An Unconventional Moment

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My mouth dries out as I watch his long fingers work the buttons of his shirt, my fingers itching to touch the expanse of bare chest slowly being exposed. Shivers of anticipation tingle up and down my spine as I watch his hands fall to his waistband, his long fingers slipping the material over his hips.

I unconsciously lick my lips as he moves in closer. His movements remind me of a panther stalking its prey, raw strength and masculinity under sleek skin. Locks of dark hair spill over his face, hiding his eyes from mine, and I feel the cold streak of apprehension slithering its way into my belly. For all I pretend, I really don’t know this bare man before me.

I suck in a deep breath, feeling my heart skitter with uneasy palpitations; my fantasy standing scarcely inches away. Foolish doesn’t begin to describe how I’m starting to feel. Yet, he is exactly as I’ve imagined him to be countless times, his pale flesh pulled tight across his lanky frame, scars crisscrossing along his chest and stomach, twisting around to his back. My eyes eagerly take in every aspect of his visage.

Slowly, tentatively, I reach a hand out to touch him, the need to feel his flesh almost overwhelming. He must have understood my hesitation because he grabs my hand and pulls me to him. His lips meet mine—hard. Commanding. Domineering. Startled, I can only stand still under the assault of his lips, surprised that he would take such brash initiative; I would not have expected this. Waves of heat course through me as he angles his head, pressing the kiss deeper. I wonder if this is truly what he tastes like as my lips gently open against his.

I push that thought aside and coil my hands around his neck. This moment is for me; this is what I’ve fantasized about for years.

I feel his fingers working the buttons on my blouse; the idle thought of how wrong this is pushed away by the feel of his fingers on my flesh. My body is uncontrollable, arching into his touch, like a cat in heat, as he gently sucks my lower lip.

I have to mentally give myself permission to touch him, bracing myself for the rebuke that will never come; yet, I still fear the harsh reprimand over what I am doing. His skin is so hot against mine, everything in me becoming heavy with need as his pale body – tense, naked, intent, surrounds me. I barely feel the chill as he divests the rest of my clothing.

My breath catches deep in my throat as his fingers artful tease my breasts. Tweaking, squeezing, gradually drawing the pleasure out until I gasp out against his mouth. His chuckles burst up from deep within his chest, sounding odd to my ears, high pitched reverberations Zonguldak Escort that have no place in this moment.

He places languid kisses down the curve of my throat, pausing to nip at the thudding pulse at the base. I press into the feel of his teeth, wanting to mark this moment, needing a small trophy of my boldness. His right hand pinches at my left nipple making me arch into him. I close my eyes to this sensory overload only to feel his breath fanning against my chest. My eyes snap open as he takes one taut nipple into his mouth.

I want to weep. Never… never have I felt such sensations. Everything is awake to his touch; my senses attuned to every bit of his body, the feel of his hands holding me, the wetness of his mouth as his nibble on my nipple, the feel of his erection pressing against my hip. A long sigh erupts from my throat as his teeth gently scrap against me, his mouth tormenting my nipple with this pleasure, drawing it deeply into his mouth again.

I cup his face with my hands, drawing him up so I can kiss him. It’s a protective measure, a chance for me to grab control of what is happening to me, yet he offers no quarter. He pushes me back against the bed, a wicked smile on his lips; how odd it looks there, curling along the lines that have always been so harsh. The weight of his body settles over me, pressing into me as our tongues dance around one another.

His hair drags along my flesh as his mouth moves down my body. Hot, wet, addictive kisses tailing down as he shifts his weight on the bed. His fingers skim across my flesh, touching places that I’ve only dared to touch in the dark of night. His palms spread my thighs wide, his shoulders wedging them apart.

I feel the blush of panic setting in; my first impulse is to push him away, I feel vulnerable splayed open like this to him. All I can manage, however, is a fractured moan that escapes from deep within my throat as he slowly licks. My fingers clench his hair, and I can feel him chuckle in satisfaction as my body arches up against his mouth. Deliberately he strokes and probes with his tongue, my body shuddering in pleasure as he teases the folds of me. Wordlessly my hips tilt up, this silent surrender to his mouth urging him on as he nibbles at my entrance. Then with frustrating care, he penetrates me with his tongue.

“Severus,” I gasp out. I couldn’t stop that name from rushing past my lips in a strangled cry as I splinter apart. I don’t know if he noticed, or perhaps he is professional enough not to care.

He rises above me, his face set in concentration, as he pushes his erection against my slick folds, just gently Zonguldak Escort Bayan nudging in. His eyes capture mine; I could drown in the darkness of them.

