Ann: A Love Story Ch. 97

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Many thanks to my friend Annanova for editing this latest, and final chapter. I cannot tell you how much fun this has been to do this with you. To my loyal readers, thank you for sticking with this for so long. It’s been an incredible journey. Enjoy!

© 2013, All rights reserved — mimaster


Ann sat across from me eating a chicken sandwich. Actually, we both were since we’d stopped to get gas and have a bite to eat. That and to spend some quality time together for the first time in a couple of hours.

“I love how this feels,” she sighed, her gray sweatshirt hanging loosely off her bare right shoulder, showing she wasn’t wearing a bra. At some point after she bought it, she’d modified the shirt to show more skin by cutting away much of the neckline. She looked a bit like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

That thought had me thinking of another scene from the movie, and I began dreaming of Ann sitting in a chair on a stage in a much skimpier outfit, reaching for the cord that would dump gallons of water all over her hot body in an erotic splash. Then again, she was just as sexy sitting there as she was, and I found myself putting that fantasy out of my mind.

Instead, I followed up on her comment. “You love how what feels?” I asked innocently.

“You know,” she winked, squirming in her seat again. “I’m just glad my sweatpants are white.”

“And why would that be?” I wondered, happily playing along.

“So the cum stains won’t show too much, silly. Imagine how big the wet spot would be if they were grey.”

It took everything in my power not to duck my head underneath the table and try to peer between her legs. Not that I’d have been able to really see anything, but the mere idea made me tingle with excitement.

We were at a roadside plaza in Eastern Ohio, eating at a rather pedestrian fast food restaurant as we made our way to our new home the Thursday after the wedding. We’d left early that morning, hoping to beat a lot of the weekday traffic and give ourselves as much daylight as possible for the drive. Not to mention time in general. Neither of us liked the idea of having to rush, and going on Thursday would give us a three-day weekend at our new house before I had to return to work on Monday.

Ann was in a giddy mood, bubbling over with joy; the pause in our trip coming at a welcome time for both of us. We were traveling together, but we were apart, each of us having to drive our respective cars. She had literally been following my lead, but as promised, I kept looking in my rear view mirror to check on her as we drove in tandem. Not that I thought I’d lose her or anything. She’d made the trip before on her own, and she had an incredible knack of driving the trail vehicle. And as such, I was letting her decide when she needed to stop for a break along the way.

When she flashed her lights, I started looking for a place for us to eat, finding the plaza a few miles later. She caught me off-guard when she whipped her tiny car around mine, pulling into a secluded parking spot far away from the building. She was already outside her car when I pulled into the space beside her. The next thing I knew, she was opening my door. Before I could climb out, she climbed in, reaching for the button on my jeans.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s what we’re doing. And that’s fucking.”

‘What?” I asked, shaking my head while my face contorted into a question mark.

“You’re the one that came up with the rule that we have to have sex in every state we pass through, Neil. Or are we not doing that part of the game?”

Two minutes later I was fully reclined in my seat and she was riding my cock like she’d never had one before. I was amazed I hadn’t seen it coming, so to speak. After all, I was the one that had decided to pick up where we’d left off on our cross country trip months before.


When I pulled over at the state line upon entering Ohio, Ann thought at first something was terribly wrong. We’d only been on the road a little more than an hour, and we were out in the country. She didn’t see the welcome sign as I got out of the car, camera in hand.

“Is everything okay?” she asked as she rolled down her window.

Holding up the camera, I pointed at the sign. “It will be once you get undressed,” I winked.

“You’re kidding,” she exclaimed, quickly realizing that I wasn’t. “Neil, it’s freezing outside.”

“We said we were going to do this in every state, Anna.”

“That was three months ago.”

“Pretty sure I’m still in charge. Besides, we did before. I think it’s kind of implied that we’re doing it from now on.”

“Okay, but you were in charge over the weekend.”

“I don’t remember you ever saying there was a time limit, babe.”

The sexy smirk on her face made my cock jump. Reaching to unzip her coat, she winked, “Okay, lover. You’ve got me until you go back to work on Monday.”

“I’ve got you?”

