An Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 02

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Bob woke up wondering where he was and what was going on. It took him a moment to realize that he was in his own guest room. It took him a little longer to realize what was going on. He was lying on his side facing a heavy breathing, large-breasted woman. It was too dark to tell if it was his sister-in-law, Katy, or Donna, her girlfriend.

His in-laws had gathered at his house the day before to remember his wife on the anniversary of her funeral. After her parents left, Katy and Donna stayed and got drunk with him, which led to some of the best sex Bob had ever had. Had someone told him a day earlier that he would fuck his sister-in-law, who hated him, along with her girlfriend, he’d have told them to get their head checked.

Looking past the heaving body next to him, he saw that he’d been asleep for barely an hour. The faint red light of the digital clock revealed an ass in the air father down the bed. Following that ass up the lovely back revealed a mass of dark hair buried between the legs of the writhing body that must be his sister-in-law.

Bob fought the urge to get behind Donna like he’d done to her girlfriend earlier when positions had been reversed. Though failing, the girls were obviously trying to be quiet. Feigning sleep, Bob rolled over, giving the girls a slight bit of privacy to have this one to themselves. Convinced he would never get back to sleep, he closed his eyes and was out.

Many hours later, Bob woke to daylight, a warm body snuggled between his arms, and his face buried in dark, thick hair. Not wanting to wake Donna, he lay there, without moving and took in his surroundings. The first thing he noticed that his hand was overflowing with a large boob. His dick was at full attention, and pressed up against her ass and the small of her back. He also realized that they were alone and that his butt was cold. It never occurred to him to let go of the breast he held to rearrange the covers. He assumed his sister-in-law had was in the bathroom, but picked up his head and looked around. Hoping to go back to sleep, he snuggled further into her back and laid his head back down in her hair.

“Good morning.” Though obviously tired, Donna seemed very happy.

“Morning. Katy been up long?”

“Not too long.” Rolling over, she put her arms around him and pressed her lovely, tan-lined, D-Cup breasts against him. She had the world’s worst case of fuck hair; it was beautiful. Giving him a quick ‘good morning’ kiss, she informed him, “I had a great time last night, but don’t even think for a second you’re putting that thing back in me right now. When you decide to get up, all of you, not just that, you need to go talk to Katy.”

“Thanks for last night.”

“I should thank you. I haven’t been fucked like that in…well, in a long time.”

“That’s not exactly what I meant, but yeah, thanks for that too. What I meant was thanks for trusting me with Katy. Sending us off on our own isn’t the same as all three of us. You still okay?”

“You guys still have my permission for the rest of today, so make the most of it.”

“Thanks again, but that’s not what I mean either. Are you okay?”

“I don’t know.”

“Katy tell you about it?”

“Yeah. It sounded pretty hot.”

“We could reenact it with you some time.”

“No you couldn’t. Threesomes are for fucking, not making love. You guys were making love. She was glowing when she came to bed last night. I wanted you to make love to her because I don’t think a guy has ever made love to her. Like with you the first time in college, it was always just about fucking. Now it scares me. I’ve never seen her like that after sex.”

“You didn’t see her this morning when you had your face in her crotch.”

“You were awake for that?”

“Just for a minute or so. It was so beautiful, I didn’t want to get involved and mess it up. Don’t ever doubt that Katy loves you.”


“Any time.” He kissed her and rolled out of bed. On the way out of the guestroom he sat on the edge of the bed and ran his fingers through Donna’s hair. “You know, I used fantasized about waking up with you. Of course, in the fantasy we went right back at it when we woke up.”

“The first time you did it with Melissa, was she this sore.”

“She was, but she decided that she should keep fucking me every day til it quit hurting. I wasn’t going to say anything.”

“So how long did it take?”

“I think it was the third or fourth day.”

“Hmm. I may try her theory, but after sleep. Now go find Katy. You’re welcome to do whatever you can talk her into.”

Wandering through the house, he checked the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, and into the dining room looking for his sister-in-law. He finally found her when he glanced out the back window. She was back in the jacuzzi, when last night’s fun had started. She looked up at him as he walked out the back door and into the cool morning air. “I’d wondered where you’d gotten off to. Mind if I join you?”

“Mmhh. I’d love it. Don’t expect Betturkey much, I’m beat. You give Donna a little taste of what you gave me last night?”

