Anna’s First Time Ch. 03

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With Anna and Graham’s wedding fast approaching the wedding party had to go to the big city to buy their wedding suits and dresses. Anna, Graham, Melissa, Stan, and Marie all took the train and stayed at Melissa’s Aunt Jenna’s house. Graham’s friend Albert was meeting them there. Graham and Albert know each from Graham visiting his family in Vancouver.

That night at Aunt Jenna’s big welcome/engagement party dinner Melissa and Albert hit it off immediately. After dinner the men and women separated to discuss wedding planning. Melissa wanted to know more about Albert, the two kept eyeing each across the room. Eventually Albert came over to join the women and sat very close to Melissa putting his hand on her thigh. At first Melissa was shocked a man would be so brazen. Then Anna whispered in Melissa’s ear,

“Just relax. You know you want him to fuck you.”

With that Melissa put her hand on Albert’s thigh. The two talked getting to know each other better. Meanwhile, Anna went over and sat on Graham’s lap, she could feel his cock starting to get hard as her ass rubbed against it.

Then Marie said, “Ladies let’s go get ready for bed.”

The women departed for upstairs and the men quickly followed suit. Aunt Jenna had prepared four bedrooms, 1 for Graham and Anna, 1 for Stan and Marie, 1 for Melissa, and 1 for Albert. Graham came in the bedroom just as Anna was slipping into her nightgown.

Graham said, “I have a feeling Albert’s bed won’t be used tonight.”

Anna agreed saying, “Melissa has never had sex with a man. She’s only ever had a dildo or my fingers inside her pussy.”

Graham said, “And our room is right across the hall from Melissa’s. I expect to be up half the night hearing her scream. Albert’s dick is about the same size as mine.”

All this sex talk was turning both Anna and Graham on. Anna walked over to Graham just as he was about ready to put his pajama pants on and passionately kissed him, stroking his semi-hard cock. Graham lifted up Anna’s nightgown and started rubbing her pussy. Just then they heard a knock on Melissa’s door and stopped everything so they could intently listen.

Melissa opened the door wearing a skimpy nighty that barely covered her ass and her nipples were peeking through the thin material. Albert was pleasantly shocked to see Melissa like this and said,


Melissa said, “Come in, I have plans for you.”

Melissa had come up with a few things she wanted to try based on what Anna had told her. Albert entered the bedroom, Melissa quickly closed the door, and they both started kissing hard. Seeing as Melissa wasn’t wearing much to begin with her skimpy nightly quickly came off. Albert started squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Melissa loved the touch of a man on her.

Meanwhile, out in the hall everyone had come out of their rooms to listen. At first it was just Anna and Graham in the doorway to their bedroom, then Stan and Marie peeked their heads out, and finally Aunt Jenna pretended bursa eve gelen eskort bayan she was just walking down the hall when she saw everyone converging around Melissa’s door and stopped.

Melissa started moaning saying, “Yes, this feels good.”

Albert started kissing her neck then sucking on her tits. The two kind of bumped into the bed and fell. Without skipping a beat Albert kissed Melissa. He made his way down to rubbing her pussy and Melissa let out a deep groan, Albert had a huge smile. Melissa just kept spreading her legs wider opening her pussy so Albert could finger fuck her. Albert at first only slipped one finger in her pussy, he said,

“You’re so wet and hot.”

Melissa had been finger fucked before but this was different cause it was a man. Then Albert slipped in two fingers and Melissa’s pussy juices start to flow out of her. Albert picked up speed and Melissa was moaning pretty loudly.

Out in the hall all the women were getting wet and the men were getting hard. During all of the finger fucking Albert was sucking Melissa’s tits, playing with one nipple while he sucked and nibbled on the other, switching sides. Then Albert went down to start eatting her pussy. At first he was just admiring her sweet, wet, pink pussy, then he began by kissing it, licking it, sucking on her clit, then tongue fucking her.

Melissa screamed, “OH MY GOD!”

Everyone in the hall just wondered what he had done to make her scream that.

Then Melissa said, “Yes keep tongue fucking me.”

Graham shot Anna a look like ‘Oh I am so going to do that to you later.’ Albert kept tongue fucking Melissa till she came.

Then Melissa said, “Stop, I want to see my first beautiful hard cock.”

Albert got up, Melissa sat up and untied his pants. Albert’s rock hard cock sprung free.

Melissa said, “Oh it’s so beautiful.”

She put her hands on it and began stroking it. Then she started licking it and put her mouth around the head of his cock. Based on what Anna had told her she kinda knew what to do. She gathered a lot of spit in her mouth and put as much of his cock in her mouth as she could fit and started sucking going up and down the hard rod in her mouth. Melissa was loving every second of it.

Albert said, “Oh my you suck so good.”

Everyone in the hall knew Melissa was now giving Albert a blow job and apparently doing a really good job. By this point both men had visibly hard cocks. Even though Aunt Jenna is a lesbian she was impressed by the size of Stan’s cock.

Melissa kept sucking Albert’s cock for a few more minutes then she layed down on her back and spread her legs wide inviting Albert’s cock inside her.

Melissa said, “I want your cock to be the first real cock inside this juicy, hot, pink pussy.”