“Yep. You wanted a time limit. You have me until then. Alanya Escort Bayan I’m going to be Annabelle on Sunday anyway. What are a few more days of following your lead while I’m Anna?”

“Wait…you’re going to be Annabelle?” I wondered aloud, suddenly recalling that she’d committed to being my love slave our first Sunday in our new home.

Pulling her top over her head inside her car, she looked at me through her open window, her nipples becoming rock hard from the chilly air. “Yes… and suddenly I’m really looking forward to it. Now do me a favor and get me something to wear that’s easier to get in and out of. If we’re going to do this, I don’t want to be struggling with jeans all day.”


Ann posed for me in front of the Ohio welcome sign. In some ways, it was like we’d never stopped. She struck the same seductive positions that she’d done on our trip from California to Indiana months before. The only discernible difference was the wedding ring on her finger. Well that, the pussy ring now adorning her labia, and her white landing strip. She made sure all three were noticeable whenever I took a picture that offered a view of her suddenly wet cunt.

It was obvious that she’d become turned on from what we’d just done. Even though she was cold, it didn’t stop her from showing how hot she was getting as I peered through the lens. When we finished she got dressed, slipping on the loose sweatshirt and the sweatpants I’d found in the back of her car. She practically raped my mouth with her tongue when she kissed me just before we left.

The fire that ignited only grew inside her as we drove down the two-lane roads of Western Ohio. By the time we got to the beltway circling Columbus, our escapades by the roadside welcome sign seemed like a distant memory to me. I was too busy concentrating on looking out for speed traps. I wanted to go as fast as we could, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I’d seen set-ups in that area where there would be multiple police patrolling together, pulling cars over for going too fast. I wanted no part of having both of us getting stopped.

Yet with each passing mile, Ann apparently was becoming more and more turned on. Making her take off her clothes and pose for the camera was the catalyst; her mind was racing, thinking back to all the stops we’d made traveling across the other half of the country. Not just the ones to take pictures, but others where we’d pull over just to have sex. She got so worked up, she finally started flashing her lights, the signal we’d come up with to let me know she wanted to stop. Of course, based on what she wanted to do, it might have been a more appropriate signal to flash her tits at me.

It was a fast, energetic, passionate fuck. She wasted no time, digging out my cock while she lowered her sweatpants. I was amazed how hard I got in such a short time. There was no foreplay; she grabbed my shaft, stroked it a couple of times, and impaled her soaked pussy over my length. The fact that neither one of us got totally undressed seemed to make the romp even hotter.

My hands ran underneath her loose sweatshirt, cupping her breasts. She rolled her hips in response, rocking them in a way that made each stroke long and powerful. When I ran my thumbs over her hard nipples, she arched her back slightly, ramming harder into my crotch. Letting my hands glide down the sides of her sexy frame, I gripped her ass, squeezing it tight, my middle fingers touching her puckered asshole, pressing against it.

That aggressive move set her off like a rocket, my cock flooded at she came all over it. She bit into my shoulder to stifle her scream, and that had me cumming seconds later, my balls spewing sperm deep up into her tight cunt.

“God I needed that,” she said as she nibbled at my ear.

“Apparently,” I chuckled and ran my finger up and down the crack of her ass.

“How many more states do we have today, baby?”


“Mmm…we’re going to have a busy day then, aren’t we?”

“We’re not going to be able to fuck in all of them, Anna.”

“Why not?”

“Because… I want to fuck you tonight when we get to our new home.”

“I don’t know, Neil. We’ve got a streak going. I don’t think we should start breaking our own rules so early in our marriage. Do you?”

“I’m just being practical. We can fuck again in Pennsylvania if you want. I’ll be recovered by then.”

“So you’re suggesting we skip Maryland?” she asked, suddenly remembering the route we were taking.

“Not altogether… just for now. It’s only like twenty-five minutes from the house. I’m thinking we might do that one Saturday.”

“You are, are you?”

“Uh-huh. Besides, the state signs for West Virginia are pretty unsafe both times we’re going to see them,” I said, referring to how we’d be going through the northern panhandle on our way to the eastern one where we’d be residing. “The one close to home hangs over the road, right by the bridge over the Potomac River. So we’re Alanya Escort going to have to find a better place for those pictures anyway… and since it’s where we’re going to live, I think we need to make sure we get some really good ones. Don’t you?”

