An Eventful Hotel Stay

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Aidra Fox

About a week after Liz’s sister Aimee arrived for a visit, I was contracted to do a magazine photo shoot in a city about four hours’ drive away. I went, did the shoot, which lasted a whole day, finishing near 9:00 PM. Too tired to drive back home, I checked into a hotel in the downtown area of the city. Got a room on the fifth floor, which like many hotels had an adjoining door, connecting to the adjacent room. I am always the voyeur and after I set my bags down, opened my side. The opposite door was unlocked and ajar. I pushed it open a crack and saw the room was empty of people, but littered with beer cans and cloths, pizza boxes and other fast food remnants as well as a few empty liquor bottles. Looks like a party happened here. I hoped they would be quiet so I could sleep. Not my business, I returned their door to its partial open state and closed and locked my door.

I lay on the bed, going over the shots in my camera and must have fallen asleep. I was awakened somewhere around twelve thirty to the sound of a door slamming and loud voices. I concentrated on where the sound was coming from and realized my neighbors had returned, still full of party. But there was another voice, a female voice and she was not happy. One of the males went to the connector door on his side, opened it and started pounding on my locked door.

“Hey” he yelled. “Anybody in there? You want to party with us? We got a whore to share. Anybody in there?”

He pounded on the door, but I did not answer. I went to the connector door and listened. There were two male voices and they sounded anxious to fuck this girl. She was verbally fighting them off, but then I heard a slap and she screamed. I quietly unlatched my connecting door and opened it a crack. The opposite door had been left ajar and I could see the two males feeling this young girl up, trying to get her to cooperate. She was fighting them off, hitting and swearing at them to stop, leave her alone. She was small, maybe 100 pounds in a 5′ 2″ or so frame. As their drunken rage increased, the smaller of the two males got hold of her peasant blouse and ripped it from her body. She lashed out at him with her foot, but he slapped her again and grabbed for the front of her bra. The clasp opened and the bra was ripped from her breasts. The taller male grabbed her, flipped her around and held her up while his buddy ripped her jeans shorts off and went for her panties. She was screaming so loud, he grabbed her panties pulled them from her, ripping the fabric, balled them up and stuffed them in her mouth. He found her bra and pulled her arms to her back and used the bra to tie her arms. The larger male was dropping his pants revealing a solid erection. His buddy pushed the girl to the bed, legs dangling off the edge. She tried to roll away but the smaller male got her by the shoulders and knelt on her shoulders, pinning her to the bed. The other one lifted her flailing legs and held her by the ankles. He spread her legs far apart, lifted her hips and thrust his cock toward her pussy. He hit is mark on the third try and pulled her into him. I could hear her muffled cries and screams as he pushed into her, violently. In less than a minute of fucking, he arched his back, pulled her hips to him and buried his cock in her, releasing his load deep in her cunt. Finished cumming, he dropped her hips and legs and went around to his buddy. They exchanged places, with the smaller male flipping the girl over and lifting her hips up so that she was on her knees with her ass in the air. He dropped his pants exposing his erect cock and, as his buddy held the girl’s body between his legs, almost sitting on her head, he spit on her ass hole and fingered it.

“NOT YET” his buddy yelled. “We save her ass for later.”

Reluctantly, his buddy pushed his cock into her cunt and, like his buddy, dumped his load in less than a minute. Finished, he pulled his pants on, and they just looked down at this young girl, cum leaking from her hole and gave her a solid slap on the ass. They headed for the door, laughing, they said;

“Don’t go nowhere, whore. We’ll be back to party with the rest of your holes.”

The door slammed and they were gone. I heard the elevator arrive, doors open, close and silence.

She lay on the bed, on her side, facing the connecting doors. She was sobbing and crying. I waited several more minutes before I dared venture into the room. I was mad at myself for watching and not intervening to save the girl. But I am no fighter and they would have overpowered me just as they did this young girl. She saw me as I opened the connector door and I saw panic come over her face.

“Don’t make a sound. I’m going to get you out of here.”

Her eyes were wide and she was shaking violently. I untied her bra from her arms, pulled her panties from her mouth and just let her lay there. Suddenly she bolted for the door.

