An Unexpected New Year’s Party

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Authors Note: This isn’t one of my usual long stories. This is a little quickie for those of you who want a hot quick read before bed. I hope you enjoy my little yarn.


It was the end of the year, and this had been a hard one. I sat in front of the tv watching a movie so old that it wasn’t even in color. It was the second time in twenty years that I was spending New Year’s Eve alone. I had to say, it wasn’t what I’d planned or wanted. I sat in my recliner in my empty house, half watching the movie and half watching the fire in the fireplace, wishing that things had worked out differently. I suppose too much time at work and not enough time with her had sealed the deal. The sad thing was that I thought what I was doing was for her, but in the end it was the wrong thing to do. So here I sit, alone, divorced, did I say alone?”

I’d had half a dozen invitations to parties for tonight, some from couples that were friends, wanting me to get out and not sit sulking at home. Some from some of the young ladies at work that had suddenly decided that I needed a sympathy date, or whatever misguided reason they’d invite a man ten years their senior to a party.

Yeah, sitting in the near darkness in my flannel pajamas at ten in the evening on New Year’s Eve isn’t what I would call an exciting situation, but there it is and there I was. Even the movie that I had on was in black and white, as drab as I was feeling. I muted the commercial and closed my eyes, listening to the warm friendly crackle of the fire I’d built in the fireplace. I’d always loved watching and listening to fires. Camp fires especially. I could sit for hours and watch the coals wiggle and hop deep in the orange glowing pockets between the logs. A jet of trapped gasses hissed and whined briefly in the fireplace, drawing my attention to the fire.

The doorbell startled me from watching the blue base of the flames dancing along, just above the surface of the log. “Who the hell could that be?” I asked with a frown as I put the footrest on my recliner down and walked to the front door. I opened the heavy oak door and stared at the sight before me. Two young women from work, both in extremely short party dresses, each holding a bottle of wine in each hand, were smiling broadly in the light falling snow.

“JIMMY!” Amanda, the thinner of the two in a very tight red dress, cried cheerfully. “God! Let us in before we freeze our cute little asses off out here!” She said as she swept past me from the cold night into my warm living room. She turned and looked at me. “You absolutely positively refusssed. I mean refused, to come to the party with us, so we brought the party to you!” she said emphatically, reaching out with a finger to poke my nose, nearly hitting me with the bottle in her hand at the same time. “OOOPS!” She giggled.

“God Amanda! Are you drunk?” I asked in surprise, as she giggled girlishly.

“Well NO! I’m not drunk. Well, not as drunk as I could be! Am I Jean?”

“You’re drunk Amanda!” Jean, her friend replied. “But then that’s what happens when you drink half a bottle of wine!”

I’ve known Jean and Amanda for a handful of years now. Both of them work elsewhere in the company, in different departments than the one I manage, though I interact with them professionally fairly frequently. After my separation, both of them seemed determined to make those interactions more personal. As time has passed, they have both made efforts to press those business interactions toward personal only interactions. Yes, that does mean what you think. They have both suggested at different times that we should go out on…gulp…a date! The last such suggestion came from both of them at once, not only a date, but an invitation to a New Year’s Eve party. I of course declined as politely as possible. But they were nothing if not insistent. Between them, they had invited me no less than a dozen times before I finally put my foot down and told them that no amount of inviting would get me to agree. Not only because I was more than ten years older than them, but because I just didn’t feel like celebrating. The girls of course insisted that THAT was exactly why I needed to go to the party with them.

“Was it a whole half bottle?” Amanda asked with a giggle.

“At least,” Jean answered her friend.

“Oh well. At least I’m warm now,” she said with another giggle. “And look at you. Sexy!” She said as she stepped toward me. I stepped back until I was against the wall and she continued stepping toward me until she was pressing herself against me. “Flannel jammies. Bet you’re not wearing anything under them either, are you?” She asked, running a finger down my chest, trying to tug on my flannel top with her finger while holding the wine bottle at the same time. She leaned her head toward me trying to look down my PJ top as she pulled it out from my chest.

I reached up and grasped her hand, and the bottle, and pulled it gently from me, unhooking her finger from my top. “There isn’t Antep Bayan Escort much there to see,” I said quietly as she released the bottle into my hand and slipped hers from mine.