Albert got down in front of Melissa’s pussy and first just rubbed the head of his cock on her pussy. Melissa loved it and let out a deep groan. bursa eskort bayanlar Then, with everyone right outside the door listening intently, Albert slowly slipped the head of his cock in Melissa’s pussy. Melissa let out a deep moan, and everyone in the hall knew he had entered her. He pulled out and Melissa said,

“Put it back in.”

Melissa was aching wanting to get fucked hard. Albert slipped his cock back in this time going in a little further. Melissa was in heaven.

She groaned, “Yeessss.”

Everyone in the hall could barely contain themselves. Stan and Marie and Graham and Anna were practically climbing the walls. They wanted to keep listening yet they want to go have sex themselves.

When Albert had his entire cock inside Melissa’s pussy he said,

“Wow, you are so tight.”

Melissa’s pussy was getting wetter by the second. Her first real cock inside her, filling her up. It was SO much better than a dildo. Albert slowly started going in and out both moaning. He picked up some speed as Melissa’s pussy relaxed a little. Just then Melissa announced rather loudly,


By this point the couples in the hall had begun kissing and Aunt Jenna retreated to her bedroom so she could begin masturbsting. But when all heard Melissa’s announcement all stopped and listened as Melissa screamed in joy.

When Melissa was done she said,

“I want to taste my cum on your cock.”

So Albert pulled out and Melissa started licking and sucking all of her juices off his cock. Then Albert got on his back and said,

“Get on top.”

Anna and Marie started smiling for Melissa. They knew she was going to cum even harder next time. Melissa climbed on top, grabbed a hold of Albert’s cock, and slipped it into her pussy. Anna had told her the best position to use but she wanted to feel every single inch of his cock inside her and she went all the down Albert’s rod. When she had all of him inside her Melissa said,

“Oh my God you are so big and feel so good.”

She sat there just rocking back and forth for a minute enjoying the sensation of his full cock inside her pussy. Then she started going up and down and finally when she wanted to cum again she layed down on top of him bouncing her ass up and down on Albert’s cock.

Albert thought it all felt amazing. He grabbed her ass lifting her ass up and down hard on his cock. But her pussy was so tight he didn’t know how much longer he could last. Melissa was having so much fun, she loved the clit stimulation this position did along with having a big, rock hard cock inside her pussy. It didn’t take long before there was another, this time, screaming announcement,


With that Melissa’s eyes rolled in the back of her head and she came squirting her pussy juices all over Albert. It was so intense for Melissa she had to climb off for a minute, completely out of breath.

Albert said, “Are you okay?” görükle escort bayanlar

Melissa said, “Yes, that was really intense. I want more. Put that cock back in me.”

Out in the hall Anna was surprised hearing Melissa talk so aggressive, Melissa is very reserved and shy.

Anna said, “Wow, I guess sex brings out this wild side in her.”

Since Melissa was already on her back and hearing Melissa be so aggressive really turned Albert on he spread open her legs and placed them over his shoulders and rammed his cock inside her pussy. Melissa screamed in joy and Albert started fucking her hard and fast.

Melissa said, “Oh you are are so deep.”

The couples in the hall were all practically having sex in the hall. But they realized it wasn’t the best place to have sex so they finally retreated to their rooms. Just as everyone got into their rooms came another screaming announcement from Melissa,


Followed by a loud joyful scream. Pussy juices were flowing out of her pussy all over the bed.

Then Albert said, “It’s my turn.”

With that he pulled out of Melissa and groaning loudly he came all over her belly. After laying in bed for a few minutes together they realized the bed was not in sleeping condition and they both needed to get cleaned up. So they grabbed their pajamas, slowly opened the door, to hear Anna and Graham and Stan and Marie having sex. Melissa and Albert laughed and ran down the hall to the wash room to wash up then back down the hall to Albert’s room to hear

Anna say, “Yes, fuck me with that big cock, fuck me harder.”

Albert and Melissa collapsed into bed falling asleep to the sounds of everyone else in the house having sex. In the morning there was a knock on the door from Aunt Jenna saying,

“Time to get up love birds.”

Aunt Jenna knew she needed to wake them well before breakfast since they would have sex again. They then heard Aunt Jenna knock on Anna and Graham’s and Stan and Marie’s door too.

Within a few minutes all the women had their mans cock inside their pussy and various moans, groans, and occasional screams were heard throughout the house. Even the staff making breakfast heard it and laughed.

About and hour and a half after Aunt Jenna’s wake up knock everyone made their way downstairs. Albert and Melissa couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

When Stan said, “Maybe you two should go have sex again, which will probably cause the entire house, staff and all start fucking too.”

Then Melissa said, “Was it that obvious we had sex last night?”

To which Aunt Jenna said, “Obvious? Heck we were all outside your door listening. These four” pointing at Graham, Anna, Stan, and Marie “were practically having sex in the hall listening to you scream ‘I’m cumming’ and ‘oh your so deep inside me.”

Melissa turned bright red. Then one of the staff said,

“Oh Melissa it’s okay we’ve never had so much fun in the staff quarters, not even the first time Graham and Anna had sex did we have so much fun.”

Then Melissa said, “Sorry we kinda left the bed kinda wet.”

One staff member said, “Don’t worry you’re not the first, nor the last to do that.”

With all of that said and done everyone finished their breakfast and went on the wedding shopping day.

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