Ana alone in a Brazilian beach

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Ana alone in a Brazilian beachAna alone in a Brazilian beachThat summer Victor and I had decided to spend some days in Brazil; later we could continue our trip to Buenos Aires, to visit some old friends and relatives…On the fourth day there, Victor told me he was feeling sick, maybe he had eaten too much during dinner the night before…But he told me he would have some rest at our hotel room and I could enjoy that last afternoon at the beach. I offered to stay there with him, but my loving husband insisted he would feel better if he was alone, knowing I was enjoying the sun…I put on a tiny thong I had purchased in Los Angeles before our trip. It was yellow and the soft material barely could hold my luscious ass and my round huge tits. I laughed at my own image reflected in the mirror. I knew I could never wear such a scandalous swimsuit in the States; but here it seemed to be normal: after all, Brazilians had invented the G-string thong…Wearing a light summer dress, a pair of sandal heels and sunglasses, I grabbed my beach bag and headed to the coast. The beach was full of people, although it was almost midday and the heat was unbearable at that moment.I wanted some privacy in a secluded place, to lay almost naked on the sand.A nice young black girl caught my eyes. She was holding hands with a man that had the same perfect skin tone and muscles on his huge body. He was wearing a tight swimming trunk that did little to hide the noticeable bulge underneath.I asked them about a quiet beach and the girl pointed me the best option was a lonely place about two kilometers from there. She asked me if I was alone and then smiled gave her companion a wink. After asking another local people where to go, I finally made it to the place that the nice black girl had pointed out from the beginning… It was lovely. This length of beach was away from the strand, and seldom visited. The sky was cloudless, alsancak escort and the sun blazed down, enough to make someone break a sweat just by standing outside. I laid down my towel and pulled out a magazine and headphones. I was sunning my back, when I turned around and saw the beach was empty. Victor and I had not had sex during the last week… and so, I was feeling too horny. My right hand made its way into my bikini bottom and rubbed my pussy. I was really dying for a nice hard dick deep inside my pussy…I left my pussy lips and started to reach for my back shoulder to put on some lotion. “Do you need help?” A deep voice said behind me.”No, thanks I think I can…” But then I made a gasp in surprise. Behind me was a gorgeous tall black man with a perfect muscled body, wearing nothing but a kind of G-string for a swimsuit. From head to toe he was all muscle; but what caught my eye was the massive bulge that hung down the side of his leg. His cock was really fucking huge! I thought. He insisted and then I couldn’t help but staring at his cock. It was massive. The black stranger took advantage of my hesitation. In a kind of trance, I watched as he placed himself on his knees next to my waist. Grabbing the sunscreen bottle, he gripped it firmly and lathered up his hands. Bending over me, the man started to massage it into my shoulders. I sighed. His hands were working magic on my backside; putting pressure on my points and expertly guiding through my every curve. Every time he pushed forward onto my shoulders, his enormous cock brushed against my buttocks. But suddenly, the man changed his position. Straddling my backside, he sat on his knees above my buttocks and the weight of his body on my shoulders; his cock, now bulging under his G-string, hung inches above the thong covering my ass cheeks…He started to slide konak escort his hands up and down my shoulders to massage my back; simultaneously his cock rubbed back and forth in between my ass cleft. “Does it feel good?” He asked. Then I let out a stifled moan. The combination of his careful massaging and rubbing his large cock against my ass cheeks was too much for me. Suddenly I felt his hands drifted to the loop of my string bikini top. I shot my hand back to block him. “No tan lines.” The black man said. Defeated, I stopped struggling and let him unloosen that string. His finger began massaging the sides of my breast. Every time he thrust, my nipples rubbed against the fabric of the bikini and the beach towel.He continued his torment of my backside. He had become more aggressive and his large hands were now kneading my tits like dough. He pinched my nipples delicately with each hand with his thumb and forefinger. Then I felt I had had enough. Turning over, my hand went to his huge dick…”My turn, now…” I said, looking at him directly on his eyes.Obediently, the black man traded positions and got on his back. Then I got into a sixty nine position; burying the man’s face in my crotch while he slid down his G-string. His enormous black meat stick almost whipped my face before it stood upright. I stroked his cock with both hands; my mouth then went for his cock head, as I felt him starting to lick my pussy lips…I licked and sucked that dick, while jerking him off. I almost gagged with it. The black man groaned as I came back up for air.My pussy was dripping wet. The black man had pulled my pussy lips wide and was furiously thrusting his tongue back and forth into my wet cunt. His tongue was very large and was prodding my orifice with ease.When he felt I was ready for a good fucking time, he started to get up.I pushed him down, göztepe escort telling I would go on top…Then I pulled down my yellow thong and kicked it off onto the towel. I squatted above him and picked up his cock, rubbing it vigorously against my sopping pussy lips; coating his large purple head with my own juices. I straddled him, placed his cock head at my opening and eased her cunt onto him. His dick was so huge. I panted. I took about half of his length, then moved my hands to his stomach and started riding him; his hands held me by the hips to keep me upright and in rhythm. My pace quickened as my bottom became a blur of pink, jiggling flesh. I picked up the pace as I was building towards my own climax. After a while riding that magnificent dick, I let out a scream and dug my nails into his thighs. I dropped my weight on him, slipping to my knees. My ass cheeks quivered on his loins as I came hard; harder than I ever had before. The black stranger, however, was still hard as a rock. He pulled out and made me bend over my hands and knees.Then I felt him starting to push against my tight asshole. “No, baby, you’re too big for my ass.” I begged him…But the black man was persistent. He pushed me against the towel and grabbed my hair roughly. “Do not worry, bitch… you will enjoy this…” He said smiling.Spitting on his hand, he lubed up his dick and then slowly pushed his large black head into my asshole, making me scream and cry in pain…. Gripping me by the waist, he slowly started to fuck my asshole. I felt I was being split in two halves, but suddenly pain disappeared.After picking up speed, the black man pulled my hair back. I let out a squeal as he pulled out of my ass and started furiously jerking his dick.I squealed as that coated my ass cheeks like frosting. After a few more jerks, the black man made a grunt and collapses to my side.Wiping cum off my ass with a towel, I looked at my watch and saw it was late. I scrambled to put back on my thong and summer dress.”Will I see you again?” My beautiful black Adonis asked me.But I was far away from him yet; I was late to meet my loving Victor again and I needed a warm shower before he could notice I had been properly fucked by a real man…

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