“No, she told me to ‘keep that thing” away from her.”

“We’ll have to see about changing her mind. You getting in?”

He slipped into the water next to her. “She sent me out to find you.”

When he settled into the water, Katy greeted him with a quick smooch and laid her head on his shoulder. “I owe you an apology.”

“Why’s that?”

“I’ve always been such a bitch to you. I thought you were just using Melissa to get ahead.”

“What changed your mind?”

“After all of the shitty thing’s I’ve done and said to you, you have always been so nice to me. And it wasn’t fake; you really meant it. It dawned on me that you weren’t just doing it to keep Melissa happy. Then I thought it was just because you wanted to fuck me again.”

Bob wrapped both arms around her and pulled her into his lap. Holding her closely he rested his head against hers as she continued.

“Last night was incredible. No guy has ever fucked me like that. What happened in the shower wasn’t like anything I’ve ever done. I mean I’ve fucked in the shower, but not like that. It seemed that this time it was about me, not just my body. I still don’t know how you could want me like that after what a bitch I’ve been.”

“Well, to be honest, when we started, it was about your body, and what I remembered of it from college. Before we fooled around with Suzy, you were one of the only one of Stu’s fuck buddies that ever acknowledged me as more than a nuisance. You may not have known my name even, but you could have fooled me. When you were watching us last night, I started seeing that side of you again, and by the time we were in the shower,…well, by then I was hooked.”

Not knowing how to respond to that, Katy just leaned up and kissed him again. When she pulled away, she commented, “I didn’t think you guys would ever get the ball rolling out here last night. I was so fucking turned on.”

“That was nice. Why’d you hold out so long?”

“Well, to be honest, I love watching. I love watching Donna even more. When I got the chance to see the cock I’ve fantasize about for years fuck the woman I love, I didn’t want to pass it up. Finally, I got so worked up I had to join in.”

“I was so disappointed when you acted like it never happened back then. It never occurred to me that you thought it was someone else. I guess it was for the best, If I’d known then that you had liked it so much, I’d have approached you then, and never had the chance of meeting Melissa.”

“Yeah. I was already fucking Donna pretty regularly by then. We just hadn’t admitted everything to ourselves yet.”

“So how did you guys hook up?”

“Stu. We picked her up at a party. Stu wanted a threesome, and she was the first one he pointed out that I agree too. At the next party, she and Billy picked me up. We started calling each other planning hookups like that. Then we became room mates, and one day, Stu didn’t show up, so we went on without him.”

“He actually stood you two up?!” Bob was stunned that his horn-dog of a roommate had actually passed on a chance to fuck two hot women.

“That was the night he wrecked his car. We made it up to him the next day. But, it was like a dam had opened, and we started sleeping together nearly every night whether we had sex or not. Eventually we weren’t fucking anyone by ourselves any more, it was either us and a guy, us and a girl, or just us.” Looking up at him she added, “I only ever fucked one guy after you without Donna either in the room or taking part until last night. Man was that a disappointment.”

“What happened?”

“I went out dancing and found the guy I thought I had been fucking with Suzy and spent the whole night dancing with him, rubbing him with my body, letting him feel me up and generally being the slut that I am. When he took me home and got my clothes off, he was awful in bed, and to top it off had a tiny little dick. So I sent him on his way and had to get out my vibrator and watch some porn. Now I find out that probably the same night I was masturbating about you, you were banging my sister.”

“You know what’s funny?”

“Do I want to know?”

“Probably not. I never told her this, but when I met Melissa, I was turned on because she reminded me of you. She had your eyes, your hair, your smile. When she offered a little work out sex, I didn’t think it would lead to anything, so I took her up on it.”

“How long did that last?”

“Honest truth? Until I took her clothes off.”


“Sorry. I wouldn’t say I loved her at first sight, but by morning I knew I wanted her to be a part of my life forever.”

The sat silently for a while, relaxing in each other’s arms until Katy broke the silence. “You know, you’re going to either have to start fucking in your bed, or get a new bed. You’re eventually going to have to move on. Betturkey Giriş Don’t try to tell me you only fucked Melissa in that bed. You as much as admitted last night that you two were into threesomes.”

“Yeah, but it just seemed wrong for it to be you at the time.”