“Anything you say, Neil” she winked. “You’re in charge.”


Ann seemed a little distant, which was odd since she’d just made such an electric comment about having cum stains on her sweatpants. I watched her mood as we ate; the festive, playful banter we’d been sharing replaced by sudden silence.

After letting that settle over the table for a while, I grew tired of it. We were going to be alone in our cars again very shortly. Not talking when we had the chance seemed like such a waste.

“Something bothering you?” I asked.

“Huh? Oh…no, baby. I’m sorry. Everything’s fine. Amazing actually,” she smiled as she wiggled in her seat again. “I can feel your cum moving inside me. That is such a rush.”

“So why the silent treatment all of a sudden? What were you thinking about?”


“Oh… is that all?” I laughed.

“I… I was just thinking about Sunday.”

“About being Annabelle?”

“No… not this Sunday. Last Sunday.”


I knew what Ann was talking about the moment she said it. It had been a pretty incredible day.

We’d had an unbelievable time the night of our wedding at the suite. In fact, the morning after had been pretty amazing too. We’d made love again when we finally woke up. Then we went back to bed after showering so we could fuck, which meant we had to shower all over again. When we finally checked out sometime after two in the afternoon, we were worn out. The wedding had taken its toll, for sure. But add in the sex and we were both exhausted.

At least, we thought we were, until we picked up Tina. She’d spent the night with Alex, the man who owned the limousine rental company. Limping toward my car, she looked… used. She also had the naughtiest smile I’d ever seen on her face. Climbing into the back, she laid down on the seat, winching in pain as she tried to find a position that was comfortable to her.

“Are you all right?” I asked, concerned about driving her home in a prone position.

“She’s fine, Neil,” Ann said as she patted me on the cheek. “It’s a straight road on the way home. Just drive carefully.”

“She doesn’t look fine,” I said, taking another look.

“She is. If you remember, I don’t think I looked much different than that the first time I was Annabelle.”


Ann pointed at Tina’s wrist, the telltale signs of rope marks adorning them. “It looks like she finally got her wish.”

I didn’t know it at the time, but Ann had found a way once again to rub off on one of her friends. All the stories she’d told Tina, combined with some of the pictures she’d shown her had peaked her interest in the world of bondage. That was why she was so excited about being able to borrow the nipple clamps Ann had received as a gift from our friend Nancy. In fact, she was still wearing them; the revealing bulges they created were almost obscene as they pressed into her tight shirt. It was hard not to look at them as she took off her jacket to use it as a pillow.

We didn’t find out much about her night with Alex. At least I didn’t. She fell asleep in the back seat before we were a block away from his tasteful home on the west side of Fort Wayne. She ended up telling Ann about her night a few days later, and it was indeed one of forbidden pleasure, being tied up and abused in ways she found both painful and exhilarating beyond belief.

It also brought her closer to Alex. The fact that she’d allowed herself to give such control to someone she barely knew was in some ways a questionable move on her part. But she felt she could trust him, and it proved her gut was right. He not only was respectful in wanting to give her the night she’d been erotically dreaming of, he also made sure she felt safe and cared for throughout.

“I think she’s falling for him,” Ann said days later, when she recounted what Tina shared about their night, as well as the sexless date they had two days later to better get to know one another.


“Fate has a funny way of bringing people together that are meant to be.”

But as we drove home that Sunday, it was fascinating to watch Tina sleeping in the back seat. I found myself stealing little glances in the rear view mirror, checking her body for other signs of what she might have endured. However Ann’s mind had gone in another direction entirely.

“So, are you ever going to ask me?” she smiled as she put her hand on my thigh, her other reaching underneath her short skirt.

“It’s really bugging you, isn’t it?” I teased.

“I wouldn’t say it’s bugging me. It was actually kind of exciting at first. I know how much you love it, which really turns me on.” Turning her body slightly to face me, she spread her thighs; Escort Alanya my eyes darting to catch a glimpse of the pussy ring she was talking about… and playing with.

“So it was exciting at first; but now it bugs you.”