“Hey, are you crazy? Where are you going, naked and wounded like that? I can get you out of here and away. But you have to trust ankara escort bayan me. OK? You go out there and into the lobby, they might be there and waiting for you. Don’t be stupid, let me help you.”

She stopped and turned to me. Shaking she asked;

“What will you do?”

“Come on” I motioned her to the connector door.

“I’m in the connected room. We’ll close the door, keep the lights off and not be here if they come back.”

I retrieved her flip flops, bra, blouse and shorts (what was left of them) as well as her also shredded panties, wet from her mouth. She liked the idea of not being ‘here’, and followed me into my hotel room. I closed and latched the door and looked at this naked shivering girl.

“What they did was rape. Do you want the police? Do you want to go to the hospital and let them do a rape kit on you for evidence? Are you on the pill?”

My questions were overpowering her and she loudly protested.

“NO POLICE, no hospital, and yes I am on the pill, but I don’t want anyone to know what happened here. It will kill my parents if they ever find out.”

“But they might have sexually transmitted diseases, you might be infected?”

“I don’t care.” She insisted. “No one needs to know what I just went through.”

“OK, your life, but I think you need medical care, just my opinion and having been married to a nurse for many years, I think I know a thing or two, but your call. I’m going down to the main desk and get us another room, away from here. Do not leave the room. We don’t know if they will be coming back or when.”

With that, she walked into the bathroom, I closed the door and I heard her engage the door lock.

“Remember; do not leave until I get back. By the way, what is your name?”

A weak, timid voice came back with “Nicole.”

“OK, Nicole, I’m Josh. I won’t abandon you. Just stay put.”

I went out to the hall, securing the door and headed for the elevator. Once in the lobby, I found the night manager and told him I had a problem. I needed another room, preferably on the top floor, close to the stairs. I would pay for the second room in cash and wanted the room I am in cleaned up as soon as possible. He still looked puzzled, so I went into some detail about the two thugs and the girl, about my plan to get her away when they come back. I reached for my wallet and brought out a $100 bill and snapped it in his face.

“Is this going to be a problem?” I asked.

“No, sir, no problem at all” as he reached for the bill and encoded a key to room 756, two floors above.

“Now, one more thing. Do you have housekeeping staff on overnight?”

“Yes” he replied.

“I want housekeeping to clean the room, now. Tell them there are two of those,” pointing to the hundred dollar bill, for them if they hustle and get it done. And, oh yes, if the two thugs come back, you never saw me; you have no reservation for the room adjacent to theirs. Understand?”

He agreed and I was off, returning to my original room and to Nicole.

She was still in the bathroom when I returned.

“Nicole!” I whispered, “Let’s go, we are moving to another room.”

I went to the second bed, pulled a sheet off and helped her cover up. She was engulfed in a queen size sheet, holding a corner in each hand and I pulled a third corner through her legs and up to her arms. The fourth corner was draped down her back. Minutes later there was a knock at the door and I hustled Nicole through the connection door and into the other room.

“Stay here, make no sound.”

I let the cleaning ladies in and told them to make-up the room. I handed each of them a 100 dollar bill and told them to forget they saw me. They nodded and I asked them to secure and lock the connector door once I went through. I grabbed my camera equipment, suitcase and shaving kit and went through the connector door and closed it, waiting for the cleaners to lock it. Once they did, I pulled the remaining sheet corner over Nicole’s head and we made for the door and the hallway walking carefully through the trash strewn floor. She headed for the elevator, but I grabbed her, hustled her toward the stairs.

“Last thing we need to do is find ourselves in the elevator with your attackers.”

We made the two flights and, entering the hallway, immediately saw the new room. In we went luggage, girl, and sheet. Securing the door, I flipped on the inner light and we stood in the quiet and just looked at each other. The room had two queen sized beds and I indicated the nearest to the bathroom would be hers for the night. Suddenly realizing this was not over yet, I grabbed my shaving bag, opened the bathroom doom and pushed her in.

“Use the shower, clean yourself up, there are products in the bag. Use what you need. My wife and I share the bag when we travel so there are ‘feminine’ things in there as well as my stuff.”

I closed the door and heard her engage the lock.

