Angel’s Love For Daddy Ch. 03

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Daddy had taught me so many new things that I needed to explore them with others. I knew if he ever found out he would be livid and probably spank me until I couldn’t sit. Nonetheless I had to try, praying he would never find out. This is an account of what happened the night I thought Daddy was gone on a business trip, but he decided to stay home.

Jeff was this really hot looking guy that I had met in high school last year. He started college this past fall, something I had wanted to do but Daddy was sure all the boys would try something with me and would not let me attend. Jeff was almost like Daddy, same build, broad shoulders, blonde hair and blue eyes. The difference that my Daddy would hate is that he was not Italian, Daddy hated for me to be with a “white boy” as he called them. I call them normal boys.

I snuck Jeff into my room late one night, knowing mother would be out with her friends with Daddy gone. There was not reason to lock my door because no one was supposed to be home. Jeff quickly gathered me into his arms and began kissing me, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth making my mind float away. He knew how much that turned me on.

He laid me on the bed, slowly unbuttoning my shirt to kiss and fondle my breast. My hands clasped the back of his neck, my back arched up giving him more than a mouthful of my rosy red nips. “Oh yes Jeff suck them hard baby.” He wasted no time in obeying my wish gently biting each nipple sending shocks of pleasure through my body. His right hand sliding down my stomach to enter my now drenched panties.

His glorious fingers began playing with my wet snatch, “Angle I love how wet you get. Do you realize how much you turn me on?” His voice was husky with lust, taking my hand and pressing it against his huge bulge, in which I wasted no time in freeing from its tight confines.

“Oh bursa otele gelen eskort yea Jeff? Tell me how hot my nasty little wet pussy makes your hot dick hard?” I seductively licked my lips then bit his bottom lip. His response was a deep growl, pulling my wet panties off in one swift motion. Just then the door swung open, and my heart stopped.

In the doorway stood my Daddy with a look on his face that would stop anyone in their tracks. “What the hell do you think you are doing Angel?” His voice reverberated through the room. Jeff quickly jumped up trying to adjust himself; there I laid everything fully exposed to both of them.

“Ut, ut , Daddy I thought you were gone?”

“Well, that looks pretty damned apparent doesn’t it? So, you fuck and suck boys while I am away my little slut?” He growled and walked closer to look at me. I could tell the scene excited him some the noticeable bulge in his pants gave him away.

Jeff was trying to get out of the room so that Daddy wouldn’t turn on him when he grabbed Jeff’s arm, “Where the fuck do you think you are going boy?” Jeff stopped in his tracks unsure of what to do. “If you want to fuck my little Angel you need to know how to do it right. If my little cunt of a daughter wants to be pleased then you need to stay and learn how to do it properly. Or would you rather I called your parents?”

“No sir, I will stay,” he stammered wondering what was going through my Daddy’s mind.

My Daddy wasted no time in taking off his pants to reveal his huge erection. He instructed Jeff to do the same thing, and without hesitation he pulled out his now flaccid cock. “Angle, get on your knees my precious little slut. You are about to learn how to please two men at once.” Being the obedient daughter I was I quickly got bursa eve gelen escort bayan on all fours.

“Jeff, grab Angels head and make her suck you back to life while I watch.” Jeff moved to my head, this is when I decided I would tease Daddy by placing little sweet kisses he so enjoyed on Jeff’s now responding manhood. Staring at my Daddy the entire time as I loving licked, kissed and sucked my boyfriend’s hot meat.

” I have taught you well my little sex slut, but you were to save all your sweet little pussy for me. You are a bad girl Angel.” Daddy smacked my bottom hard three times knowing it would make me wet as hell. Jeff seemed to enjoy it as I felt him swell and begin leaking pre-come from his slit.

“Tonight Angel, Daddy is going to teach you so much more than you ever thought.” He wasted no time in pushing his big purple head deep into my sopping hole. Repeatedly he buried himself to the hilt while I sucked Jeff. “When he squirts his jism baby girl you better take it all and not waste a drop.” I nodded in understanding.

To my surprise Daddy stuck two fingers in my little pussy with his wide cock still buried deep in me. Pulling them out he rubbed my tiny rosebud anus slipping one finger in and twirling it about. “This is what all little whore’s get my sweet Angel and you will never forget after tonight.” Puzzled on for a moment until I felt his hard purple head pushing against my anus, with one hard thrust he buried his cock up my ass. I yelled out once, and then he began pumping in and out of my ass while fingering my dripping hole.

This sent Jeff over the edge, spurt after spurt of hot jism shot down my throat as he held my head tight, “Take it all Angel baby, show your Daddy how much you love my hot come in your mouth.” Jeff was now in the action; bayan eskort bursa he enjoyed seeing me taken by my Daddy.

“Angel, my sweet little cum sucking slut, tell your Daddy how much you love him for taking your virgin ass.” I could tell Daddy was about to come in my bowels, he always wanted me to yell out how much I loved him right before. This time I said nothing to see what would happen.

“Tell me my little cunt, tell me you love me now.” His insistence only made me hold off, I was near ready to explode and wanted to come when he did. That is when I felt a smack to my ass, then another. He pushed harder and deeper pumping me furiously, three big fingers now buried deep inside my tight hole. The longer I waited the more power he used to fuck me.

“I love you Daddy, I love your big cock in my ass.” His body tensed, the feeling of his come squirting into my bowels sent me over the edge into ecstasy wracking my body with wave after wave of orgasm. Glancing over at Jeff he was already hard again, jerking his thick cock while my Daddy punished my little ass.

Daddy pulled his cock out of my ass telling Jeff to finish off his load in my box. He needed no more coaxing then that. My Daddy’s come dripping down my ass crack as Jeff slid his hard hot meat into my pussy, within five stroke he shot a load of hot come deep in my womb.

Daddy was so proud that he had controlled both of us, walking to Jeff to pat him on his shoulder. “Well done young man, but you had better never let me catch you touching my little Angel again. That is my little slut, no one else’s. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir,” Jeff answered quietly.

“Now leave, so I may clean up my sweet baby girl.” Daddy swooped me up and carried me into the shower, tenderly washing my body and drying me off. Taking me by the hand we walked back to my room without speaking. Daddy tucked me in bed, bent and whispered, “Maybe we could experiment another time my Angel. There is someone I want you to know better, but for now you must sleep baby. Daddy loves you.” He placed a kiss on my forehead.

“I love you too Daddy.” I said as he walked out of my bedroom, turning on my side smiling to myself feeling satisfied and happy.

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