An Anxious Mother’s Itch

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I thank my readers for the love and the constructive criticism that they have bestowed me with for the first story that I wrote. It encouraged me to pen down my first incest story. It is a tale between a mother and son who happens to find themselves in the lives that they live in.

It is written from the perspective of the mother and that was challenging to say the least. The mother here is referred only to as …mother.

This is by no means a novella but it is a detailed story. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. Hoping that you enjoy this well-crafted tale.

“You…are a horny mother, Darling.” That’s what you are!” Came Reena’s voice from the other side of telephone, giggling.

I held onto to my phone rolling my eyes, unable to find a suitable reply.

“And I stress on the word MOTHER. Admit that!” She earlier told me that she had just finished her bath. I imagined her sitting in front of her vanity mirror wearing her bathrobe. I pictured Reena watching her own reflection, dangling one of her flip flops on the tip of her foot. I knew Reena very well.

“Don’t. Say. That.” I paused in on every word through my clenched teeth. I was walking around in the bedroom. My fingers played with the two pills which I held in my palm. I had severe anxiety issues. And my doctor kept increasing the doses. My friends knew me as a reserved woman who would occasionally go through bouts of mood swings but I never confessed the severity of the issue. The stigma associated with taking pills made me keep it as a secret even from my closest friends, including Reena. But the main reason was that generally, I never felt safe when somebody else had knowledge of my weaknesses.

“What else is this? I’m not blaming you though. It’s so hot.” Reena laughed.

“I’m beginning to wonder why I even told you this… this…very small thing in the first place. You’re really overreacting, you know.” I scanned the room for a glass of water to follow up the pills which I was planning to take.

“Small thing!? It’s not a small thing! She paused. “And it’s more common than you think. Come on, girl. Trust me on this.”

“So tell me about another woman who tells her closest friend about having thoughts like this?” I raised my voice a notch higher.

“I know a lots of my friends gossip about it. It’s something to vent it out.” Reena said in a casual way.

“I want a name then.” I asked her.

She paused. “Well, You’re case is unique but I am going to count it as yet another hot fixation so many people have. So…” I could literally see her lips curve into a naughty smile when she finished her sentence. We were going to meet each other in a couple of hours.

“It’s not another fixation. It’s what I felt from him.” I retorted. I wasn’t fully truthful with that reply of mine.

“Let’s not put all the blame on that young man now, Ok? He’s bursting with all those hormones. The fact of the matter is, you are turned on.” She shot back.

I didn’t have words for her nagging statements anymore. She was one of my best friends, if not my best friend. But there was a lot of things that I never told her about. Those details would have changed the conversation dramatically. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust her but life has taught me people tend to hear what they want to and not necessarily what the other person says. She started talking again.

“Listen. I feel you, woman.” Reena’s voice was still sounding calm. “I was just having fun with you.”

“Yea ok.” I muttered.

“If at all you didn’t get all hot thinking about it, which I know you did, it surely got me a little ‘Tingly-Dingly’ down there.” She laughed.

“I always did like your madness. Maybe that’s why we are still friends.” I paced around my room with the phone pressed into my ear. I entered into our balcony. The night air felt good on my skin. This was one of the reasons I loved our new penthouse apartment perched up on the 14th floor.

“All I want to say is, welcome to the club. It’s about time!” It was habitual for Reena to remind me from time to time that I was also the biggest prude among her friends.

“I’ll meet you in an hour then.” I saw the time and it was 7 PM.

“Is Vivek all packed up for the trip? Because my husband is ready since last week.” Reena Asked about my husband.

“Yes, He is. Perhaps we girls should have also gone for a vacation ourselves.” I strolled back into our bedroom.

“We still have 10 days before they come back. We could plan something.” Reena sounded positive.

“Ok, I’ll hang up now. I think I can hear him calling me now. Bye”

“Bye, baby.” The cellphone went right into the small handbag which I intend to carry tonight.

“I’m coming! Just a minute!” I shouted to my husband who was downstairs. I threw the pills into the dustbin. I wasn’t sure whether to take it today. Reena always kept the best wines ready in her private cellar and alcohol certainly loosened me up. Nonetheless, I tossed the small plastic case that had my medications and in gorukle escort bayan the handbag too.

