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Big Dick

Note: This is a story about a developing relationship. It begins in fact and evolves into fantasy. It is certainly about sex, but if you’re looking for the push and pump variety, please go elsewhere. This is probably more about developing love than pure sex. That said, enjoy.

I met Annie on one of those Internet sites where you can meet with people of similar interests. Her interests and mine were to find people with whom to exchange E-mails of an intimate nature. We were both married and neither of us intended to meet in person even though we lived only twenty-five miles apart.

Both of us read and write erotic literature that our spouses know about, but have no interest in. During the first month we exchanged a few with each other, discovering that we were both very oral people. Annie told me that her stories were all based on fantasies that she experienced while she wrote. Mine are usually based in fact initially, and then expanded with fantasy.

When we exchanged pictures (clothed), I discovered that Annie was quite a bit younger than me, very good looking and with lips that immediately triggered orgasmic fantasies. Even in a very tasteful picture her lips were full and a delicious red. I had no trouble picturing those lips pressing on or wrapped around various parts of my body. I could imagine slipping my tongue between them. I could feel her lips wrapped around my prick while my tongue probed between her other lips and lapped up the juice around her aroused clit. Then the fantasy brought about a very wet climax on my part, after which I returned to reality.

About a week later, we had back-to-back vacations. Mine was a week; Annie’s was two weeks coming a week after mine. When Annie got home and caught up on E-mails, we resumed communication.

We wrote about many things, our lives, our loves, our feelings, our disappointments, our writings, and most of all our fantasies. My fantasies were more often than not about Annie. To further fuel my fantasies, I asked Annie if she had any erotic pictures of herself she would send me. She told me that when her old computer crashed about a year ago, all her nude pictures of herself died with it.

Initially I was disappointed, but then I realized that this was an opportunity. I told Annie I was a pretty good amateur photographer and used a very good digital camera. Being no dummy, Annie caught my drift and immediately rejected my intentions. Not giving up easily, I sent her examples of my photography including some pictures of people with their faces blurred so they couldn’t be recognized.

Even though we had written each other about our intimate thoughts and feelings, Annie insisted that she really didn’t know me well enough to pose for me. Another opportunity! To keep a long story from getting longer, I finally got Annie to agree to meet me in a public place for lunch.

Chapter 2

We met at a small bar and grill far enough from our homes that we were unlikely to be seen by anyone we knew. I arrived first and got a booth in a quiet corner. When Annie came in, we recognized each other instantly. She smiled and started walking toward the booth. The short walk seemed to take forever. It was like slow motion from a movie.

Annie was wearing a white, off-the-shoulder peasant blouse and a dark red full skirt that swished from side to side as she walked. Her reddish-brown hair wrapped around her face and brushed her shoulders. The overall effect was sensual, but not overtly sexy. Still, I knew that this was a real woman with a body I wanted to see and touch.

I slid out and stood to greet her. As she came close I reached out with both arms offering a hug. Annie accepted the hug, returned it all too briefly, and slid into the booth opposite me. For a minute that felt like an hour, we just looked into each other’s eyes. The trance broke when a waiter came to the table with menus and asked if we’d like anything to drink.

We ordered drinks and food and the waiter left. ankara escort We finally started to talk. Annie said I looked like my picture, maybe even a little younger. I said that cutting my beard shorter probably changed my look a little. I told Annie that she was even prettier than her picture and that her hair looked even redder. She said she hadn’t changed her hair and that she really liked my mellow voice. I told her that I had once been a professional singer.

After a long pause, Annie said that her main reason for being reluctant to pose for me was that she didn’t want to have sex with anyone but her husband. I laughed and reminded her that I hadn’t been able to have sex for several years because of medical conditions I had told her about previously. In fact, that’s why I had turned to erotic reading, writing, and the Internet in the first place. I could get aroused and even cum, but couldn’t get hard enough for penetration.

Annie did say that even after just meeting me she felt a little more comfortable about the idea of posing. I told her that I was even willing to do the pictures with her husband present. When Annie finished laughing, she reminded me that her husband knew she wrote and chatted about sex on the Internet, but was definitely not interested in reading her stories or anyone else’s.