With one powerful move, he drives himself deep into me. My body arches up against his, only to have him pull slightly out and drive even deeper. I can feel my body yielding to his, enclosing him deep within me. His head bends down, his lips gently brushing against mine as his body retreats a fraction, only to slide deeply in once again.

I brush the hair back from his face as we move in slow rhythm, his body urging mine in this instinctive dance. My body shudders in this moment of pure bliss, his own seeming to know just what I need as I need it. Harder, deeper, he surges into me, my body rising to meet his, arching to take him deeper still.

“Please Severus,” I moan out as his body dances against mine, my fingers digging deep into his shoulders. I can’t help myself, this is what I’ve been waiting for, I am greedy for this moment.

Then I feel an immediate loss as he pull from me. I wonder, briefly, if I’ve broken some taboo. Perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut.

“Don’t stop!” I cry out, my voice sounding raspy to my own ears.

I shouldn’t have worried. His hands pull me up and direct me onto my stomach. I can feel the bed bow under his weight as he kneels behind me. His hands grip my hips as I feel his lips slide along my back, small trailing kisses up to my neck. He pushes my hair aside and gently bites at the nape. My body trembles with need as I look at him over my shoulder. Our eyes meet as he slides his hands up over my body, past the sensitive sides of my breasts before tracing down the back of my arms.

“Stretch your arms up over your head,” he whispers seductively in my ear. I pretend his voice doesn’t sound wrong, unwilling to ruin my fantasy. My body slumps down onto the bed without their support. His hands burn into mine as he places them up by the pillows.

“Don’t move your arms,” he purrs in my ear, my heart thundering in my ears as I wait, wondering what he has planned. His body slides down mine, his knees on either side of mine as his hands grab my hips once again. I can feel his fingers probe me, bringing ragged moans from deep within my throat. He takes the tip of his erection and just slowly brushes it against me, slow languid strokes, the pleasurable suspense building.

“What do you want Areyn?” his voice rumbles out against my ear.

Do I want this? I’ve wanted this for so very long.

“Do you want this?” he asks, his erection just nudging into me a bit. I nod my head in response.

“Tell Escort Zonguldak me, do you want me,” his voice sounds strained against my flesh.

“Oh God yes, Severus,” my voice sounding raspy to my own ears, “Please, Severus, please.” I can’t help myself, I’m sobbing incoherently now, the need for him is overwhelming.

I feel him shift behind me, his fingers opening me, until finally, he thrusts harshly into me. My body clenches around him in response. His hands grip me tightly as he withdrawals just a tiny bit only to surge into me again. My body feels on fire as he possesses me, pounding deeper, harder, faster, as my body surrenders to the growing inferno. My hips push back against his, feeling him go impossibly deep, taking more and more of him into me. His hands glide up my body again, finding my swollen breasts, his fingers squeezing the sensitive nipples as I gasp out.

“I want to see you cum,” he whispers against my neck, “I want to see your eyes.”

My body clenches tightly around him at those words. I feel him drive into me once more, before pulling out completely.

I pull him towards me as I roll over; the weight of his body feels so good against me. Our lips meet, his hands pulling at my hips as he drives deep into me. My body arches against his, feeling him plunge deeper into me.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he commands, and I feel him push in deeper still, so unfathomable deep. His eyes, so dark, stair straight into mine as my body starts to convulse. He moves quicker, harder, the fast pace making my body swim in sensations, until everything shatters apart. I feel him grow thicker within me, his body shuddering along with mine as he plunges deep one last time, and then nothing else exists, but the feel of him. Feeling boneless, I reveal in the feel of his heavy hot body on mine. I brush the hair back from his face and gently kiss his lips. I can feel him exhale against me as he shifts his body off me, setting next to me on the bed, drawing me into his arms.

My head rests on his chest, in the hollow just below his shoulder as he presses a kiss to my forehead.

I wonder what to do now, wonder, if I should just stay here, in the bed wrapped around him. Or, if I should be tactless and pay for what just transpired. I have the urge to flee; I don’t really want to be here with this look-a-like fantasy.

There’s time enough later for self-recriminations. I lightly kiss his lips, and move from the bed. I feel his eyes on me as I mutter a quick cleaning spell under my breath and start to dress. I try not to feel cheap and disgusting as the wine glasses clink against one another as I place the money on top of the side table.

I whisper a breathy “thank you,” as I move towards the door. I have no idea if he acknowledged my thanks, I just push through the door, ready to return to the real world. It’s going to be a long winter break.

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