“I know. There is a bit lower though,” She giggled. “But I’ve got stuff to see up there. I know you’ve been dying to see my tits. I bet you’ve been wishing you could pull my dress off at work. I know you want to see me allllll naked,” she whispered, holding her other arm out to hand the bottle in that hand to Jean. She looked over at Jean as she took the bottle and then moved both her hands to the small straps holding the dress up on her body. She grinned at me and pulled the straps off her shoulders, pulling the material down her upper arms, dragging the top of her dress down lower. I stared as she inched the red dress down her top, exposing more and more of her creamy breasts until the dress was ready to expose her areola and nipples. “Want me to keep going? Want me to show you my sexy little tits? Wanna reach out and touch them and play with them?” she asked teasingly, holding the straps so that the dress pulled tight across her breasts.

I reached out with one hand, the one without the bottle, and gently pushed the strap up her arm. “I don’t think this is appropriate.”

Amanda pouted at me. “You don’t wanna see my sexy little titties?” she asked sadly, pulling her left strap down farther until the top of her dress was skewed diagonally across the top of her body, her right breast covered as I pulled that strap up and her left now completely exposed as she pulled that strap down. Her breast was firm and perky, pushing out proudly from her chest easily the size of a coconut half. Her areola was small, barely larger than a half dollar, with a firm nipple almost the diameter of my pinky, pushing out from the center. “Oh look! There one is!” She said, suddenly turning from the sad pouting face to a smiling giggling one. I let go of her right dress strap and shifted my hand to reach for her left one and pull it up as well. She intercepted my hand and pulled it against her bare breasts. “Ohhhhhh. See you did wanna touch it, didn’t you?” She asked with another giggle.

“God, you are drunk,” I said softly as I eased my hand from under hers and moved it to pull up the strap.

“Not so drunk that I don’t know what I’m doing,” she said quietly, the giggle disappearing. “And what I’m doing is something I’ve been wanting to do for months!” She slid her hand down from her still exposed dress top to her hips, grabbing the material of the dress in her fingers and pulled down, sliding the dress down her body even as I tried to pull the strap up her arm. She tugged the stretchy red material down until both breasts were exposed, and then kept on pulling. She moved her hands up, got another grip on the material and pulled down until the top of the dress slid down over her smooth, firm looking stomach and then lower, a pair of tiny pink bikini panties coming into view as her dress slid down over her hips and then down her legs to pool around her feet.

“Amanda!” I said in surprise. “Come on. You shouldn’t be…”

“I should be. I’ve seen you checking me out at work. I’ve seen your eyes linger on my ass as I walk away, almost as if you’re trying to see what I have on under my dress. I’ve seen your pants bulge out when I come into your office in a dress that just barely shows my panties through it. I’ve stood in your office and fantasized about doing what I just did.”

“Amanda,” I whispered as she stepped out of her dress and stood in front of me. Her hands moved up to the flannel PJ top and started to unbutton it.

“You know. In parts of the world it’s considered rude to wear more clothing than the woman you’re with,” she whispered.

“I don’t believe I’ve heard of that,” I said, trying to stop her with my one available hand, mostly unsuccessfully.

“It is. Honest,” she said as she undid the last button and slid her hands up my bare chest, pushing the material apart and then down off my shoulders.

“Uh huh. In which county?”

“Yugosexia,” she said with a giggle, pushing my PJ top down my arms. “There. Now you’re not wearing more than I am.”

“Honey, you’re not wearing anything but stockings and panties,” I said quietly, torn between letting her keep going or putting a stop to the whole thing.

“You’re right. I am. That means you have on wayyyyy too much,” she cooed as she pressed herself against me, her bare tits pressing to my chest and her nipples poking into mine. I felt her hands push my PJ bottoms down, easily working the elastic waistband down over my hips until they slid all the way to my ankles. Her hand slid around between us and grasped my quickly hardening dick. “Ohhhh look. Now I have too many clothes on,” she giggled. “Why don’t you take my panties off and then we’ll be even!”

“You want me to take your underwear off?” I asked as I felt the bottle being gently taken from my hand.

