Anisha and I Ch. 03

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This story is a continuation of the series Anisha and I. I recommend that you read chapters 1 and 2 before coming to this one.


Anisha and I left from the office deciding that we wanted to have more of each other that night. We had to take a detour to go to Anisha’s house as she wanted to get rid of her wet panties and change into new ones. Her mother obviously questioned where and why she was going. The excuse was quite simple she said that she had to stay in office in the night and she needed a change of clothes.

Her mother was suspicious but Anisha convinced her that she had to stay back in the office for that night. I was quite impressed to se her change of clothes. Not only she had changed her panties she also had changed into a pair of knee length jeans, sneakers were replaced by a part of golden sandals and her red top was replaced by a spaghetti top which ended just above her belly button and waist length jacket. No doubt her mum was suspecting her intentions for the night.

She had asked me to wait a few blocks away from her house so that her mother’s suspicions weren’t confirmed. When she came back and sat next to me I was awe’d by her effect. She had hidden her make up kit in her purse so that she could put it on while she was in the car with me. I had started off thinking that I’d take her to my home and we would order some food from a nice restaurant. We could eat and drink and fuck all night. I now decided to alter that plan. I was so pleased to see her dressed appropriately and thought we were better off going to a club.

We took off to one of the clubs a little out of town. It was the most expensive club and had very classy crowd which is why I liked it plus it was away from the nonsense of the town. It was only 8 PM yet so we decided to have dinner and then get in the club. I had no plans to spend the whole night in the club as I had to take this babe home so that she could sleep with me in my bed and give me the pleasures I was after.

We took a nice table on the corner. It was a sofa type of seat and we were sitting side by side rather than facing each other. I felt this was better as I could feel her and touch her whenever I wanted it was better than just looking at the face to face and teasing each other with our feet. We ordered our appetizers and drinks. I placed the main course order at the same time as I didn’t was the waiters to disturb every now and then. We were waiting for the appetizers when Anisha excused herself to the loo. It took her a good 15-20 minutes to come back and she surprised me once again. She had taken off her knee length jeans and it was replaced by a short grey frill skirt which was just about 2-3 inches above her knees.


She had just gone one step further in enhancing my excitement for the night ahead. She came over and asked how she looked. I said a few words of praise but I guess my eyes had already done most of the praise. She motioned me to move my legs so that she could squeeze her way between me and the edge of the table. As she passed in front of me I could see her milky white thighs her skirt brushing my nose. I was already hard by now and for a moment felt that going straight to my house would have been a better idea.

I realised why she was carrying that large purse to carry more clothes in it. As she sat down next to me I looked her in the eyes she winked at me and smiled shyly. She knew what affect she was having on me and she was quite pleased to have that affect. She took her jacket off and now she was all set to smoke the dance floor with me. I gave her a light peck on her cheek and told her how amazing she was looking. Her spaghetti did little to hide her marvellous cleavage. I placed my hand on her thigh and starting massaging it lightly. She stopped my hand and asked me to control. We took our sweet time finishing our dinner. It was almost 10 when we came out of the restaurant. We decided to go back to my car for a short while as she wanted ankara escort bayan to dump her purse and jacket. I opened the car for her took out a cigarette and lit it up as she was keeping her things back in the car.

As she bent down to dig for her cellphone in her purse her skirt rid up and I was getting a good view of her thighs. The skirt didn’t expose her panties though. I spanked her lightly on her butt and massaged it. She turned around instantly and held my hand. She pulled the cigarette out of my other hand and dragged a puff. We alternated taking puffs from the same cigarette. The cigarette was finished I still had my hand on her butt. I placed my other hand on her other butt and pulled her closer to me. I turned around and pushed her back towards the car and started kissing her lips. This kiss was slow and sensual and I felt that we were to lose control if it continued. She pushed me back and said we had to get back to the club.

She fixed her lipstick and I held her hand to take her to the dance floor. The dance floor wasn’t yet really flooded and we danced for a few minutes before heading back to the bar. There wasn’t much to talk tonight only to enjoy each other’s body. By the time we finished our drinks the floor was full and we decided to jump back on it. We started with some casual dancing like friends would normally do but slowly we started getting closer. Soon I had her back towards me and I could feel her ass grinding on my now erect penis.

