An Experiment in Dating Ch. 02

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He really had no idea what he was getting himself into when he said yes to Kat’s proposal. Perhaps if he’d asked a few more questions before jumping into bed with her…but he didn’t. He’d fallen for her charm, and now he was paying the price.

As live in boyfriend to the five women (and nuisance to the sixth), Josh was filling the role of cook, maid, and occasional handyman around the house, whenever it was required of him. None of them had asked him to fulfill any truly “boyfriend” quality duties yet. It seemed like the ladies were as perplexed by the realities of their situation as he was.

It was late on Sunday, two weeks into his new position, and Josh sighed and lay back on Kat’s four-poster bed. They’d been sleeping together almost every night, and he was already getting wiped, exhausted by the constant frantic lovemaking. He just couldn’t say no to her luscious lips and soft, Irish curves.

Kat sat up from between his legs, cum trailing down her chin. She opened her mouth and showed Josh the load he’d deposited on her tongue, then greedily gulped it down. She never broke eye contact as she sucked her sticky fingers clean of his sperm.

“How was that,” she asked with a messy grin. Her fiery mane of red hair was pulled back, tickling his thighs as she idly stroked his wilting cock.

“Fantastic,” he said blissfully. He was working up his stamina again, and she’d already cum twice with his dick in her before letting him off the hook with a blowjob. He never lasted more than five minutes with her mouth around him.

She crawled up next to him on the bed and gave him a peck on the cheek, sex on her breath. “You were pretty good yourself. I don’t usually enjoy anal, but your thumb felt good in there. Maybe you can work me up to something bigger.”

She gave his cock a squeeze, then trailed back up to his stomach.

He smiled. “Maybe, though I think we’re making your roommates uncomfortable with all our noises.”

She eyed him. “You never minded it before. In fact, weren’t you the one who told me to, and I quote, ‘moan like a bitch’ while you fucked me?”

“Yeah, but that was before I had five other women in the house who are supposedly my girlfriends.”

“I’m just advertising your services,” said Kat. “None of the others have taken you up on your….physical offerings yet?”

He shook his head. “No, of course not. It’s been two weeks, and I still barely know any of them. They were just your roommates before; now I’m supposed to….well, I don’t really know. I’m beginning to think this was a mistake.”

Kat watched him mutely, still running her fingers up and down his chest. He admired the intense power of her emerald eyes – she was even more stunning this close up, and the faint rim of saliva and cum around her mouth was bringing his cock back to life.

“Don’t get fidgety on me yet, Josh,” she said. “You just have to be patient. We’re not asking you to be everything to everyone here, just to fill a few positions. Get to know the others better, and I promise it will all work out. Now, what’s going on down here….”

Her fingers drifted down to his now hard dick, and he sighed as she stroked a bit of precum from him. Kat scooped it on her finger and sucked it clean, staring him straight in the eye. Without a word, she climbed on top of him and sank onto his erect member.

“Fuck yes,” she hissed.

They worked their way up to a respectable tempo, being quieter than before. As Kat got closer to her peak, she began moaning, “Yes, yes, yes-“

Josh heard a knock at the door, but Kat seemed oblivious.

“Hey, Kat, is Josh in there? Can I come in?”

Josh stopped thrusting her, but Kat was too close to her orgasm. She cried out, “Yes! I’m cumming! Cum in me!”

He felt her pussy tighten and tremble around his cock just as the door opened. Kat’s head was flung back in ecstasy, and her curvy Irish body was on full display as Sara entered.

“Hey, I-“

Sara froze, drinking in the lewd tableau. Her eyes were wide, but whether from shock or excitement, Josh couldn’t tell. He was making eye contact with her, and neither of them could look away.

Kat relaxed as she came down from her high and finally noticed Sara. “Oh, hey,” she said lazily. It took her a few to come back to reality after cumming. If she’d had multiple orgasms back to back, she could be like this for up to an hour.

Sara fled the room, a deep blush showing under her dark skin. She left the door wide open, and Josh tried to move Kat off of him, but she was still out of it. He managed to roll her onto the bed, and stumbled towards the door.

He was two steps away when Mariana walked into the hall. She gave him a quick once over, lingering on his hard, glistening cock, and nodded appreciatively.

“Huh, not bad,” she said.

Josh blushed furiously and closed the door. He could hear Mariana’s chuckling in the hall. He went back to the bed, and now Kat was giggling as well.

