…and every girl in the family, chapter 2

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It was about 2 weeks after I had sex with Angela. My view about sex had changed. I now didn’t care about what society or people thought about incest. Not that I wanted other people to know about what I did with Angela. It was perfect, yes, but now I needed to move on. Ever since I had sex with my little sister, all I wanted to do was have sex with my older sister, Pearl. She was 17, turning 18 in a couple of months. She was doing her last month of high school. This is what I knew about her sex life: She had had a couple of boyfriends in the past, and they had frequent sex. She wasn’t a sex addict though, she wasn’t known in the school as a slutty bitch who always had a cock in her mouth. I overheard that she was a beast in bed while walking in a school hallway last year. I think 2 of her exs were talking. Her reputation at school was far from a sexual beast – in fact, she was in the school counsil, she thought she was better than everyone. She had a couple of friends in her elite circle. She never really smiled or laughed in public. I hadn’t had an actual conversation with her for about 2 years. We never talked. However, that was about to change. I had a plan, and if everything went right, we would have had sex within 7 days.

The first task was to find out how horny she was. She hadn’t had a boyfriend for about a year. She was probably horny as hell, but I still needed to find out. Nothing could go wrong with my plan. I knew it was a stupid plan, but I had to try it. I had no experience and didn’t really know how to find out how horny a girl was. Especially a girl like Pearl, who doesn’t show her emotions so often. One afternoon when she wasn’t home (she rarely came home right after school, because of student counsil et all), I snuck into her bedroom. I went on her computer and put about 1 GB of porn on it (there was plenty of room), in her ‘school work’ folder (the one she used most often), I put a picture of me naked with an erection, and I cut out my face. I named it something like “guy of my dreams” or something like that. Yes, it was cheesy, but it would tell me how horny she is. I put a hidden camera in her bedroom too, to see what was happening. I felt like an FBI agent for the next couple of days, watching what she did from the room beside hers (my bedroom). For the first couple of nights she didn’t even find said porn. After a couple of nights though, thursday night, it was pretty clear she had found it. Her reaction wasn’t surprising, but I was still impressed at seing my own sister fingering herself. The most impressive part, though, was that she was fingering herself on my picture. I could hardly believe it. I was discovering a part of my own escort service sister I had never seen before, just like with Angela. The only difference is that with Angela, I could see it coming. Pearl was slowly fingering herself, breathing heavily and making noises of satisfaction. She almost got to screaming at one point, but then she kept it down because she knew she was in her bedroom, and anyone could pop in at any time. When she was all done, she said “Ahh…I needed that”. Good thing I had sound installed with the camera.

What I had to do next was pretty clear. Wait until we were home alone, then walk into her bedroom naked. I didn’t care if she would scream and run away, or start sucking on my dick, because it was pretty clear she was a horny girl. Of course, I kept on monitoring her activities in her bedroom, and she started fingering herself more and more. Her attitude outside of her bedroom, though, remained the same. She wouldn’t even look at me, as usual. However, this was all about to change. The hard part now was being home alone with her. The problem wasn’t that the two other girls were always around – it was that Pearl was always at some sort of community events or something. It would be hard, but I waited patiently and it finally came. The funny thing about it is that it was the last moment I would expect to be home alone with her: friday after school. We usually watch TV and order pizza on fridays with the whole family, but on that particular day, Natalie got held up at work and Angela went to one of her girlfriend’s party. All Pearl asked me was if I wanted to order pizza, to which I answered “No, I’ve had a big lunch”. She didn’t order and went up in her bedroom. “I’m going in my bedroom, don’t come in, i’m doing something important”. Yeah right. I knew she was going up there to finger herself and watch porn, but she was a very good liar.

I was excited. Very excited. I headed up to my room, and as expected, she was fingering herself like crazy. I didn’t think about what I was doing and just entered her bedroom brutally. She didn’t look the least bit surprised.

“You’re the one who put all that fucking porn in my computer, you naughty asshole, heh? Well, you’re about to pay for it”

I had no clue what she meant, but I’m sure I wasn’t going to get in trouble in the classic way, as she was fingering herself and she was giving me looks she’s never given me before. In a second, she got up and got really close to me, then ripped my shirt. She made me look like hulk hogan. She didn’t think, and neither did I. Our sexual needs for one another was clear.