“Well of course. How do you plan on fucking me if you don’t take my panties off?” she asked, followed by another giggle. Her hands were between us, stroking my cock as she leaned her face toward mine and pressed her lips to mine. She kissed me with a long wet embrace, sucking and licking my lips in between moments of them pressed together with her tongue trying to tease its way into my mouth. “Mmmmmm. God your cock is getting so big and hard. Do you wanna put it in me? Do you wanna push your fat cock into my hot wet pussy? I want you to. I want you to take me. I want to feel your hard cock driving deep into me. I want to come around your cock and I want to feel you coming deep inside me.”

“Amanda,” I said quietly. “Really? You just want me to throw you down and fuck you like some common slut?”

She stopped stroking my dick and leaned heavily against me, laying her head on my shoulder, her height in her high heels only a couple inches shorter than mine. I could almost feel her frown. “Is that what you think of me? A slut?”

I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her. “No. I don’t actually. You’re a good looking intelligent woman. I just don’t understand why you’d want to be having sex with an old fart like me. I mean I’m at least ten years older than you are, maybe more.”

“A little more maybe. But that doesn’t matter,” she said as she released me. She stepped back and picked up her dress. “Can I use your bathroom?”

“Yeah. Second door on the right,” I answered, pointing down the hall.

She walked away and I pulled my PJ pants up again before looking over at Jean, standing there a little awkwardly. “I think she had a little too much to drink,” I said quietly.

“Yeah. She did. But that didn’t make her do what she did. That she really has been wanting to do for a long time.”

“And I just smashed her dream?”

“Well, you at least poked a hole in her balloon,” she said, cracking a little smile. “I have to admit though, you do have a nice looking cock.”

I could feel my face warm with embarrassment as I stood against the wall and looked down at my bare feet. I heard her high heels on the hardwood and then saw her feet in front of me. She reached under my chin and gently coaxed me to look up from the floor toward her face. She stepped closer and slowly leaned into me, pressing her body against mine as she softly pressed her lips to mine. I put my hands around her in reflex, feeling her soft round ass through her dress as she pressed herself harder against me. “I’m not drunk and I’m not nearly as pushy as Mandy, but I want the same thing she does,” she whispered as she broke the kiss. “I wouldn’t at all mind feeling your hands undress me. Feel your fingers caressing my body as you lay down with me and then feel you slowly push your sexy cock into me as you make slow, passionate love to me.” She pressed her lips to mine again before I had a chance to answer her. I had to admit that between the two of them, I was getting pretty damn turned on. Instead of objecting the way I felt I should, I let my hands slide down over the curve of her ass and gently squeeze both cheeks. I felt her pelvis push against my hard dick, trapped between us as she moaned softly into my mouth.

I felt her hands slide down my arms and move to my waist, her fingers working into the elastic waistband of my PJ bottoms, slowly pushing them down over my hips. Instead of protesting, I let her push them down, pulling my butt from against the wall to allow the material to drop.

“Pull down my zipper,” she whispered, pulling her lips from mine and resting her forehead against mine, our noses almost touching.

“I don’t know why either of you want to have sex with me,” I whispered as I slid my hands up her back. I found the zipper and slowly pulled it down, the soft click of each tooth seeming loud in my ears as I worked the zipper all the way down to the curve of her butt.

“Does it really matter?” She asked as she stepped back about a foot, coaxing the material off her shoulders until the whole blue dress slid down her body. She stepped out of it and back to me, pressing her bra covered tits against my chest. “You wanna take more off of me?” She whispered as she rested her forehead on mine again.

I didn’t answer as I looped my hands behind her back and unfastened the metal hooks of her bra. She let me pull the straps off her shoulders and then gave me room to slip the lacy cups off her large soft breasts. She leaned back into me, pressing her easily D cup breasts against my chest as she slid her hands down my arms again, this time drawing my hands to her hips and the elastic of the bikini panties she had on. I pushed them down over her butt and she wiggled her legs and thighs until they fell down to the floor, leaving her in nothing but her high heels.

“Come with me,” she coaxed, stepping back from me, her hands still holding mine. She walked backwards through the doorway into the kitchen and the table sitting in the middle of the room. She let go of one of my hands and pushed the chair at the end of the table away before stepping back to where it had just been. “Ever had sex in the kitchen before?”

“Once or twice,” I whispered back.

