Anna and Sam. Chapter 8.

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Helping me to my feet, Philip waited patiently whilst I got comfortable on my crutches then walked slowly ahead of me, making sure there were no chair legs to trip me up. As we passed the counter I paused and said to the waitress, “Sorry about the cup and thanks for this,” holding up my hand. “Oh don’t worry about the cup,” She answered, “and you are very welcome. I hope we see you again soon,” she added. “I am sure you will,” I smiled and turned and left. We walked in silence, back to the car, every step sent a small shock of pain up my leg, not serious but it was beginning to wear me down. Like any constant pain, it was becoming sickening. The ride up in the lift was even worse. I hadn’t noticed before, but this must be the most jolting lift in the country. It probably wasn’t, but I could feel every movement as it stopped and started at each floor. Once in the car and out of the car park, Philip, without taking his eyes of the road, was the first to break the silence. “Anna. Is everything okay between us?” I felt like he had pushed a knife deep into my heart, and I was about to lie to him again! “Yes, Sweetheart, of course it is. Why do you ask?” “Oh, I don’t know,” he answered, “ I feel that something is troubling you but you can’t talk to me about it.” He paused, then said, “Is there someone else?” “Philip!” I almost shouted at him, “What a thing to ask! Of course there isn’t!” The knife was twisting and turning in my heart, and I was feeling distinctly nauseous now. The lie had come so quickly, so easily, and I hated myself for it. “Then who is Sam?” he repeated the question he had asked when I shouted in my sleep. “Oh, Darling,” I sighed, “Sam is a woman I met in Birmingham. I dreamt she was standing on my foot. That is probably why I called her name when I awoke with the pain.” Philip looked relieved. He took his left hand off the steering wheel for a moment and squeezed mine. “Did you think it was a man?” He nodded and smiled weakly. “Sweetheart, bahis şirketleri Sam is short for Samantha!” I wanted to laugh, as I would have under normal circumstances, but I couldn’t. My insides were too churned up to even pretend. “So,” I said, as cheerily as I could, “Where are we going?” “Right here!” he replied as we turned into the doctors surgery. “Here, why?” “Because,” was all I got in return. Pulling into a space he turned to me and said, “Wait here, I’ll just be a minute,” and disappeared inside. I didn’t have to wait long as, within minutes he appeared again. With a wheelchair! Why did he need a wheelchair ? It couldn’t be for me I had my crutches. Lifting the tailgate, he folded the chair and placed it in the back of the car. When he got back inside I asked him. “Philip! What’s that for?” “Well, my love,” he began, “I saw how difficult and painful it was for you, getting up and down and in and out of the car, so, while you were having your coffee I called the surgery and they said they had chairs available for loan for cases such as yours. As your ankle begins to knit and you no longer have any pain, we just give it back!” “Oh, Love,” I exclaimed, “You are always thinking of me.” I leaned over and kissed him. “I really don’t deserve you.” I meant exactly that, I really didn’t deserve him and he really didn’t deserve me. When we pulled into the drive, I went to open the door, but Philip just stopped and pointed his finger meaning ‘wait’ and went to the back of the car and took out the chair, bringing it round to my side of the car. He opened the door and helped me slide into it. It was not as easy as it looks on the TV! “A bit of practice,” he laughed and wheeled me inside. We went straight into the front room and he parked me in front of the television, next to the sofa and handed me the remote. “Now then,” he said after helping me off with my coat and shoe, “You get comfortable there, and I will get the kettle on.” With that he disappeared bahis firmaları into the kitchen. I called after him and his head appeared round the door frame with an, ‘I’m listening’ look on his face. “Will you put my new phone on charge please then I can catch up with some friends. I told Penny I would call her.” “Sure,” he replied and took the box into the kitchen. “Where’s the sim card, It won’t charge without it.” ‘Damn it’, I thought, if he puts the sim card in and turns it on he would see any messages that come up. “Ah, right,” thinking on my feet, well, foot I called back, “Tell you what, bring it here and plug the charger in behind me. I’ll sort it out from the wreckage of my old phone while you make the coffee.” “Okay.” He brought it in and plugged the charger in as I had requested then returned to pottering about in the kitchen. I extracted the sim card from my old phone and placed it in the new one. Once in place and all re-assembled I plugged in the charging lead and held my breath. The only thing that happened was that a little light appeared on the front to show that it was charging. Of course! It wouldn’t receive anything until I switched it on! Thank goodness, now I didn’t have to worry about any unexplainable messages but, on the other hand, I wanted to know if Sam had called. I wanted to switch it on but I couldn’t, not until Philip was out of earshot and I could set it to silent. All this secrecy! I hated it, but what was done was done. I had to try and make the best of it until everything was resolved. What that meant I had no idea. Philip returned with the tea tray and put it down on the low table he had placed at my side. “There you go,” he said, passing me a mug of hot, black filter coffee, “Strong. Just how you like it.” He, took his tea and sat on the sofa beside me. “How’s the phone?” “Fine,” I replied. “Has to charge for sixteen hours.” “Okay,” he replied, “It’ll be ready for the morning then.” Yes, morning. I hoped that Sam kaçak bahis siteleri would understand and was not fretting that I had abandoned her. I couldn’t phone her to tell her I wouldn’t. She may not have phoned me. For the rest of the day, Philip waited on me hand and foot. He made our dinner and washed up and wouldn’t let me do anything. All the while I sat in my chair with the TV on but not really taking in anything that was on it. Later, when the chores were done, he sat beside me on the sofa as we watched, talking as we always did, only now, things were different, I had ruined everything. As we chatted I could only sit thinking about everything I had done to my perfect husband. The night drew in and, as the light began to fade his voice also began to fade as sleep took a hold of me. “Don’t you think so, Anna?” “Sorry? What?” I hadn’t heard what he said as I was drifting off. “I’m sorry, sweetheart, I wasn’t thinking. You must be exhausted. Come on, let’s get you to bed”. “I’m sorry. I am very tired.” “No, it’s me who should apologise, I am selfish.” “Selfish! Philip, the one thing you are not, is selfish!” He smiled and wheeled me to my downstairs room where he helped me to undress and put on my pyjamas. “Would you like me to wash you?” He asked. I told him no. I was too tired and just had to sleep so he lifted me from my chair and laid me upon the bed. Pulling the quilt up over me he bent and kissed me. “Goodnight, Princess,” he whispered, “I love you.” “I love you too,” I whispered back, and this time I really meant it. “I hate you, Anna!” “Sam, no! Please don’t say that! I couldn’t help it. I fell in love with you too, you know.” She stared into my eyes, her own full of hatred. “And your husband, what about him? Do you love him too?” “Yes, of course I do.” “How, Anna? How can you love two people at the same time?” “I don’t know, Sam. I just don’t know but I do.” “You have to choose, Anna, you have to choose. Him or me, Anna, him… or me!” “No, Sam, I can’t! Please don’t make me choose! Please don’t!” I awoke with a start. The clock said Three a.m! The temperature outside was minus six degrees, but I was perspiring heavily. The sheets were soaking, but I was not warm.

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