And So it Began

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And So it BeganAfter dating my wife for three years, we got married seven long years ago. I was 43 and she was 38. It was her third marriage and the first one for me. Her daughter who was 19 had just moved out of the house within the past year. We’d had a good sex life while dating and that continued in the first couple of years of marriage. My dark secret was that I had always had a cuckold fantasy. My first serious girlfriend in high school had cheated on me, two of my girlfriends in college did the same (one with my roommate). A live-in girlfriend had cheated on me on several occasions. All of that turned me on and I began fantasizing about my wife with other men. All the time. We were on a vacation in Maine and the couple in the next room were having very loud sex. I mentioned to my wife that I had never gotten her to moan and scream like that. She said, “Keep trying.” I started to feel inadequate. With my obsession over being cuckolded, one point became obvious. My cock is awfully small. I hadn’t really thought about it canlı bahis şirketleri much, but I’d certainly noticed in locker rooms and especially on videos. The more I thought about it, it seemed like I was shrinking. I know that is silly, but it was how I felt. I started noticing that my cock slipped out of my wife many times when I was fucking her. Now it seemed like every time. On another vacation the next year in Myrtle Beach, we again had a noisy couple next door. At the time we were fucking and it was exciting to hear the other couple going at it while we were too. I asked my wife if she wanted to switch rooms and she laughed, but didn’t actually say no. I began bringing up the idea about her being with another man. She seemed cool to the idea at first, but eventually we would both joke about it and even talk seriously about trying it. I met a man on Yahoo! that was interested in a MFM encounter. We chatted many times and he sent me some pictures he asked me to share with my wife. He had not mentioned the mobilbahis size of his cock, but he should have, it was huge. My wife saw the pics and said they were interesting. I noted when snooping that she did not delete the pictures. Next he began to correspond with my wife directly and they arranged to meet here at our house. Finally the night arrived and he came over, the plan was if my wife felt uncomfortable at all that I would get the guy to leave. We sat around to have drinks in our living room. When I came back with another round, my wife was making out with him. I sat across from them and watched. This was what I had waited for. They had there hands all over each other too, then my wife suggested they go to the bedroom. I followed them upstairs like a puppy dog. Once there they began stripping off there clothes. I sat down in a chair that I moved so it could face the bed. His back to was to me slightly and my wife was sort of facing me. She looked good. He was quicker on the strip job and I watched as my wife’s eyes mobilbahis giriş went to his cock. She reached out and held it, he was already hard as they fell upon the bed. For the next hour I saw my wife have incredible sex with a virtual stranger. She sucked his big cock while I had a perfect view. He fucked her beautiful tits, did her doggy style, she road him like a cowgirl. All the time she was moaning and groaning like that chick in Maine had done. It was an awesome sight to see.I pulled off my pants as I sat and watched. I tugged on my little dick as he enjoyed my wife like I never had. I came quickly as soon as I saw her mouth wrapped around his big cock. I was dizzy. I jerked off again until I was spent. After he came inside her they lay back awhile and rested. I got them another drink. When he got up to use the bathroom I couldn’t help but think that his cock was bigger soft them mine is hard. I had assumed they were done, but they next went into the shower together. I peaked in and saw him fuck her again. So our MFM encounter had turned into the stud fucking my wife and me just watching. Saying that I continued to feel inadequate would be a huge understatement. And so it began our new sex lifestyle. <<>>

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