Just as I was leaving, a glance of my reflection in the mirror stopped me in my tracks. I saw myself step back for one final check. Today was special. I felt it. I wanted to reaffirm myself on how I looked for the night. I saw myself looking at me. I wasn’t that tall at 5 ‘5 but that never made me feel conscious. I ran my hands upwards from the nape of my neck and pulled up my voluminous hair into a bunch and left it open. I had gone to the parlor in the morning and loved how my hair turned out today. I always kept my jet black wavy hair long and right up till the small of my back. People often complimented me about my beautiful face. They also told me that the contrast of my sad eyes and my bright positive smile always seem to put them off balance. Looking a lot younger than a middle aged woman was another flattery that I was used to. I was 46. But leaning closer to the mirror, I could see the sparse wrinkles that were visible on my face. I was gifted with a clear and fair complexion and I had an oval face. Physically, my eyes were round and my lips were full, typical to an Indian woman’s features. The corner of my lips were curved upwards and it made them look like it was resting on a perpetually contented smile. A somewhat slender neck and feminine shoulders gave way to a full figure. My large D cup breasts made me realize the steady weight I was putting on all these years. My globes jutted out proudly with a soft saggy fullness. No, I wasn’t fat at all. I was a naturally curvy woman. Because right where my mature tits ended, my mid-section concaved into a shapely form right up till lower stomach. From there, my thick hips flared out into a buxom figure.

“Where are you?!” I heard my husband’s voice again.

Ignoring his call, I turned sideways to study me again. My flat stomach was soft and very smooth. It had the right amount of fat that made it feel so supple to the touch. I turned a bit more to study my plump ass. I visualized how it would look when I walked around. Whenever I took a step forward, I could always feel my clothes hugging and stretching on each one of my meaty globes. I knew men found such a figure very attractive, and many women wished they had it. But today, there was something different in the way I appreciated my body. Today, I couldn’t care less of the few early greys that I had around my forehead. I didn’t care that the reflection was of a wife’s or a mother’s either. I had decided to wear the black sequined chiffon Saree and the sleeveless blouse that Reena and I bought together. It wrapped and flowed around me just the way I wanted it. I was feeling sexy in quite a long time. One quick jiggle of an adjustment of my breasts and I was ready to go. My dear. Boys half your age ogle at this. You still got it. I confirmed myself. All the fat in the right places. I twirled around for the last time, took my purse and made my way to the door.


The streetlights whizzed by as I stared into the distance from the rear seat of the car. Vivek, My husband was driving and my son Prateek was right in front of me. My husband was leaving with his group of friends, including Reena’s husband, to Bangkok. Sightseeing and trekking was what they said they planned to do, but years of listening to them crack drunk jokes about their “sleazy culture” and the “fun things” about the thriving sex tourism revealed a different intention to all us spouses. Talk about hypocrisy. I didn’t even bother asking him about the itinerary personally. As a wife, I should have probably displayed some sort of disapproval, but all the years between us robbed the relationship of my attempts at romance and its little jealousies. A lot have changed ever since the day I became a wife, and I know that our marriage was like a live-in arrangement for convenience. More that, I had these other thoughts bubbling in my mind distracting me at each and everything I do.

“Don’t forget to give those papers I signed. Charan will come to pick it up.” My husband spoke. His eyes were still glued on the road.

“Yes, I will.” I muttered. Since their flight was in the wee hours of the morning, Vivek and others had decided to stay over at Reena’s house for convenience. Prateek and I would come back after the little cocktail party that she was organizing. For a split second, I imagined how chaotic it would be if my mind was open and loud. My thoughts were depraved and condemnable to say the least. I shifted myself a few times in the backseat.

“You have college tomorrow, son?” My husband gave a quick look towards my son before he had his eyes on the road again.

“Yes, dad. I do have college. I have a special class at 7 in the morning.” He replied.

