An uncle’s story

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I have been lusting after my niece for years now. It probably started when she was 13. I had always had a thing for her mum, my wife’s sister, Susan. She is gorgeous, long blonde hair, thin supple body, and big tits. When it got cold or she got excited, Susan’s tits stuck out an inch, and she did nothing to hide them. In fact I think she did everything to show them off to me.

My niece, Kirsty, looked almost exactly like her mum, except she had light brown hair. As I said, I started to fantasize about her when she was 13. She was visiting, and had just got out of the pool after a swim. She was wearing a cute 2 piece bikini, which didn’t cover much, when I noticed her tits. They weren’t that big then, about a size 32B, but her nipples stuck out about an inch just like Susan’s did. At that sight, I started getting hard, and quickly dove into the cool water of the pool to hide my erection. When I had regained my composure, I got out and went inside. That night, I masturbated twice before I was able to go to sleep.

I didn’t get to see Kirsty much. Her family moved away shortly after that visit, and I really only got to see her about once a year, when her family came for a visit or my family went to visit hers. I tried to ignore my lust for her, and I did it succesfully for a couple of years.

It was during a visit to her family that our relationship changed. Kirsty was 15, and had developed into a gorgeous young lady. She was a bit of a hand full for her parents, but I always got on well with her, and she never misbehaved when I was around. Her tits were now quite large, 36D. her hair was long, resting halfway down her back, and she had the face of an angel.

One day, my wife Helen, Susan and Kirsty were on the beach and had been there most of the day, and it was starting to get late in the afternoon. Susan had been showing her body off to me as usual. Her usual method was to wait until I was looking in her direction, and she would stretch, or turn over, or a hundred other little things that seemed innocent but weren’t. It got me worked up as usual, and my cock got very hard.

About that time my wife and Susan decided they would go home. I was in no condition to leave, walking up the beach with a cock sticking out the front of my swim suit is not a good look, so I decided to stay a while longer. Kirsty asked her mum if she could stay too, and Susan agreed. I was lying on my stomach hiding my hard cock. I sat up to kiss my wife goodbye, and tried to hide my cock. I gave her a kiss and they left.

There weren’t too many people left on the beach, and as was usual we had got a spot away from the crowd anyway.

Kirsty positioned her towel next to mine and lay down on her stomach. She was wearing a bikini which was very skimpy, and she spread her legs. I watched as he bikini bottoms disappeared into her arse crack.

As they walked away, Kirsty said, “I saw mum teasing you.”

I said, “I don’t know what your talking about.”

She said, “Don’t play dumb with me, I saw your cock when you kissed Helen goodbye, mum did that to you, didn’t she?”

I didn’t know what to say. She continued, “Have you fucked mum before….is that why she teases you?”

Again I didn’t know what to say. I said, “Um, I…..uh….don’t think that’s any of your business.”

She said, “You have!! I knew it, mum is always saying how hot you are”

I said, “Kirsty, we shouldn’t be discussing this.”

She said, “Mick, don’t worry I won’t be telling Helen. But could you answer me just one question?”

I thought about it for a while, and I figured it couldn’t hurt. “Ok just one”, I said.

Kirsty said, “I always wondered whether you ever fantasized about me.”

I was stunned….what do I say? I said, “Where is this coming from?”

She said, “I see things. I see kocaeli escort mum teasing you, I see perving on mum, and I see you looking at me the same way now. So answer me.”

I was skating on thin ice and I knew it. I had been presented an opportunity here, and I’d be a fool to pass up on it. On the other hand, I could be getting myself into a heap of shit here. I let my cock think for me and said, “Ok yeah, I have had the odd fantasy about you.”

She said, “Really? I have to admit I have fantasies about you too.”

I got hard again, and I wanted to know where this was going, so I said, “Ok what do we do about it?”

She said, “Well I think we should do want we want to do.” With that she turned over onto her back. She very suggestively brought her hands up under her tits, cupping them. Then she pinched her nipples, which stood straight up.

I said, ” Don’t you think that’s wrong, after all you are my niece.”

She said in a low voice, “If you don’t want me, just say so.”

I growled, “Of course I want you, but I tell you this, we do it all or we do nothing.”

She smiled and said, “I guess we’ll have to see what happens.”

She stood up then, got her towel and shook it. I had no idea what was going on, but she kept packing up. She said, “Its getting late, we better go.” And with that she started to leave. I got up very quickly and said angrily, “I am NOT going to be teased like this.”