“I could let you borrow Donna again.”

“That might work, but I think the next time I nail Donna, I want you there.”

“Speaking of that, something’s pressing into my ass. What could that be?” She blinked at him, doing her best ditzy blond.

Dropping any pretense, she turned her head and kissed him again. Keeping her lips against his, she shifted her body until she was straddling his lap. She groaned as she pressed her pussy up against his cock.

Filling his hands with her ass, Bob mentioned, “We might want to go inside. I think we have an audience.”

“Donna?” She started grinding her crotch against his.

“No, my neighbor, Lili. I think I just saw movement through the fence.”

Katy didn’t stop what she was doing, “Think she may have watched last night too?”


“So let’s give her a show.” She reached down, grabbed him, and with a grunt, impaled herself on his cock.

Once she got him all the way in, she held still for a moment. “So did you fuck her?”

“Why do you ask?”

As she he lifted herself up, she said, “Melissa told me you two fucked out here all the time.” Slowly easing herself down, she added, “She wasn’t into showing off unless it let to participation.” Back up. “We both used to use that to get to women we wanted.” Back down. “Except I like being watched too.”

“Then yes, I fucked her.” He teased a nipple with his lips, causing her to gasp. “Sometimes I fucked her right here, just like I’m fucking you now.”

Up. “Where was Melissa in all this?” Back down. “You weren’t fucking around on her were you?”

As he switched to the other nipple, he answered, “She was usually sitting right where you were last night…” then switching back, “…playing with herself like you were last night.” As he moved to her lips, he finished with, “Eventually, she’d get horny and join in.”

When their lips parted, she pressed his face into her breasts. “Where was her husband in all this?’

Coming up for air, “Knocking up a minor employee, and then going to jail for it.”

“Did he know about you guys?” Her pace was picking up.

“Not that I know of. When everything blew up, he went to jail, and she divorced him. We, of course, helped poor Lili through it by distracting her. It was great.”

Conversation stopped as Katy got more serious about her fucking. Her heavy breathing, her chest and neck turning red, and her combined squeak/grunt signaled the beginning of an incredible orgasm. She collapsed limp against him.

As her breathing returned to normal, she whispered into his ear, “Lets go inside and wake up Donna.”

Getting out of the water, they both made sure to turn and face the fence, where they assumed they were still being watched.

Taking him by the hand, Katy lead him back upstairs to the guest room where they climbed back into bed with the still sleeping Donna and picked back up where they left off.

They didn’t waste time with foreplay. Katy laid on her back, opening her legs and Bob crawled in between them. Guiding himself into her, he worked himself fully into her and nearly back out before he picked up the pace and tried to work her back into another orgasm.

Donna woke to a rocking bed and the sounds of her love getting a raucous fucking. Without moving, she watched as Bob hammered her lover until she was unable to speak. She knew the signs that warned of the impending explosion, and watched on as her lover began writhing, moaning and nearly convulsing in front of her. Thinking they would take a break, she smiled to herself as Bob kept fucking straight through Katy’s orgasm.

Within minutes another wave of spasms hit Katy causing Bob to slam his cock home even harder three more times before he finally came to a stop deep inside her. Collapsing on top of her, fully spent, he tried to regain his breath.

Looking out from under him, Katy looked over at her girlfriend, “Good morning sweetie.”

Donna leaned down and kissed her. “Good morning.” She then turned to Bob, and kissed him also. “You too.”

Getting out of bed, she headed toward the bathroom. At the doorway, she turned, “Don’t pull out till I get back.”

Katy looked up at him as she held him inside her. Giggling, she asked him, “So, come here often.”

With a little push of his hips, he answered, “Not in a long time, but I’m hoping Donna will let me cum here more often.” The emphasis on the word ‘here’ made Katy groan.

Giving him a light smack on the head, she chastised him, “You are awful.” Then she added, “Me too.”

Hey were giggling when Donna came back in. “Okay, darling, you stay put. And you, take that thing of yours over to the other side of the bed and stay put.”