I took my small Nikon digital camera (an 885 for you digital buffs) out of my shirt pocket and I asked what else I could do to convince her to pose for me. She said she’d pose for me right now dressed. I said OK, and pointed the camera at her. Annie immediately stuck out her tongue and smiled. In a minute, I showed her the picture, which she said she didn’t like. I showed how I could delete it and did so. I asked if we could try a good one and she agreed. This picture was a lot better, showing her luscious lips at their best. She said she liked it and said she’d like a copy that I agreed to send. At his point, our food came and we paused to eat.

After lunch, over coffee, I again asked what else I could do to convince her to pose for me other than dressed. I reminded her we had talked about sex, our bodies and our fantasies. It’s not like we were strangers. Annie asked where we would do it. I said anywhere of her choosing. We could even do it at her house some time when we wouldn’t be interrupted. Annie said that she thought some neutral place would be better even though a motel seemed somehow sleazy. I reached over and took her hand and asked if she was seriously considering agreeing to pose. Annie said that she really was. I told her to go home and think about it and let me know. I would not rush her and certainly not hurt her in any way. We stood and shared a real hug. After a few seconds, I broke it and kissed Annie on the tip of her nose. We walked out of the restaurant hand in hand and went our separate ways.

Chapter 3

After a few days, I got an E-mail from Annie. She agreed to pose and suggested a hotel in a town some distance from where either of us lived. She suggested a Saturday a few weeks out when her husband was playing in an out-of-town golf tournament. It was weekend I could do, so I wrote back and said I would book the room so her name wasn’t associated with the deal.

I suggested some clothes she should bring, including lingerie, high heels, stockings a garter belt, a few panties, and a push-up bra (which she hardly needed). I reminded her to bring make-up for her body as well as her face. I suggested we meet for a late lunch at the restaurant in the hotel. The next day Annie agreed, I booked the room, we were all set and the waiting began.

As the date approached, I picked up some high wattage bulbs in case the room was too dark for available light. I also charged two batteries for the camera and packed enough memory cards for several hours of pictures. As an afterthought, I picked up a pair of red boxer shorts that I don’t usually wear. I’m not a big one for clothes, but I though Annie might be more comfortable çukurambar escort if I wasn’t much more dressed than she was.

We met as planned in the hotel’s restaurant, each of us with overnight bags. I told Annie I had already checked use in so she wouldn’t have to go to the desk. She let out a sigh of relief and began to relax a little. She told me her husband was really excited about his golf tournament and didn’t even ask what she was planning. I told her my wife had left on a motorcycle weekend with her club and hadn’t asked what I was doing either.

Chapter 4

After lunch, we went up to the room. It was south facing, had plenty of light, and a king-sized bed. Annie unpacked her bag, put her make-up and posing clothes on the dresser, and her other cosmetics in the bathroom. I pretty much did the same.

Annie was clearly nervous. Finally she asked how we would begin. With some trepidation, I suggested we strip and take a shower together, not only to get clean but also to get comfortable with each other and to massage the strap marks off of her body. Annie asked if we could hug and kiss a little first to get in the mood. I readily agreed. As we hugged and kissed, I slowly removed Annie’s clothing and she removed mine. When we finished, Annie’s nipples were standing up and my prick was as erect as it usually gets.

We went to the bathroom and into the shower. Being a good hotel, they provided both shampoo and conditioner. I washed Annie’s hair, rinsed it and applied conditioner. I washed the rest of her body, paying particular attention to her breasts and neatly trimmed pussy. Then Annie did me. We were both aroused, but didn’t push it. We dried ourselves. I finished first and Annie continued to dry her hair. I went to the bedroom and donned my red boxers. I got the camera and tripod out and changed the light bulbs in the lamps and fixtures.

Annie came out and started to work on her make-up. I suggested that she apply a little more than normal because the camera and lights tended to wash it out. Annie applied a light base make-up to the rest of her body, blending it down from her face and neck. She emphasized her nipples that became even more aroused. She worked some base around her pussy which she tried to avoid fingering and stood back posing for approval. I told her she looked good enough to eat, which I sincerely meant.

We started with some pictures in lingerie, bras, garter belts, and panties. Annie tried to look sexy (hardly needed). I asked her to just smile like she would for a normal picture with a friend and try to ignore that fact the she was partially undressed. Even though we might blur her face in the final pictures, the smile affected her whole attitude. After a bunch of poses and a lot of lingerie, we took a break. Annie asked if we could look at the pictures and of course I agreed. We sat side by side and went through them. Many were good, some were bad and we eliminated them. Annie said that she wasn’t tired yet, but she was getting really horny. I asked her to stay horny until we did some breast shots and then we could do something about it. Annie gave me a little kiss and went back to the bed.