Kirsty turned around, stepped up to me, pressed her body next to mine, grabbed my head and pulled my lips to hers. With her only free hand, she reached down and felt my cock, rubbing it through my swim suit. As we started to kiss, I parted my lips and thrust my tongue into her mouth. I reached up and cupped her tits, pinching the nipples hard, making them stand out. She moaned, my tongue met hers, and we kissed like this for what seemed like ages before she broke it off. She said, “I am not teasing you, I want you badly, but if we don’t get home it’ll be sus…..besides this is a bit public, don’t you think?”

I had to agree. The whole thing conspired to have me at full mast again. Luckily there was nobody on the beach anymore, and as we walked home my cock softened enough not to be noticed.

That night we ate dinner and started watching a movie. Halfway through the movie, I got up to go for a drink, and found that Kirsty had followed me into the kitchen. She was wearing a satin nightie that barely covered her arse. I was wearing satin boxers and a t-shirt. As I was bending over to get a can of soft drink from the fridge, she came up behind me, and fondled my arse, reaching between my legs to feel my balls and cock. I gasped, not expecting that, but loving it all the same.

I instantly got hard, and Kirsty acknowledged that by groaning. She said, “Mick, I really need you tonight.”

I turned around to face her and not caring about being caught I took her into my arms and kissed her, moving my tongue into her mouth. She responded with her tongue and we stayed like that for a few minutes. I said, “ok, but we’ll have to wait until the others are asleep.”

We broke apart, and I returned with my drink, Kirsty calling out that she was going to bed.

After about an hour, the movie ended and we all went to bed. After 20 minutes later, my wife was asleep, so I got up and went to Susan’s bedroom, and heard her sleeping.

I then went to Kirsty’s room. When I went in. I saw her sleeping with just a sheet over her. I thought damn it, but I was too excited, and my cock needed to be buried in a pussy that night.

I went to the bed, and gently pulled the sheet back. Kirsty’s nightie had ridden up to expose her pussy. I was very surprised to find that she had been shaving her pussy, because she was completely bald. My cock stood to attention.

I escort bayan knelt beside the bed and reached over to cup her pussy. She stirred but did not wake up. I then applied a bit of pressure to her thighs and they parted. This gave me access to my prize and I went for it. I moved my middle finger down and started to slide up and down her slit, and on every up stroke, I dipped in to her cunt to lubricate my finger. I smelt her musty pussy juice, and it was what I had hoped for.

Kirsty moaned softly, and spread her legs further apart, it just made it easier for me. With my other hand, I slipped up underneath her nightie, and started to fondle her tits, lightly pinching her nipples. With my hand under her nightie, it made it ride up exposing her stomach. I knew I had to taste her skin, and so I started to kiss her stomach, licking it, dipping my tongue into her belly button. I stopped sliding my finger up and down her slit, and found her clit, rubbing that hard and fast. Her pussy juice flowed out in buckets.

It was the final straw, and with all the stimulation, Kirsty woke. She groaned, “Oh fuck Mick, what are you doing to me?”

I said, “Just what you wanted me to.”

Just then Kirsty shuddered and cum, hard. After she stopped, she sat bolt upright, and that forced me to stop and sit back away from her. She then whipped her nightie off. She then said in a low voice, “My turn.”

With that, Kirsty stood me up, and pulled me boxers down. As she was doing that, I took my t-shirt off. She leaned in and engulfed my 6 inch cock. She was sucking as if it was going to be her last cock, and I was loving it. She was swirling her tongue around my cock head, and gently kneeding my balls. She did this for a few minutes, and then changed tactics. She started to deep throat me. I wasn’t going to last long, and I told her. She ignored me, and I felt my balls contract, and I knew I was going to cum in her mouth. I said, “Ohhh baby……I going to…..cum.”

Kirsty did something then that I would never have dreamed would happen to me. She dipped her middle finger into her pussy, finger fucking herself for a few moments, then she pulled it out, and reached through my legs, and drove her finger into my arse. Kirsty hit my prostrate on entry, and that pushed me over the edge. I spewed my load into her sweet mouth. It was as big a load as I can ever remember, and she swallowed the lot.

I laid on her bed beside her, and we cuddled. I said, “Fuck that was awesome, you were awesome.”

Kirsty said, laughing, “You know, I have never been woken like that, I think I like it.”

I started to get hard again, and I pulled her close and kissed her. As my tongue swirled around in her mouth, I tasted my cum, and it made me harder.

