Andrea Got Stella First

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Reader this is primarily a tale of lesbianism, and incest, between a step daughter and her stepmother, and then her father.


Stella was stood in her kitchen when it happened, she wasn’t expecting it, she didn’t even have an inkling that something was amiss. Her husband of 4 months was away on business, he spent a lot of time doing it, she knew it before they had married so she was okay with the life style.

She was a lovely woman of 30, John her husband was 10 years older than her but that had no bearing on her marrying him. She knew she would be secure and safe, he would look after her and she would have a good life style, and for that reason she was the best wife to him that she could be.

She doted on him, did everything that she could, never turned him down in bed and gave back more than she got from the marriage. John was a happy man, his first wife had died sadly at an early age, and he had brought up their daughter on his own.

Stella was 5ft 4″ tall, an exceptionally good looking woman; she had had lot of boyfriends and lovers over the years but had never met anyone she wanted to settle down with until she had met John. She loved her sexual doings; she had had women lovers too and regarded herself a doubly swinging, equal time with either a woman or a man. She had told John of her double dealings and it had turned him on hugely, but as yet he hadn’t been able to realise his fantasy of seeing her in action with a nubile beauty.

But Stella also wanted a child of her own so John had been the lucky chosen one. But she didn’t want one right off, she wanted to wait so she could get used to married life first.

Stella always dressed well, and liked to look good at home as well as out. She always attracted attention wherever she went, cat calls, whistles, offers, propositions the whole nine yards. Her body was as sensitive to manipulation as it had been when she was a teenager, easily aroused and not easily dissuaded when in a state of ardour.

Her long brown hair gave her a look of sensuality, aloofness, and sexiness when it swayed around her lovely head. Her lips were inviting, her eyes sparkled with the brown grey flecks in them. She oozed sexuality with a natural grace and femininity.

Her only drawback in life if that was the right word was, Andrea, her step daughter, she was 19 now and at ‘that age’ she was sometimes surly, or sullen. She was never out and out rude. But her teenage tenseness was easily apparent. Stella never really had trouble with her, and really they got along quite well. It was moments in her life that Andrea would rear up about something and Stella would get it in the neck!

Andrea was a forceful and somewhat dominant personality, and sometimes made Stella hold back when dealing with her. She was reluctant to confront her. In reality she was a little fearful of her step daughter, although she was never physically threatened in any way.

Andrea taller by 4″ in height to her step mother, and a little bigger all round, she weighed around 10lbs more. She was also a lot fitter due to her age and school sports, so strength was in her favour. She also had a coloured girlfriend and no one knew about their relationship, and she was also in a relationship with her girlfriend’s brother too. Her boyfriend was quite nice, he was 22 years old, but he was black, and Stella wasn’t used to being around black men. But she couldn’t help notice the looks he gave her, and the lust in his eyes, but only she had seen it.

She knew Dorothy, Andrea’s friend, but that was as far as it went up to now. Andrea reminded Stella of herself when she was that age, sure of herself, easy in her own skin, confident in front of others, and didn’t suffer fools gladly. And she was extremely beautiful. Stella had seen lots of her mother’s photos so she knew where she got her statuesque beauty from.

Andrea had soft reddish brown hair that hung like gossamer from her head; she really was a natural beauty in every sense. Stella would look at her sometimes and sigh, sigh because she was so beautiful and Stella being like she was had a whole lot of trouble not revealing the lust she sometimes felt for her. But she didn’t know that Andrea knew. She had seen the wistful look in her eyes when she gazed upon her sometimes, it excited Andrea and she was building up to her stepmothers seduction and capture.

She had discussed it with Dorothy and plans had been laid for the big day, which happened to be today. Her father was away for the rest of the week and Andrea and her lover knew that even if her stepmother resisted, she wouldn’t be able to resist five full days of utter seduction.

It was 7 in the evening and she was just finishing preparing dinner for her and Andrea when she walked into the kitchen. She called out hello and went upstairs. Stella shouted hello back and continued. A few minutes later Andrea called out and asked Stella to come up, she had something she wanted to show her she had bought.

Stella stopped what casino şirketleri she was doing, washed her hands and went o her step daughter.

“What is it honey?” she asked as she entered her room. She stopped dead in her tracks. Andrea was wearing high heels, stockings, a very tiny thong, an equally tiny bra and a see through negligee, her hair was piled on top of her head and she looked magnificent.