Prateek didn’t sound the usual quiet self that he was. He was way more confident and that made me feel a bit uncomfortable. He had always been a shy kid. My son was 20 and he has been going through a tough patch for a couple of months now. Due to his father’s nilüfer escort bayan insistence, he enrolled in an engineering degree. His father paid for the seat in one of the most posh colleges in town. As parents, we knew that it wasn’t his first choice for a degree but we hoped that he may soon like it. It didn’t happen. Unbeknown to us, he enrolled in another college for a degree in fashion designing and dropped out of the former. He informed us only last month that he had cleared their relatively tough entrance exam with flying colors and that they accepted him. I was shocked at first but I empathized with him. Deep down inside, I was proud of the once timid boy who took a bold decision and executed it immaculately.

“And don’t take the car to college, son. You don’t need that as of now.” My husband nodded in approval of his own statement.

“Fine, dad. I wasn’t planning to, anyways.”

Anyone who would hear their private exchanges would understand the rift going on between the two. When he joined the college of his liking, it didn’t go down very well with my husband. Being a successful contractor himself, he wanted him to join the family business which he himself inherited from his father. As for fashion designing, Vivek loathed it. It was not manly enough of a job for him and he opposed it like a mad man. In the end, there was nothing much he could do about it and he reluctantly gave his blessings. But it was obvious that he never came to terms with it completely. He frequently dished out insensitive jabs at our son for the “woman’s job” he chose to pursue. It was me who always consoled and gave him strength when his father eventually turned cold towards him. Considering my own daring thoughts, I certainly knew that he got his boldness from his own mother.

“We are almost there” Vivek informed us.

I fixed my Saree one more time before reaching the house. I saw their huge palatial bungalow from a distance. It was high up on a hill where it dwarfed all the nearby houses. The watchman opened the gates and we entered their even bigger compound. There were already a few familiar cars there. Kunal, Reena’s husband was a very wealthy jeweler who handled in the export of precious stones. Their place was a mansion compared to our huge penthouse apartment. As we got out from the car, Reena and her husband came out of the house.

“Hello, Darling!” Reena announced herself looking at us.

She was wearing a solid blue casual sundress. Unlike me, she always preferred dresses over our ethnic wear. And it looked very good on her. She was older than me at 50 years old, but was as yippy as a teenager. And she looked the same too. Reena was tiny and slim, with a pair of perky tits and a cute butt. The tip of her straightened hair grazed her upper back from the high ponytail she always prefers. If only age could have been a bit more lenient on her face with the creases and wrinkles, she wouldn’t have any trouble passing herself off as a 25 something year old girl.

“I just love your Saree. The work is amazing.” I admired how polished and professional Reena could be in public. In one of her shopping sprees that I accompanied her a few weeks back, it was she who loved the Saree and insisted that I buy it.

“Thank you, darling.” I nodded. I never really did pick up on these hollow “socialite-style” greetings but I like to think that I’m picking up on it.

“Hello, Reena. Greetings. The lighting looks marvelous in the night.” My husband complimented her.

“I should say she’s talent at this interior decorating.” Reena’s husband cut in for a second and began talking to my husband.

“Thanks you, Vivekji.” She acknowledged him with a wide plastic smile and a Namaste. “And Prateek!” She turned to my son who was standing behind his parents. “You look so handsome in that shirt. Looks like you and your mother dressed up in a color coordinated manner! “

“No aunty, it just so happened. Besides, I get the good dressing sense from my mom.” I tried to maintain a straight face and looked directly at Reena.

My son was dressed in a matte black shirt and a pair of grey trousers. He looked dazzling in it. He was 6’2 tall and had a lanky frame. If you asked me whom my son resembled more, I honestly would have been confused. We even have our relatives casually debate over it and the verdict had been always equally divided. He had strong features but somehow he hadn’t grown out of his childish, innocent look. He always kept a stubble because he knew he had somewhat of a baby face. His hair wasn’t kept too short and with his wavy hair drooping down to his ears, he looked like a fashion model from the 70’s. He keeps himself in very good shape with his rigorous swimming routine. I was proud of how handsome he was. If he was staying away from home, I would have obviously came to the conclusion that he might be having a lot of girlfriends. But he was staying with us and he always came home early and stayed out of trouble. I don’t remember him going out bursa otele gelen escort bayan too much with friends or be inclined to go partying.

“Oh, that you did get it. Your mothers always knew how to dress for the occasion.” She shot me a devilish smile.

