An Office Affair Ch. 02

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…our hands roaming over each other’s sweat dampened bodies, we kiss and lick and kiss, and pet and stumble over our own feet in the haste to find a surface. Never mind that the couch was just behind us. I think you wanted to head towards the wall of windows, which was too public a display for me. I think I wanted one of the visitor chairs. So we pushed and pulled and stumbled as we moved, till the edge of the desk suddenly hit the back of my thighs and I sat down hard on its surface.

“Yes, the desk from my dreams, this would do nicely,” I thought.

Your large body pressed to my front, pinning me in place. Not that I wanted to go anywhere. I wiggled my butt on the top till I was comfortable, cause I was thinking we would be in this spot for a bit, when your arm swept out to clear almost everything to the floor and you swiveled me around so that I was facing the tinted windows. I could certainly appreciate the view and not just that of the man coming around to stand between my legs. But I was raised with the no PDA rule and sitting butt naked on my office desk in full view of the panorama of city lights was … well … exciting the hell out of me. I knew that the tinting was to keep out UV rays, not make me invisible. So if there were people that had stayed late in any of the surrounding high rises, I hope they had popcorn for the show they were about to get.

“I wonder if anyone is close enough to watch what I’m about to do to you?” My gasp and wide-eyed expression made the man, standing tall and proud between my knees, chuckle.

“Hmm, could it be that there is something that scares the brave boss lady?”

Your large warm hands framing my face to hold me captive, as you leaned in to steal my breath in a kiss, saved me from answering. I’m not sure that I could’ve anyway. My surprise was more that your rhetorical question mirrored my thoughts so closely. I wasn’t truly scared, I was more … I don’t know … scandalized.

Although that wasn’t entirely it either, because I also felt a secret thrill at the thought of someone seeing us. Oh crap, who am I kidding – you had me so juiced tonight, that if my 20 year old intern walked in right now, I’d have her take notes!

That was the last fully coherent thought I had. The slide of your fingers over my shoulders on the way to capture my breasts, reduced my mind to a monosyllabic mess. Mmmm … your touch felt so right. My nipples, hard since the minute you walked into my office, grew stiffer to the point of pain. As you used your hold to push me back onto the desk, my hands covered yours to either increase or ease the pressure. I’m not sure which – no higher brain function, remember? It didn’t really matter, I wasn’t in charge of this “meeting”, you were.

Your hands twisted to grab mine and move them aside as your mouth lowered towards my chest. “Ah ah ah, my turn, so hands off or I’m tying them.”

Not waiting for an answer, you pinned my wrists to the surface and proceeded to mercilessly torment my tits. No matter that I whined, or thrashed my head side to side, or moaned “pleeaassee”, you continued.

You licked, you sucked, you bit. Who knew that even the gentle breath of air you blew against my wet skin would be so erotic! But it was. My body vibrated with need. My hands may have been useless, but my legs were free, and I desperately wrapped them around your hips to try to bring you closer. I almost succeeded too, till you straightened abruptly and switched your grip to my ankles.

No words were needed this time, you simply shook your head and pulled open the top drawer on either side of you to set my feet in them. A brief glare that told me not to move, and you continued the assault on my body. Fortunately you had some mercy and made your way quickly from breast to belly and beyond. Oh yeah! Beyond really needed your attention, and I jumped at the first touch of your fingers as they slid through those silky lips to dip deep into me.

The swear that erupted from my lips was heartfelt and very guttural. I expected to hear you laugh or even scold, but you were strangely quiet as you continued that deep manual exploration. I risked a peek under the arm I had flung over Escort Kız my head, and saw a man in complete control. One hand braced on the desk beside me, the other working between my spread legs, you stared at my face. There was a look of almost gleeful savagery on your face as you brought me closer and closer to the edge of an abyss. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean savagery as in cruel or mean. But rather a look of intense raw pleasure that you were able to affect me this way, this easily.

With one hand and 1 or 2 fingers, maybe 3 – shit I don’t know, you were making me writhe on my own desktop in desperation. Again! What was it about your touch that did me in? That made me either forget or stop caring about when and where we were? This did not bode well for the next time you sat next to me at a meeting, or came into my office for, well anything. Although if you didn’t let me cum, I was going to kill you. Twice now you brought me so close I could taste it, then gentled your touch till I settled. It was as frustrating as it was exciting.