“Wow,” Stella mumbled, she thought that Andrea could not have looked any sexier if she had tried.

“My Andrea you look good honey, special occasion?” Stella murmured to her.

“You could say that Mommy,” she said in a teasing sultry voice. She spun on the ball of one foot while keeping her eye on her stepmother. Then she saw the gleaming lustful look in her eyes. They were like beacons being beckoned, Andrea pushed up her chest and proudly pointed her straining nipples at Stella, Stella was almost goggle eyed at the sight before her, she had no idea she was being reeled right in.

‘Look at her,’ Andrea thought, ‘she has no idea how sexy and appealing she is, but she is going to find out in a moment!’ Stella’s inners were like liquid, her lower half was gripping her, and walking into the trap Andrea had laid. Andrea had fastened two lengths of soft rope to her headboard, with slip knots ready for her. Stella was about to be caught. Andrea stepped towards her, held up her magnificent and proud breasts and whispered, “how about these mommy, you like, hmmmm?”

Stella stood stock still unable to tear her eyes of her step daughter’s fabulous body; she felt Andrea’s sweet breath on her cheek as she closed right up.

“Want some mommy, hey, you do don’t you, you can’t resist this can you?” Her taunting voice crucified her as she lifted her breasts further to Stella’s red face. Stella was in awe, her vagina pealed like bells in a church, they rang the changes.

Without realising what was happening Stella found herself being lowered to the bed in a stupor, her eyes still glued to Andreas pulsing breasts. Andrea fastened one loop and the other was being tightened when she looked in consternation at her step daughter.

“Andrea, what are you do…?” that was when she knew she was being done over by her husbands gorgeous girl. Andrea was already climbing over her prisoner, knees either side, looking down at the beautiful woman below her. She almost casually started undoing her blouse. Stella gasped when she saw what was happening.

“Andrea,” she pleaded, “what are you doing honey?”

“Doing mommy dearest? I’m doing you, or to be closer to the point I am about to do you!” Her smile lit the room, she undid the last button and pulled out Stella’s blouse, she was wearing a front clip bra and Andrea undid that without taking her eyes from Stella.

“My my mommy what beautiful breasts, are they as sensitive as they look?” Stella knew how sensitive they were when she was aroused. Only a stunted gurgle came from her lips. She could feel her nipples hardening in response to Andrea teasing her, they were growing fast and furiously. She looked down to see them standing prominently upwards, thick and hard about ½”.

“Hmmm,” Andrea whispered, “they look like the need some attention mommy, do they?”

“Please Andrea,” Stella muttered to her daughter, “let me go, I won’t say anything about this to anyone, I promise.” She pulled on her wrists but nothing gave, she knew there was no way out unless granted by Andrea, and she knew that that possibility was already a no no.

Andrea took hold of both of her nipples simultaneously between thumb, and forefinger, squeezed, rolled, and tugged. Stella’s back arched, her head tipped backwards and she gave out the loudest squeal and moan. The sensation hit her like a train entering a tunnel. It mortified her senses.

“Arggggh Andrea, oh my goddddd, pleeeeease, oh no….” Her body writhed under her step daughter, Andrea kept up her onslaught, no respite, no let up, just continual blissful torture of her.

Stella could not stop or resist the orgasm that rippled through her, it was unstoppable, she had thought and lusted over Andrea, and now she was her easy captive, already being controlled and used.

Andrea smiled down at the helpless beauty in her power.

“You are mine now Mommy dearest, whenever daddy is away you are mine, you will obey me in every way, this week you will submit to me and rejoice being my slut, won’t you mommy, Hmmm?”

Andrea crushed her nipples to assert her dominance, Stella squealed in lustful pain, “Oh Andrea please please,” her body was writhing and shuddering. “I can’t bear it, please Andrea, please.”

Andrea smiled at her, lowered her face to hers, their noses almost touching, “would you like me to kiss you mommy,” taunted her beautiful step daughter.

Stella involuntarily lifted her lips for the proffered kiss, but found Andrea had moved away.

“How about,” Andrea said, teasing her stepmother further as she slid her negligee casino firmaları off her smooth shoulders, reached behind and unhooked her bra. She tossed it away to reveal her wonderful mounds, firm, tight, proud and high, “these mothers,” she continued, “you want to kiss and suck on these beauties mommy?” She held them up and pointed her own fully distended turgid nipples at her.

