Ann, Sammy and Jess Pt. 01

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The sharp knock at the door made Robert jump. He glanced at his watch, 12:45am. Bonus time, happy days!

He’d been looking after Ann and Martin’s daughter and had expected them to be at the door. Instead, he was surprised to see a portly, sweating and angry-looking man who nodded back towards his taxi, its engine running on the driveway.

“I’m delivering you two piss-heads. I’ve got a bad back, so you’ll have to get them in yourself. And I need paying.”

Robert looked over the driver’s shoulder. Ann was in the front seat, grinning at no-one in particular, and Martin in the back, his head slumped forward and seemingly held up only by his seat belt.

Robert put his trainers on and walked over to the passenger side. Ann smiled in recognition as he bent down to the open window. He heard the driver mumble under his breath.

“Not a bad sight to be fair. Cracking pair of legs.”

Robert immediately saw what he meant. Ann, the incorrigible flirt, was wearing a knee-length, flowery summer dress. Cut low in a ‘v’ at the front and with a generous slit up one side, the driver would have had a good view of Ann’s long slim legs, crossed so the dress fell either side of her thigh. Robert idly wondered if she was wearing any knickers. He suspected not as he knew she was braless, he’d clocked that earlier.

Ann looked stunning when Robert had arrived earlier that evening. Although not especially attractive, she always made a big effort with her clothes and make-up for any party. Tall, loud and brash with strong features framed by auburn hair, Ann would probably enjoy the description used by the men in her friendship group – ‘dirty’. That’s dirty in a fuckable, horny, smutty, suggestive way. She was confident in her own body and knew that whilst every man at the party would secretly lust after her, their wives or partners would be keeping a very close eye on her too.

That’s not to say the women didn’t like Ann. Quite the opposite in fact. As long as they had their partners in sight when she was around, they enjoyed her company. Ann was forthright and entertaining, especially when discussing her sexual needs and previous conquests, which she did as a matter of course. The rumour was that she only married Martin having become pregnant by him after a hurried shag at a work away-day – she was his boss at the time – and this after she was initially rebuffed by a female colleague. For the record, the female colleague left the company soon after.

At parties, Ann would usually wear a revealing outfit: either a lacy or semi-transparent blouse, coupled with a tight skirt, or otherwise a figure-hugging dress. Her slim upper body led down to a good-sized bottom above impressive, long legs. Her favourite trick at parties was to see how many of the men she danced with would get erections as she held her body against them and pressed her tits close to their chest. She was shameless.

The other halves didn’t mind too much as this either developed into an argument later or a tremendous session of lovemaking, with the men, no doubt, imagining their dick pumping inside Ann, rather than the partner beneath them. Ann’s record for erect dicks for one evening (excluding Martin’s semi before he usually fell asleep, drunk), was four. On the same evening she also had her hand inside the silky pants of Margaret, a foxy married Lawyer, who let Ann rub her pussy, just out of view of the main party.

Robert couldn’t help a sneaky look down the front of her dress as she greeted him that evening, leaning forward to give him a welcome kiss. The dress had dropped just far enough for him to briefly see one of her small, soft bare white breasts under the silky material. The image of the little pink button nipple had kept him going through the evening, and once young Daniel was asleep he had crept into Ann and Martin’s bedroom for a good nose around her underwear drawer and maybe, just maybe a chance to find any porn magazines or sexy toys hidden around the room.

This was back in 1983, and Robert was just 21 and on a summer vacation, home from University. Ann and Martin must have been in their early 40s. Martin a big thick-set man, intelligent, good-looking but intensely earnest with a distinct humour-bypass, whilst Ann was the polar opposite. Younger-looking than her husband (she could pass for 30) she was full of energy and usually the focus of any gathering. Her striking green eyes twinkled mischievously, especially after alcohol (she enjoyed her drink). Robert matched her in some ways – he too was tall and slim, handsome, with dark hair and an athletic, sports-toned body.

Robert had spied on Ann from his bedroom window, after raucous parties at his parent’s house. Often leaving much later than her husband, Ann would accept a lift home with whoever she took a shine to that night, when usually inebriated. There was an understanding between the married couple that Ann could explore her sexual desires however she chose, as long as she was discreet and casino şirketleri kept liaisons away from Martin. The routine was fairly well established. Martin left first, Ann had a grope with someone, she’d get home drunk, then Martin awoke with Ann’s mouth sucking his cock into life under the bedclothes. Win-win in some respects.

