An Incest Birthday Ch. 28

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Only eight more chapters including this one! Time flies man, never thought I’d get this far. Thanks to everyone who stayed with it for four years.


It was that time. They had been planning it out for the last two weeks and it was finally here, mom and dad’s anniversary. Mom, dad, Aunt Lisa, Jim, and Marie were all taking a cruise on a luxury ship, leaving us kids to fend for ourselves, which we were completely fine with. Rita and I were upstairs helping mom pack what seemed like thirty different outfits. Dad probably had a small bag or two and would be done in five minutes or so with plenty of time to spare, with mom and Aunt Lisa on the other hand were moving in on an hour and it didn’t seem like we were any closer to being done, good thing we got up early.

“Exactly how long is the vacation again? I asked.

“Three days exact. Starts at noon today, ends at noon Monday morning,” mom said.

“With all these clothes it’s more like it ends a month from Monday,” I joked.

“That’s one of the good things of being a woman honey, accessorizing is a joy in itself.”

“More like a job, I’d never put that much effort into an outfit.”

“And that’s why we have the better fashion sense, we put the time in,” Rita said.

“You’ve been picking up on too much of that Ashley talk,” I said.

It’s been an interesting two weeks to say the least. We’d been hanging out with the Ashley bunch a little more often after she passed the lie detector test. She was right, they were basically just like us, except they’re richer, we could’ve had a lot more fun over time with as much of the same stuff we liked if they didn’t act like complete bitches. We finally let Ashley come into the house last week, and she responded with a little kiss assery (yes I made up a word) by taking mom, Aunt Lisa, and Rita shopping. They knew what she was doing, but since she offered they were gonna take full advantage, and they did, she had to have spent no less than $10,000 on that one shopping trip with all the designer stuff they came back with, but as rich as Ashley’s father was it probably didn’t even phase her. Not only did she buy stuff, but she helped around the house too; helping mom in her garden, dad with storage, she even helped clean up after dinner the time she stayed. She was almost too nice now, but I’ll take that any day over the way she used to be, that and all the video games she bought me.

One thing we did notice about Ashley is that whenever it’s just me, her, and Rita she tends to act a little different, not bad different, but curious different. It’s been happening ever since the night we had sex in front of her in our car, she eyes us, stares at us like she wants to do something, but she never does, and when we ask her about it she plays it off like she’s thinking about something else. She’s not as good a liar as she thinks. She, like everyone else was excited about all our parents leaving on vacation, and when our parents gone, I have a feeling she’s gonna try something, it might be big, might be small, but she’s definitely gonna try something.


Mom actually slapped me from my thought. “Oh, I phased out for a second, and ow!”

“Yeah no kidding! I know full well what you were thinking about…”

“Whatever do you mean mom?” I asked playing stupid.

“Don’t give me that innocent routine. Don’t go around being stupid while we’re gone.”

“We’ll be fine mom, we’ll probably just do that same stuff we’d do if you were still here.”

“Yeah mom we’ll be fine, we’ll just fuck all over the house, nothing special,” Rita grinned.

“The funny thing is that is nothing special,” mom said as she went to close the door. “Ok, I don’t wanna come back to a big orgy in my house, whatever you two decide to do, make sure it’s just you, or take it to somebody else’s house, like the Wilson’s for instance.”

“I can already see it now, Marie’s gonna get drunk and be all over you mom, and you’ll let it happen. Dad and Jim are gonna take pictures and you’ll never live it down.”

“Live it down? Rita if that happens that’ll be the time of my life! Not only that, but I’ll have pictures of it, which will definitely mean some great sex after.”

“That first night is gonna be a big drunk swinging mess in that hotel room,” I laughed.

“That’s if we’re lucky. Marie and I may have done a few things but we don’t know anything about Jim, it shouldn’t be hard for me and Lisa to sway him though, who can turn this down?”

“I can think of a few people…”

“Those few people aren’t in this room I can tell you that much. I don’t think I’ve been turned down for sex by either one of you yet, I must be laying it down!”

“Make sure you leave all that ego on the cruise because once you get back we won’t have the energy for anything with all the sex we’re gonna have,” Rita said.

“That sounds like a plan I can get on board with! What time you guys leaving!” I said.

“I get no respect around here I tell you, I get no respect!” mom joked.