“Then let’s make it three times,” she said as she wiggled her butt onto the edge of the table. She leaned back, still holding my hands to draw me towards her as she spread her legs. She let go of my hands and reached down to grasp my cock with both hands, gently petting it with one hand almost like a cat as she gently pulled me towards her by the handle she now had. Her pussy was completely shaved with quite a bit of inner lip protruding from her smooth shaven outer lips. I watched my cock press against her lips and then push between them slightly, my mushroom head spreading her lips apart. “Are you ready?” she asked huskily as she pulled on my dick more, her high heels digging into my butt cheeks to try and coax me into her.

“You sure this is what YOU want?” I asked as I started to press harder, forcing my cock to spread her tunnel entrance. I felt the pressure build on my head and then suddenly ease as I slipped past and into her vaginal tunnel.

“Oh fuck yes,” she moaned softly as she continued to pull me with her heels, her fingers now reaching out toward my body and my hips. “All the way in baby. Push it all the way in!” I felt my unlubricated shaft start to grab at her lips and pushed back against her heels to pull out slightly before letting myself be pulled back in again. It took almost six of these little half strokes before my cock was buried all the way into her. “That’s it sweetie. Fuck me. Fuck my hot pussy,” she moaned softly as I started to stroke in and out of her. She spread her legs again, lifting them wide and high, her heels sticking in the air toward the ceiling as my body started to slap into her bare ass.

“You could have waited for me!” I heard Amanda say from behind me moments before I felt her hands around my body, her hands sliding up from my waist to my chest. I could feel her hard bare nipples pressing into my back as my ass slapped against her thighs each time I pulled back in Jean. “I thought you didn’t want to have sex with either of us.”

“I wasn’t actually planning on doing this,” I whispered a little defensively.

“That’s okay,” she said as she let go of me and stepped around to my side. She smiled at me as she pulled a chair out and set one foot on the seat. I watched, pumping my cock in and out of Jean, as she rolled the stocking down her leg and tossed it at my pumping dick after pulling it off her foot. She put the other leg up, facing me more now so that I could see her naked pussy, shaved as smooth as Jean’s but looking more like a teenager. She rolled the other stocking down and tossed it at me as well before climbing onto the table. She walked her knees around Jean’s head until she was straddling Jean’s face. “Since she’d getting your cock, she can warm mine up for me,” she said with a giggle.

“Seriously?” I asked a little surprised.

“What? Never seen a woman eat out a pussy?”

“Not in real life, no,” I answered honestly.

“Well, now you can,” she said as she spread her legs to lower her pussy toward Jean’s face. Jean reached up to her hips and pulled Amanda down towards her, her tongue reaching out and licking Amanda’s smooth round lips. “Oh god yes,” she moaned loudly as Jean pressed her tongue between her lips. I continued to pump my dick in and out of Jean as I watched her lick her friend, my body quickly racing toward climax.

“Jesus. I think I’m gonna come,” I groaned, suddenly realizing how close I was and wanting to hold back to not let this end yet.

“Do it!” Amanda said, almost commanding me. “Fill her pussy up with your cum! Pump your big fat dick into her and cum deep in her hot little cunt!”

“Oh shit,” I groaned, suddenly unable to hold it back any longer. My hips jerked and I plunged my dick deep into Jean as a massive gush of cum lanced from my engorged head into her depths. I heard her groan into Amanda’s pussy as my body bucked again, pumping more into her. It had been a long time since I’d had any sex other than at my own hand, and my body seemed more than willing to fill her with the pent up load I had.

“Ohhhh yeah. That looks so hot,” Amanda cooed softly, lifting her pussy off Jean’s face. She leaned down over Jean as she rolled forward onto her hands and knees, her face inches from my cock. She pushed on my stomach with one hand to force me out of Jean’s pussy and then grabbed my dick with one hand. She leaned farther toward me and engulfed my dripping cock in her mouth, licking and slurping it like a wet ice cream cone. As my dick softened, she continued to lick and suck it until it was clear that my tool was done for the moment. She pulled her face off my dick and then looked down at Jean’s pussy, oozing my cum slowly out as she lay on the table, still occasionally twitching and shuddering from her climax.

“Oh fuck!” Jean squealed as Amanda licked up her wet slit, capturing my escaping cum mixed with Jean’s. “Oh god Mandy. Really? Now?”

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