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Patricia & Neal – 2

Patti couldn’t let go of Neal’s hand the entire way to his home. The combination of his hard calluses and his soft palm fueled her passion as she imagined them rubbing her body and his fingers tightened around hers.

“I tried to call you several times.” She said softly. “When Michael left me, I tried to call.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“I thought you’d be angry with me.”

“Why? Because you chose Michael over me?”

“Yes.” Patti couldn’t help the tears. “When we first met, Neal, I knew that you were the one but I just caught up in the circus that was Michael.”

Neal nodded, his blue eyes turning away to concentrate on the road. “I know, Patti. I’ve seen him bring girls home before and I’ve seen the same thing happen. But I just thought … I just thought that you and I had something special.”

“And I threw it all away.” She sniffled, holding onto his hand as if it was an anchor.

“But we can work past it, Patti. You and I can work past this and raise our child together.” He glanced over at her, looking into her eyes. “Maybe we can have more.”

“Oh, Neal.” Patti dissolved into tears, laying her head on his shoulder until they pulled up in the driveway of Neal’s home. “I’m so sorry.”

He wiped her tears away, gazing into her eyes. “No more tears, Patti. No more tears and no more ‘I’m sorry’ after we go inside. Our new life begins now. No past, only future. bahis firmaları All right?”

“Yes, Neal. Yes.” She leaned forward and touched her mouth to his. A flame of passion heated her body, tightening her nipples and making her pussy twitch. His arms went around her, pulling her as close as he could. “I want you so much, Neal.”

“What about the baby?”

“I have something else in mind.” She whispered, nibbling his earlobe. “Are you interested?”

“Very.” His hands drifted down over her milk-filled breasts, an action that made her shiver. “Why don’t you show me?”

Patti didn’t remember walking up the path or entering the house. She only remembered Neal leading her to the bedroom, his mouth covering hers while their tongues danced together. His hands were all over her gravid body, pulling her shirt off and pressing his face into her heavy breasts. Her moan vibrated through her body, calling to his hardening cock and making him moan as well. His mouth slid over her nipples, laving them gently and sucking until the hard nub released milk. He groaned against her flesh, suckling like the child she carried in her womb and Patti shivered as her pussy answered his sweet call.

“Oh, yes.” Her whisper followed his mouth down across her warm, round belly and between her thighs. Her mound was moist with pussy cream and sweat, a combination that was heady to his nostrils and he inhaled sharply, committing her kaçak iddaa sweet scent to memory. He followed with his lips, pressing kisses to her mound, then moving downward to where the split began and let his tongue steal inside the folds. Her cream was sweet and tangy, bubbling up from the pressed flesh and running onto his tongue.

She moaned at the touch of his tongue to her clit, trembling as more pussy juice trickled out, sliding down her lips and onto her thighs. Neal bent to collect it, enjoying the smoothness of her skin and moved up to lick more from her weeping slit, drilling his tongue into her until her pussy muscles clenched, signaling her orgasm. Patti sunk into his arms as he arose, accepting his kiss while her body shook.

She gave him a last kiss and turned her back to him, facing the wall and holding herself up. Neal quickly undressed, covering her with his body. “How do I … “

Patti reached back and grasped his cock, rubbing his thick, hard length before sliding him into her sopping cunt. Neal groaned and sank into her, wrapping his arms tightly around her. They moved together for a few minutes before she moved so that his cock popped out of her pussy and pushed up into her ass crack. An unspoken sign passed between them and he pressed the head of his cock against her ass hole.


The pain was immediate but his hot breath on her neck calmed her and his fingers on her clit made kaçak bahis her forget. He filled her ass so completely, so deeply that she almost forgot to breathe when his balls gently slapped against her ass cheeks. Just the feeling of that set her off and she came, squeezing him tightly as her pussy clenched in release. Neal gasped, quivering against her.

“Stop that.”

“I can’t. You just made me cum.” She turned her head and accepted his tongue, sucking it into her mouth. “Make me cum again.”

“Your wish is my command.”

Neal began to move slowly and Patti shivered. She could feel every inch of his cock as it slid out, then entered her trembling body. His nuts swung up and smacked the wet lips of her pussy each time, making her moan and his hand stroked her wet lips, pushing them both closer to the edge. Patti felt the precise moment that he came and it brought on her own climax. His cock thickened inside her ass and his hot cum spurted into her anal canal, the heat making her pussy twitch and explode.

Four more squirts filled her ass and he carried her over to the couch, gentle disentangling himself as he laid her down, spooning behind her. He could feel her heart beat under his hand and he dropped his hand down onto her heaving belly, rubbing the tight skin softly, then laughed as the loudest rumble he’d ever heard came from her.

“Sorry.” She giggled, cuddling against him. “I never did eat.”

“Well, we can’t have you going hungry.” He embraced her warmly. “Want to go back to the café?”

“Sure.” Patti smiled. “And you can make me hungry all over again.”

“Sounds like a plan. Let’s go.”

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