Annalee’s Gift

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I was blue. “It’s my birthday, 7o’clock, Graham’s not home yet” I thought “and my sister hasn’t even bothered to call me. No one loves me.” So I decided to have another drink while I waited for Graham to arrive home from work.

He arrived and presented me with a huge bunch of flowers, one thing I can always count on from my man is flowers, a huge hug and a deep kiss, then he reached into his briefcase and pulled out a small parcel and handed it to me with a “Happy birthday, Sweetheart”

I burst into tears then sobbed out my blues on his shoulder. “Don’t cry baby, come on dry the tears, throw on some glad rags and we’ll go to the pub for dinner.” He still knows what helps to cheer me up, even after all these years together.

With gentle urging I opened my gift and found a delightful little ruby pendant and gold chain and nearly started to cry again.

“Come on,” he said, “times wasting. Let’s go.”

A quick change into some nice sexy gear, short dress with a crossover bodice which shows off just enough of my natural assets – all 36dd of them – to their best advantage, mid height heels, a whiff of Giorgio and away we went.

The pub was fairly quiet being a Wednesday night so there was no problem getting a table and the service was fairly fast. We gave our order and the waiter told us it would be about 20 minutes before our meals were ready so we told him we would be in the pokie’s having a flutter.

We walked into the gaming room and I spotted my favourite machine was vacant, the machine to my left was being used by a ‘young girl’ who nodded to me as I sat down and dropped a couple of coins in the chute to pass the time while Graham was organizing drinks and change. The first couple of pulls were losses and I was thinking about moving on when I pulled the handle and my mobile rang all at the same time.

I watched the reels spin to a halt as I fumbled with the mobile and heard my sister’s voice singing “Happy Birthday” while at the same time I heard the jackpot music start to play on my machine. I gave my sister short shrift for being so late calling me and considered my luck, a fifty dollar drop, not bad for a thirty cent investment.

The girl next to me smiled and said “Well done, I’m glad someone can take some money out of them occasionally.” I smiled back and said it was a pretty rare occurrence.

Graham arrived back about then and presented me with a glass of bubbles and with a leer down the front of my dress said “Happy Birthday Baby.” We clinked glasses and sipped. My poker machine neighbour said “Happy Birthday” smiled and raised her glass in toast as well, I said “Thanks.”

Graham decided that he would move on to his favourite machine and said he would be back a bit later.

I played in silence with a slightly higher than normal average of drops from the machine for a while, then me neighbour said “You seem to having a good run tonight, can I touch you for luck.” I smiled and said sure, then leant over toward her and sort of noticed that her gaze dropped to my cleavage where the dress was tending to gape.

“My name’s Annalee,” she said, “what’s yours?” I introduced myself saying “Pleased to meet you Annalee, I’m Susan and the other half over there is Graham.” With that we started to chat as we played.

Shortly the waiter arrived and told Graham that our meals were ready, so I told Annalee that we would catch up with her Kastamonu Escort later and we went in to eat.

We weren’t in a particular hurry to eat so took our time and didn’t get back to the poker machines for about an hour. There was an elderly man playing my machine so I went looking for another then decided to join Graham on his machine.

We settled down to play with our fortunes rising and falling as is normal for the machines. Graham was mumbling under his breath about “One armed thieves and pirates.” So we decided to pack up and head off for home and the rest of Graham’s birthday surprise for me, I wonder what he might have in mind, as if I didn’t know, it was always on his mind. Particularly when I wore my CFM dress.

As we stood and started to walk out I spotted Annalee and called out to her saying goodnight. She immediately rose from her machine and came over and said “You can’t go yet, I wanted to buy you a drink for your birthday.”

I apologized and said “I’m sorry Annalee, but we really are tired and Graham has a headache.” Annalee said “Well how about I buy a bottle of bubbles and you can come back to my place where it’s quiet, you and I can have a drink and Graham can rest.”

Graham shook his head and I countered with an offer that she could come back to our place, Graham had no objection to that apart from spoiling his proposed fun for a while, so off we went with Annalee following us in her car.

I was a little apprehensive as we drove home and said to Graham “Do you think she is on the level? She’s not a crook trying to case our place is she?” Graham merely grunted and said “No; I think she’s just another person who has been smitten by your charms. Anyway I guess we’re about to find out.” And he drove into our yard and parked.

Annalee pulled up behind us and followed into the house and out to the patio area. Graham suggested that I should shed my bra so he could enjoy the view while we entertained our guest and before the rest of his birthday surprise. I definitely knew what was on his mind by now and determined to get rid of Annalee as soon as possible.

While Graham poured drinks for us all I slipped in to our bedroom and stripped off my bra then returned to the patio sitting down with Graham to my left where he could obtain the best sneak preview and Annalee to my right.

We toasted and I watched Graham’s eyes as I raised my arm to toast he could hardly keep his eyes off my boobs.

The three of us chatted for some time, one bottle of bubbles led to another when a comment was made about the champagne glasses and Graham, a font of knowledge about things trivial commented that history reputed that the glasses were modeled from the Empress Marie Antoinette’s breast shape.

Annelee said “Just as well they weren’t modeled after mine” and with that whipped up her top to reveal a lovely little set of 32a boobs then went on to say “I wish I had boobs like yours.” Graham had his eyeballs nearly hanging on the floor watching Annalee’s boobs.

He said “Don’t be silly Annalee, you’ve got great little boobs, anyway don’t you know that anything more than a mouthful is a waste. Mind you though, there is a lot to be said for a healthy set like Susan’s. Show her what a great set of tit’s look like babe.”