“No. It intrigues me. You used to focus on ‘the how’ whenever I surprised you. I love how you’ve gotten past that. You take it in stride and just go with it.”

“I can’t promise that’s going to happen every time. But yes, I love the ring. I just wasn’t going to let it get me distracted last night.”

She leaned over and gave me a hug, kissing me near my ear. Patting my cock, she said, “You didn’t baby. The way you fucked me last night, I was more concerned that you might melt it.”

With the conversation officially started, it was silly to pretend that I didn’t have questions any longer. But instead of my having to beg for the details, she decided that she was going to share. She didn’t make me drag the story out of her like she usually did; she became an open book, spilling information like a witness being interrogated.

“So, I did it the week after I came back from visiting you,” she started, leaning back against the door while she continued to play with it. “Tina and I were bored one night… I think it was Wednesday, and she said something about going to Fort Wayne to see a movie.”

“How do you go from seeing a movie to getting your pussy pierced?”

“We took her car,” she joked. “Actually, we never made it to the movie. We got halfway to Fort Wayne and she started talking about going to the sex shop again. The next thing I knew, we were pulling into the parking lot and she was dragging me inside.”

“Against your will, no doubt.”

“I never said that. But I certainly didn’t go inside thinking I’d get my pussy pierced.”

“And yet you did,” I laughed.

“I almost didn’t. When we went into that part of the shop, I was just joking around. But the longer I stood in there, the more excited I got just thinking about it. Then I decided not to.”

“Okay, now you lost me.”

“Well, I got to thinking that we were just a month away from getting married, and I didn’t know how long it would take to heal from something like that. I said that to Tina, and of course she goes and asks the guy who worked there.”

“So… a guy did it?”

“Don’t get sidetracked, baby. It’s not about him and you know it.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Go on.”

“Anyway, he said because I was getting my inner labia done, and there’s a lot of blood flow there, it could take anywhere from four to six weeks to heal.”

“And you had it done anyway? That was pretty risky, don’t you think?”

“A little. But I’ve always been a quick healer. I told you that the first time we ever tried bondage. I rarely bruise that much, and whenever I’ve cut myself I heal really fast. So I was banking on the shorter time. It was a risk, but it was calculated…and it turned out I was right. I was pretty much good to go a little over two weeks after I had it done. I was sore, but nothing too horrible. I just had to make sure I kept an eye on it and I did all the things he told me to do to keep it clean. I was worried though.”

“About not healing fast enough?”

“Not really. I knew after the first week that I’d be okay by the wedding. I was more worried that you’d notice that I’d gotten pierced when you came back for Thanksgiving. I took the ring out that first night at your parents’ house, even though I wasn’t really supposed to. I figured you might see the little hole, but you never did. You were too busy fucking me to see it. And if you remember, I never let you eat my pussy that weekend.”


“No. We fucked at your parents’ house that night… a lot. But if you recall, I never took off my outfit, and I controlled the action in bed. Of course, I didn’t expect you to fuck me twice in the bathroom the next morning, but all we did was fuck. The biggest chance I took was when I masturbated at the park. I kind of forgot in the heat of the moment, and you could have seen the hole then, I suppose. Then again, it’s pretty tiny, you were sitting on the bench and my hand was kind of in the way. After that I got my period, and I knew I’d be able to surprise you like I did.”

“So you put the ring back in then?”

“I did until the day you left when you fucked me in the ass. I took it out that morning, and then I put it back when you left Tina’s. Well, not this one. The one I bought when I got pierced.”


“The one I got for myself is silver. It’s pretty much like Missy’s.”

I looked at the golden one that she was toying with, the little diamonds sparkling as if on cue. Glancing at the wedding ring on my finger, I took another peek between her legs. ‘So where did you get that one?”

“Missy,” she giggled.

“I should have known,” I said, because…well, I should have known that.

“I called her the night I got pieced to tell her. And that gave her the idea. She’d just gotten Tina’s special invitation to give something personal. She didn’t know until a couple of weeks later that she’d be bringing it out herself, but that just made it even better. She knew I’d gotten our wedding bands from Dave, so she went to see him, and he had it made to look like yours.”

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