An Unexpected Break

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An unplanned break

Part 1

The thought of going away on my own never have arisen before as my wife and I had not long returned from four weeks holidaying on a small Greek island in the Dodecanese. However, I found myself at a loose end after we had been back for a few weeks and was getting restless having finished a major project for my work and was just looking to wind down for a couple of days or so. It was my wife who suggested that why didn’t I take a short notice break on another Greek island but this time leaving from the airport less than one hour travelling time from our home? On that basis I had a quick look and found a flight departing from a regional airport in south-west England to the island of Zante where I could get a room in a small hotel for a very modest cost. With such a rapid set of short notice circumstances I found myself boarding an easyJet flight along with a few other holidaymakers the following Tuesday.

After we taken off, I settled back with a book to while away the three hours the flight would take. The book didn’t hold my attention for long and I found myself making small talk with a woman sitting on my left with her husband sitting on her left. The ice had been broken when she’d asked me to move so she could get into the aisle, I assumed to visit the washroom.

When she returned, I found that she and her husband were staying at the same small hotel as me. It was clear they visited the island before and knew it quite well as the two of them were telling me about the pleasant beaches and the very quiet night life (or lack of it) to be found in mid-September.

After arriving and disembarking at Dionysios Solomos airport, I miraculously found my small luggage among the wonderfully typically Greek chaos and boarded the minibus supplied by the hotel to pick up its guests. When boarding the bus, I distanced myself from the couple as I felt they’d had enough of my company already and I wasn’t particularly looking to form any holiday friendships.

On arrival at the hotel I was surprisingly quickly allocated a corner room on the first floor so I grabbed my bag and went to the room, finding it clean, small and compact but which would happily do me for the few nights I was staying. Not wishing to waste any time I dropped my case on the bed and immediately turned and went out to have a look around.

I made my way out of the hotel by a flight of outside steps where it was about a 10-minute walk to the nearest taverna and bar. Grateful for the solitude, I ordered a bottle of wine and a good traditional helping of moussaka and immersed myself in the ebb and flow of the local language in which I have a modest working knowledge.

I walked back to the hotel somewhat satiated and with a relaxed air that only a couple of glasses of retsina can induce. Arriving back the hotel I showered and packed my meagre wardrobe and crashed out. I went downstairs the next morning and immediately recognised the couple from the aeroplane and nodded in their direction; she raised her hand in return. I asked at the hotel where there was a beach nearby and was directed to Argassie probably about 10 minutes away. As I set out, the guy from the couple hailed me and advised that in fact there was a better beach just little further away called Kalamaki which is more secluded and hence quieter and then gave me simple directions to find it.

After I’d been at the beach for a while and enjoyed a swim, I sat under a sunshade and read my book. Later, feeling the need for a beer I got up and walked to a kiosk again passing the couple. In short, the day was no more than that and it was about 5 o’clock when I headed off back to the hotel picking up a couple of bottles of white wine from one of the local bars on the way.

Later that evening, I sat outside on my small balcony, listening to the cicadas and generally revelling in the night-time sounds of Greece. To keep the mosquitoes away I sat outside in complete darkness wearing only swimming trunks. I been sitting there for half an hour or so when I heard the doors onto the balcony of the next apartment being slid open and a figure stepped out; after a few seconds a match was struck and applied to a pair of what turned out to be, from the scent, citronella candles. I then realised that the figure was the man from the couple that I’d first encountered at the airport and again on the beach. He arranged couple of chairs around a central table, one with his back to me through the smoked glass partition; the other facing him on the opposite side of the table. He clearly had no idea I was there; I sat quietly. As he was sitting in a pool of light, he would not have be able to see further than the opposite side of his table. He went back in and then came out with a small bottle of wine and sat down.

