “Jesus my little darling your mom is one hot bitch! “ Then he said “You know who else has always said dirty things about her don’t you?” “Who” asked Kay as she started to gasp as her moms tongue worked on her clit and into her cunt “Leon” replied Bryn “Oh my God yes yes” said Kay and she lent over and picked up her phone off the side and as she did she realised she wasn’t having to hold her mom’s head down Annie was now sucking by her own free will. Annie must have heard as Kay said into her phone “Hi Leon it’s Kay” he obviously said some thing in reply and Kay cut him short and said” Look you know you’ve always wanted to do things with my mom well right now Bryn is fucking her arse for all he is worth and she is sucking my cunt as I’m talking to you do you want to come and join us” Kay smiled and put the phone down after telling Leon that the front door was on the catch and he should come straight up stairs and join them. He won’t be long said Kay and Bryn was really ramming hard into Annie’s arse and she was murmuring “Oh yes Bryn Yes fuck my arse please please fuck me spunk up my arse” Kay laughed and said “I always knew you were a dirty slut mommy and soon you will have a real treat, have you ever had a black cock yet?” “Oh no Kay please no” but suddenly she was aware of some one else entering her bedroom and Kay saying to the new man “Well Leon want to help yourself when Bryn’s spunked in arse do you” “Oh yes please” replied Leon in a deep West Indian accent. As he slipped his clothes off Bryn started to shoot loads of spunk into Annie’s stretched arse as he pulled out there was a loud plopping and he laughed as her arsehole expanded and contracted He looked at Leon and said ”Come on Buddy enjoy yourself she is a nice white fuck for you” Leon laughed and said “Oh yes but turn the bitch over I want her to smile at me as I fuck the breath out of her” Kay and Bryn quickly undid Annie and turned her over she screamed as she saw the biggest black guy she had ever seen and not only was he big but his cock was enormous Kay and Bryn held her down as Leon climbed between Annie’s legs and started to feed his black cock into her cunt Annie was crying and saying “No no no please no” Leon looked down at her and laughingly said “But my little white bitch Annie you will learn to love my black snake and you will eventually want it in every hole won’t you?” Annie was crying as she said No” but she suddenly wrapped her legs around Leon’s back and Kay and Bryn let go of her and Annie reached up to Leon and pulled his head down to her face so she could kiss him as he feed more of his black monster into her cunt Annie felt stretched like never before. She broke loose from the kiss and begged him to fuck her and fill her with spunk she said she wanted his black baby. Whilst Annie was being fucked by Leon her little girl was on all fours asking Bryn to fuck her arse now, he promptly obliged the dirty young slutAnnie screamed as she came and shortly after Leon filled her cunt with his spunk he pulled out and said “Come on baby suck me clean!” Anne this time was eager to oblige. They all four fucked and sucked for the rest of the day before Annie said “Oh my god Robert will be home soon what are we going to tell him?” “The truth “said Kay “He will probably love it and I bet he would love to watch Leon and Bryn fucking you together some time”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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