An Open Window

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I turn the key in the lock and hear the bolt slide and I push the door open. Instinctively, my hand reaches around the corner to hit the light switch and bathe the room in light, but as the door creeps open I see that the room is already bathed in a soft glow and my hand stops short of the switch. The door creeps open the rest of the way and the light from the hallway illuminates most of the shadows that the candle sitting on the table could not. The candles scent fills the room, and I notice a stick of incense burning as well, adding to the aroma.

Then I see you sitting on the other side of the table, behind the burning candle and incense, the strap of your leopard print negligee hangs off your shoulder exposing your breast and the pink nipple at the tip, everything else is blocked by the table, but I have a hunch it is less than nothing.

“Hi honey.” You greet me, your perfect smile framed beautifully on your face. “How was work?”

“It was okay.” I say automatically, shutting off the hallway light and closing the door behind me.

I see now that the chair you are sitting in is against the wall beneath the window, and that the window is open and a comfortable warm summer breeze is blowing in making the candles flame flicker and the tendril of smoke from the incense twirl and dance.

“Take off your clothes.” You command, and I obey.

I set my lunchbox on the table and steal a glance down at you confirming my hunch that you are wearing only the negligee, your beautifully trimmed bush barely visible in the soft glow of the candle and the light from the night sky outside. I catch your eyes catching mine staring at your sex and we exchange smiles.

I take off my shirt first and let it fall to the floor, the candles light flickers off the thin hairs on my chest. I lean over and my ’80’s hairband’ hair falls into my face as I untie my weathered steel toe boots and pull them off one at a time, followed by my socks. I stand back up and catch you fondling yourself, the negligee pulled casino şirketleri up to your waist and your wandering fingers exploring the sensitive folds of your sex. My cock is straining against my pants. I unsnap, unzip, and pull them down, my cock tenting and straining against the fabric of my underwear. I hear you groan with anticipation and my cock gives a jump. Tired of the pressure my cock is putting against my underwear I pull them down and step out of them, my rigid cock standing at attention. You moan again at the sight of me.

“Come here.” You beckon, and I walk around the table to stand near you. You lift a lithe leg and rest your foot on the edge of the table exposing yourself to me. My mouth waters.

“Eat me.” You softly whisper. I then notice the leopard print pillow laying at the base of the chair and I kneel submissively.

I trace my fingers over your smooth thigh towards your pussy and run the back of my hand across it, parting the delicious folds as I do, then continue up your other thigh. I lean forward and inhale the aroma of your sex, so sweet and succulent. You shift your hips in anticipation of my mouth and I don’t want to keep you waiting. I kiss your outer labia repeatedly pressing my lips into the soft flesh, I hear you let out a long sigh of pleasure. I then dip my tongue into the delicious crevice and flick it up and down the length of your slit tasting every inch of you. I raise my arms and encircle your thighs, holding onto you as I continue my administrations.

You spread your thighs even wider and your labia part with them exposing all of your sweetness to my tongue. Your breathing is heavy after a few minutes of this pleasure and I release your thighs so I can use my fingers to spread your labia even wider opening all of your secrets to my eyes and mouth and tongue. I concentrate on your clit as I know this is what you love the most.

I then introduce my middle finger to your saliva wet slit, wiggling it in to the first knuckle and then pumping it in and out going casino firmaları in deeper with every forward thrust. Through the heavy breaths I can hear you articulate the words not to stop, over and over, and I oblige. Then these words change, you me tell of your impending orgasm, or more directly , you tell me you are going to cum, over and over, until the wave finally crashes and you buck your hips into my face and tongue which is still lapping at your pussy and my finger still pumping away into you.

I secretly wonder what stranger might be passing beneath the open window and hearing these soft words of intimacy, but I pay it no mind. If I were a stranger at the window, I would be enjoying the voyeurism, probably with my cock in my hand and pumping a load of cum onto the grass or bushes.

You bring your foot down from the edge to the table and tell me stand up, and you rise with me. We embrace for a moment and kiss, your hand snaking down and giving my still rigid cock a few loving strokes and caresses.

You break away turning around and kneeling on the chair facing outside. With no invitation I come up behind you and grab my cock sliding it up the length of your slit until I find the most precious opening and slip easily inside. You moan as I push my length inside of you and I close my eyes and relish the moment of contact before pulling partially out and beginning my thrusting. The chair creaks with every motion and if not for the distraction of intercourse might have irritated me otherwise.

My thrusts are neither short and quick nor long and slow, but a happy medium in between. I look down and see your pussy gripping me each time I pull out. I love to watch this, I love to see me go inside of you, I love to feel the wet insides sliding around me, I love the feel of your hips beneath my fingers and palms. I grab the back of your negligee and use it as a handle pulling back on it as I fuck you from behind. My breaths are heavy like yours, sweat has begun to wet my skin as I continue to push inside güvenilir casino of you. I release one hand from your negligee and snake it between us finding your clit and rubbing it. Your moan is deep and throaty.

My mind wanders back to the open window and any passerby that may hear our act of love, no, fucking, because that’s what I’m doing now. I’m fucking you, the thrusts are long and quick, all of me inside of you, then outside, then inside again. Your breaths are coming in gasps and I know from experience that you are close to cumming again. I release my other hand from your negligee and join it with the other, one rubbing your clit, the other the space between your clit and our connection. Before long your second orgasm is upon you and your hips push back onto me limiting my thrusting, but I don’t mind. I love it. As you cum you groan deep, and your body shakes.

When these waves subside you lift your hips up forcing me out and you climb down off the chair.

“Sit.” You command. I obey.

I sit on the chair, my cock sticking up wet with our love, our fucking. You grab the back of the chair with one hand and swing a leg over me, and with the other you grab my cock and guide it into your pussy as you sit down on me, burying my length inside of you to the hilt. You moan when the gesture is complete, then lean forward and kiss me on the lips. I snake out my tongue and you yours and they dance together as you begin your motions up and down. You arch your back pushing your small breasts into my face and I tongue the stiff nipples.

Your breathing is heavy again after only a few minutes and not only are you close to cumming but I am as well. You continue pushing up and down on me, my hands on your hips, my tongue on your breasts. I slid my hand to your ass crack and massage the space between your anus and our connection, occasionally going up higher to rub circles around your anus. Your moans are louder, your breaths coming in deep and quick. I feel myself tense up with the impending orgasm. Then you cum, rocking your hips back and forth on my cock, and I spill my hot cum inside of you.

Our breaths are ragged and heavy and spent. You lay your head on my shoulder and I brings my arms around to hold you close.

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