“Well Mr. O, i’m known around slut-camp as mrs. I-can’t-get-enough-of-deep-throating” independent escort dubai She said. I couldn’t wait to have my cock deep in her throat. This time it was different than with Angela. With Angela, it was very soft and emotional, as it was her first time. This time around, however, I knew I was in for some violent sex action. She took off her clothes in a matter of seconds, which is when I saw her 17 year old naked body in all its splendour. She had the body of a fully grown woman. I was sure she would fuck like one. I started sucking on her medium-sized nipples, because it was sure that’s what she wanted, judging by the look on her sexy face. She loved dirty talk more than Angela.

“Oh yeahh…lick those fucking tits, you fucking dirty boy. You’re not a little boy anymore now are you?”

“Fucking right. Now get down and fucking deep throat me, you slutty student counsil bitch”

“Right now, Mr. principal. You won’t be disappointed” She got on her knees and put that big cock as deep as she could – which i’ll tell you right now was pretty deep. Starting slowly and augmenting the pace little by little, she was in no time giving me the blowjob of my life. She stopped at random times to say things like “Impressed, huh?” or to lick and suck my testicles.

“You wanna fuck the head of student counsil, huh?” she said repeatedly. I finally said “Hey, here’s an idea, you filthy whore. How about you get on that bed so I could shove my cock down your pussy? Sounds like a good idea for the class of 2007, huh?” She loved when I treated her like shit when we were fucking. “Yes, sir”, she answered. She sort of took on personna of a dirty student counsil head.

She got on the bed. She didn’t really say anything, she just wanted that cock deep in her pussy. I didn’t even go at it slowly at first. I just shoved it as deep as possible, and she was almost loose. “Oh yeah…fuck…fuck…you don’t fool around, eh?”. I was giving her the ride of her life and we both knew it. We changed positions here and there, going from me on top of her, her bouncing on my cock, and so forth. She always seemed to be enjoying herself, and, just like me, she was unleashing the sexual demon she’d kept secret under that pretty, arrogant personnality. Now was the time to try anal for the second time with someone of my immediate family.

“I want that cock put somewhere tighter, whore. Do you-“

She interrupted me. “Shove it up my ass then, Einstein”. She got on her belly, then I started slapping her ass. It was already all red. I got it into her ass, a bit slower this time, when she said “Oh yeah…fuck me as hard as you fucking Escort Girl Dubai Angela”.

I was surprised. Still focusing on putting my cock in her ass, I was a bit shocked that Angela had told her about our little secret. I didn’t have to say anything before she kept going.

“Come on, a little fucking secret? She’s not 5. Now put that cock in my ass and fuck me as well as you fucked Angela”. I didn’t care. I was already thinking about a threesome. I kept on slapping her ass really hard and fucking her as deep as I could, to her pleasure. She didn’t moaned, she was screaming in joy. No coherent sentence came out of her mouth, just screams of utter satisfaction. After a little while, I said:

“Hey, shouldn’t I repay that small favour, slutface?”

“Yes. I want you to.”

She got on her back and I started eating her out as if I was eating the costiest delicassy in the world. I fingered her and ate her out simultaneously. She loved it. After a bit she screamed “I’m about to fucking….fuck…FUCK!!!”, then it all came out. I backed up a little bit so it all went on the bed. After a couple of seconds, she said “Someone still has some hot cum to spread on someone else’s face. Isn’t that right, you young fuckface?”. She got on her back and I fucked her tits. They were of perfect size for the job. There was no point in changing position for ejaculation. It finally happened and I moaned “Yeahh…oooohhh….fuck yeah”. It squirted really far, and it all went close to her mouth. “Someone’s a bit silence during sex, huh?”, she said, finally pointing out the fact that she was a bit louder than me. I got off of her and she started playing with my cum. She laughed, and said “I feel good. I want you to wash me”. I didn’t care, but I headed in the shower with her. All of our sexual desires were gone for now, but now she treated me differently. She was no longer an uptight bitch, and it was in no way our “little secret”. We got out of the shower and put our clothes back on.

“So….Angela told you?”

“Yeah. Everything. I’m really glad we got to do this. Hey, i’m really sorry i’ve been a bitch with you since…forever. This is just a small sample of how I can get back all those times of being mean to you.”

“Don’t worry. I will fuck you again, though, you know that?”

“What, are you crazy? I love to fuck. You know it”

I did. This confirmed the rumours of her I heard at school.

“I’m cool with incest”, she said. “We should try it with Angela some time. Wouldn’t it be cool, 1 big cock for 2 eager sluts?”

I nodded and she left. She told me she would be downstairs if I needed anything. I felt much happier. I was closer to my 2 sister than I have ever been. Now, I had to think of someone else to have sex with, or of a way to bring these 2 girls in one room and have as much fun as possible. I had some thinking to do.

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