“Ok gorukle escort Mrs. Dangerfield, I’m gonna go make sure dad has everything ready to go.”

I went down to the car where dad was loading up Aunt Lisa’s bags in the back of mom’s minivan, they had that much stuff that they needed a minivan to hold it all, women.

“Fifty bags for a three day trip, I swear I’ll never understand women,” dad said.

“I was just thinking the same thing, and they’re probably gonna buy stuff while they’re there.”

“Speaking as a representative of women, I find your comments appalling,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Appalling, but true. Seriously, it’s just for three days!” dad said.

“We like to be ready for every situation, if that takes fifty bags of clothes, then fine.”

“Dad let it go, it’s an argument we can’t win. We just have to accept it,” I said.

“See your son gets it, life would be much simpler if you just rolled with it.”

“Do you have any bags you need help with dad?”

“Nope, I was done an hour ago, I have the ONE duffle bag in the back corner.”

“You mean the one that’s getting smashed by all the other bags?”

“Yep, that’s the one. Five minutes, and most of that was bringing the bag to the car.”

“Oh stop being so dramatic, you’re the same way when it comes to your garage. Look, Anna’s bringing her bags over now, you big baby!”

We helped load the rest of the stuff in the back, luckily it was a three seater with the trunk door so they just barely had enough space. There were ten fully packed duffle bags, depending on how much stuff the Wilson’s brought they might have to take two cars.

“Are the Wilson’s meeting you here or at the boat?” Rita asked.

“Neither, we’re driving to their house to carpool, if everything and everyone fits,” dad said. “Ok let’s get going, we don’t wanna be late to our first vacation in a long time.”

We gave them all hugs as they got in the car and watched them pull out of the driveway, waving out the windows as they drove off down the street.

“REMEMBER, DON’T DO ANYTHING WE WOULDN’T DO!” mom yelled back at us.

Once they turned the corner we couldn’t get back in the house fast enough. We were taking clothes off on the way upstairs, dropping them wherever they just happen to land at that time. We were kissing and feeling on each other so much we fell down on the stairs twice, but it only excited us more. I was backing into our room when Rita stopped me and changed my direction to mom and dad’s room. I felt for the doorknob behind me and opened the door, and when we were close enough to the bed Rita pushed me back onto it and locked the door behind us.

“Mom and Aunt Lisa aren’t gonna save you now,” Rita grinned walking towards me.

“I don’t think I’d want them to even if they were here,” I responded.

“We have the whole place to ourselves for three whole days, any ideas on what we can do to pass the time?” she asked as she climbed on the bed and started undoing my jeans.

“I don’t know, we can clean the house, do some laundry, trim the hedges in the front yard…”

“Or… you can make your little sister cum so many times she loses count.”

“Yeah I like your idea better, you always have the best ideas.”

She pulled my cock out and started stroking it. “I thought you like that. For the next three straight hours, this cock belongs to me, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Are you saying I’m your slave now?”

“If that’s what you wanna call it, I’d rather look at it as both of us agreeing to fuck each other’s brains out, I’m just taking my turn first.”

I was so turned on at that moment. “We need to get away from everyone way more often.”

“Just wait until we get our own place, then you really belong to me!”

She slid my pants the rest of the way off and took my cock all the way into her mouth. I was immediately hard as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock while sliding her own pants down and off her legs. I sat up on my elbows so I could see her and she responded by smiling around my cock and moving her hand to play with her pussy.

“Fuck Rita that feels so fucking good!” I moaned.

Good, I want you nice and hard for what I plan to do to you.”

She let my cock fall from her mouth and sucked on my balls as my cock rested on her face, which felt just as good as when she had my cock in her mouth. If I could recall right she’s never sucked on my balls before, so either she was feeling adventurous, or she had something wicked planned for me like she said. When she was done licking my balls she sucked the tip of my cock one more time and scooted me up to the top of mom and dad’s bed. She licked her fingers and rubbed them on her pussy as she positioned herself over me.

“No mom and Aunt Lisa to worry about trying to get in with us, and no dad to worry about catching us equals me riding you until you can’t cum no more,” Rita said.

“Are you sure you have the energy for that?” I asked.

“I altıparmak eskort bayan know I do, it’s not me I’m worried about,” she said as she dropped herself on me, literally impaling herself on my cock, which stunted her at first, but she quickly snapped out of it.