I went for the room phone and called eryaman escort room service. Looking at my watch, it was 3:30 AM. The mall, nearby, had a Macy’s and I would need to get there when it opened at 10… she would need more clothing than a sheet. I ordered from room service; blueberry pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs, wheat toast, bacon, tea, coffee and orange juice for 9 AM. I heard the shower running as I undressed. I went to the queen bed closest to the bathroom and turned down the covers. I clicked the light off and went to the window, looking out at the city and drew the curtains closed. There was just a little light escaping into the room from around the edges, enough to stop you from stumbling. I climbed into the other bed and lay on my side watching the other bed and bathroom door. The room became quiet, and the door unlatched and opened. In the dim light I could see her, now clad in a towel. She stood in the dark waiting for her eyes to adjust and slowly walked to her bed. She dropped the towel as she climbed in and covered herself. I heard her sobbing, not crying of pain but more of relief and exhaustion. Her breathing slowed, and like her, I drifted off to sleep.

Some hours later, I was awakened by movement in the bed, lifting of the covers and a body closing in on my back. I felt a hand snuggle under my pillow, warmth from body heat increase as this person closed in on my back. The movement stopped as a right hand dragged between the bedding and my naked body. The hand stopped, as if to decide what to do with a naked man. Movement of the body continued, now closing the distance between us. I felt small, warm breasts contact my back and a right hand slowly move over my shoulder, move down to my chest and cover my left nipple. Her hair, still damp from the shower informed me who had invaded my bed. It was a little odd as Nicole used the shampoo my wife uses… was this my wife?

A small voice, ever so quietly said “Thank you.”

Her hand continued to move, lowering to my stomach and finally to my pubic area. She was tactile curious as to where the pubic hair was, but continued on to my, now, semi-erect cock. Her hand barely reached the knob atop my rod, but she, nonetheless, played with it, feeling it grow in her fingers.

I slowly turned my head toward her and said;

“Nicole, you don’t have to do this. Just snuggle with me and sleep.”

“No” she replied, “I want to be close to my rescuer and words do not say what I need to say. I need to show you my thanks. If you had not found me and pulled me out of there, I might be dead or near death from those two brutes.”

I rolled over onto my back and allowed her more room to play with my junk. She lifted herself onto my chest and brought her head over mine.

“May I kiss you?” she asked.

I responded, silently, lifting my head to her small face. Our lips met and quickly our mouths opened, tongues exploring each other. Her arms extended under my torso and she hugged me tightly. Her tears were flowing, again, and I hugged her back. She moved a leg over my body and was straddling my waist.

“Do you really want to do this; after all you have been through tonight?” I asked.

She didn’t answer, verbally, but slid back on my hips, dragging her small breasts and erect nipples over my chest. I felt the wetness of her pussy on top of my rock hard cock, but she did not push onto me.

“Will you tell your wife what happened here tonight?” she asked.

“No” I replied, “You will when I bring you home to meet her and her sister. You need womanly conversation, counseling to get through the trauma of a rape. Since you won’t go to the hospital or to the police, I offer the next best, private, resource.”

She was quiet for a while, finally lifting her hips off mine, lowering her right hand to my cock and guided it into her waiting, wet, hot pussy. She slid back, pushing me in as much as she could take. She was so short, as she lay on top of me; I was resting my chin on top of her head. She began to move, in and out, slowly fucking my cock, and after a few strokes, brought her knees up to my sides and sat on my hips, the covers falling to her rear, my cock still impaled in her warmth. I reached up and felt the softness of her breasts. She lurched as I touched a spot still tender from the slapping she received earlier.

“Sorry, I can’t see where you are tender.”

“It’s OK” she replied, “Just play with the nipples.”

I did as requested and we rocked back and forth, enjoying the feeling of skin contact. I moved my hand to her pussy, found her clit and began rubbing it. Her moans increased until, as an orgasm was about to overtake her, she collapsed onto my chest and rolled through a series of peaks. I rolled her over onto her back and, looking down into her face, I could see just how young, erotic and cute she was. Enough light was coming through the curtains as dawn approached. I increased my thrusting into her pussy, watching her expression etlik escort change from content to pleasure to… dare I say, the look of a girl falling in love. She wrapped her arms around my chest; her legs came up and enwrapped my waist, as I pumped into her. I listened to her breathing change, saw her eyes close, she was biting her lower lip and over she went. Another series of rolling orgasms washed over her and I felt her muscles grip my cock. I slowed my movements and she opened her eyes.

