An Arse To Die For

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I’d arrived in Honolulu in the early evening from Sydney and got a cab straight to my brother-in-law’s apartment on Kuhio, which he’d lent me for a fortnight while he was up in Europe on business. It’s in an ideal situation, a couple of blocks back from all the hotels and Waikiki Beach.

I slept like a log and after breakfast thought about walking down to Waikiki to get started on my tan, which had all but disappeared during the awfully wet Sydney winter. In the end I decided to forego the pleasure of perving on the Hawaiian birds and the tourist sheilas, and went down to the private pool, which is entered from the apartment block’s fifth floor. It was the best decision I ever made!

It was mid-morning on a lovely Hawaiian summer’s day and I laid my towel on a recliner, smothered my pasty-looking body in suntan lotion and lay back with USA Today.

I’m just over six foot tall, I’ve got longish blonde hair – a throw back to my surfing days – and I work out regularly to keep fit. At 32 I’m still pretty well built, and none of the sheilas I’ve had sack time with have complained about my eight-inch circumcised cock, either.

I’d been basking in the sun for about 10 minutes when a doll entered the poolside area. She was about five foot eight or nine, dark chocolate skin, lovely lustrous black hair, sparkling brown eyes and lovely legs. I took her to be of Latin descent.

She looked across at me as she walked on sexy high heels around the pool’s edge, then grinned. “Hey, handsome, any objections if I join you?” she asked.

Well, I had none, Those Latina types do it for me every day. “Be my guest, sport,” I told her in my unabashedly Australian accent.

She walked to the recliner next to mine, turned her back on me, slipped off her little beach jacket thing and I was totally hooked!

This vision was wearing a skimpy little thong – well, not that skimpy, but it was brief enough to reveal the lower halves of her buttocks. Now I have a thing about buttocks, or, as we say Down Under “arse”. You Yanks call it “ass”, but either way, it’s what I look for in a sheila first.

And did this thing have an arse! It was gleaming brown, like a lovely block of chocolate and I’d have given anything to have leaned over and planted a kiss on it right there and then.

Then she turned round, slipped off her high heels and sat down, presenting me with a great view of her tits. They weren’t massive, but they were more than adequate, I can tell you. The lovely smooth satin of the bra cups shone on her lovely globes.

“Hey,” she said, reaching over with her right hand and shaking mine. “My name’s Dolita and I take it you’re Australian?”

I nodded. “You’ve got it, mate,” I replied. “The name’s Shayne and I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. You ever been to Australia?”

She shook her head, making the glimmering black hair shimmy. “No, but I’d like to go there one day,” she said. “What I’d really like to do is see Kylie Minogue’s bum – I wonder if it’s as good as they say.”

Now call me a traitor, but as far as I’m concerned Kylie’s bum isn’t a touch on say, the fantastic buttocks that Vida Guerra lady shows off.

And this bird wasn’t unlike Guerra, in my books. Perhaps not as pretty, but she had a similarly superb arse. Not that I’d turn down a face-sitting from Kylie if she ever offered it – and I’m at odds of a million-to-one against there and drifting.

So I grinned what I hoped was one of my winning smiles and told her: “Mate, Kylie’s not a touch on Vida Guerra and if you ask me your bum’s just as beautiful. Dolita – you’re not Cuban, by any chance?”

The lovely brown, bronzed bird smiled. “No, Shayne,” she replied, rolling over onto one side to give me a great sight of her breasts fighting to burst out of her bikini top. “My mother was Spanish, my father Italian, so that’s where I get my looks, I guess,” she told me.

“And what’s a Spanish-Italian sheila doing in Waikiki?” I asked her.

She frowned: “Sheila, what’s with this sheila thing?”

I groaned. “Oh, Dolita, pardon my language – the word ‘sheila’ is used by Australian blokes to describe any woman aged from 15 to 55.”

“And what do you call them after 55?” she laughed.

“Tired old tarts,” I joked. “But since you’re obviously over 15 and under 55, to me you’re a ‘sheila’,” I told her.

“Well I’m not much over 15,” she said, coyly.

“Don’t tell me, let me guess,” I said. “You’ve gotta be 20-plus. Say 22?”

She giggled. “Silly, I’m 32. Do I really look 22?”

“You look absolutely smashing,” I said, without a trace of a lie.

“You look pretty good yourself, Shayne,” she said. “You here long?”

“A fortnight,” I told her. “And you?”

“I rent an apartment here,” she said, “I do some modelling and I’ve appeared in a couple of videos.”