By the third go ’round, I was gripping the sides of the desk and begging before you caved. Those rough fingers pulled out and you guided a hard cock into my pussy in their place. You leaned forward as you hit bottom, pausing while you lightly kissed me before sliding 3 very wet, sloppy fingers into my mouth. I licked myself off those digits while you went to work, pounding me to that orgasm I had begged for. You followed me shortly thereafter, collapsing with a groan on my limp, splayed body…

We lay on that hard wooden surface for a very long time. I think we both fell asleep because I awoke to the warm weight of your body lying atop mine, your now spent dick still inside me. It was hard to breathe, not that I was really complaining. We were both a bit sticky, and I may not have been able to move very much, but my hands were free to roam and I took this opportunity to pet you at my leisure.

I ran my fingers through your thick soft hair, over your shoulders and down your sweaty back. Your muscles twitched with each pass. I reached for the tops of your ass cheeks, and I played there for a bit. My fingers gliding over your tight buns and down into the crack between them. Still you did not stir.

Poor baby, you wore yourself out with that fabulous job, and in this case, sleeping at work is allowed. Although I am getting hot again and would really like to take a full breath. I stretched up to nibble on your ear. Nothing. I licked over your shoulder a few times as I kept my index finger busy in your butt crack. Still nothing – though you did moan a little. I bit into the meat of your clavical muscle – hard, as my finger slid down to press against your anus.

There we go! Your eyes fluttered open. I released my bite and leaned back to watch as you struggled to focus. I swept my hand back up to stroke your face and murmured “good morning.” About half a second passed before your brain processed the statement and set off an internal alarm. Your hands slapped onto the desk on either side of me to push you part way up so that you could look towards the windows in a panic. I saw you frown at the darkness that blanketed the city. Your face turned back to me in confusion. I’m sure you were going to call me on the morning statement, but I had gotten distracted by the fact that when you sat up, it angled the lower half of your body harder into mine and now I was the foggy one. I moaned softly and clenched my stomach muscles as the pressure centered on my still tender clit. I opened my eyes to find you watching my face with a big shit-eating grin.

“Ok, everybody out of the pool,” I quipped, while pushing at your shoulders. The grin stayed in place as you ground against me deliberately and leaned down for a kiss. Your lips were gentle this time, but the pressure on my tender flesh was very distracting. I couldn’t focus on the lips caressing mine. I was too busy focusing on the ones between my legs, especially as I now felt the cock filling my pussy begin to swell. The noise that crawled up my throat was a combination of a moan and a grunt. Lovely. It wasn’t pretty, but it did get your attention.

I wiggled my feet where they still rested in the drawers. Somehow they were trapped. I must have done that while I was trying for more traction to meet your thrusts.

“Greg, could you maybe help me with these,” I wondered, “I’d like to walk again sometime.” You leaned back, this time to stretch an arm to free my footies. First the left and then the right, taking the opportunity to rub at the marks left behind. Ahh, that felt good. They weren’t that bad, but a few were fairly deep, I must have “stepped” on some sharp things at some point. I closed my eyes again so as to simply enjoy the massage.

Your fingers tightening slowly drew my attention. Just as I lifted my lids to look, you pulled my ankles up and forward. My knees bent with the motion till they pressed against my breasts. My view was now obstructed by my own legs. I couldn’t see around them and your hand pushed at my heels, keeping them in place. I could however still feel and soon I felt you pull out from my body. Your now semi-erect penis tugging at my inner walls, reluctant to leave its nest. I gasped in a big breath and slowly exhaled as the sensation passed.

Your hand relaxed and I thought I was going to be able to unfold. Apparently not. The same hand, previously at my heels, suddenly grasped my right thigh and pressed it close to me again while the arm attached acted as a bar crossing to my other thigh and doing the same. I was effectively immobilized. Now what were you doing to me? My hips shifted of their own volition as the draft of the room’s ventilation system blew across my exposed flesh. I think you worried that I would escape before you could finish whatever plan you were planning. You slapped a palm to my butt cheek and left it there to rub away the sting. “Don’t move,” you warned, “or I’ll do it again.”

Of course I didn’t listen. I was the boss dammit! Not to mention that I was stubborn as all get out. So I pushed back against your hold and you slapped at my ass once again. Harder. I paused for but a second before, you guessed it, I pushed again. But this time instead of your hand, I felt nothing. Just the steady hold of your arm across the backs of each thigh. Damn, I had liked those little smacks. I would have to think of another way to…yowch! What the hell? That wasn’t your hand. Ow…another stinging blow landed on my cheek, this time a little closer to far more sensitive spots, and I jerked away from it. Hey…a third snap to my skin on the other cheek. I jerked again. I couldn’t help it.

Whatever you were using had a bite to it. The forth, fifth, and sixth blows all came one after another against the lips of my pussy. These weren’t as hard, but stung just the same. I could feel the blood rush to the site as the punished area swelled and pulsed. A fine tremor was running through me. How ill am I? I was actually turned on by what you did. Now that the sting had passed and all that remained was the residual throb, I wanted more. All I had to do was move a little and I’m sure you would do it again. But I didn’t. This time I just waited.

