An Unexpected Encounter Pt. 02

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The second day has come and gone.

The urge for release never hit you as hard as it did last night.

Every single moment you remember.

So many times you feel the burning itch.

So many times you feel the tip of your clit rubbing helplessly against the fabric of your panties.

Begging silently for the one firm flick that will take you all the way over the edge.

And yet you find yourself continuing to wait.

He has just called you into the office early this morning.

You feel your legs trembling with anticipation.

“Did you touch yourself last night?”

“I started to … but I stopped,” you admit.

“You were soaking wet when I last found you”.

“I …”

“I have to taste your juices again”.

You were expecting for him to give you his dick.

You decide that you can no longer expect anything at this point.

He leans all the way back on the couch and beckons you over with his eyes.

No other words are needed at this point.

He has you walk over and face him.

Your eyes are locked into one another.

Only he holds the key to set you free.

You cannot help but raise your skirt.

He can see the wetness already dripping down your inner thighs with anxious anticipation of what is to come.

You can see the promising bulge that fills his thin pants.

This is the last thing that you see.

He is covering your eyes with the silk blindfold.

Again you are left without your sense of sight.

Others will now become more heightened.

You continue to drip.

You come above him.

You wince for the first touch of his awaiting lips.

You expect to feel the first lick against your quivering clitoris.

You are surprised to find that he has another plan.

Your vibrating vagina is a wide open pathway to pleasure.

His tongue cannot help but slip inside.

You find yourself rocking up and down on top of his tongue.

But he is not going to let you control the pace for long.

You feel his hands on either side of your inner thighs.

Pulling you down as he pleases.

You are so overheated that you actually find yourself trying to grind and thrust up and down against his lips.

You want him to have access to every single inch of you.

His tongue follows the curves along your inner tunnel and slides deeper upward inside of you.

The touch is delicate and decadent.

You can feel the juices pouring outward now.

He is Bayan Escort Gaziantep tracing a number inside of you with the tip of his tongue.

You are so wrapped up in the moment you are not even sure which one it is.

You wonder how long he will neglect your throbbing clit.

For just a moment you feel his thumb slip inside of you.

You cannot help but moan out loud.

You feel his middle finger and thumb on either side of your clitoris.

His intent is to hold it as captive.

His thumb starts to spin around the very top of your pleasure point.

You feel him press downward slightly.

But you find that you are so slippery at this point that he is having a hard time keeping the edge of his thumb against you.

So he pulls your clit outward so as to create a more pronounced stretch.

Your clitoris has never felt so vulnerable and open.

You feel the tip start to sting.

His thumb is right there to soothe you.

Suddenly you feel the tip of his tongue slide all of the way upward inside of your soaking wet pussy.

It flicks and tickles the very back of your insides.

You suddenly realize that with his thumb and finger massaging you that you are more free to control the movements.

You thrust up and down harder and faster.

Pushing every inch of your peach downward.

Knowing he will meet you and push every inch of his tongue upward.

And inward.

In quick and firm strokes you feel his tongue slide deeper inside.

You start to find a delicious rhythm and feel your inner lips start to contract and expand.

You are as close as you have been.

The moment is just too right.

Anyone can come in at any moment and find you riding up and down on top of his lips and tongue.

Right on your couch.

Right in your office.

Right in the place where you have made so many decisions and have been in control a multitude of times.

And yet, this amazing man.

He has you at his complete mercy.

And yet, he still in many ways is as frantic as you are.

Maybe even just as vulnerable.

You feel that this orgasm may be one of your strongest ever.

And then suddenly he stops.

He rips the blindfold right off of you.

The sudden intensity almost takes your breath away.

You are stunned at what you see.

His throbbing dick has been released from his pants and it is sticking all of the way upward and outward. There is a clear drip of pre-cum dripping off the head.

You suddenly realize that he has been playing with it as he has been licking and fingering you. In fact he is still stroking the shaft in a slow and lazy up and down motion.