On one memorable occasion – now stored in Robert’s masturbation memory bank – Robert watched from his bedroom window above the front door and saw an Italian friend leaving with Ann, down below. The man, who was much older than her in his early 60s, couldn’t wait to get his paws on her, so grabbed Ann and roughly kissed her mouth, his hands feeling her bare, braless back before moving down over her ample buttocks. He squeezed her butt cheeks hard over her skirt, then roughly took her hand and forced her to touch and hold his growing dick through his own pants.

The pair were giggling as she struggled to undo his zip, his thick, dark, semi-hard dick flopping out into Ann’s hand. She seemed so drunk she could hardly focus, but didn’t try to get away or stop the Italian from taking advantage of her in this way. In fact, she started tugging his now erect penis, perhaps too hard as he took her hand away after a short while and forced her to bend forward so her face was close to the deep purple tip of his dick.

The Italian’s fingers twisted in her hair so she was powerless to move her head away. Did she even want to? Robert wasn’t so sure. Maybe he should go down and intervene but he was so incredibly turned on by this voyeuristic opportunity. Ann was squatted down now in front of the swarthy man, his hands on the back on her head and pulling her close. She had little option but to take his bulbous, short fat dick fully into her mouth, face-fucked with his slow thrusts.

Above, Robert was silently squeezing his own hard dick, absorbed by the unfolding scene below him. He could hear the party in full swing elsewhere and was amazed the couple didn’t move from the front path. Anybody could have left at any moment.

After a short time it was clear the Italian was about to come in Ann’s mouth. His thrusting became quicker, more violent, until his head tipped back and with a horribly-pained expression he emptied his load. Ann efficiently gobbled him clean, swallowing the hot, sticky semen and even running her mouth up and down his veiny shaft so no creamy spunk remained. Her eyes twinkled as she looked up at the Italian, then momentarily directly at Robert in the window above. She raised herself unsteadily and kissed the man on his lips. She pulled up her blouse allowing him to see and suck on her hard nipples. As he did so, she looked up again and directly at Robert whilst holding the Italian’s head to her chest, then blew the voyeur a kiss. Robert took a hand off his hard dick and waved back.

On another occasion, the Pendletons took Ann (quite literally as it turned out) in their own car. Alan, in his late 50s, had his arms around both Ann and his short, bubbly wife Doris. Without any semblance of shame, he casually placed his hands over each woman’s breasts, gently caressing one in each hand as the threesome walked slowly down the garden path. Doris Pendleton seemed completely unperturbed. She could see perfectly well that as Alan fondled her own huge floppy breast, he was doing the same with Ann’s smaller, firmer, rounded tits.

Before they reached the road, Alan stopped and turned towards Ann, kissing her fully on the lips and pushed deeply into her mouth as he forced his tongue around hers. Doris had moved round so she faced Ann and gently ran her fingers over her dress and felt her breast, circling her protruding nipple as Alan continued to tongue her. Doris then moved her hand down between Ann’s legs, so she cupped her pubic mound over her dress material and gently rubbed her fingers into the soft folds of Ann’s pussy. In the car, Ann sat in the front and Doris immediately leaned forward from the back seat, pulling Ann’s dress straps down over her shoulders, so revealing Ann’s breasts, illuminated in the streetlights and now being massaged by the older woman as Alan drove off.

Would they stop on route, Robert wondered? Would Alan be sucked-off by Ann as Doris watched from the back, pushing Ann’s head down on her husband’s cock? Or would Ann have moved beside Doris in to the back, bending down to taste Doris’s fat pussy in full view of Alan?

I digress. Back in Ann and Martin’s bedroom, Robert had no luck with finding magazines but did find the main prize – a long, black vibrator hidden deep in Ann’s underwear drawer. So, she liked a little black inside her did she? He wondered if Martin knew she had one. Probably not. He pushed the rigid vibrator down his own pants, turned the base so it vibrated gently over his stiffening cock, imagining Ann next using it without knowing that it had massaged his penis. Robert wondered if she would put it in her mouth before her pussy? He then got out a handful of casino firmaları her pants, each black and lacy, and masturbated using them to rub and pull at his dick. He slipped one pair in his pocket and would take it home later as a souvenir.