“Aren’t you going to cum?” she asked.

“Not in you, I don’t feel comfortable cumming inside you, given everything you have been through tonight.”

“Yeah, I understand. But I can still thank you.”

She said as her pussy released my cock and she slid down my body. Her mouth engulfed my 10 inch cock, and, as small a frame as her body was, she amazed me in how much of my cock she took in. I caught her looking up at me and I motioned her to turn her body around so I could orally attend to her pussy. It was a stretch to reach as our torso’s were of very different lengths, but once I came, flooding her mouth with my load, she slithered up my body and placed her sweet, somewhat raw pussy over my mouth. I sucked, and thoroughly enjoyed her juices as she reacted to my tongue and mouth.

The knock at the door brought us out of our sexual high. I pushed her off and threw the covers over her.

“Don’t move, don’t talk, don’t breath.” I told her.

Not thinking, I looked through the peep home and saw the waiter and breakfast cart. I opened the door and shocked the waiter as he starred at my erection, somewhat wet and beginning to droop. I smiled and ushered him in, showing him where I wanted the cart to be left. He saw the ‘lump’ under the covers and smiled at me.

“Nice cock” he said “if she gets tired of it, I can help. You stay here often?”

With that Nicole popped her head up, the covers sliding off her naked body and she emphatically stated to the waiter.

“He’s mine, not yours. Got it?”

His expression changed to surprise as he eyed her up and down. I escorted him to the door and he said;

“I’m bi as well, but if I had that in my bed, no cock would pull me away either. Ask for Walter next time you stay here. I’ll hook you up with whatever you like.”

He winked at me grabbed my cock and dragged his hand over the wetness. Slipping his fingers into his mouth, he was out the door.

“What the fuck was that about?” Nicole asked.

“Takes all kinds.” I replied.

“Are you really gay?” She asked?

“No, bisexual, but mostly straight. I guess I am about 20 percent gay and 80 percent straight. Same for my wife. She likes her girls as well as I like my boys.”

Nicole just stared at me, wondering.

We opened the covers on the hot food and she dove in like she had not eaten for several days.

“Nicole, when did you last eat?” I asked.

“What day is this?” she asked.

“Sunday morning. So when was your last meal?”

She thought, with her head down, still shoveling food into her mouth.

“Friday morning, I had some toast and coffee.”

“And nothing since then?” I asked.

“No, no money.” She replied.

“OK, spill it. Who are you, where do you live, what brought you to this point in your life?”

She finished the pancakes and began on the French toast, slathering on the butter and syrup. She went for the coffee and downed a second cup. Looking up at me, she looked hesitant.

“The truth.” I demanded. “Not something you want me to believe. I have a 20 year old son and have heard all the bull shit lies and half-truths. I amaze him as I tell him what part of his story is BULLSHIT!”

She, again, lowered her head and started.

“My name is Nicole Watman. My home is in Texas, where, is not important. I was a student at the university majoring in marketing and advertising. I should be starting my junior year, but my parents divorced last May and neither will pay for my last two years. I cannot afford my apartment, so my roommates, the bitches, wouldn’t let me just live there, so I hit the street. I moved in with my step brother who wanted me to turn tricks for money, but he was keeping the money for his drug habit. We got thrown out of his apartment when the landlord found out he was dealing. I was desperate for money, a place to live, so I started working at the Cinderella club downtown as a stripper. That scared the hell out of me, especially the things the audience wanted me to do; would pay big bucks to get me to do. So last night, those two assholes picked me up, literally, as I left the club at closing. They promised me big money as they pushed me into a car, between them and started to group me and tried to undress me in the car. I put them off by telling them I would take care of them in their hotel room, but not in the car. When they parked in the hotel parking garage, I tried to make a break for the doors, but the little guy grabbed me and slapped me a few times, telling me things would get worse if I tried that again. They already had the room and we took the elevator up from the garage. All the way up they kept grabbing me and pushing their hands into my jeans, and, well, you know the rest.”

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