I told her about my job in Sydney. I sell cars – not second-hand crap, I specialise in brand-new Altezzas, actually, and some of them can be seriously sporty little motors.

We lay back in trabzon escort the sun, chattering away and when I lay on my belly to get my back tan going, Dolita stepped over and rubbed lotion all over my back and thighs. I was wearing full-cut Speedos, but she hiked the sides up so my buttocks were exposed. She poured lotion all over them and her hands were wonderfully soft, yet strong at the same time.

“Nice buns, Shayne,” she said, as she massaged the lotion into my arse cheeks. I’m not afraid to admit I felt my old fella stirring in my Speedos. She was one seriously hot bird!

After an hour or more basking in the sun, I pulled my towel over me and announced: “C’mon, Dolita, it’s time we enjoyed a nice cold glass of the amber nectar.”

Again that frown. “Amber nectar?” she queried.

“Beer – well, I’m up for one. Do you drink beer?”

She nodded. “I’ve been known to have a cold one on a hot day,” she said, sounding as if it was a line someone had taught her.

“Well, come on up to my apartment on the ninth floor and we’ll taste one,” I said.

“Ninth floor? Coincidence,” she laughed.

It turned out she was in an apartment about three down from my brother-in-law’s, which is on one corner of the building. It was an ideal location because the lanai – balcony to you Aussies, out there – was not overlooked on one side, and was also secluded from the one next door.

In the apartment, Dolita slipped off her beach coat to reveal her great tanned body and I handed her a cold Victoria Bitter. I’m a Sydney boy, but VB is a great little drop, if you ask me.

Dolita sat on the couch and I plonked myself down beside her. After a couple of sucks on the amber fluid, I put an arm around her and pulled her to me. Her mouth tasted of sun tan lotion and VB, a lovely combination.

“Any chance of me kissing that fantastic arse of yours?” I asked, stroking the outside of her right bikini-cupped bra.

“There’s every chance in the world, you smooth-talking Aussie,” she grinned. “Tell me how you think it compares to Kylie’s!”

And with that she stood up and kicked off her high heels and walked into the bedroom. Climbing on the bed, she knelt facing the headboard, her knees wide, her glorious chocolate arse gleaming at me.

I pulled down my Speedos and revealed my eight-inches of taut erection. Dolita looked back over her shoulder, tossing her black hair from her face in a sexy gesture. “Wow, that looks good enough to eat,” she told me.

I laughed. “Later, Dolita, later. First things first and my meal is first, not yours!” And with that I knelt behind her beautiful bum and lowered my mouth to her cheeks and kissed each one in turn. They were stunning – warm, firm, yet there was also a bit of give.

Then I grabbed each side of her thong and pulled it down. Lowering my mouth again I licked at the top of her globes, then traced my tongue into the crack above her anus. I was greeted by a musky aroma, an aroma of pure animal sexiness.

Spurred on by the superb scent, my tongue flickered against her delightfully dimpled chutney chute. Then I drove my tongue down past her anus further forward – and came smack dab up against her scrotum!

I peered through her legs. Her ball sac was bunched, taut and dark brown, with a darker brown line which went across its middle, darting between each testicle. I later found the dark brown line went all the way up the underside of her cock shaft to her piss lips, but I didn’t find that out just then.

Now my Bondi surfing mates might laugh if they read this, call me a poofter, a woofter, a whatever, but you know what? I don’t give a damn. Dolita had the sweetest arse I’d ever tasted and I wanted to gorge myself on it.

“I hope I haven’t offended you, Shayne,” I heard her whisper from above me.

“Shut up, sweetheart,” I said in a not unfriendly voice. “Just let me get to work on this fantastic set of buns.”

And with that I licked and kissed her cheeks all over. Every now and again I’d provide her anus with some oral adoration, but mainly I licked and tongued her backside. It was just irresistible!

As I did so, I reached around in front of her with one hand and stroked a rigid and not small cock. It was, I guessed then, about six and a half inches, it was uncut and when my forefinger probed into its foreskin lips it was met with a lot of pre-cum oozing from the slit.

Soon it was time to advance from orally worshipping her arse to doing something else. Now, like I’ve said, my mates might call me a poofter, but I didn’t feel like a poofter. I was hungry for a fuck, and she was hungry to be fucked. I’ve only made love to sheilas before, and believe me, I’ve had plenty of ’em, but to fuck Dolita seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

I rose until I was kneeling directly behind her arse, and placed my eight inch stiffy against her anus. Then, as she backed firmly against me, I thrust into her, my cock sliding up her as easy as if her chute was full of marzipan.