She knew her own body and she was getting more and more aroused herself at having captured her beautiful sexy stepmother, that she was hers now to do what she wanted with, and no resistance at all, nothing could stop this. Stella agin reached up to suck in a thick hard nipple right above her lips. Andrea pulled away as a light contact was made.

“No mommy? Then what about this,” she said, and shuffled down and sucked in Stella’s own nipple, the suction was so hard and so compelling she climaxed immediately. Andrea transferred to the other one, and again Stella screeched out an orgasm, her body arched at the insistent attack, an attack she had no way of stopping.

“Hmmm, that seems to have got your attention mommy hasn’t it?” she smiled.

“Andrea please let me go, I’ll do what ever you say I promise.”

“Oh I know that already Stella, so I don’t need to let you go do I?”

“But Andrea, why, what is it you want?”

“I want to own you Stella, when daddy is away you will be mine, to do with how and what I please to do with you, but when he is home you will be his, okay.”

Andrea lifted away from her stepmother, put her hands under her and pulled her skirt down and off, and then her thong

“Mmmm, nice mommy, nice,” she told her. Andrea lay next to her and said, “lets see what I have here shall we.”

She looked her mommy straight in her eyes and began to slide her hand down her stomach, Stella knew where it was heading, she crossed her legs tight, raised her knees to stop Andrea getting in. Andrea just grinned, Stella crushed her thighs together but she couldn’t stop her daughters knowing middle finger finding its way into the folds of hot skin already lubricated by her own arousal.

Andrea’s finger stopped right on her little nub and pressed down, then rubbed. Stella cried out in utter defeat, her back arched upward, her head jammed backwards and her legs opened and shut in unison. Andrea completed her demise by sucking and biting her nipples. Stella’s knees rose up in surrender, parted and gave in.

Her step daughter was leaning over her. “Tell me mommy, are you mine, do you want me to make love to you, make you cum for me, I can do it whether you want or not, but I want to be nice to you, ask me to make you cum, ask me to let you cum, beg me mommy, beg me.” Her finger decimating her clit and her mind, made her say the words she didn’t want to, she tried not to, but.

“Please Andrea, make me cum, let me cum, make me yours honey oh please make me yours, I need to cum Andrea, pleaaaase.” Stella was trying vehemently to force her clit harder onto Andrea’s all powerful finger. Stella felt the surging rise in her body, she was going to cum, the all consuming need to cum was being given to her. Then suddenly Andrea rose from her and took away the life giving finger from her boiling needful pussy. She looked down aghast.

“Andrea please don’t stop, oh god Andrea please don’t, I need to cum baby, please?”

“You haven’t earned the right to cum yet mommy, not yet.” And suddenly Stella had Andrea’s pussy squatted down on her face, she smelled her daughter, felt her heat, the slickness of hot wet pussy lips she so loved. She automatically ate her, she banged her mouth and tongue up into her daughters hot pussy. She was rewarded in moments by a hot flow of nectar pumped out and into her waiting mouth, she swallowed every drop. She now had an urgent need to please the girl above her, her only desire was to do what she wanted, what she told her to do and how to do it, this was manna!

Andrea slowly rose from her captive lover, she was sure now that her mission had almost been accomplished, there were one or two other things she needed to do before she allowed her sub her own satisfaction. She lay next to her and gave her stepmother her first kiss; it was along languid and passionate kiss. Both revelled in it, Stella because she was really the receiver and Andrea because she was the dominant giver.

Andrea lifted Stella’s legs over her head, her feet now beside her ears, Andrea reached for the vibrating butt plug next to her bed, parted her mothers ass cheeks and slid it in. Stella gave out a low moaning growl, but accepted Andrea’s control, Andrea was watching for this. Then she picked up her phone and sent a message.

‘Lock the door when you get here, hurry.’

Andrea spent the intervening time on her mothers defenceless body, driving her to distraction, never letting her cum despite her tearful begging to be allowed to.

When Stella saw the door open she gasped in complete shock, there in the doorway was a smiling güvenilir casino Dorothy.

“Hi baby,” she said to Andrea, “all done and dusted I see.” She smiled.

“Andrea, what’s going on, please baby, I’m worried now?” Stella moaned.