A couple of minutes later his wife came to join him and sat down opposite him. She clearly thought they were alone because all she was wearing was a bottom half of her bikini. For Escort Bayan the next couple of minutes also I had the pleasure of sipping my glass of wine and admiring her rather full well shaped breasts. After about 10 minutes or so they chatted quietly and then as the feeling of isolation surrounded them, they began to talk little louder and I noticed that she had already finished a second glass of wine and was asking for another which he duly filled. They chatted about inconsequential things as married people do and he poured himself another glass and emptied the remaining wine into hers.

After a while she leaned back in her chair, raised her arms and stretched, turning slightly towards him and smiled.

‘I’d like another glass of wine’ she said softly.

‘Is that a good idea?’ He asked. ‘You know what you’re like when you’ve had more than a couple of glasses.’ He said softly.

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘I know exactly what I’m like when I’ve had more than a couple of glasses and that’s why I’d like another. Anyway, I’m on holiday.’ she added easing forwards in her chair slightly and parting her legs and drawing her shoulders back to thrust out her breasts.

By this time, I was fascinated. The husband was clearly interested in that he gave a low chuckle and I thought to myself, ‘Your luck could be in this evening’.

He stood up saying that he’d need to go and get a bottle from the shop 10 minutes or so down the road. Strangely, the small restaurant in the hotel didn’t sell wine other than to diners.

She indicated that perhaps it didn’t matter but I could sense that, to the husband, it did matter and said he’d go anyway. He went back into the room and couple of minutes later I heard him call that he was just leaving, followed a few seconds later by the sound of the door closing. A minute or so later I heard his footsteps on the stairs leading down to the ground floor.

To allow him to clear the hotel, I hesitated for a minute or so, no more, and then stood up from my table, picking up my bottle of wine as I did so. I walked to the dividing glass partition and reached over my balcony with the bottle in my hand so that she could see it from her side.

I called out quietly, ‘If you’d like something in the meantime you are more than welcome to glass of this.’ And then I added, ‘My name’s David, we met at the airport.’ By way of explanation.

From the light the candle on her balcony I saw her look in my direction, hesitate for a couple of seconds, and then pick up her glass and, covering her breasts with her left arm, she walked towards the glass partition.

‘That’s very kind,’ she said, ‘it would keep me going until Steve gets back.’ She added, ‘My name is Anne, that’s Anne with an “e”.’

As she approached the glass partition she changed her glass from her right hand to her left in order to offer the glass to my proffered bottle, in doing so I got a very pleasurable closer look at her breasts which were pleasingly large and clearly quite firm as they moved only slightly as she walked. The glass came into view and I reached over and filled the glass.

‘Thank you, David,’, she said, ‘that’s a very generous amount.’

‘It’s my pleasure Anne with an “e”,’ I said, ‘anything to help a lady in distress until her husband reappears.’

She smiled, and I wondered if she could see me through the darkened glass what with my balcony being in total darkness. She appeared quite at ease and not at all shy which I found, I have to say, rather appealing. As if to prolong the conversation she asked how I’d enjoyed the beach, and did I find the apartment comfortable? I replied that I was enjoying both and they were just what I needed for a few days away. She said that theirs was equally so and that the one to the other side of theirs was unoccupied. Indeed, it was possible that we were the only people on this floor. During the few minutes we talked she took the occasional sip of her wine while standing there perfectly at ease. She had also ceased to cover her breasts and was standing there not more than two feet away from me. Feeling quite confident that she couldn’t see me in any great detail, I took the opportunity to take a longer look at her. She was of medium height with her longish hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had caught the sun and was looking fit and healthy. I looked her up and down feeling somewhat voyeuristic but enjoying the sight of her nonetheless.

I’d noticed that her glass was approaching empty and I asked if she’d like a top up. She hesitated and then smiled and said that she would and proffered her glass around the side of the balcony. I duly topped it up. She pulled the glass away as I heard, and she heard it too, the footsteps of her husband climbing the stairway having returned from the village.

‘Thank you for the wine David,’ she said, and added, ‘and to your pleasant company.’ Anne raised her glass in my direction in a silent toast.