“Well, I suppose that’s one way to advertise,” Escort Bayan she said.

Josh ran his hand through his hair. “That couldn’t have gone much worse. At least it wasn’t Lin.”

Kat propped herself up on her elbows, coated in a thin layer of sweat and leaking cum from her pussy, and smiled at him. “That’s true. I wonder what she wanted, anyway.”

Josh’s phone pinged, and he looked over to see an email from Sara. With a groan, he opened it.

Josh, There is a farewell banquet for the med students tomorrow evening. One of the advisors for my graduate program will be there, so I would like for you to accompany me. Please let me know if there is a conflict. Thank you.

PS – Mariana would like you to know that she will be attending as well.

He showed Kat, and she rolled over and laughed into her pillow. He was in for a long evening tomorrow.

He didn’t know if this banquet was formal or not, so Josh opted for a sport coat and open collar, but kept a tie rolled up in his pocket just in case. He could have asked Sara or Mariana, but after yesterday’s fiasco, it seemed wiser to act on his own discretion.

His morning classes were mostly over with, but Josh had a few things to take care of on campus that morning. Now, he was headed back onto campus to pick up Sara and take her to the hall that was attached to the main building of her department.

He was dreading the conversations that might arise with the two of them alone in the car. It was an awkward situation, but it’s not like he owed her anything. They all knew going into this arrangement that he and Kat was magnetically attracted to each other. It’s not like Sara wanted anything to do with him in that respect.

Josh pulled up to the medical college’s south building, and saw Sara standing by the doors. As she got closer, his jaw dropped. Sara was wearing a spaghetti strap yellow dress that came down just above the knee. Her black mass of curls was pulled back with a gold comb, and she was wearing makeup as well. Josh had never seen her so put together before. Sara was usually the kind of person who faded into the background, and it seemed like she preferred things that way.

He scrambled out of the car to open the door for her, an oddly chivalrous gesture, but she smiled faintly as she got in the car. She was almost as tall as him in her high heeled wedges, and Josh caught a whiff of her rose petal perfume. He blushed; this almost felt like a date.

“You look great,” he said as he got back in the car.

Sara didn’t look at him, but she said, “Thanks. I wanted to make a good impression….o-on my advisor, I mean.”

Josh smiled to himself. “Well, I’m sure you will. Am I dressed alright? I brought a tie, if I need it, though you’re outclassing me here one way or another.”

“You’re fine. It’s mostly casual.”

“Okay, cool.”

They fell silent, but Josh couldn’t think of anything to say. He worried that if he opened his mouth, he was likely to say something colossally stupid and remind her of yesterday’s little show. There was a piece of him that wanted to do just that, but he suspected it was below his belt line.

To his surprise, Sara spoke first. “I’m sorry about yesterday. I shouldn’t have come in. What you and Kat do in your spare time doesn’t concern me at all.”

Josh froze up, but only for a second. He changed lanes and took the opportunity to glance at Sara, and noted with relief the ruddy blush on her dark cheeks. If she was feeling as awkward as he was, then she probably wasn’t mad at him.

“I’m just sorry you had to see that,” he said. “I’ll make sure I lock the door next time.”

“It’s alright. I’ll just have to assume you’re always naked when you’re with Kat.”

Josh risked another glance at her. She almost sounded amused by the idea, and there was a faint grin on her lips. He wanted to say something, but they were already pulling up to the hall.

He parked and opened the door for Sara. As she got out, he couldn’t help eyeing up her backside. He’d never noticed her ass before, but even through the loose dress, he could tell it was round and shapely. Sara said she enjoyed hiking, and her cocoa brown legs looked even better in her wedge heels.

Sara didn’t seem to notice his admiration, and the continued up to the banquet. There were probably a few hundred people – the benefit of going to such a large school – and the evening was only just underway. Josh scoped out the bar, and Sara went off to say hello to some of her classmates.

When he came back, Sara was talking with another woman, middle aged and blonde. She was in a gray business suit, and had a serious cast to her features.

Sara smiled as she saw him approach. “Oh, and here’s my boyfriend. Josh, this is Cynthia, from the Stamford program.”

Josh passed Sara her gin and tonic and shook hands with the blonde woman. “Nice to meet you.”