Now, with some difficulty, as Martin was a solid lump and unwilling to move, Robert had supported him into the house and toward the sofa. Martin belly-flopped on to his front, apparently out for the count, fully-dressed. He found Martin’s wallet in his jacket and paid the amused driver before turning his attention to Ann who, thankfully, was able to get out of the car alone, but not without first swinging open her legs and revealing more of her long legs and the delightful ‘v’ of her lacy cream knickers, to both Robert and a beaming driver.

“Good luck pal, think your luck might be in there…”

Robert and Ann walked arm-in-arm to the door. Robert casually draped his hand down over her buttock, loving the way her butt felt when she walked, or wobbled in this case. In the hallway, Ann turned unsteadily to face Robert.

“You know, that bastard driver kept rubbing against my leg whenever he changed gear with his fat little hand. He had a tiny stiffy, dirty old man.”

“Now Robert darling, I want two things from you. A large glass of white wine, followed by a close look at your big stiffy! You have got a big stiffy haven’t you?”

Robert tried to appear unflustered, no woman had ever talked to him in these terms before, certainly not a friend of the family and not even his girlfriend Jess, who could be pretty dirty during their lovemaking.

“Ann, I think you may have had enough already.”

“Enough wine darling, or enough cock?” she slurred, giggling at Robert’s obvious discomfort. She continued: “You’ve spied on me haven’t you? I’ve seen you! Bet you wished I was sucking you off rather than that dirty old man – but you were a bit young back then weren’t you?”

Christ, thought Robert, she remembers from all that time ago?

He followed her into the kitchen, ready to catch her if she collapsed. He took this chance to look closely at her wonderfully swaying bottom outlined in the flowing dress. What he would give to get his hands on those buttocks properly.

Ann poured two, large glasses of wine without asking Robert if he wanted one, and gulped hers back quickly, pouring another equally generous glassful.

“I’d better see if Mr Boring Bastard is still breathing” she said and headed into the dark lounge, lit only by a small lamp and the flickering TV.

She laughed when she saw Martin, flat out, face creased into the sofa cushion, gently snoring.

“What. A. Sex-god he is”, she said sarcastically, handing her glass to Robert (and spilling half of it down her front).

“Oops, clumsy me. Want to lick it off?”

She snorted again as Robert looked at her chest, her nipple clearly outlined in the soaked material.

What happened next took Robert by surprise but delighted him nonetheless. Ann stood beside her sleeping husband, and facing him, gradually rolled her dress up, bit-by-bit, it rising higher and higher up her legs. She gathered the hem above her hips, turned around and pushed her butt down towards Martin’s head. She wobbled slightly as she squatted, almost collapsing onto him, then giggled as she slipped her lacy French knickers just over her lovely large buttocks, wiggling her arse at Martin, who slept peacefully. Robert had no trouble looking down her open top now as her tits swung freely, side to side.

Two things here.

One: Robert was surprised at how pale her body was, her skin almost transparent compared to his, her trim dark pubes contrasting with the long pink slit of her pussy. Robert was very bronzed having spent the previous three weeks sunbathing naked with his Jess in Greece. It was, he briefly remembered, heavenly. Jess covered in sun lotion (applied over every bit of her gorgeous body and into every soft crack by a willing Robert), at various times sitting on his hot cock or happily licking it, sucking his boiling balls in the searing heat.

And two: wow, just fucking wow! What perfectly-shaped, fleshy buttocks Ann had. She wiggled her butt closer to Martins head and even grabbed her butt cheeks and fully opened her arse to him which seemed to delight her, and made Robert’s penis strain against his jeans.

“Oops, sorry about that Robert darling, I couldn’t resist.” she whispered in a little girl’s voice, a finger to her lips.

“That’s quite alright Ann, I enjoyed the show, even if Martin didn’t.”

Robert was about to burst. It’s now or never, he thought and took the initiative. It was clear Ann was happy to flaunt herself in front of her comatose husband, in fact it seemed to turn her on. Robert grabbed her, turning her around in one movement so she had to reach over Martin to support herself on the back of the sofa. She looked down at Martin and behind her to Robert who was now on his knees behind güvenilir casino her, his hand slipping her knickers fully off.