How could I resist, so I slipped the strap from my shoulder revealing my right side tit to full view. Graham’s Kastamonu Escort Bayan head began to look like a windshield wiper as his gaze swiveled back and forth.

We both covered up and the conversation resumed but definitely with a different slant to it now.

Not long after Annalee asked where the bathroom was and I started to tell her when she asked me to show her, so I rose and we went down the passage to the bathroom. I sat on the edge of the bath while she had a pee and rose as she came over after washing her hands. As I stood up she came to me and said “You really do have a lovely set of boobs, can I have another look at them please?’ I was flattered and allowed her to slip the straps off my shoulders so both boobs were exposed.

Little did I know that Graham had walked just down from the patio and was standing outside our spare room looking straight through into the bathroom and was watching us.

Annalee caressed my boobs then lifted her top and moved forward so she could rub her boobs against mine, a small tremor of excitement ran through me, a tremor which became stronger as she moved back and then bent to suck first one nipple then the other.

It was about then that I glanced over toward the door and realized that Graham was outside watching us, I hastily pulled my straps up to cover my boobs and said we should go back to the patio.

Graham was sitting down as if nothing had happened when we returned but the conversation had definitely taken a different tack and was spicy.

Another drink and Annalee made comment about our spa bath and how a good hot spa was the best thing to get rid of aches and pains, I agreed and somehow found myself agreeing to run a bathe for us.

We all moved down to the bathroom where we started the bath filling while Graham found himself to be elected as grand undresser of the female contingent, much to his delight.

Fisrt he stripped the straps from my shoulders, fondled my boobs and gave each nipple a loving suck. Then he moved to Annalee lifting her top up and over her head, then pausing to fondle her boobs and suckle her nipples.

He moved back to me and slowly slipped my dress down my legs having another suck on my boobs as he went, then he repeated the action for Annalee removing her skirt slowly while fondling her ass and sucking her boobs.

Back to me and he slowly removed my panties with more sucking of boobs and followed by some light fingering of my clitoris and finger insertion in my pussy, naturally he had to repeat the process for Annalee giving her a good suck and fingering.

He stood there expecting us to undress him but we declined saying it was our turn for a strip show and he had better be good or else. Graham started to undress as Annalee and I stepped into the bath and settled down in the lovely warm water.

We both appreciated his body, for a man in his mid fifties he is still built rather well, and when he dropped his jocks to the floor we agreed that he deserved some sort of reward for the show, I beckoned him over and took his rock hard cock, slowly stroking it before taking a mouthful and sucking the head. When I let go he turned to Annalee and offered a sample to her but she declined.

I sent him off to get more bubbles leaving Annalee and I to start enjoying the bath, and each other.

I reached forward as did Annalee and Escort Kastamonu while we kissed slowly I found her hand had crept over and was caressing my boob, my hand seemed to find its own way to her boob at the same time.

Graham returned just about the time Annalee was playing with my clitoris and I found I was getting hot and bothered with a mounting desire to do something about all this foreplay.

Graham elected to wash our backs and watch as Annalee fingered me and I decided that it was time to get real so stood up in the bath and suggested we should all retire to the bedroom where it was a dammed sight more comfortable. There was no disagreement on that score.

When we arrived in the bedroom Annalee and I immediately fell back on the bed in a clinch, kissing and fondling each others boobs. Graham stood back and watched while playing with his cock which by now was about as hard and as big as Cleopatra’s needle.

I started to return the pussy fingering that Annalee was passing out and had a finger deep in her cunt while she had a couple of fingers playing the piano on my clitoris. I moved onto her and started to suck her tits then slowly kissed my way down her body until I found her wet little mound, her legs were open but I spread them further and moved my head in between her legs to suck on her clitoris.

Graham and others have sucked on my clit often enough and I had fingered other women, but this was the first time I had sucked on another woman. I desperately needed to suck her, my whole body was aflame with the need to experience what Graham does when he sucks me.

As I moved between her legs Graham decided he had enough of being a semi-passive bystander and jumped onto the bed and with rock hard cock in hand he moved forward, spread my legs wide and slammed his cock deep in my cunt.

As he slammed repeatedly into me, Annalee could see and feel the changing pressure on her cunt and called out for him to fuck me even harder which is exactly what he did.

It seemed no time but was probably five or so minutes when suddenly Annalee and Graham both came. Annalee filling my mouth with her sweet cunt juices while Graham filled my cunt with his spunk. That was enough and I reached a shuddering climax to join them.

We collapsed on the bed with Graham in the middle and Annalee and I each side of him. He was enjoying himself playing with our bodies, alternating between tits and cunts while we started to play with his cock.

Once we had recovered our breath, had another drink or two and relaxed Graham realized that his cock was rock hard again, probably because Annalee was slowly and softly running her hand up and down the length of his shaft while I tickled his balls.

Then with a sudden twist he rolled on top of Annalee and rammed his cock deep in her cunt, Annalee turned to me and asked me to sit on her face so she could suck my clit saying that it was only fair she return the favour and enjoyment. Who am I to refuse.

With a us all in such a state it did not take long before we all reached climax again, it was then as we all flopped back on the bed that we noticed the time, three thirty, we had been going since eleven thirty, no wonder we all felt a little weary.

We agreed that Annalee could not leave at that time, particularly with the amount of bubbly we had all consumed so she stayed for the night with the three of us cuddled up to sleep.

Next morning Graham had to leave for work at seven and Annalee had to leave to catch a plane for Queensland, so it was a quick cuddle and kiss with a promise to catch up again when she returned from her holiday for a repeat of Annalee’s Gift.

But more of that later.

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