An old man Dreams

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An old man DreamsAn old man dreams of pussy. The ones he penetrated and the ones he craved to penetrate but for whatever reason he didn’t get to.Since he became sexually active, he had a preference for 35 – 45 year old women (which didn’t change as he got older). He put it down to life experience. Pussy that has been regularly mounted – carries a weight of experience within its folds,and swells delicously, in anticipation of a cock at the mat of its slippery entrance.. Goddesses in that age group have invariably between their thighs… pussy that has grown ripe and succulent and even when fully aroused will hold your prick firmly within its soft folds while teasingly suckling your knob as you shunt in and out. He found a measure of such teasing was how long he could hold out before pussy so ripe – aided by bristling hairs tickling his ball sack -would cause his balls to shudder and release their seed in uncontrolable spurts. During his early years – and lack of experience – he found he lost that control quiet quickly. As the years progressed (up to about 40) he managed to hold off quiet well (1.5-2hrs) always ensuring she would orgasm before him. After 40 or so it gets harder to hold on….So what did he learn about pussy types in general…?The young and inexperienced ones. Waiting to be mounted for the first time ones, sealed tight waiting to be broken. Some were coaxed and taken as gently as is possible under the circumstances by anxious and mostly rampant cocks he thought. Some cocks young. Some cocks not so young. The experienced cocks and inexperienced cocks. Others had their tender seals ravished with no quarter given.Then there were the ones who remained sealed into the ripening of their mature years. Pussies that resisted all attempts at groping, fingering or probing, refusing to yield, keeping their legs tightly closed, juices weeping, their peaches growing plump and wiry haired between warm soft thighs.When the pressure became unbearable and the warming between their milky thighs reached fever pitch often they went in search of men many years younger to satisfy their itch. Overcome by the warmth of their splitting peaches they were no longer able to keep their legs tightly closed as before, when they bahis firmaları sat, they carelessly crossed and opened their legs in public places. Not to put too fine a point on it – they were flashing sometimes with panties, sometimes going blatantly commando. Overcome by the call of nature their legs involountarly opened, mainly because their slits became uncontrolable in their weeping, its inner petals swelling and twitching, lips that once looked sealed tight in a neat straight line began to unfurl. Like honey to bears they drew mens attention towards them and cocks were aroused.There was only one cure.The call to nature transended all morals… and they succumbed to the call. Some picked younger inexperienced boners that more often than not lost their seed before the itching wet folds between her legs was satisfied. Clams so hungry for cock that they were akin to praying mantis sucking the seed from young balls into their steaming pits within a couple of strokes. In time the inexperience of younger cocks gave way to them seeking more seasoned more mature cocks. In doing so they could be assured of achieving the orgasms they so longingly desired and which in their beds under cover of darkness they repeatedly tried to achieve with flicking fingers..Men of a certain vintage and maturity brought with them the experience for which younger bucks craved. For one thing, most of them could strip a woman down to her knickers while their equipment still hung flacid between their legs. He could go on calmly to direct her into the riding position he most favoured. Some might ask her the position she preferred while teasing, sucking her nipples and opening her snatch with their tongues or fingers. All this would be new and exciting to a mature woman who only recently recieved the root of a younger buck. By this early stage most young bucks would be trying to cock her ignoring important preliminaries. All the exciting foreplay by the more experienced male would tend to lead a less experienced woman into a false sense of balm/security. Well served experienced women cocked regularly by such men over the years would know better. They could read the signs. Some mature men would in the beginning be sutle in their approach. kaçak iddaa After carefully stripping the woman down to her panties he would tease himself to the delights that lay beneath. He would observe the mound temporarily shrouded, parting her legs to follow the full extent of her bulge before slipping a hand down her belly and under the waist band for an ‘enquiring’ feel to check out the lay of the land. carefully holding the entirety of her fruit in his hand capturing its fluttering heat as if he held a small bird gently in the palm of his hand. If she was hairy he would part the curls with his fingers to check if her slit was moist. If not he would expertly find her button and flick it delicately, while he watched intently for her reaction.As her juices started to flow and as her itch became greater, would she breathe heavily, begin to moan, or simply reach down for his knarled root crying out for him to mount and split her?A man of a modest maturity could be patient biding his time to the point of teasing himself from seizing the prize that was being presented before his now straining cock. With balls hanging low under the weight of their seed and his pink red apple shaped knob glistening with the leaking of his own juices he would position her where he would have maximum control – on her knees and elbows asking her to dip her back and to spread her knees thus causing the fullsome moons of her mature arse to fall outwards displaying before him her most endearing qualities from stem to stern the full length of her puffy pads with the weeping slit that divides them. As she presents herself she waits nervously for his next move. Unseeing he moves up behind her. She jumps slightly as with finger and thumb of his left hand he gently parts the folds of her puffy slit at its entrance. Then taking his cock in his right hand at its base he squeezes it tightly with his fist to further engorge the now near purple head of his staff. Then without warning he plunges the knob and the entire lenght of its supporting trunk into the opening he has prepared with his finger and thumb. The suddeness of this initial stab causes her simutaneously to lift sligthly off her knees resulting in her backing up onto his cock lodging kaçak bahis him firmly inside her with his ball sack dr****g itself over her mound. Now he starts to talk dirty to her, telling her:” Now that he has mounted her on his skewer – she’s not getting off it anytime soon. Up to now she may have been mounted by some skinny vibrant smooth pink cock that with her hot steaming and damp folds she could draw off their seed at will. Now she was about to have a different experience with a mature man who over the years had grown seasoned in the art of cock dipping. Unlike younger bucks, he was in her for the long haul and he promised her that she would enjoy it every bit as much as he was going to. He would hold onto his seed while he rode her bareback. She could moan and beg for him to come off in her to her hearts content and he would pay no heed, he would have no intention of hosing her womb with his seed until he was good and ready. The more she screamed and begged the more determined he would become. He would rut her like the stag that he had matured into from his years of experience. Sometimes he would clench her with his forearms around her upper thighs and he would pound her in short rapid fire strokes, or alternately he would hold and squezze while spreading further apart the moon cheeks of her ample arse as he slowly pulled out until her outer lips clinging to the collar of his knob would hold him in place, while he delighted in seeing she was glistening his rod with her juices before he slid it slowly back up her to its full lenght until he was tightly enconsed in her channel back up to his balls.”However, no matter how experienced a man may develop and grow, time and nature gives way and his resistance to hold onto his seed will fail. The heat and desire of a womans quim knows no bounds and will eventually weaken his resistance to the extent that she will have her way. The intensity of his shafting will eventually rouse the fleshy folds of the channel he is pumping to fever pitch and hundreds of flicking tongues will lick and tease him from the top of his knob along every twisting and engorged vein to the base of his cock until his balls will involuntarly lift in their sack and his seed starts to swell and fill its delivery pipe resulting in him shooting off in spurting jets, the force of which she will feel splashing onto the walls of her womb and the deed – just for now – has ended.(But old mens dreams will never die)…

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