“You are my inspiration, Reena.” With a wide grin, I decided to try on that hollow greeting style myself. I was getting a little paranoid with the slightest reference of me and my son. My husband was only a few feet away from me.

“Let’s leave the women with their chitchats and we shall have ours.” Reena’s husband patted my husband on the back. Reena had told me earlier on the phone that they had a little barbecue ready to go in their beautiful lawn.

“Are you going to stay there with the ladies or do you want to come with us?” My husband nudged in.

I was fed up of such comments at my son. Last week, I had told him that it was getting on my nerves but he got pissed at me and completely denied his behavior. After that fight, he somehow controlled his spew of words. It was even more irritating to hear such comments from him when he himself was nowhere near the man he thinks himself to be. He was tall too, as tall as my son. But now, that frame looked drastically out of shape. With his 42 inch waistline, a receding hairline and a dressing sense to rival a peacock’s, it was annoying to watch him strut his long lost masculinity. He drank almost daily and would come home very late at night. The last time I spread my legs for him, he pudgy cock couldn’t even stay hard enough to penetrate me. He dozed off in his drunken state that night and didn’t even remember the whole incident. I can’t believe that I married a man that would completely lose track of his priorities and become the person that he is now.

“Coming, dad.” My son replied. “Bye, aunty.” He gave a smiled at me and then left.

“You really did dress up for tonight, didn’t you?” Reena turned to me when they walked away. “Let’s go inside and get yourself a drink. The others are waiting. And then, we have lots to talk!”

It was just as I expected. The hall, the soothing background music, a few extra servants, some drinks and a mini buffet spread out. It looked like Reena took the night as an opportunity to show off the newly refurbished house. We came to the den where all the others had already begun the small party. After the exchange of greetings with the other women, Reena pushed a wine glass in my hand and told everyone that she was going to show me around the house. We climbed up the winding mahogany staircase entering the long hallway. The beige coloring gave the whole place a sophisticated look. She walked a few steps in front of me and pushed away the curtains hanging on the biggest wall.

“And this going to be my favorite spot!” Reena beamed.

It was a balcony. It was directly above the spacious car porch on the front. Two tables and a few chairs were spread out on each end of the space. Walking up to the parapet, we leaned on the cold marbled railing. We could see the whole compound from here. In the far corner, we could see lawn and the menfolk enjoying their drinks around the barbeque. Her husband waved from the table and acknowledged both of us. Others did too. We returned the gesture.

“You see that white shirt guy sitting with them?” Her smile that greeted the guests still lingered on her face. “He lives right there.” She faintly pointed towards the house on to the right.

I glanced at the gathering again. Clad in a white shirt and khakis, it was evident even from this distance that he was extremely handsome. He had a chiseled face and a well-built body topped with a crew-cut hairstyle. He was standing and looked unusually tall, maybe 6 and a half foot.

“He’s a model. Most of the time, He comes shirtless to the balcony. He’s so cute I could eat him!” She quipped.

“I’m sure you would, darling.” I gave her a teasing smile. I knew Reena very well by now.

Reena came from a middle class family and married Kunal through a typical arranged marriage. The prospects looked good and she gave her consent for it. But it was only later on that she came to know of his wayward ways of gambling and womanizing. A young Reena was shattered and threatened legal action. I knew that even my husband was a part of it from time to time but I wasn’t bold enough to confront him. As typical Indian housewives, we were always taught to keep our husband’s whims and fancies on a pedestal higher than ours. The wife was expected to make sacrifices and Reena was forced to opt out of a divorce when their families intervened. But what I respected Reena was for the way she fought off her darkest days. She was cunning and smart. She convinced her husband to put up a beauty parlor for her so that she can run it and keep herself busy. And when her little daughter became of schooling age, she made it look like a mutual decision of both Kunal and her to send her away to a good boarding school abroad. She didn’t want her child to be brought up in a house like hers. She also gained the freedom from the observant eyes of a young child. Now, after 25 years, her business had grown manifold and she was a popular woman in most of the high society circles. And over the course of time, she had become the ultimate seductress of handsome young men. I was jealous of the way she manages everything so perfectly.

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