“Play with your clit,” he demands.

“I … “

“Play with your clit!”

Your fingers fly downward and you feel the tip of it trembling.

You caress it in a wave like motion. Such a tight whirlwind of lust.

His strokes become faster and more firm. His cock is twitching back and forth.

You look down and see that the red and purple colored head of his pulsating dick is swaying back and forth in circle like motions.

That is how hungry that he is for you right now.

The veins are stretched all of the way outward from the swollen shaft.

So that is threatening to come apart and burst.

You are hovering just above him as he continues to lean back.

He reaches upward and tries to grab a hold of you. Frantic as he is to feel your wetness all of the way against his eager crown.

But you tease him. Hovering just above. Teasing him the same exact way he has been teasing you for days.

So you feel him reach upward so as to take hold of your inner thighs on either side. He is pulling you slowly downward.

He craves the feeling of your clit.

So he starts to push you down on to the head of his pounding dick. So that the outer edges of your swollen pleasure pearl are grinding against his length and width so deliciously.

“My … fucking … god!”

He can feel your flowing juices that continue to pour out of you like an out of control fountain coat the ends of the head.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” you screech. “Need to … feel … you … inside of me!”

“Patience” he commands.

For the fact of the matter is that he needs to be completely covered in all of your soaking wet and sexy honey.

“Damn … you!”

“Stop it. You love this and you know it”.

You are helpless to respond. Your body has already betrayed you.

So now he has you slowly slide downward as you continue to try to rock up and down against him.

He can feel every single swell of your sassy clit as it slides all of the way down the side of his swollen shaft. Leaving a trail of flooding juices within its wake.

All of the way downward now he pushes you. So that your outer lips cling to the base of his dick.

He starts to lift you continuously now up and down against him. All the way down to the root.

So that you are forced to feel the all over clit massage that his over heated dick is making you experience.

Making your clit burn with a fiery need that spreads all of the way throughout every fiber of your being.

He cannot help but reach up and take the bottom swells of your scrumptious breasts in between the edges of his hands. Lifting them slightly upward so as to softly blow against the sensitive underside of the bottom curves.

This indirect stimulation forces the very tips of your throbbing nipples to tighten even more. The pointed edges thirst so much to feel the end of a soothing tongue.

He wraps and curls the tip of a tireless tongue now around and around the outer edges of your sexy left nipple. Spiraling it around and around again and again.

Also he continues the all out assault against your fiery clit that is completely trapped against his groin.

Not wanting to let the other nipple feel left out he wets his finger within your flood of juices.

Taking the tip of your right nipple in between middle finger and thumb you feel him start to stretch and pull the pointed end all of the way outward so that it is totally elognated and extended.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!”

When the tip of the left nipple is totally tight and completely taut it is now the tip of his teasing tongue that you feel bear down oh so lightly and lazily against the very middle of the pinnacle.

His tongue is still and silent and he can feel the tip of your sexy nipple quiver underneath the edge.

While this is going on he starts to spiral the edge of an eager thumb around and around the outer edges of your trapped right nipple so as to keep both of your swollen and throbbing nipples stimulated at the same exact time.

And more quickly and more firmly you start to ride up and down against the outer ridges of his achingly swollen dick. Pounding your pulsating pussy back and forth as the juices continue to pour out of you.

So that he is becoming more and more frantic to feel more of you. And so much of him just wants to lift upward all the way while pushing you all of the way downward so that you can completely feel what you are doing right now.

As he still feels the soft brush of your sensitive clitoris sliding down every single inch of his over heated dick.

Your scorching hot and sexy nipples are like an inflamed drug that he is completely addicted to.

He simply cannot get enough of them right now.

In fact all he wants to do is devour them for hours and hours until the stinging sensation makes them burn with stifling sensuality.

So that then he can be there to soothe them with the tip of a soft and smooth tongue.

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