An Average Love Story Ch. 04

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Scott and Kelly were continuing their whirl wind romance, and Scott sent her flowers at work making her the envy of some of the other women there. One day he decided to surprise her at work with some lunch, Kelly sat in her cubicle typing away. Scott snuck up behind her setting the picnic basket down on the floor and put his arms around her. She shuddered at the surprised, but then quickly snuggled in the embrace of her young lover.

“No classes today?” She asked.

“None, so I thought I would come over here and surprise you with some lunch.” He said.

“Sounds great.” She replied closing out her computer screen.

“Good let’s go, but I found a nice secluded spot in the park across the street.” He said to pull her chair out from her desk.

The two of them walked out of the office building holding hands and laughing, Kelly drew quite a few stares and whispers as she left with her young man. Good to his word Scott found a nice secluded spot that was off of one of the regular paths. He spread the blanket down on the ground and Kelly took off her heels. The two of them lay on the blanket eating the lunch of sandwiches, fruit and salad he had made for them.

Scott then leaned over and kissed his lover on the mouth, Kelly had not intended this to be turned into a make out sessions yet she did not stop when she felt his tongue push into her mouth. Soon she was lying on her back, Scott ran his hand up her blouse and unbuttoned it, he then unhooked her bra which clasped in the front. He continued to kiss her and play with her breasts, she whimpered softly, then his hand slid down her stomach and pulled up her short skirt. He slid his hand down inside her panty, his fingers gently moving through the pubic hair and then brushing over her wet pussy lips.

“Oh Scott, I’m so hot for you right now.” She moaned.

“Do you have time?” He asked taking a nipple into his hot ready mouth.

“I still have twenty five minutes, oh that feels good, suck my tits, oh yes.” She moaned

Scott’s gentle finger fucked her pussy and continued to suck on her nipples, Kelly humped his hand and continued to moan. Scott sat up and took off his shirt, Kelly took the opportunity to slip her shirt off and pull her panties down. Scott positioned himself in between her legs and slid his hard cock into her eager pussy.

“Oh god you feel so good!” Scott exclaimed as he slid his cock into her tight pussy.

“Yes my love give it to me, give me all of your love.” She said to beckon him to give her a good quick fuck session before she had to go back to work.

With that Scott slid the full length of his big cock into her and started to fuck her faster, Kelly pulled him down almanbahis to her and kissed him. When the kiss was broken Scott, sat up onto his knees, he grabbed both of Kelly’s legs and pulled her up. He pounded his cock in and out of her with a series of fast and furious thrusts. Kelly lay on the blanket moaning and thrashing with passion as Scott gave orgasm after glorious orgasm.

“Oh shit baby I’m going too cum.” He moaned.

“Oh yes me too, oh mee toooooooooooooo!” She moaned loudly.

Scott continued to thrust until every last drop of cum that could be possibly milked out of his balls. Both of them laid on the blanket for a few minutes trying to recover from their sordid lunch time activity. As the two of them dressed, Kelly had something important she needed to talk to Scott about.

“Scott, I love you and I love how great sex is with you.” She said as she started to get dressed.

“Yes and I love you too.” He answered pulling his shirt back on.

“Well we really need to discuss birth control, either you need to get condoms or I have to go to the doctors and go on the pill.” She explained pulling her panties up.

“What do you think would be better?” He asked.

“I would prefer the pill, I think sex is more romantic without having to wait for your lover to get his condom on.” She said standing up to put her shoes back on. “We probably better layoffs the sex until I start taking the pill.”

“Wow that will drive me nuts.” He said gathering up the blanket and the basket.

“Well I will take care of all of your urges.” She smiled.

He escorted her back to the building and then he returned home, Kelly called her doctor and told him she was becoming sexually active again and would need to get some birth control. She then called Scott and told him she had an appointment the next day.

The rest of the week Scott had to settle for a blow job or a hand job from Kelly, not that he would complain. She was great at either one of these acts, she would not let him reciprocate on her for fear things would get out of control. Then the weekend comes and it is Saturday night, when Scott’s mother offers to watch the kids so they could have a nice little date.

“Kelly would you like to go to the drive in with me?” He asked.

“Sounds great and your mom want to have the kids overnight so give a few minutes to get ready.” She replied.

An hour later she brought the kids over to Scott’s parents house and his dad said they could use the van. The two of them sat in the front seats of the van watching the first movie, they ate popcorn, drank soda and had a good time. In between the two movies they ended up in the backseat, where almanbahis yeni giriş the two of them had started to make out. Kelly cursed herself for wearing a summer dress, one that she did not wear a bra with and the fact it was short.