She bent down thrusting her ass even harder on my penis and grinding it. This was taking me to the limits of my control. She stood up and I pulled her close to me. The back of her head was now resting on my chest and her ass was still hugging my crotch. I slipped my hand inside her top, her eyes closed and I kissed on her neck. She was completely excited by now. I slowly took my other hand to cup her breast when she suddenly caught my hand. I realised she didn’t like it when people were possibly watching.

She turned around and looked in my eyes and I realised it was time to go home. She wrapped her arms around my neck drew me closer to her and kissed me full on my lips. When we broke the kiss we knew we didn’t want to wait for long.

We came out of the pub and rushed to the car. We kissed each other once again after we sat in the car and I sped off immediately to get home as soon as I could. It took us a good half hour to reach my house. I parked the car and we took the lift to my apartment. We killed time in the lift by kissing each other very passionately.

I opened the door she followed me inside and I locked the door behind. She was standing in the drawing room facing me and waiting for me. I grabbed her purse from her hand and flung it one corner of the drawing room.

I grabbed her ass with my hand and pulled her closer to me. We kissed each other very passionately and the kiss lasted for minutes. I then started kissing her on the sides of her neck, her barely covered shoulder in the spaghetti top. I lifted her in my arms and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I carried her to my room and rested her on her back with me on top of her. This was the first time I was going to have sex with her on a bed.

With my cock grinding into her panty covered pussy I was kissing her on her lips once again and this time more passionately. Both of us were in a different world altogether. I got up and started to pull her top above her head revealing her strapless red bra. I cupped her breasts in my hands. They had to be hard by now and I started massaging her. She moaned when I did this and her head moved from side to side. She started to clutch the bed sheet in excitement.

I then slid the bra a little lower to expose her breasts to me. She looked at me in the eyes and pulled me closer to her only to take off my shirt. She unbuttoned by shirt in a haste and once that was done she turned me to lay on my back and her straddling me on my lap. She opened the hook of her eryaman escort bra from behind and came closer to me to kiss me once again. She started by kissing my forehead first, then my cheeks licking behind my ears every now and then and then to kiss me on my lips once again.

She started moving down my body to kiss me on my neck and chest. She got up this time and started to unbutton my jeans. In a few moments I was just in my briefs. She started to caress my cock over my briefs for a few moments and then slipped her hand inside to pull out my cock from its restraints.

I enjoyed her stroking for a while with my eyes closed when I realised her wet tongue on the tip of my cock. She was prepared to blow me once again. She first took the head of my cock in her mouth and looked to me in the eyes. I could make out her smiling wickedly but it wasn’t so obvious with her mouth full. She slowly started taking more of my cock in and bobbing her head up and down. What a pleasure it is to receive a blow job. She continued to do it for a couple of minutes when I decided she had to stop now or else I’d cum in her mouth.

I sat up on the edge of the bed and motioned her to stand up. I undressed her completely to make her ready for love making. I sucked each of her breasts one by one only to hear her moans coming out. I moved down from her breasts to stick my tongue into her navel. Her back arched when I did this. I then slipped my hand between her thighs and bent one of her legs on the knee to place it on the bed.

Her pussy was open now and I moved my head to her clit to tongue her clit until she reached an orgasm. I started to tease her clit with my tongue and two of my fingers inside her pussy preparing her once again for my thick cock. She clutched my hair tight almost painful but she was entirely enjoying the cunnilingus. She was so excited now that she couldn’t stand and I had to make her lie down on the bed to continue pleasuring her.

I took out my fingers from her pussy and started to lick her flowing juices. I was literally smooching her pussy lips. I then used my fingers to spread her pussy lips and stick my tongue in her pussy. This made her moan even loader. I could taster her pussy juices and the feeling of her soft walls was wonderful. I then pushed two fingers in once again and went about teasing her clit with my tongue. This was the limit for her, her back arched she grabbed the pillow under her head tightly squealed like a bitch when she had her orgasm.

I looked up at her once she was done and moved my face closer to her to give her a kiss so that she could calm down. The taste of her juices still on my lips, I made her taste her own cum. She licked my lips as if she would have died if she hadn’t.