As Betturkey Güncel Giriş soon as Bob pulled out and rolled off of Katy, Donna dove into her lover face first. She licked, sucked and did whatever it took to get every drop that she could out of her girlfriend. When she was satisfied, she leaned back and ordered Katy to lie sideways across the bed. She then straddled her lover and lowered herself onto Katy’s waiting face. Reaching over to where Bob lay spent, she grabbed his limp cock and took it in her mouth. She meticulously cleaned up the mess he and Katy had created, and then took his entire still flaccid dick into her mouth. Pressing her nose into his pubic hair, she swallowed the head. She continued working the head with her throat until it grew stiff enough that she could fuck it with her throat. Knowing that it would soon no longer fit past her tonsils, she pressed it down her throat to the hilt, and continued swallowing him until she finally was forced to pull up by the sheer thickness of the cock she’d swallowed.

“Wow, feel free to do that any time you want.” Bob was impressed. That had never been done to him before.

“Maybe later, but for now, you need to get behind me and fuck me.” With that, she climbed off of her girlfriend and knelt on the bed on her hands and knees. “Baby, get behind him.”

Getting behind her, he positioned himself against her lips and grabbed her by the hips. He waited until Katy was behind him pressing herself up against him. As Katy’s urging, started to enter her girlfriend, slowly sliding between her slick lips.

As soon as the fattest part of his dick passed into her, Donna slammed back into him as hard as she could. Having his cock slam into her caused her to scream, only partially due to pain. With Katy pressing him forward, he had no choice but to accept Donna’s ass slamming down around his cock. Getting the idea, he used Donna’s hips pull her into him even harder. Quickly getting into the rhythm, he began slamming his hips forward to meet each of Donna’s thrusts, until she began so scream again. Each impact of their hips emphasized her screams until she collapsed on the bed. Rather than let himself slide out of her, Bob followed her down, and kept humping against her ass, until he felt her stop spasming. He buried his cock as deep as he could, leaned forward and went back to work, at a quick but gentler pace.

Donna’s screams changed to grunts and then to moans, which didn’t cease until Bob came with one final thrust. Collapsing onto her, he didn’t even have the strength to roll off to one side and laid there with his cock buried in her.

“You are a fucking slave driver!” Donna managed to utter while she was finally able to form words again. “Honey, can we keep him?”

Katy snuggled up next to them, puling the covers up over them. “How does your pussy feel? Think you can handle that again today?”

“Oh god no! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fuck again.”

“Yeah, I’m right there with you.”

As Donna dozed off beneath him, Bob felt the overwhelming urge to pee. She gasped as he finally pulled out of her.

“Where ya going?” Katy managed.

“To pee, then to my own bed. If I wake up to you two again and can’t do anything with you, it’d drive me nuts.” Kissing them both, he whispered, “Thanks again.”

Bob woke up another couple of hours later to the sound of the shower running in the master bath. Driven by the thought of two soapy women, Bob wandered into the bathroom. He stood and watched as the two beautiful women caressed and kissed each other in his oversized shower. Donna finally saw him watching and motioned for him to join them.

Katy turned to him as she heard the door open. Each taking him by a hand, they led him into the space between them. Once safely sandwiched between them, they began soaping him up. As Donna soaped up his front, Katy soaped up his back. While Donna soaped up his cock, pulling it in her hands until it was at full attention again, Katy soaped up his ass. As Donna took down the showerhead and rinsed him off, he certainly wasn’t prepared when a slick finger shoved its way into his ass. Before he could protest, it was withdrawn. Katy then knelt behind him, grabbed him by the hips, and turned him around. Dodging the cock that threatened to bludgeon her, Katy took it in her mouth and began working it down her throat.

As Bob held out his harms and leaned against the shower wall over Katy’s head, Donna voiced her doubt, “Baby there is no way you going to swallow that thing all the way.”

Not one to refuse a challenge, Katy pulled up momentarily. “Just watch me.” She then began swallowing until his balls rested firmly against her chin. Soon, she was working his hips back and forth, helping him to fuck her throat.

The effect was exactly like it had been the other two times she’d done this. Within minutes, Bob was spewing down her throat.

“Guess I was wrong.” Donna turned off the water and grabbed a towel. As they dried off, she looked into Bob’s eyes. “I’d always hoped you guys would start getting along better. Guess I got my wish.”

“You okay?”

“I’m wonderful.” After kissing him deeply, she turned to Katy. This is it you two. This weekend was free. In the future, no more without specific permission. Agreed?”

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