An Office Visit

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The Company’s second quarter net revenue goals were proving to be a much larger challenge than was previously anticipated. The loss of two major accounts had punched a serious hole in the sales figures and the team was scrambling to book enough orders to meet the targets.

As you released the team for the day, you were only too aware that you were facing a long evening of sales reviews and status reports…. Not where you wanted to be at this very moment. You noticed that it was becoming all too customary for you to be the only person in the office at the end of the day.

As you scoop up the newest armload of urgent paperwork from your in-box, you turn the hallway light off. No point in burning power if I am the only one here you think. You make your way to your office, a glowing cavern that has become more familiar than your well appointed brownstone on Madison Avenue. What a shame you think, I must create better balance as you take in the majestic view from your corner office.

As you settle in to begin your review you cannot help but feel the presence of someone in your office. As you turn towards the entry of your suite, you are comforted by the smiling face of your special friend. He has a bottle of Cristal cuvee in his right hand and two Riedel champagne flutes in his left as he strides into your den. Feelings of guilt envelope you as you realize that you had neglected to return two days worth of messages to him. Placing the glasses on your massive desk, he deftly moves your paperwork to the far reaches of your desk and places his right hand on your shoulder. The tension that you were feeling is instantly replaced with a sense of comfort and relaxation as your eyes fix on your friends face.

His smile assures you that he is not feeling neglected. His eyes denote a level of concern for how hard you have been working, while also betraying a mischievous intent on being a catalyst to help you relax. Taking you by the hand, he leads you to the expanse of your office windows that afford you a fabulous view. It is dark and the dancing lights of the landscape are soothing. Stepping behind you, he slowly begins to massage the demands of the day out of your shoulders and soft neck. He pulls you into his chest, kissing the back of your neck and continuing to massage your shoulders.

Slowly, he removes your suit jacket, revealing the blouse that he had recently purchased for you from Harrods during casino şirketleri his last business trip to London. It accentuates your figure and your friend drinks in your radiant beauty as he opens the Cristal. Pouring you a glass, his left hand is on your hip and his eyes firmly fixed on your face. He pulls you to him, your lips collide and the final pangs of stress that you have been feeling are drained as you kiss deeply. He gently turns you to face the cityscape as you sip your champagne. Massaging your shoulders, he kisses your neck and nibbles your ears. Slowly, he unbuttons your blouse while he kisses your neck and his right hand masterfully massages your mid-back. You melt into his arms as he removes your blouse.

You turn to face him and he removes his bespoken tailored jacket with a wide smile. He takes you into him, kissing you as your tongues gently explore. Rubbing your shoulders, he bends forward to kiss your shoulders and breasts. He kisses your heaving breasts through your bra as you tip your head back, enjoying this escape from your reality. He removes your bra and smothers your breasts with kisses. He takes your left nipple in his mouth as his hand gently pinches and squeezes your right nipple. You run your fingers through his hair as you trace your lips with your tongue, enjoying the attention that he is giving to you.

While removing his shirt, you brush against his sex and are encouraged by the obvious state of excitement that your friend is experiencing. You kiss his shoulders, neck and chest as your right hand trails along his inner thigh. As you stroke his hard cock through his trousers, he pulls you in and kisses you vigorously. You lead him to the window, both of you with champagne in hand. You drain your glass as your left hand continues to stroke his sex. As you kiss and bite his chest you are squeezing his nipples and trailing your fingers down his back. Moving down, you kiss his stomach; then gently bite his hard sex through his pants, sending a palpable shiver through your partner. You slowly remove his pants and release his hard cock. As he steps out of his pants, you gently squeeze his buttocks as you kiss and deftly flick your tongue along his inner things. You tease his sex by kissing and stroking his inner thigh. At once, you take the tip of his hard cock into your mouth and gently caress his balls with your right hand. He runs his fingers through your hair as your tongue casino firmaları works the shaft of his rigid sex.