I had Annie take off the panties, leave on the garter belt and stockings and push the bra down under her breasts. With Annie’s large breasts that had a little sag, the effect was excellent. After several pictures, I asked Annie if she could suck her own tits. She didn’t say a word, but began to do so. After a few minutes and several pictures, she switched tits. I noticed that her breathing was a little short and she was working up a light sweat. I was too, so when Annie said she could use a little help, I went over and started sucking on the other tit. We kissed deeply and it was clear Annie was getting ready to come.

I reached over and buried a finger in her pussy and used a thumb on her clit. In E-mails, she had told me this is what she did to get herself off. In only a few minutes, Annie dikmen escort exploded in an almost violent orgasm. Annie asked if I was OK, and I told her I was for now even though I had some pre-come on my red boxers.

Annie went to the bathroom to clean up her dripping pussy and re-apply make-up. I looked at a watch and realized it was already time for dinner. When Annie came out I asked if she was hungry, to which she answered famished. We ordered food from room service. Then we watched the evening news naked while waiting for the food. We held hands and kissed like a couple of teenagers. When the food came, we quickly grabbed robes and I answered the door.

After a very good dinner, we agreed to do the pussy shots. The first ones were closed pussy at different angles and distances. Then we were ready for open-lip shots. I asked Annie to open her outer lips and see if we could get her inner lips and clit to show. She tried, but nothing really happened. Eventually Annie admitted that the only way she could get her clit to show was to have a guy suck on her. I assured her that I was more than willing to help. I got between her legs and started sucking and licking. Annie reached inside my boxers and started to work on my pretty limp dick. With tongue and fingers I got her lips open and her clit standing up. Reluctantly, I backed away and took some pictures while Annie continued to work her clit. After a few pictures, I went over and sucked Annie’s tits and kissed her deeply. I went back and took a few more pictures before Annie said she needed to cum again.

I was going to suck her pussy some more when Annie suggested we do a 69. She said she wanted to do something for me too. Annie slid up and put her top foot on the headboard. I slid between her legs and buried my face in her pussy. As she took my cock into her mouth, I reached behind her and started moving my finger over her asshole. When she didn’t resist, I reached up near her pussy and lubricated my finger with her copious juices. Reaching back, I gently pushed my finger into her ass. Annie was moving all over the bed now and sucking me like mad. Before long, Annie came and I was getting close. Before long I came too. When we both recovered, Annie curled up on my shoulder and we both fell asleep.

Chapter 6

I woke up about 3 AM with Annie curled up on my shoulder. We had fallen asleep pretty early, so I guess it was reasonable to wake up. I had to pee, so I tried to slide away from her and get up. She woke up as I got out of bed. It took about three seconds for her to re-orient and then I got a big smile. I told her I had to pee and she said she did too. We went to the bath together. Annie went first while I waited and watched. Then I went. Neither of us seemed at all uncomfortable. When I finished, Annie asked if we could take some pictures in the shower.

Annie hopped into the shower while I got the camera. When I got back to the bathroom, Annie had soaped up her body, with extra suds on her breasts and pussy. I took pictures of Annie full length, then of soapy breasts and pussy. Finally, Annie rinsed off and we crawled back in bed. She said she was more sleepy than horny, so with a mutual promise of more sex in the morning, we again slept.

When we woke up, I felt like we were an old married couple. We snuggled, petted (does anyone still use that word!) and eventually got worked up enough to do something about it. Annie suggested another 69 and I could hardly argue. As I was sucking and fingering her pussy and she was sucking my cock, she dropped my cock and said, “Do my ass again.” In a few minutes, we both exploded.

After a rest, I suggested breakfast. We decided to use room service rather than go out. Room service said it would take 40 minutes, so we decided to shower and dress before the food arrived.

Over breakfast, we discussed the pictures she wanted. I agreed to send her an un-obscured set first. She would then decide which ones she wanted with her identity obscured for E-mail purposes. We also agreed to meet again to enjoy each other, with or without pictures. I felt pretty good for an old fart that couldn’t really fuck anymore. What could be better than another oral session with the wonderful Annie?

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