The stroke of a finger up and down those undoubtedly red lips preceded the wet slide of a warm tongue. Oh yeah, right there, I thought. You stopped again and I was just about to sit up and complain about the mistreatment, when you placed the silky head of your cock where your tongue had just been and rammed it in to the hilt in one go.

“Fuuuck,” I wailed, my entire body clenching at the intrusion. Afterall, you were a big boy, so the fit was particularly tight with me in this position and my legs pressed together. You stayed where you were long enough to allow me to adjust a bit and then you proceeded to pound me into the desk. I was completely at your mercy, the pressure of my legs kept me flat on my back, the folds of my core on display to you and the cityscape. Another round to you.

It was quick, it was relentless, it was a rush and a half! I didn’t even have time to moan, before an orgasm ripped through me and stole all the oxygen in my lungs. This time, you actually slid free once you filled me, and collapsed onto the big chair behind you, as wiped as I was.

I slowly uncurled and lowered my legs, surprised to note that they were still working at all. I’m dead. You’ve killed me but good and I’m now feeling the trickle of bodily fluids to prove it. Unfortunately sex is often messy. What goes in, must cum out. To make it a tad more embarrassing, you’re sitting in a position that gives you a bird’s eye view. I feel obligated to attempt an apology but you wave it away. “Hey, I put it there. How about I do us both a favor and clean that back up? I’ll enjoy it ’cause I’ll get to eat that wet pussy again, and you’ll enjoy it…” your voice dropped an octave, “’cause I’ll do the job right.”

I think I actually blushed.

I know my heart rate sped up as you scooted the chair forward to line up between my limp legs. I watched as you sat there for a moment, your hands absently massaging my tired thighs, looking like a man at an all you can eat (pun intended) buffet, trying to decide where to start. A small smile touched your lips as you lowered your head to nibble along the curve of my belly. I was torn between laughing and moaning as the stubble on your chin teased the mound of my sex.

As you moved ever closer downward, I shook with anticipation, biting my lip to try to contain my whimpers. Your hands slid up to press your thumbs on either side of my clit, pulling my skin tight to expose that little kernel of nerves. Finally I felt the rasp of a wet tongue, circling and probing. Right where I needed it. My head hit the desk with a thud as I gave in to the talents of your mouth. Oh my. My eyes rolled back in my head, and I gladly allowed you free rein to push my legs wide and devour me. For this alone, someone was getting a raise.

I was just about to crest that wave of pleasure, when you suddenly stopped. “Ok, all clean. You can get up now.”

All I could do was sputter…what the hell? Hey, I’m cool with edging, but this was downright cruel! Especially since you had just done this to me, at length. Screw the raise, I was about to throw you out of the building!

You pushed back from the desk and stood to grab my hands and pull me to my feet. I stumbled against you, I was so shaky, but your arms held me close for a scorching kiss. Undoubtedly to silence me. Or to keep me off balance, though that may have been the goal of you spinning me around to face the desk. My head was certainly scrambled as I was laid back down, my belly landing in the small pool of cum, there after our last go round. Apparently you missed a spot during clean-up. I would’ve commented, but was distracted yet again when you encircled my thighs and lifted my hips.

“Hold on,” you advised. I grabbed at the edges beside and in front of me just as you lowered me onto that velvet pipe you call a dick.

“Holy shit!” This was where the saying “hurts so good” came from. I swear, no matter how many times you fucked me, the girth of your cock still startled me. All I was capable of was breathing and grunting with every stroke. It sounds awful, but you seemed to like the noises I was making. They certainly spurred you on.

My first orgasm hit about 5 strokes in, making you lose rhythm as I contracted around you. There hadn’t been time for a warning, and you were nowhere near ready to finish. But you soon found your stride again and plowed on. Literally. As many of you have experienced, it’s not always comfortable to keep going after you cum. But I didn’t want this to end, so I wormed my hand down under my body till I could reach my clit. I confess, I wasn’t sure this would work, though they did it in porn all the time.

Go ahead and laugh, I watch porn. Shoot me.

Surprisingly enough, the strum of my fingers helped me catch back up, and I was soon keeping pace with the man deep inside of me. Close, so close …

I came again with a shout, the heat of your release following mine. Filling me up. Your husky groans made me smile, as you lowered my hips back to the surface and slowly pulled out. My pussy tightened as if reluctant to give you up and my skin pebbled from the cold when you backed away to drop into the chair again.

I could hear you panting, it was as loud as mine. There were so many words on the tip of my tongue that I wanted to say to you; thank you, oh my God, no more, please more … you get the drift. But my mouth wouldn’t open, and my eyelids were so heavy……

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