You run your tongue along the sides of his sex and flick the tip of his cock with your tongue. This elicits a soft sigh from your friend as he clearly enjoys your focus. You take his hard cock in your mouth and begin to stroke his sex with your right hand as your left continues to caress his balls. As you quicken, he begins to meet your movement with thrusting hips. You reach behind him with your left hand and firmly grasp his buttocks. You can sense that he is nearing orgasm as his lower body begins to quiver with each stroke of his hard sex. As you stroke and suck his hard cock he is breathing heavily and firmly pulling your shoulders into him. You continue to stroke his cock feverishly, bringing him to the threshold of climax. You pump his hard sex with your right hand and guide your empty champagne flute to the tip of his cock. He shudders and climaxes, sending a stream of cum into the waiting champagne flute. Your friend is enveloped by his orgasm as you continue to stroke his hard sex and capture his warm seed. As you drain the last drop into the glass, he pulls you to him and kisses you passionately. Stroking your face with his left hand, he turns you towards your desk and guides you to your chair by the small of your back. Slowly turning you to him, he kisses your breasts and alternates kissing and licking your nipples. He deftly unbuttons your form fitting skirt and slides it down your hips. Firmly gripping your buttocks, he pulls your sex towards him, kissing your moist pussy through the material of your very sexy panties. As he reaches up to stimulate your nipples, he moves the silky material that is covering your sex; inserting a finger into your very wet pussy. You moan as he continues to kiss your sex through your panties.

In a quick motion, he removes your panties and pulls you towards him. He kisses your stomach and hips, licking the inside of your thighs. You tell him that this is driving you crazy, and he continues to tease your sex as he gently pushes you back into your high-back leather chair. He squeezes and pinches your nipples as he continues to kiss your inner thighs and flicking his tongue at your waiting sex. This is more than you can take and you pull his face into your sopping wet pussy. He kisses and licks your sex, pulling you forward to him. He locks on your clit güvenilir casino as he continues to stimulate your breasts. Slowly, he rolls your button with his tongue, stopping to kiss your sex and caress your breasts. He licks your sex and feverishly works your clit. Your head is firmly against the supple leather of your chair; eyes closed and enjoying the precision with which he is working your pussy. You feel his finger begin to stimulate your fundament; this immensely increases your excitement and you moan with pleasure.

He increases the pressure with his tongue and finger; your hips are meeting his lips and tongue with each stroke of your sex. Knowing that you are nearing orgasm, your friend increases his stimulation bringing you to a shuddering climax. You grip his strong shoulders, pulling him deeper into your sex as your pussy and legs quiver with excitement. Your orgasm is powerful. Overtaking your body and clearing your mind.

He pulls you to him from your chair, kissing you deeply. You can taste the rewards of his work and this excites you. As you kiss, you reach down and feel that your partner is hard again. You slowly turn him and gently push him back into your chair. You carefully straddle him and make a mental note that the chair seems to have been perfectly designed for the purpose. Positioning his hard against his abdomen, you rock your hips, rubbing your moist pussy along the length of his shaft. He holds your hips as you roll your head back; eyes closed tracing your lips with your tongue.

You slowly grind your wet sex against the full length of his cock, moaning and squeezing his nipples as you rock on his hips. You reach down and passionately kiss as your excitement builds. You ride him faster, gliding your moist pussy against his sex, until you reach an orgasm. You effortlessly slide his cock into your sopping wet sex and begin to rhythmically glide the length of his sex. His hands are on your hips, helping to guide you on this cock as he licks and kisses your erect nipples. Your pace increases feverishly and he is thrusting deeply into your quivering sex. As you pound and grind your sex together, he stimulates your fundament, sending a shiver through your core. You embrace and shudder as you achieve a mutual, cascading climax that envelopes you both. He pulls you into him as he thrusts into your wet pussy, draining his hot load into your waiting sex. You collapse on to his chest, your legs are a quivering and you are a morass of passion and excitement.

You remain comfortably and securely in this position, the warmth of your bodies mingling as you kiss passionately, while he stokes your back with his fingertips.

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