I kissed her face, and moved to her neck. I nibbled at it, and she groaned softly. I moved lower, and paused at her tits. I licked and sucked and nibbled her tits, which became erect like little cocks. I moved lower licking my way to her belly button, pausing there for some time, kissing and nibbling her stomach, before I went lower to her pussy.

Kirsty, by this time, was wriggling on the bed. When I got to her pussy, I licked up and down on the outside of her lips, teasing her by darting my tongue in every now and then. She started to beg me “Please fuck me, I need your cock……..please”

I wasn’t listening. I pushed my tongue deeper, licking up and down. My hands found their way to her nipples, pinching them as I licked. Kirsty grabbed my hair and pulled my head into her pussy. I then found her clit, and just licked it up and down, pressing my tongue hard against it.

It was too much for Kirsty, and she cum for the second time that night. As she cum, her pussy juice flooded into my mouth, and I drank her izmit escort sweet nectar.

I then climbed up between her legs, positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy, and plunged in to the hilt, she started to moan loudly, and I covered her mouth with mine in a kiss, as much to stop the noise as it was to let her have a taste of her own cum.

I started fucking her hard, pulling my cock almost all the way out, with just my head inside her, and then plunging in as far as I could go. Kirsty lay there for the first few minutes just feeling the senstations, moaning softly, “ohh…..fuck me……ugghh…… shit I love this……do me Mick….fuck me…..” She then started to fuck me back, meeting my thrusts with her own. I started to fuck her hard, and she fucked me hard. I felt I could last forever, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I thought how lucky I was, fucking my beautiful niece. I fucked her like this for about 15 minutes. I felt her have 2 orgasms when her pussy clenched my cock, and then it was my turn.

Just before I was going to cum, Kirsty said, “…..oh shit……I’m……cummmmiiingggg….” And with that I felt her pussy convulse around my cock, and that made me tense drive as deep and I could get within her hot pussy, and then……..explode!!! I gave her 5 or 6 good squirts of cum deep inside her pussy, before collapsing on her and start an embrace.

I pulled out, and found I was still hard……I have never been hard immediately after cumming twice, but I was this time, probably cause I was still turned on by fucking my niece.

Kirsty said, “Your still hard?”

I said, “Yeah, and I know what to do with it….turn over baby.”

Kirsty turned over. and got on all fours. I came up behind her, and took hold of her hips, driving my still hard cock into her cum soaked pussy. I fucked her like this for a few minutes, and pulled out. She looked over her shoulder and said in a disappointed voice, “Mick why did you stop?”

I didn’t answer with words. I put my cock to her puckered arse, and thrust. As I had a good coating of her and my cum, my cock slid straight in. Kirsty grunted with pain, and said, “Stop it hurts.”

I said, “Give it time baby, it’ll be ok.”

I stayed still, my cock buried in her arse. I leaned over and took a hand full of her hair. With my other hand, I reached around and found her pussy, and started to run my finger up and down her slit, paying a lot of attention to her clit. Kirsty started to moan and that was my cue to start to fuck her arse.

I thrust in and out and the feeling was incredible…..she was so tight. Even though I had cum twice already, the sensations were so incredible I wasn’t going to last long. Kirsty didn’t last long at all either. All of a sudden she started moaning loudly, “ohhhh……fuck…… me……I’m cummiiinnggggg……”

With that she cum, her arse clenching around my cock so hard I thought it would break off…….she flooded my hand with cum, and she went limp.

It was too much for me………..when Kirsty’s arse clenched, I thrust deep, and spewed my cum into her bowels. I also went limp, and we collapsed onto her bed, as my cock popped out of her arse.

We embraced and kissed for about an hour after that. Kirsty said after a while, “You better get back to bed.” Reluctantly I agreed, and so I got up and left, slipping back into bed without my wife knowing I’d left.

The next day, Susan caught me alone and said, “Did you hear anything last night?”

I said, “Like what?”

She said, “Like moaning….coming from Kirsty’s room”

I felt a little uncomfortable, and said, “No. Was there a problem, is she alright?”

She looked funnily at me and said, “She’s OK. By the way, we need to talk later.”

I now felt she knew something. I said, “Why not now?”

She said, “Wait till Helen goes to the beach, we’ll hang back and then we’ll have a talk, OK?”

I didn’t think it was ok, but had no choice. I tried to sound normal when I said, “OK, can’t wait.”

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