She turned and walked away to the other side of Escort their balcony. She placed the glass on the table beside her chair and turning as she went to sit down, she hesitated and then casually pushed down and stepped out off the bottom half of her bikini. Once seated, whether in my imagination or fantasy, she slowly parted and then crossed her legs to await the arrival of her husband. It was a split-second flash of her beautifully shaven pussy that was firmly imprinted on my mind and I admired her casualness and her confidence. However, I had no idea whether it is something she had done deliberately. As I pondered the possibility her husband appeared on her balcony with two bottles of wine.

When he noticed her sitting there, he said ‘Where did that come from?’ nodding at her glass of wine.

‘From the kind gentleman next door to tide me over until you came back.’

He looked blankly in my direction but just seem to accept it and also probably noticing that his wife was now sitting naked before him and he asked no further.

I sat down again on my side and closed my eyes and once again let the noise from the cicadas surround me.

I woke with a start, oriented myself for second and looked at my watch; I reckon I’d been asleep for about half an hour. As I went to get up, I became aware that the conversation from Steve and Anne’s balcony had taken on a different tone. Anne was talking softly but with a husky edge to her voice and also facing Steve while sitting with her legs slightly parted. There was a moment’s silence when she asked him to pour her another drink while offering her empty glass towards him. As he stood pouring her another glass, I saw her reach up and run her hands over the front of his shorts.

‘Why don’t you take these off?’ She said tugging at the belt.

He clearly needed no second bidding and quickly dropped them and stepped out of them. As he did so she placed her glass on the table. She reached towards him, grasped his hips and pulled him toward her and in one smooth movement took his cock fully into her mouth.

He was as shaken as I was. I heard his gasp quite clearly as he clumsily put the bottle down on the table whilst holding the back of her head. I watched in a somewhat stunned silence and with a rapidly growing erection. Without making any sound, I slid off my shorts; leaning forward I picked up my glass and sipped my wine while watching her expertly using her mouth and hand to bring him to a very respectable erection.

After a minute or so he pulled out of her mouth. He muttered something about being his turn now and lent down to kiss her while fondling her breasts, which by now was showing impressively erect nipples. He then slowly knelt kissing her breasts and then as he moved further down to kneel fully in front of her. She leaned back in her chair while, again in one fluid movement, spreading her legs wide, she grabbed his hair and pulled his head down while thrusting her hips towards him and buried his face in her open pussy.

It is a wonder that they didn’t hear my heavy breathing as I had never seen anything quite so erotic and so close up and real. He made some muffled noises but clearly immediately hit the spot, as it were, as his tongue found her clitoris, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes and with her breaths coming in short but clearly audible pants.

Slowly, I started to stroke myself as I watched. After only a couple of minutes or so, I noticed her arch backwards and then go completely rigid where she paused for a few seconds and then started to tremble almost as if shivering and then let out a very low, almost inaudible, long breath. She quietened down; he drew away from her and I could see that the inside of her thighs and his lower face and neck were soaking wet.

They stayed in that position without saying anything for a full minute and then he reached down and offered her his hand.

‘Now it’s my turn’ he said.

She took his offered hand and he helped her to the feet. She was clearly unsteady, holding on to the back of her chair as she rose. He stepped back pulling the table clear from the balcony railings and then his chair. Without being asked she stood before the railings and holding the top bar eased herself backwards bending at the waist and then turning slightly in my direction, blatantly parting her legs, exposing her wet pussy and thighs. In the few seconds that he looked at his wife I took in this exquisite view and let my gaze travel along to her pendulous breasts. As I did so, I almost brought myself to orgasm but stopped just before the spasms could overtake me.

Her husband took his time before moving slowly towards her and I imagine he teased her slightly with his erect cock before he took hold of her hips and in one impossibly hard thrust rammed his way into her. She let out a gasp and was then silent. He paused and then he let go of her hips to lean forward to take her breasts in either hand. They stayed like that for a short Bayan Escort while and then he started slow and rhythmic thrusts into her; he giving slightly audible grunts. She was silent but I could see her thrusting against him in unison.

