Ana and my old friend at home

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Ana and my old friend at homeAnita and my old friend at home.That weekend an old friend of mine would be coming in from another city. He would be staying with us for a few days. He was a real good friend…We had been through a lot together. When his marriage was ending, my sweet Ana had been fooling around with him a little bit. I knew they had not gone so far, just some oral… But tonight I wasn’t sure what would happen.Ana was positively excited. I could see it in her face and the way she flitted around the house, cleaning up and making things look comfortable. I knew what she was thinking about was what she would wear.I went into the bedroom, where I found her looking for a nice outfit inside a bag full of lingerie.”What do you think should I wear?”. She asked me.I answered my favorite was the schoolgirl skirt…I went back into the kitchen and finished up the dishes. I put a few more beers in the fridge. Then there was a knock at the door.I saw Ana fly by the kitchen. She looked perfect, with her beautiful toned legs. The red schoolgirl skirt was now much shorter than I could remember. The white blouse was undone low and I saw the lacy black bra underneath. My old friend James let drop his jaws as he caught sight of my wife. She went up on tippy toes to hug him deeply and I could see her cheeks peeking out from under the skirt. He embraced her and planted a kiss on her neck.”Damn you’re looking good!”. This was exactly what she needed to hear.She took him by the hand and led him into the living room. I headed back into the kitchen and got some beers out of the fridge. I heard them talking but the sounds soon died out. As I walked back out into the living room, I thought I heard the smacking of lips.Sure enough, Ana was on the couch with our friend, practically kneeling on top of him, and as I came in she sat back beside him abruptly, like she had been caught in the act.”Babe, you don’t waste any time, do you?” I said.She aydın escort blushed and said, “I’m sorry, I’m just…”I handed one beer over to him. His other arm was around my wife’s shoulders. Her skirt was hiked up so high that I could see her panties, even with her legs crossed. I recognized them as the panties she wore on our wedding night. Suddenly, as we were talking, he put his hand on my wife’s leg. I saw her quiver slightly. He started to kiss her. She moved her hand up his leg. The way my wife looked over at me was indescribable. It was lust and appreciation at the same time. Her hand reached the bulge in his pants. James had a really big penis. When I saw it for the first time I thought I did not want that huge thing going in my wife. She could barely suck it when it got erect. Ana was really horny now. She took off her blouse and her black bra, leaving her breasts free right in his face. He kissed them, as his hand went to her legs…which she promptly uncrossed, welcoming him.She got up on her knees and leaned over him, starting undoing his belt. I saw her sexy bottom and her panties covering her pussy. They were wet.Ana finally unbuttoned his jeans, slipping them to the floor. She knelt between his legs as his monster cock popped up, happy to be free…She grinned as she reached out for it. She held it in one hand and then she gave a quick glance over her shoulder at me before she pushed his legs apart and dived in to put her tongue on his balls.She licked up and down the long shaft before slipping the knob into her mouth. It was an incredible sexy show for me, sitting in front of them….I started to play with my own hard cock as I watched them.I watched this for a while, her head twisting and bobbing up and down. Since her ass was facing me, I could see how soaked she was. I really wanted to go over and sink my dick into her; but that was her time.She stood up, flopping down onto the couch beside him. She escort aydın opened her legs for him as he kneeled down on the ground between her legs.He pushed her legs back together and pulled her soaked panties off of her. Then he made her spread again and he kissed her legs. Further and further down he went until his tongue began to circle around her pussy. She tried to push his head down but he resisted.”Wait, babe” He said. She was going really crazy as he teased her. Finally he sank his agile tongue into her slit. Ana moaned loudly.It did not take long before she was squirming. She looked at me as her face contorted in pleasure. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her legs began to kick out. James remained firmly in control with his hands on her hips under her legs, shoving his tongue into wanting pussy.She cried and I watched her body flooded with endorphins; wave after wave of pleasure washing over her. James put aside and let her recover…Ana looked at me: “Please, honey, I want him to fuck me” She begged me with her hand again stroking my friend’s hard cock.I did not even have time to answer.My wife made him lay on the couch and she straddled him, rubbing her pussy lips with his hard dick, which was pointing up to the ceiling…She reached forward and pushed his cock down against his stomach. “Just watch this, Jimmy boy. You can tell me to stop whenever you want…” I watched her press her hips down against him. Her pussy lips spread out around his cock. “I am not going to put it in, I just want to feel it against me.” She put her hands on his chest and moved slowly up. Her cunt was soaking and I could see his dick was getting well lubricated from this action. She looked at me as she was sliding a little further forward. Both of them were groaning in pleasure. I could see it took every piece of willpower for my friend not to grab her hips and angle himself up into her.”I cannot stand it anymore, Victor. Please, aydın escort bayan let me fuck him”. She begged.She rubbed the head of his dick against her pussy lips a few times. Then she shoved a little inside her. I could see him groaning and looking at me nervously but I was excited as I jerked my own dick in the chair. She closed her eyes and I saw his giant shaft parting her red pussy lips. She sat down and I watched his cock go up, up inside of her, to the bottom.With that huge dick fully buried inside her, Ana sighed heavily and then began a slow motion ride. My friend’s hands grabbed tight her ass as he controlled her, slowly sliding her up and down on his dick.Then suddenly he made her raise and get on her knees onto the carpet.He positioned between her spread highs and then proceeded to slide his hard dick between her wet pussy lips.“That’s much better.” He said, as Anita gasped feeling the new invasion.She rocked her hips back against him. His dick disappeared to the hilt and then came back almost outside; back inside again in an incredible pace.”James, please…I want you to cum inside me”. She moaned in pleasure.He started pumping slowly in and out of my wife, trying to extend his own pleasure, making Anita scream and moan in ecstasy.”I’m really close” He warned “Any second now I’m going to burst.” She doesn’t slow down at all. She’s got on her hands pressed against the carpet and continued rocking her ass hard on his dick. “Don’t you dare pull out” She yelled at James. “Cum inside my cunt”Then he screamed like a wild donkey and grabbed my wife’s soft waist, holding her tight as he bucked with no control. I saw his balls pulse as they fire a massive load deep into my sweet Ana’s cunt.She cried again in pleasure as she felt the invading semen. Ana looked back at me with some lust and sorrow in her beautiful eyes. She raised up from the floor and some cum spilled out of her well fucked pussy.”I’m sorry, love, I really wanted this.” She said in a very low voice.James locked himself the bathroom and Ana approached to me. She sounded like a cat when she whispered in my ear: “Tell your friend to go home now… I want your nice cock deep in my ass…”

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