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ANAL With sexy mature AuntI was in my +2 when I realized about sex and its ecstasy. My friends used to have long discussions about x rated movies and I started using porn literature and movies.Slowly I began to look for my prey to fulfill my desires. There was a family staying next to my home. They were an Christian couple with both their sibling married and staying abroad. I used to peep through my window to have a look at Susan who is 51 yrs old having a whitish complexion with some extra fat in her body. Her tits although sagged a bit looked good. I used to watch her cleavage and her huge ass whenever she came for washing clothes and cleaning the back of her house. I use to shag a lot thinking about Susan. I didn’t have the initial courage to approach her for sex as she didn’t behave with me like that and was much older than me.One day it was raining like cats and dogs. My parents and my younger brother went to attend a marriage far away from town I settled with some usual porn stuff and some xxx CD. I saw her coming out of her kitchen to take some vessels lying outside. I was in my shorts and a there was a huge bulge as soon as I saw her boobs let freely without her pallu. She got drenched in rain and her bra was visible through the thin material >I noticed her nipple and areola protruding from her blouse. Her ass was only visible through her saree and her panties were visible. I began to work on my tool. All of a sudden she turned her back and she saw me standing near the window. Since it was raining heavily she couldn’t see me properly. She went inside and emptied my load.After a few minutes she called up and told me that my parents has informed her that they won’t be coming today and to take care of me. I was so happy to hear that and she told me come to her house for having lunch as she was preparing chicken stew which was my favorite. I was a little bit nervous as uncle will be there. I rang the bell and she opened the door and let me in. I carried my books with me as I thought I will spend some time in her house. To my surprise she told me that uncle was away as he had to attend a seminar in Cochin and will be back only the next day evening. Sexual thoughts began to haunt me. She was busy preparing food in the kitchen as the climate was very cool.I sneaked into her bed room and I saw Susan’s panties lying on the bed. I searched for a used one and I smelled it. Wow guys it was so huge and had a musk smell which made me wild. Precum was dripping from my 7 inch tool and I wiped it using her panties. Fellas I am sure that everyone of u will love to screw this mature sex bimbo. I had a look at her bra also. I came back to the hall and started thinking of seducing her. I was taken back as soon as the though came about my parents. But my mind was telling me to go ahead and screw this mature babe.We had lunch and she finished washing the dishes and came with a glass of milk. I was sure that she was not having any sexual thought towards me. It was dark already because of heavy rain, and I didn’t switch on the lights. We started chatting .After a while she told me that she is feeling sleepy as the climate was cool. She told me that she loves this climate. I stared at her hanging breasts and told her she will be really missing uncle by her side. She told me that I have celtabet giriş grown up, with a naughty smile. I felt embarrassed and told her it was just for fun.She went inside and started sleeping. I went into the toilet and started shagging using her panty which I took from her bedroom. I was enjoying like anything, with the women I fantasize sleeping next room my pleasure was unimaginable. Suddenly the door opened and I saw Susan coming inside .I suddenly pulled up shorts. But her trained and experienced nose smelled something fishy. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that I came for peeing. As I was going outside I brushed her ass with my rock hard tool. The toilet was filled with my precum smell. Oh my god, I have shot some load onto her panty. I started getting nervous. She came out after peeing and told me that I left something on the floor.I was sure it was her panties with my semen in it. She gave me a naughty smile. That was enough for me to go for another session. But this time she came in like a flash and saw my tool covered in her panty. She told me that she was sure that the smell was from my man hood, but she didn’t even think that I was using her panty for my shagging. I didn’t look into her face as I was feeling guilty. She told me not to feel guilty as this was a normal stuff. Her son and her husband used to shag and she had seen it several times. As I went out of the toilet she told me come to her room and applies balm on her back.I started applying balm onto her back. She lowered her saree a little bit so that I can see her inner wear and plump ass. My heart beat increased and all of a sudden I started pressing her ass slowly. She suddenly turned to me and told that it was not acceptable. I had lost all my control and I pounced on her and started kissing on her lips and neck. She resisted, but within a minute I could feel her hand searching for my tool. I started pressing her boobs and playing with her tongue. She pulled my shorts and got hold of my dick which was throbbing. We kissed for a while and she pushed me a back and got up. She was nervous and told me that she didn’t want to cheat her husband but the same time wants to feel my young circumcised dick. Without a warning smooch her and started undressing her.I was already nude in front of this experienced sex machine. Golly my dream women were standing completely nude in front of me. I started sucking her huge areola and fondled her breastpin was a bit wild but I couldn’t stop. She started biting me cheeks and pressing my back. I looked down and saw her hairy thick bush with those big clits. I started massaging her vagina and pushed my fingers slowly into her cunt. It was not that wet as she was in her menopause stage. I used my saliva to lubricate her cunt as she was kissing me real hard. I played with her cunt and slowly I could feel her juice flowing. I took my fingers and licked it while I sucked her tits. I slipped my finger into her asshole and she started moving like a snake. I pinched her ass and played with her inner thighs.All these time she was playing with my dick. She lifted her leg and started touching her clit using my tool. I could sense a shiver in her body. She closed her eyes and started doing it. I was all in a heaven. I was feeling ticklish as celtabet yeni giriş my penis tip was making contact with her clit. Our foreplay went on