“FUCK! That feels good every time I do it!”

“Don’t hurt yourself, I’d hate to spend three parent free days with no sex.”

“Not a chance in hell Randy, not a fucking chance in hell.”

She smashed her hands to my chest and started bouncing herself up and down on me, pretty hard actually, like it was supposed to hurt or something. I guess this was her way of saying that she was in charge of me right now without actually saying it. I reached up and grabbed a handful of both tits because they were asking for it just dangling right there in front of me, and when I did she grabbed my hands and pinned them to the bed.

“You like grabbing these titties huh, pinching my nipples? Let’s see how much you like it if I pinch your nipples, probably more than me I’m guessing.”

She worked her hands to my nipples and pinched them hard, not too hard where it felt like a titty twister, but hard enough that I felt the sting of pain. The sudden jolt she sent through me made my lower half fly up off the bed, and since she was sitting on my cock it made me jab into her really hard and fast, which made her groan loudly in approval.

“Fuck! You hit my spot when you did that, do it again!”

She pinched my nipples again and again, spacing out the time in which she did it so I couldn’t plan for it and thrust into her like she wanted. She squatted over me and actually did to a titty twister, it hurt a lot worse than the other times she did it and I showed her how much more by slamming up in her so hard her feet jumped off the bed for a split second.

“OW that fucking hurt! Are you trying to tear off my nipples!”

“What are you gonna do about it, lay there and take it or teach me a lesson?”

I went to lift her off of me, but she dropped back to sitting on me and grinding my cock into her pussy, and every time I tried to grab her and move her off of me, she resisted.

“Come on Randy, grab me up and fuck the shit out of me, I wanna be fucked like I’m your little slut, but I’m not gonna just let you win, you’re gonna have to fight for it, just like old times.”

“Not exactly like old times, I don’t remember you sitting on me while I was balls deep I you.”

“It’s too bad, think of the f…”

I tried to sling her off of me while she was distracted, but she was aware just enough and put her arm out and stopped her momentum before I could roll her off.

“You sneaky bastard, now I’m really gonna make you work for it!”

She held my wrists down and stared me right in the eyes as she fucked me, yeah, I was the one getting fucked. She wasn’t even moaning or groaning, she was grinning evilly as the sound of her ass hitting my thighs echoed around the room. She had me right where she wanted me, and I was powerless to stop her, all I could do was lay back and enjoy my punishment.

“What, no fight left? Come on I know you’re not gonna give up that easy!”

“Why not? It’s not like you’re slapping me or anything, it’s a win win.”

“That’s a good idea!” (slap!) She moved her hand and slapped me clear across the face.

“Rita what the hell…” (slap!) Another one equally as hard. “Rita! Shit!”

“There you are! You getting nice and mad now, or do I need to keep smacking you?”

“If you slap me one more time…”

“You’ll what, lay there and take it? You couldn’t get me off you if your life depended on it. If I wasn’t fucking you right now you’d just be getting slapped for no reason. Does that make it better? Does me grinding on your cock make it ok for me to slap the shit out of you?”

“You’re pretty cocky for someone…” (slap!)

“You don’t get to talk, if you wanna act like my bitch I’m gonna treat you like my bitch until you man up and fuck the shit out of me!”

That was the last straw. Not only did she once again slap the holy hell out of me, but she said one of the things you don’t tell a guy, man up. Not only are you jabbing at his self-worth, but you’re bruising his ego and pride as a man, and next to our word, that’s all we’ve got. I flung my arms down until I hit my legs, making her fall on top of me and in one motion thrust my hips up and to the right and yanked my hands free of her grip, I was now hovering over her with my cock staring angrily at her, but she couldn’t look more turned on.

“Get on your hands and knees and grab the headboard right now.”

“Fuck yes! Anything you want Randy, anything you fucking want,” Rita moaned.

I slapped her hard on the ass which made her groan loudly. “You don’t get to talk, if you wanna act like my slut I’m gonna treat you like my slut.”

I pushed my cock back into her pussy, not trying to be gentle at all and grabbed her shoulders as nilüfer eskort bayan she held onto the headboard. I slammed into her so hard the headboard knocked against the wall because she held onto it. I let her shoulders go and just watched as my cock pulled out and disappeared back into her over and over with increasing force. With as loud a noise as the headboard was making I was positive the neighbors could hear at least something, so before they came over I grabbed both her arms and held them out as leverage to keep fucking her.