Now uşak escort if any of my mates from the surf club get around to reading this and feel like a good chunder, I’ve only got this to say: until you’ve tried it, don’t knock it! Strewth sports, Dolita was one of the sweetest fucks I’ve ever had.

After I’d got nicely established in her arse, I unhooked her bra and slipped it away. Her tits were fantastic. Biggish mounds, even though, as I say, they were probably only 34s or 35s, they fitted my hands superbly. The nipples were thick and erect and dark brown, almost black. I couldn’t wait to get my tongue on them. That they were implants I had absolutely no doubt, but you know what? It didn’t matter a damn, sport.

As I continued to butt fuck her, Dolita turned and kissed me. “Enjoying the ride, tiger?” she grinned.

“Enjoying it? What do you think, you sexy thing,” I replied.

“Can I blow you, darling?” Dolita then asked me, and to be perfectly frank, it took me by surprise.

“But I’m fucking your arse!” I protested. “Do you want me in your mouth?”

Dolita laughed. “Course I do, silly,” she told me. “How do you like it? Thrusting into a girl’s mouth from above her, or lying on your back and letting her do the work?”

I pondered. Well, I love the lady sucking on me while I kneel above her, but something’s to be said – actually, a lot’s to be said – for getting her to do the work.

I made up my mind. “You do the work,” I whispered, kissing her full on the mouth. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in any of my sexual encounters.

I pulled from her satin-smooth anus and lay back on the bed, my cock pointing towards my chin. Dolita lay off at a 90-degree angle to me and took my chute-stained erection in her mouth.

At first she just sucked the helmet down to the ring. Then she licked my cock all over the shaft, from the tip to the base. And then she started to really go to work on me. Her big lips totally enclosed my helmet and she began to plunge up and down on my stiffy. Her deep throating was such that most of her plunges ended about two inches from the base of my cock.

It was the most exhilarating blow-job I’ve ever had, mate. Fuck, she was good!

In fact, she was so good she was almost too good! After a mere two or three minutes I felt my semen starting the surge from base camp to the summit and I was soon shooting wads of spunk into Dolita’s hard-working mouth.

The delightful little darling actually licked her lips! “Very salty, Shayne,” she told me, “very tasty. I might have to do that again!”

Then she lay beside me and I stroked her erection. “How about you?” I asked. “How do you prefer to come?”

“Oh you smooth talker,” she grinned, “you mean I actually get a choice? Most of my men friends simply toss me off. You mean, you’d like to suck me?”

She asked the question in a sort of “I dare you” tone. Well, you can call me a lot of things, sport, but a wimp ain’t one of them. If this sheila wanted me to suck her cock then I’d bloody well suck her cock!

And, to tell you the truth, it wasn’t at all bad. Like I said, it was six-and-a-half inches, and when I went down on her I noticed that that brown line went all the way from her balls up the underside of her shaft to her piss lips.

I kissed her cock tip tentatively at first, then when I realised it wasn’t going to bite me, I started suck on her helmet, down to the ring. The top two inches of her cock were thick and turgid and the sensation of them filling my mouth was wonderful.

Dolita for her part lay back groaning and moaning as if in ecstasy. I hoped she wasn’t acting.

Then I began to increase the tempo of my tasting and soon I felt her entire body stiffen against me as her climax started to surge through her groin, and then I was sucking down a wad of globby spunk.

Now I know what you’re all thinking. You’re thinking (a) disgusting, or – if not that, (b) what did it taste like?

Well, for starters it sure ain’t tasteless, sport. And I’m told that it differs from person to person and it also depends on what they’ve been eating or drinking.

So, to Dolita’s cum. Well, it was salty. Not incredibly salty, but briny. That’s it, a bit like drinking a glass of brine. And you know what? I didn’t mind it. Sure, a glass of VB or a good Penfold’s red would taste – well, not necessarily nicer, but different.

Then we lay back in each other’s arms.

Dolita was curious, though. “Good, Shayne?” she asked.

“Superb,” I said, with utter and total honesty.

“First time?” she added.

“No, I’ve had sex plenty of times,” I laughed, re-cycling some old movie line.

“No, silly,” she laughed, punching me lightly on the bicep. “First time with a girl like me?”

“Yes,” I said, “only I hope I didn’t break any rules.”

Dolita gave me a very sexy kiss on the mouth. “There are no rules so long as no one gets hurt,” she said.