for an hour. She told me that you don’t feel like a virgin. I told her that I had all these stuff from porn books and films. She without even hearing that closed her eyes and continued the act, as she placed her left hand on my ass and told me that since I was playing with her anal hole, she too will do with my anal hole.I felt her thumb going in my anus and she started using all her fingers and licked it like a wild women. I was in like a dream. Soon she started dominating me by squeezing my balls and I was sure that neither she nor I wouldn’t be able to hold our foreplay more as her thick bush was wet with her juices and it started dripping down her thighs. Her thighs were so white that there were those black patches may be coz of her age. I told her that she looked so young even in this age. She told me to fuck her as she couldn’t hold it any more.But I was in a state of excitement as it was my first sexual experience. I went down and buried my face in her thick bush. I had a small difficulty in wading through her pubic hair but I found her clit which was much more bigger than I saw in porn movies. It protruded like her nipple. I greedily sucked it as I got a chance to taste her urine. I sucked it while pushing my finger into her cunt. It was a little bit loose, may be coz of her 2 c***dbirths but that didn’t make any difference in her moans. She was pulling my head more towards her cunt. After a few minutes she began cumming like hell, with loud cries and moans. She made me bleed from my shoulder coz of her nails. I drank all her cunt juice while my other hand was playing in her anal hole.She made me lie on bed and gave her pussy to eat while she pinched her nipples and played with her breast. She went into 69 position and started sucking my cock wow what a feeling, I thought I will shoot then and there coz during our foreplay she gave me a blow job, but she smelled it and shagged it for more than2 hours. She was surprised as I didn’t came after her sensuous foreplay. I told her that I was holding it for the big game. She greedily started sucking my cock. I started eating out her pussy and anus. I inserted my tongue into her anal hole. She rubbed her pussy juices onto her anal hole. This made me more hornier. I didn’t expect such kind of wild acts from a 56 yr old woman. After a couple of minutes I was on the verge of coming. I told her that I am going to explode.She didn’t even hear me, as she sucked hard and simultaneously massaged my balls. I shot a heavy load. But this old bitch didn’t evens how mercy to me. She still sucked it and squeezed my balls till my brains came out. Oh my god, I have become a partial man. She still didn’t take her mouth from my overflowing dick. She drank it fully. She came and lies on my chest and told me she never had an experience like this in her 34 yr old marriage. We were so tired and it was raining heavily accompanied by heavy thunder and lightning.We opened our mind and I told her that I have been seeing on her more than 6 months and shagged a lot thinking about her. She told me she has noticed it a few times. She told me that she and her hubby used to watch celtabet güvenilirmi a lot of porn but since he was 60 couldn’t do it like me. But she told me that she is feeling guilty as this is the first time she had done outside her family. But she told me she always used to try all masturbating things. She praised my sexual abilities and my broader dick. She bought wine and as soon as we had two glasses she told me that we should do the real stuff as she was really horny. I kissed on her forehead as she started to press my dick. Susan was on her back and I positioned myself on her. She again played for 10 min and guided my dick into her sweet pussy. She let out a huge moan. The room was filled with our love making screams. She was kissing me biting my ears, lips and scratching my back and inserting her finger in my anal hole.I increased my speed and she tightened her grip with her legs around my hip. Our fucking went on for another 30 min as she experienced several orgasms. I got up from her and made her in doggy position. I babu my dick into her wet pussy slamming her ass. She also increased her speed. I was about to come as I screamed. She turned around along with me, with my dick still her wet hole an told me to come inside as she is in her menopause and I came with a huge moan aaahhhhhhh at last she kissed me and hugged me tightly. We lay motionless for another half an hour with my dick becoming small and semen oozing out of her pussy. She thanked me for the best fuck of her life. I told her that it’s not over as we had lot of time. We went to the bathroom washed our sexual organs and she went for her dress. But I told her that I want to be with her like this the whole day. She smiled and went to the kitchen for making tea and snacks. We had tea, bread and egg. It was 5 o clock.We were both in horny mood. I started pinching her ass and licking it as she was cleaning the glasses. She moaned. I opened her ass cheeks and licked her anal hole. I lifted her and placed her on the table. I told her that I want to fuck her anus. She told me that she had done it only twice, that too 12-13 yrs back. I started licking her pussy. After some time I lifted her and carried her to the drawing room. I made her to sit on a chair with her back facing me. She had a curvy ass. She told me to open her shelf and get the Vaseline. I got the Vaseline and I mixed it with her pussy juice and applied on my dick and her anal hole. I slowly started massaging her bare back and cupped her huge melons. She twitched her ass in a sexy manner like opening the door. I slowly pushed my rod. It was so tight that I felt pressure on my penis. I slowly pushed it till my entire length was inside her.I started fucking with all my strength. She cried out of pain and pleasure. It went on for some time. She fell on the carper and lifted her ass and shit hole to me for fuck .This time I fucked her more vigorously we both came in no time. My semen was flowing from her ass hole. She licked my shaft and commented that it tasted best as it was in her ass hole. She thanked me for giving her all pleasures and told me she feels like a young girl and she loved me. We took bath together and fucked that whole night and next day like there was not tomorrow. We still do it whenever I visit my native. With the experience and new lessons I got from her I was able to get 2 more women in my life whom I had sex. Thanks Susan. Readers please send me your comments. I am open for relationships. Any lady interested in having fun, please let me know. Do mail your comments to (

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