This was high time for me to relieve my load. I placed my penis on her opening and thrusted slightly only to push a bit of my cock inside. She had sex only twice so far and her pussy did need to stretch to have me in her. I saw her in a bit of pain and stayed where I was just to help her get accustomed. I slowly started sliding more of my cock in and rested another few seconds once I was fully inside her. After a few seconds she told me that she was OK now. I started making gentle movements inside her pussy. We could her sloppy sound because of her wet pussy along with my grunts and her moans.

I slowly increased the pace of my motions only to invite more moans from her. She kept moaning in pleasure and I kept pumping her when I realised that time had come to pull out as I didn’t have a condom on. She stopped me and told me that she wanted to feel me cum inside her. I warned her that I had no protection and she might get pregnant. She was in her safe period so wanted to take the risk. I started to pump my meat again in her pussy blowing a huge load of cum in 4 or 5 spurts and lay on top of her once I had emptied by load in her.

We kissed each other on lips this time a slow and love kiss than passionate etlik escort one. I pulled out of her and lay by her on my back. She turned towards me braced her arms around my chest and kissed me on my left cheek. I turned on my side to face her and we started to kiss on lips once again. Her breasts were pressed against my chest and my hands were caressing her back. I slowly moved my hand down to her ass and started massaging her round ass. As I did so I pulled her bottom closer to me. My still leaking penis touching her loin and I rolled her to bring her atop me.

She was lying on top of me now and each of her legs on the either side of my body spreading her pussy and her clit touching my half erect penis. We were still smooching each other fanatically. She started slowly moving her clit over my penis and I was enjoying it as much as she was. The heat between us was rising again as she continued doing it.

I decided it was time for a 69 and asked her to turn around so that I could lick her pussy and she could engulf my penis in her mouth. I first smelled her pussy and the smell was so intoxicating and then I licked the drops of her juice which indeed were so sweet to taste upon. I then pressed my lips on her pussy and started licking her real hard and licking upon her juices.

It was almost like kissing her passionately on her lips. As I continued to do this she was skilfully giving me a head. She started with only taking my cock head in her mouth and teasing the most sensitive part of my cock. Blowing her breath on my wet cock and wetting it with her saliva everytime it became dry.

She was soon at the stage of cumming due to the intense licking I was doing to her pussy. She stopped blowing me once she was on the verge of cumming and her back arched and she squealed in pleasure as she hit the climax of her orgasm. I think she did a wise thing of not keeping my cock in her mouth as she sure would have bit upon it had she left it in her mouth.

She then turned to look at me and decided to return the favour. She squatted above my penis and slowly guided it to the tip of her pussy. With one jerk she sat down upon my lap taking all of my manhood within her. Even though we were having wild sex she still wasn’t so used to it that sex won’t pain her for the first few moments. But she still had the nerve to do it.

She started riding me cow girl style with one hand in her hair and the other one on my chest she kept on fucking me. She started to bend down on me pausing her to and fro motions to kiss me on the lips first and then on my neck and chest. She started to suck upon my nipples almost biting them taking to another dimension of pleasure.

As she got up to resume her fucking motions I placed my hands on her tits to give them a tight squeeze. I was in no hurry as I’d cum just a few moments ago. I caressed her breasts and abs while she kept jumping on top of me. This went on for a couple of minutes when I lifted her off my waist and asked her to get on all fours.

I aimed carefully and started to fuck her doggy style when the thought of fucking her ass first came to my mind. She and I now wanted to cum at the same time. I wanted to cum inside her pussy and she around my cock. The intensity of pleasure and our moans and grunts kept on rising. The airconditioning was on but still we were sweaty. She rose up to bring her back closer to my chest. I held her hair in on hand and my other hand was around her waist.

I kept on fucking her and at the same time kissing her on the neck but was being careful not to give a love bite that could end up as a trouble for her. Our mutual pleasure went on when I realised the pressure in my balls rising and that familiar ticklish feeling of about to cum. Her back started arching as well and her moans became more frequent. I came in a few seconds before her but decided not to stop so that she would come too. She followed me in a few seconds.

I drew back my penis and saw drops of OUR cum dripping from her pussy. I picked up some of that cum for both of us to taste. I placed in the tip of my tongue and started smooching her again. Our mouths full of cum and kissing each other.

We lay down on the bed together to continue the kissing.

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