Then we climbed off the bed, showered, Dolita van escort went back to her apartment, dressed in shorts and a halter top. We went to a nearby Mexican restaurant and enjoyed a superb lunch, washed down with a big pitcher of Margaritas.

“This is great food,” I said, complimenting her on her choice.

“I love it hot,” she said, sipping about her fourth glass of margarita.

“Hot like your lovely arse,” I said, leaning over and kissing a mouth made salty by the liquor.

That afternoon, back in her pad she showed me some of the web sites she appears on in her “modelling role”. They were all similar – Dolita dolled up in some sexy dress, stripping to sexy lingerie and, in the last couple of pictures, showing her sweet six point five inches of hard-on.

The videos – she’s featured in three of them – were less to my taste. I am, of course, as vain and jealous as the next man, and to see her impaled on some big black man’s nine-inch cock did nothing for me.

“Do you ever fuck women in these movies?” I asked her.

“No, I’m strictly a lady for the lads,” she answered. “I never fuck a lady. No, this is one chick who prefers to have dicks. Although, I guess if Kylie or Vida made me an offer I might have to try it!”

Then we moved into her bedroom where I stripped her naked, then allowed her to remove my clothes. We stood for a while, facing each other, our pricks both erect, both nuzzling against each other, our mouths locked together in breathtaking kisses, until I couldn’t contain myself any longer.

I turned Dolita so that her beautiful back was to me, she leaned over, placing her hands on the bed, making her arms straight. I knelt behind her and licked at that sensational arse, tonguing the musky delights of her anus, before standing and sliding my erection deep into her.

This time, as I stroked and caressed her hanging breasts, Dolita whispered: “Come in me or on me this time, darling.”

I tried to control myself, to last longer as I stroked her breasts with one hand, her erection with the other, but her beautiful butt soon had the better of me. It wasn’t helped by the fact that she kept thrusting her butt back against my belly, the contact between our bodies making slapping sounds as she did so.

Then I felt the insistent pounding in my balls as the semen sought its release. As I realised the inevitable was getting closer and closer, I pulled from her lovely back passage and plumed my spunk onto the middle of her back in three globs – a big one, a smaller one and a piddling little dribble.

After fetching a towel from her bathroom and cleaning up my load from her chocolate brown body, Dolita sat up on the bed and I lay beside her. I went to suck on her erection, but this time she said: “No, not this time, Shayne, give me a hand job, there’s a sweetie.”

Now I’ve pulled the old pud when I’ve had to in my time – although I’ve usually been lucky to have had a woman around to do the honours, so to speak – but I’d never wanked anyone else off. An approach to one of the surf lifesaving club fellas in the clubhouse showers would almost certainly be met with a swift punch in the ghoulies!

“I’ll try,” I told Dolita, “but I don’t know how good I’m going to be.”

She smiled so sweetly at me. “Oh, I think you’re gonna be just fine, darling. Now, take me in hand!”

And I placed my hand around her hard-on and began to pump her. At first I was extremely slow, then she gave me some words of encouragement.

“Slightly faster, darling,” she whispered. “And slide the foreskin down almost to the ring, then let it slide back up to my helmet. As you do that, increase the tempo. It’ll work wonders – trust me, I’m a girl that knows!”

Well, she was as true as her word. I began to work on manipulating her foreskin, marvelling at the amounts of pre-cum which dripped from her urinary slit during my masturbation.

Then she started to moan and flung her arms around my neck. “Faster, darling, stroke me faster, oh fuck me!” and suddenly her whole body stiffened and then she was spraying globs of semen up onto her belly – just two spurts, but thick buggers.

And that was the start of my two weeks in paradise, sport.

We usually started the day by having breakfast over at the Royal Hawaiian, which is older than the fucking Ark but has got more style than any pub in Waikiki.

One middle-aged Hawaiian waitress there obviously took a big shine to Dolita and I was amused to watch her ogle my lovely young companion. Of course, with Dolita the waitress was pushing it uphill with a rake.

Lunches were usually at the Mexican place, dinners at a variety of Thai, Chinese or Mexican joints around the district, which Dolita knew like the back of her hand, of course.

One evening she took me to a party of people in the movie and modelling business. “Half the girls will have dicks, half won’t,” she said. “And almost all the guys will be straight.”

Towards the end of the evening I was chatted up by a delicious-looking little Asian chick. Dolita spotted it, came over and whispered in the girl’s ear and the Asian bird went red-cheeked and moved away.

“I told her you preferred chicks with bigger dicks,” she said. “She’s only four inches fully erect.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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