Cynthia smiled politely, though it was an odd look on such a serious face. “Likewise. Escort Sara said you would be joining her back East. I look forward to seeing you both there. If you’ll excuse me…”

She took off after an older man in a gray suit that Sara had pointed out earlier as the director of her program. They waited a moment for her to walk out of earshot before Josh said, “Well, that was odd.”

Sara chewed her lip nervously. “We were only talking for a minute before you got here. Was I that boring already?”

Josh, not needing any boyfriendly reminders, put a hand on her shoulder and said, “I’m sure you’ll see her later on. She probably just has to speak with him about something before dinner, right?”

Sara raised an eyebrow at him, then flashed him a wry grin. “You’re taking this thing seriously, eh?”

He shrugged. “It’s your career. I just don’t want to be responsible for messing things up for you.”

Sara shook her head and took a sip of her drink. “Come on. Let’s mingle for a bit before the dinner starts. If we talk to people now, we can leave after dinner and be home before 10.”

Mingling was easy at this point in their college career. The topics of conversation always seemed to float back to where everyone was going or what they were doing after graduation. Mostly, they were going to more schooling, though one girl was talking about traveling the world with a porn star she met in Vegas. All on her daddy’s money, of course.

Mariana joined them just as the dinner was starting, and they all sat down together at one of the tables. She was smoking hot tonight, her dark hair cascading over one bare shoulder. Her maroon dress was short and strapless, and her chunky necklace drew the eye to her ample cleavage.

“You guys having fun yet,” she asked with a knowing smile. She had a small glass of whiskey, and she swirled it reflexively.

“I think I scared off my advisor,” said Sara.

“Already? That’s impressive.”

Josh scanned the tables, but he didn’t see Cynthia at any of them. He looked over by the small podium, but she wasn’t there either. A few nervous looking older guys were going back and forth, though, and one approached the microphone on the podium.

“Please excuse us, there’s been a slight hiccup. Enjoy your dinner, and we’ll have tonight’s program going in a few minutes.”

Sara looked over to Mariana. “Wasn’t the program director supposed to give a little speech before dinner?”

“Maybe you scared him off too,” said Mariana.

Sara’s eyes bugged out, half alarmed, half irritated in the way that only your best friends can make you.

Josh pulled his chair back and stood. “Why don’t I make a quick lap around and see if I can find Cynthia at least? Maybe she and the director are chatting or something. I’ll be right back.”

“Don’t take too long,” said Sara. “They’ll probably be back in any minute now.”

Josh strode off towards the nearest restrooms – he hoped – and took a quick look around. There weren’t many people milling about on this side of the building, and he didn’t see Cynthia among them. He was beginning to find this plan of attack a bit silly. Still, it was good to get out of the room. Sara and Mariana might not be embarrassed by his performance yesterday, but Josh still felt awkward about it. How they could seemingly forget it was beyond him.

“Any luck?” Mariana came up behind him with a grin.

“No, I don’t think either of them is back here. Any better ideas?”

She led him down the hall towards the front of the building, and about halfway there, Josh heard the noises. He looked to Mariana, and her brows were arched high as they went further down the hall, moving quietly. There was only one activity that made sounds like that.

The came to the buildings offices, and directly opposite from them was the director’s office, door wide open. His back was to them, but Cynthia was clearly visible from underneath him. She was leaning back on his desk, legs spread eagle in the air. Her head was tossed back in ecstasy, so she was completely unaware of Josh and Mariana.

Josh gaped for a moment, but Mariana was quick on the draw. She pulled out her cell and framed the fucking couple with her camera. A few clicks later, Josh was pulling her back into the hall. He wanted to shout out loud, but they were too close to the director and Cynthia. Once they were out of earshot, he let her have it.

“What was that?! You can’t just….that’s not….”

Mariana shrugged. “Might come in handy. At least now we know what to do if Cynthia gives Sara any trouble.”

“What if she saw you?”

“I think she was a little preoccupied there. Besides, what would she be able to do? I have the pictures, so I have the power now, even if she doesn’t know it.”

Josh shook his head and walked down the hall, back towards the banquet. “It just seemed a little reckless. That’s a dangerous game to be playing.”

“Maybe I like a little danger,” said Mariana, and she pushed him into a doorway Bayan Escort as they approached it. Her usual olive-tan, Mediterranean sex appeal was in full drive, and he could smell her perfume and her sweat mingled together.