Andrea never spoke, she just looked on as Dorothy undressed to reveal her fabulous brown, smooth as silk body, obviously superbly toned and fit, her long silky black hair swaying onto her glistening shoulders.

Stella tried to beak free once more but the attempt was futile. Dorothy slid onto the bed on raised knees, Andrea met her with a loving kiss, both girls fondled the other, both sets of nipples got caressed. Stella watched from under and between them in fascinated horror and total appreciation of the beauty of both young women. Then, as if on a prearranged signal, both girls took a nipple of Stella’s in their fingers.

Stella’s mind exploded once more, she cried out in her arousal.

“You’ve done a great job baby,” Dorothy said to her lover, “I’m going to enjoy this babes.”

“Yes and me, she is so sexy and needs to be loved, I can make her do anything I want already,” she spoke as if Stella wasn’t there.

“I can tell, do you want to go and make a coffee while I acquaint myself with out love toy?” She said to Andrea and kissed her lovingly.

“Sure do Dorothy, be back in a while.” And she got up and sashayed out of the room, with Stella watching her go longingly.

Dorothy looked down at Stella, “we have planned this honey, we both knew you were wanting her, and I’ve seen you checking me out too, well your dreams have been realised Stella, you have got us, or rather we have got you, yes?” and she smiled a dazzlingly bright white toothed smile.

Stella tried to make a form of protest, but it was brushed aside. “You know you want this, we all know it, and what’s more I’m going to make you understand it. We have other plans Stella, this is just part one, so lay back,” she giggled, “enjoy, and don’t waste breath pretending you don’t Stella.”

Stella knew there was nothing to do but accept her fate, the thought and sight of the black girl kneeling over her filled her with dread, fear and such excitement she could hardly contain herself. She had never had any form of black lover man or woman, so this was a first, but she had also always wanted to try black, now she was the one being tried!

Dorothy climbed over her now resigned sub, and took over where Andrea had left off, both nipples came to full attention in moments as she twiddled them mercilessly. The brown skinned beauty above her had her total focus, she marvelled at her creamy soft pink lips, wanting to feel them on her.

Stella’s eyes closed in complete acceptance of her seduction; her arms held uselessly above her. She could feel the warmth of the girl on her, her intoxicating perfume, her dexterity. This was a girl who knew what she wanted, knew how to get it, hold it, use it and take it. She was taking Stella.

She suddenly realised that she was now facing away from her, and the prying apart of her pussy lips. The desire for her willingness to submit to it overwhelmed her. Then came the intrusion of something being inserted. A dildo!, A vibrator! Both!

Her pussy expanded to it, hugged it, squeezed it, capitulated to it, then it started to buzz within her, vibrate. Then Dorothy rubbed her nub with her finger. This forced a garbled guttural scream from her, this was torturous, wonderfully exhilarating. She came. The explosion from her even startled Dorothy, Cum squirted from her pulsing vagina, forcing itself out from the sides of the dildo and slopping onto the bed.

Dorothy smiled a huge smile of satisfaction, she had been right about her, it had been her that had first alerted Andrea to her stepmother, pointed out the tell tale signs of her suppressed desires. She had known from the off that Stella would make her grade as a sub. She was completely vindicated. She was already looking forward to part 2!

She left Stella where she was and went to find her darling, the one she hated sharing with her brother, but Andrea liked cock, loved it, and black had been a personal revelation. She adored sucking Desmond, Des off, watching his thick slick black member sliding in and out of her mouth as she caressed his balls still mesmerised her. And the feel of hot thick spunk jetting down her throat was as awesome now as it was the first time she had done him.

She found her in the kitchen waiting for her.

“What do you think baby?” she asked, as Dorothy leaned over to kiss her.

“Fantastic Andrea, better than I had hoped,” and she told her of her mother jetting cum out like a hose pipe on full blast.

“I knew you would make her do that, I wouldn’t let her cum, I wanted you to be the first.”

“Well it was certainly worth it baby, I love you you know.”

“And I love you too Dorothy, I’ve never known such excitement.”

“We’ll keep her tied up for the rest of the day, I have lots of things for her to try out, and talk about it tomorrow, okay?”

“You bet honey, shall we go and have fun with our new fuck toy Dorothy?”

“Race you!” she laughed and sped away, charging into the bedroom, they both dived onto Stella giggling.

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