Without hesitating, he buried his face between her buttocks, rubbing his nose down her crevice whilst fondling the soft flesh either side. Ann squealed and instinctively pushed her buttocks to him and opened her legs more so Robert had a perfect view and easy access up and down her butt. Ann’s eyes closed and her mouth opened as Robert’s tongue slowly probed between her moist, sticky opening and flicked at her clitoris. His nose was pressed over her anus, knowingly nudging her puckered hole but not penetrating.

“Oh darling Robert, you are a naughty boy, a very naughty boy” she said, breathlessly.

“Do you want me to stop Ann? Or do you like me licking you there?”

“God no, please no, don’t stop, I love it, lick me there pleeeaaase.”

Robert knew Ann wanted more wine, so he reached behind him for her glass, and slowly let the liquid trickle down the small, soft indented ‘v’ at the top of her buttocks, down the crack between them and over her anus. She gasped, and clenched her buttocks momentarily, but relaxed as Robert’s tongue expertly sucked at the wine, licking slowly around and over her butt as the wine dribbled into his mouth and over his chin.

Ann’s gasps and the view of her arse and fanny lips from behind and him slurping the wine up and down her pussy momentarily opened up another sweet, sweet, memory for Robert, this time concerning Jess’s younger sister, Sammy.

In 1983 Samantha was 19 and similar to Jess in some ways. Both of the fine-looking Randall girls drew attention the moment they entered a room. Sam looked sultry. She had long, thin, chestnut-coloured hair which fell naturally and framed her pretty face. She had beautiful, soft and full lips, was slim but with a small rounded belly. Tall – but not as worldly or experienced sexually as her older sister, although despite this, more openly flirty with men. If anything, Sammy was slightly prettier than Jess, which had always irked the older girl. She looked young for her age too (much to her annoyance), with flawless pale skin and doleful eyes. Aside from her looks, Sammy’s key assets were her large, well-shaped, full and firm young breasts. In fact, both the Randall women were well endowed in that respect.

At the start of the summer vacation, Robert had planned to cycle up to Jess’s home and spend some time with her ahead of the Greek holiday, a vacation which Sammy was due to finish with them in the final week. He knew the mother and father were holidaying in France and that the two brothers were travelling across Europe. So just the young, horny sisters at home on a sweltering summer afternoon. On the ride over he’d imagined them sunbathing side-by-side on the lawn, in his mind both completely naked and in need of sun lotion applying.

Robert arrived 20 minutes sooner than he thought, and parked his bike around the side of the house. It was before mobile phones (imagine that!) so he couldn’t let Jess know he’d be early. As he walked to the front door Sammy waved from the kitchen window and opened the side door for him.

“Hi Rob! Thought you were coming later?”

She had just taken a lollipop from the freezer. “Want one?” she asked as she took the wrapper off and put the bright red icy lolly between her lips. Her hair was long this summer, reaching far down her back. She looked mischievous and to Robert, incredibly hot. Years of being a school and club dancer had given Sammy a strong figure with perfectly toned, well defined legs and a rounded butt.

He and Sammy had, on two occasions, shared secret, quick and intimate moments in her family home. Hands groping for her firm large tits under a night-shirt, hands fondling her round buttocks over pants, hurried kissing and joyfully, a quick hand thrust down Sammy’s pyjama shorts with Robert finding her vagina and curling a finger inside her one night when he had stayed over in the spare room. Jess, as far as he knew, was unaware of the fact that her younger, often deeply annoying sister, once had her boyfriend’s finger inside her wet hole at the same time that she had held Robert’s hot, engorged dick.

“Jess has popped out…” said Sammy as she walked past Robert and over to the stairs, still sucking on the lollipop so her lips and tongue were soon bright red.

“She’ll be about 15 minutes…”

Sammy was wearing a light-coloured,long t-shirt, possibly one of her brother’s old ones, which sat tantalisingly just below her buttocks. Her dark nipples were just visible pushing against the material. At the foot of the stairs she turned to Robert.

“Coming up?”

Sammy beckoned him to follow, which, being a horny, unscrupulous young man, he naturally did. As she reached the top the sunlight from the big window shone through Sammy’s top to reveal the outline of her wonderfully-proportioned body. She giggled and ran up the final steps when she saw the lust in the young man’s eyes below. For his part, Robert had seen up her shirt, revealing her bare white butt-cheeks. Her firm breasts bounced up and down as she headed for her bedroom at the back of the house, with Robert in hot pursuit.

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