He was stunned silent, but his cock was getting stiffer by the second. Her body was on fire, pressed right up against him, and she held his gaze. She snaked a hand down to his bulging crotch and rubbed it through his pants.

“I liked what I saw yesterday,” she said, “and Kat said it was alright if I sampled the goods. We’re supposed to be sharing you anyway.”

Josh wanted to say no, but she was too much for him. He tried to mount another feeble defense, saying, “But what if someone comes? We could get caught here.”

Mariana smiled and unbuckled his pants. “If it isn’t risky, it isn’t fun. Now spread your legs a bit.”

Josh looked around nervously, but did as he was told. Mariana was the kind of girl you didn’t say no to, and she wanted his cock out in a hallway on campus. He widened his stance, and she kneeled between his legs, pulling his boxers down to reveal his erect member.

“It looks even better from here,” she said, and then went to work on him. With one hand around his shaft, Mariana engulfed his cock with her mouth and began sucking away at the head.

It felt amazing, her warm, wet lips over his dick, but he couldn’t see much past her dark mass of hair. He pushed it back some, and Mariana looked up at him. She didn’t break her rhythm, though, and he felt a shiver down his spine as she kept in eye contact. There’s nothing hotter than locking eyes with a beautiful woman while she sucks you off.

There was a noise down the hall – it sounded like heels clicking against the tile – but Mariana held him fast, holding onto his hips with her free hand and taking him deeper into her mouth. The footsteps were getting closer, and when he looked down in panic, Mariana’s eyes were gleaming with an intensity he’d never seen before. She took him all the way in, deepthroating his whole length, and Josh groaned involuntarily. The footsteps fell away, and Mariana pulled back.

“That was so hot,” she said, her mouth ringed with saliva and smeared lipstick. “If we didn’t have to get back in there, I’d have you blow a load on my face.”

Josh grunted back, at a loss for words. His heart was pounding like a jackhammer, but his cock was still ramrod straight and ready to go. He ached to feel her lips on him again.

She smiled up at him, jerking his cock in a slow, but steady rhythm. “Ha! Stunned silent. Was that too much for you? Or would you like to see my face covered in cum? Should we go back in there, me plastered in your jizz, and just walk around like it’s nothing? That sounds like fun.”

He couldn’t say anything. His entire body was focused down to the seven inches of rock hard flesh in Mariana’s hand, and how much he’d like to spray his cum all over her body. It was maddening, and he was so close.

She must have felt his breathing change, because she grinned even more and moved her mouth in line with his cock. “That’s it, cum on me…or in me. I don’t mind, either way. I’ll just open my mouth for you, and you can decide where your stuff goes.”

He nodded and gasped, then thrust his hips forwards, pushing his cock into her waiting mouth. Thick jets of white cum filled her up, and he saw her swallow as his load overwhelmed her. Trickles of his sticky substance dribbled out around his cock.

When she pulled back, Mariana opened her mouth to reveal his massive load before swallowing it down. She smiled up to him, her mouth sticky and wet with cum and saliva. She took some of the errant cum from her chin and rubbed between her tits.

“Coward. I would have done it, you know.”

Josh sighed and pulled up his boxers. “I’m getting that. I don’t know what Sara would have said about it, though.”

“Hmmm, fair enough.” Mariana stood and gave him a deep kiss, with tongue. She even seemed to enjoy the mild discomfort this caused him. “Should we get back, or are you going to return the favor?”

Josh finished belting his pants and adjusting himself. “Maybe next time. We’ve probably been gone too long already.”

Mariana took his arm, and pulled him along down the hallway. “Alright, but I’ll decide when and where I get it. You have to drop everything and make me cum.”

He didn’t respond. He’d seen how demanding she could be already, so there was no doubt in his mind that she would have her orgasm whenever she pleased.

They returned to find that the speaker had begun, and Sara looked at him worriedly. He played her off with an explanation about getting turned around and Mariana bringing him back, but it sounded weak. Fortunately, Sara didn’t press the matter.

After the program was over, they made another lap around the room. Sara got to speak with Cynthia again, though Josh used the opportunity to refresh their drinks. He was having trouble forgetting the sight of her on top of that desk less than an hour ago.

When he came back, Cynthia was gone, and Sara looked like she was ready to get going. Josh was a little dazed from encounter with Mariana, and it must have shown. Sarah led him out of the hall and toward the car.

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