“Headboards too loud, don’t want the neighbors coming over spoiling our fun do we?” I asked.

“No, we don’t want that, we don’t want that at all,” Rita moaned.

“That’s right, we wanna keep getting fucked don’t we?”

“Yes we do, we wanna keep getting fucked nice and hard…”

“And we wanna cum inside that worn out pussy don’t we?”

“Yes, we want badly for you to cum inside that worn out pussy!”

“Not yet, first you’re gonna get fucked some more, then I’ll fill you up.”

“Whatever you want Randy, just please don’t stop fucking me until you cum!”

I let her arms go and she caught herself just in time to stay in doggystyle. I took my cock out of her pussy and slid it right in her ass and grabbed a handful of hair; she wanted to be fucked hard, I was gonna make damn sure she was. I didn’t give her a chance to get adjusted to my cock in her ass as I was immediately pounding her as I pulled her back to me by her hair. Even though this was what she wanted, I made sure not to pull her hair too hard, I’d hate to lose out on a good fantasy because I couldn’t control myself.

“Uhh, it hurts a little but I can take it, don’t stop fucking me!”

I squeezed and spread her cheeks like the pornstars do and watched my cock bottom out in her tight little ass over and over. Her skin pulled against my cock every time I pulled it out, like it was trying to keep me from getting away, it looked like it hurt, but she was moaning pleasurably so I sent the idea from my mind. She leveraged herself firmly on her hands and knees and began to forcefully push herself back into me as hard as she could, ensuring she was being fucked the way she wanted to be fucked at that moment. The more we fucked, it seemed like the hornier she got. She couldn’t stay in one position for too long. We went from anal doggy, to, spooning in the floor, to standing up against the wall, we even fucked on the stairs, yes, fucked on the stairs, I was sitting on them and she was on top of me just banging it out. Before I knew it we were in the basement fucking on top of all of our dirty clothes.

“It’s been what, almost three hours since we started fucking?” I asked.

“Yep, and seven ogasms and three cumshots later with only a couple breaks in between.”

“I think my body is finally catching up with itself, I can’t even cum anymore.”

“I got one more left in me, and I’m pretty close to it, just hang on a little longer.”

I pulled her back on top of me. “Then you’re gonna have to work for it.”

“I’ve been doing half the work up to this point, another five minutes won’t kill me.”

She leaned forward and slammed herself down on me, trying to get me to hit her spot one more time. It never ceased to amaze me how much sexual stamina she had, I wasn’t bad but after three hours I needed an actual break, but she looked like she was just getting started. The look of intense concentration on her face showed how badly she wanted that last orgasm, she’d already gotten it in her head that she wanted it so by this point stopping was not an option. As sensitive as her pussy had to be at this point, she still didn’t look like she was getting any closer to her orgasm, maybe because she wasn’t hitting the right spot or maybe she wasn’t using enough force or what, but she was gradually becoming more and more desperate, and I saw it as my opportunity to help her get that one last climax while I still had a little bit of strength left in me. I grabbed her ass and conjuring up all the energy I had left, I pulled my cock out of her, tickled her clit until she groaned, and slammed back into her pussy relentlessly.

“Fuck yes Randy, keep doing that, I’m gonna cum again, I can feel it!”

“You better make it count, I don’t think either one of us will have anything left after this!”

“I’m so sore, but I don’t care, I wanna cum one more time, just one more time, please Randy, make me cum again, make your little sister cum on that fat cock just one more time…”

She knew saying stuff like that always gave me a small energy boost, and this time was no different. My balls were slapping into her ass so hard they were actually starting to hurt from the contact, but I couldn’t stop now, not with her so close, she’d never be able to build back up to another orgasm and I’d never hear the end of it, so my balls would just have to suffer, I just hoped I wouldn’t do any long term damage. She went from moaning to panting really heavy in my ear and bit down on it, which made me squeeze her ass in my hands harder and thrust harder. It hurt when she Mike Tysoned my ear, but in the end it was all worth it when she clasped her arms around my neck and threw her head back and screamed one last time.

“Oh my god, I’m cumming! Nine fucking orgsms! Oh my fucking god, Randy! Fuuuuuuuuuuck!”

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