This went on for a few minutes and I was slowly matching his thrusts with my own strokes on my, by now, wet and slippery cock. I then noticed that his thrusts were getting harder until he let go of her breasts and standing up slightly to grasp her hips; he paused a little as if to steady himself and then he started to move again but this time he quickly picked up the pace and I noticed that he took an even firmer grip on her hips and then started to really drive vigorously into her. She grunted at the first few strokes and then went silent and stayed still as by no doubt would she have been able to match the rapidity of his thrusts. As his thrusts grew even faster, I clearly heard the wet slapping sounds and, by the candlelight, could just make out a river of wetness running down her legs and also some splashes reaching the floor with every thrust. As he pounded even harder, I saw her stiffen slightly and gasp; he seemed to notice this and with two in impossibly hard thrusts finally rammed fully into her and held it there. As he clearly started to cum, I watched as she too started shuddering as she had the previous time, almost as if shivering. As she started this he let go of her hips and put his arms around the front of her to support her as he, as I had, noticed that her legs had started to give way and he held her there as he started to empty himself inside her.

With perfect timing, the three of us came together; him inside her, she, almost squirting, and I over my hand, stomach and thighs.

After half a minute or so, he quietened down and, still holding her, withdrew and then moved down with her as, still clinging to the rail, she knelt down and rested her head on her arms, breathing silently, but, from the look of her shoulders, slow, deep shuddering breaths. Neither of them spoke; she slowly quietened and then still holding the rail she eased herself up and almost fell sideways into her chair. She leaned back still breathing heavily and I watched fascinated as her breasts heaved up and down in time with her breathing and also I had the voyeuristic pleasure of seeing her turn slightly towards him, and thus also towards me, she lifted her hips slightly and with an almost imperceptible movement pushed out a gobbet his cum which started to flow from her gaping pussy.

‘Clean me up, Steve.’ she whispered.

He didn’t hesitate and, kneeling before her, did as she asked. He clearly did a little more than clean her as I again noticed the slight stiffening and then the shivering as a third, and this time, violent orgasm overtook her. It was a magnificent sight and it seemed to last for a considerable time before she finally quietened, and he pulled away from her.

‘Pass me my wine.’ She said.

He retrieved it from the table and at the same time took his own class too. He handed hers to her and then they touched glasses.

‘Thank you’ he said.

‘The pleasure was all mine, Steve.’ She said, smiling at him.

They both slipped their wine and then he said he was going to take a quick shower. She nodded her assent. As he turned to go, she said, ‘I’ll tidy up out here.’

He nodded and went inside.

After a minute or so she stood up and pulled the table and his chair back near the balcony railings. She bent down and I thought she was going to blow out the two citronella candles but instead, she picked up and lit a cigarette, hesitated and stood up straight again.

She took a pace back and then turned to face in my direction her legs slightly apart. Then, again with almost imperceptible movement I watched transfixed as a huge teardrop of Steve’s cum leaking from her pussy; after a couple of seconds, it fell slowly on a long thread which then parted, and it fell to the floor. In the dim light I thought I could make out what may have been a smile.

She stood there and took another sip of her wine and then a long draw on her cigarette; she inhaled deeply, held it and then let out a thin stream of smoke, tilting her head back as she did so. I caught a whiff of menthol, but only a hint. Then she moved forward, stopping close to the glass partition.

She reached forward and tapped lightly on the glass. ‘Good night David,’ she said still smiling, ‘I enjoyed your company.’

‘Good night, Anne with an “e”.’ I said softly.

‘Sleep well’. She said.

‘I’m not sure that I’ll be able to.’ I countered.

‘Well’, she said softly, ‘if you make yourself cum again, I’m sure that you will.’

She moved back to the table and blew out both candles; in the ensuing pitch darkness I heard her move nearer to the partition.

‘I plan to see you again David, properly the next time.’ She said softly.

I then heard her move into their room and draw the glass doors behind her to a close.

I pondered all the implications as I finished my wine. Coming to no particular conclusion I went back into my room to clean myself up. It had been an interesting evening to say the least. I wondered where it would lead to next.

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