Scott’s wandering hands kneaded her tits, then soon had them out of the dress, he was sucking on her sensitive nipples like a starving man who had not eaten for days. This was pure torture for Kelly, but she had not felt her lovers cock inside her pussy for the last few days. He reached up her dress and began to rub her panty clad pussy, Kelly felt as if she was burning up inside.

“Oh Scott you make me feel so good.” She moaned aloud.

“Oh Kelly’s I want you so bad, let me give it to you.” He moaned kissing her neck.

“Scott, we should stop.” She said half heartedly.

“I can’t.” He moaned as his hand now slid inside her panties and he now had access to what he desired most.

Kelly was relieved when he just rubbed her pussy for a few minutes and then pulled his hand out. As much as she wanted to have sex with him, she knew they had to wait until she could get on the pill. She thought Scott was going to stop, she gasped aloud when he reached up with both hands and pulled her off of the seat, then he forcefully pulled her dress off.

“Oh god Scott, what has gotten into you?” She asked startled.

“I want you so bad, and I can’t take it.” He said as he tore the her panties off, lucky for her they were flimsy bikini pair.

Scott spun her around again, this time she faced the screen, she had to use both arms to hold herself up as Scott spread her legs and he buried his face in between her legs from behind. He licked, sucked and prodded with his fingers at her wet womanly flesh. Kelly was so hot by his forcefulness tonight and her hunger for sex with him that she was now humping his face until she came.

Scott now stood up and took his large hard cock and positioned behind her, he slid it into her hot eager pussy easily. The two of them stood up fucking in the van for several minutes, then Kelly gripped the seats hard as she had a powerful orgasm. Scott pulled his cock out of her and plopped down on the seat, he reached up and turned Kelly around and pulled her on top of him.

Kelly rode up and down on his big cock, she loved the feel of his big strong hands as they alternated from her sensitive tits to her nice round ass. She didn’t even mind when his fingers brushed against her asshole from time to time.

“Oh Kelly’s I think I’m cumming.” He moaned thrusting his cock up to meet her downward thrusts.

“Oh I’m cumming to, oh baby let’s cum together, oh yes we are cumming almanbahis adres together.” She moaned aloud.

“Ahhhh!” They both said in unison tensing up.

The two of them just sat together for the rest of the movie touching and kissing each other, then they got dressed. The drive home they just listened to love songs and they ended spending the night together in her bed. It felt so nice for Kelly to make love all night with someone, especially someone who loved her as much as Scott.

At six in the morning she could feel Scott’s hard cock probing her ass crack, she could feel his big strong arms come around her naked body pulling her to him. Once again they were making love, both of them laying on their sides, Scott gently lifted her leg so he could get better penetration. When he came they both fell asleep again, as his cock withered inside of her and he held her in his arms.

The next few days started to get really tense for Kelly she thought she was due for her period and is able to take the birth control pills. Yet she had not gotten it yet, she gave it a few more days and then she bought a home pregnancy test. She was pregnant, then she went to the doctors and he confirmed the same thing.

That night she got the kids to bed, like clock work Scott came over around nine thirty, he had finished his homework and now longed to see his love. Kelly let him inside, the living room was lit only by candle light and her was dressed in a long white night gown, it was lacy around the chest and had a long slit up the sides.

“Wow you look so beautiful in this candlelight, you look as if you are glowing tonight.” He said to pull her to him.

“IAM glowing, I’m glowing because I’m in love with you, I want to be with you forever and I want to have your baby.” She said softly.

“Baby!?” He said. “You mean what I think you mean.”

“Yes my love, and I’m pregnant with your child, our child.” She said softly again.

Scott gently swooped her up and carried her over to the couch, he sat down with her on his lap, then he gave her a nice long kiss on the lips. When he broke off the kiss the two of them just sat and stared at each other until he finally broke the silence.

“I love you so much, I love your kids, I love the idea that we are going to have a baby together.” He said. “There is only one thing left to do, I don’t have a ring, but I will get you one tomorrow, Kelly will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

“Oh Scott yes, yes I will.” She said to throw her arms around him.

The two of them sat on the couch, just kissing and caressing each other, until Kelly fell asleep in his arms. He then carried her up to bed and turned on her alarm clock, for the first time on a week night they slept together all night without making love. Scott was perfectly content holding his future bride in his arms, smelling her hair and her skin. He truly did love her and now they had consummated that love with a child.

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