An Afternoon with Sylvia and Judy part 2 @2016

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An Afternoon with Sylvia and Judy part 2 @2016There was a little interlude, and then his tounge went right into my mouth. I had been experimenting since I was thirteen about what “sexy” meant. I thought I had just found the answer. I thought: ‘ Okay, Miguel, you want to get a little bit of Sylvia? This is your lucky night, boyo.’ I noticed that Judy and Pedro were kissing now, sitting on the sofa, watching us dance. Just kissing. I was kissing Miguel, doing this dance with him just as close as I could do it. I looked over again. Judy was still in the kiss, but now her hand was resting on the zipper of his pants. Of course, he had a big erection that anyone could see. We had done boys together before, so this was not the first time I had seen this, but it was always a turn-on for me. And she knew it. I reached down and touched and rubbed Miguel a little, not too much, not right on his dick, but in this spot kind of behind his balls.That is like an “on switch” for some guys. Miguel jumped, about two feet. (laughing) But he got the idea, did he ever, and his dick started to grow like Pinniochio’s nose. I looked over at Judy That girl did not waste time. She was messing with his belt buckle, you know, turning that button on his pants. (laughing) like she had made that move about ten thousand times before. Maybe he was getting the idea. I was in my kiss with Miguel, but when I glanced over again, she had him out,well, out of the zipper. anyway. His pants were still on. His cock was kind of long and skinny. She started jacking him off, really slow, whispering something in his ear in Spanish, kissing him at the same time. Whenever I see that, a girl or even two guys doin’ that, oh no, there I go, it’s a big turn on for me, ummmmm, I want to be doing that too. I’ve learned that most women aren’t so turned on by visual stuff, but that’s not Sylvia. That made me hot, like on fire hot, even though I’ve seen people do that before, this time, the way Judy was doing Pedro, between seeing that, and my dance with Miguel, I was seriously soaking my underpants. I undid my jeans and pushed them down my legs, kept my undies on, just so I could just push my ass forward a little and rub my coochie right up against Miguel. Then we went back to dancing really slow. He was turned on now, grinding his hips into me, kissing me, rubbing my tits, rubbing my ass cheeks, trying to get his face down in my tits. I felt a cock that went way up past my belly button pushing into my tummy. I thought he might feel better in my butt, so I turned around . I pushed against his boner with my hips till he was against the crack of my ass. Feeling his hard cock there triggered the thing in me that gets me to act and then TO BE so slutty. Whatever that thing is, in that moment, I gave Miguel the keys and let him drive it. I had never felt anything that big near my little ass in my whole life, even though I had been letting boys ( and girls!) in there for a few years. Now I was starting to get hot, not pretending to be, like I had done with a lot of people. Both of us were wiggling our hips around. He was kissing that part where my neck meets my shoulder and rubbing my boobs while we watched Judy’s BJ and Pablo’s response. Judy had her mouth over the head of Pedro’s uncut dick. She was the first woman I had seen do really hot as fuck things with un-cut cocks. She was moving her tongue underneath his foreskin a little, real slow, jacking him off really slowly, too. and from what I could see and hear, Judy was driving this boy out of his mind. I put this in my little mental notebook as something I needed to practice. Pedro liked it, but I also knew she was trying to get my knees all fucking mushy, as if feeling Miguels’s big dick in my ass crack, through the fabric of my panties, wasn’t making me enough like that. Judy was all over him with her hands, lips, fingers, and tongue, stroking him like he was the only man on earth with her other hand. Blowing him, really, right in front of us. Miguel’s dick was getting harder and fatter and longer:’Oh shit.” I thought. ” If I tuzla escort let him fuck me with this thing I’m going to be in the emergency room!’I wanted to drop to my knees and suck his cock. I wanted to see his load fly out of him, all over me. I know what cum tastes like , and it’s not one of my favorites, but I was on my fucking knees in front of him now, hoping he would put a big fat jizzy load right in my mouth. I hardly ever get this turned on by the thought of sucking a dick, but I wanted to totally whore for him, without asking for a nickle. This isn’t usually the way my mind flips onto the idea of cock-sucking, but everything today was happening in an odd way. I think that Miguel had my pussy on his mind more than my mouth or face. That was okay by me. Nothing icky to spit out if he is in my puss! I didn’t know how I was going to let him put that monster one centimeter into my little vagina.There wasn’t porn everywhere like there is now, so seeing a woman going after a man like Judy was, four feet away, all the sounds, all the smells, not somebody’s dirty pictures, but a real life flesh and blood woman? It was not something you could see very often, not unless you had a friend like Judy. It was so sexy, it kind of took my breath away, it was hard for me to even look, if you know what I mean, even though she had seen me do the same thing. I think she was better. Her big brown eyes were all over the place, on Pedro, me, Miguel, she made it clear she didn’t care who was watching. she kept going in circles around his dick head and on that cute little flap underneath where all the nerve endings are. My mom taught me everything she knew about dicks when I was eight or nine years old. I had lots of sex, not necesarily fucking sex, when I was growing up. I give a lot of credit to my mom. I grew up in a house with only one man in it, the only dick I ever saw until I was seven or eight was my daddy’s, and he sure never popped a boner around me or my sister. When I started having sex adventures , all the boys wanted me to get their dicks out and do something with them.But boys were different, dicks were different, and what they wanted exactly, for me to with their dicks, and what to say to them about what I was doing and what I wanted to do next, was very different. So what I knew about boys and dicks made me more confident. Boys were always more needy than I was.Judy was steadily jacking him up and down with her other hand.Really doing a job on Pedro, really hot, I hope someday I can do a boy like her. His head was back against the sofa cushion, and his eyes were closed, and he was touching her hair …I glanced over, now Pedro is looking at us…….Judy didn’t bob her head up and down like most girls do with bj’s….she was more a licker and kisser and taster….and a whisperer….. All of a sudden , she kind of turns her face to the side and Pedro shoots his load all over her, mostly on her cheek….I knew her so well, I had seen this before….she knew what was coming, didn’t want a whole mouthful, and she knew just how to manage that move. It looked as if she had a faceful of yoghurt……..Judy was a slutty girl, she didn’t miss a beat. She was right back on his dick, but she was in control of how much got in her mouth.. I knew Miguel had seen the whole thing, and he was really really excited, but my plan was for him to last a little bit longer than Pedro.. Judy and I smiled at each other a little. These were young guys. There was more where that came from is what we were both thinking….Judy got busy, started cleaning up every bit of semen on him and her. It seemed like one move, but she was out of her clothes so fast…..Her beautiful tits and her beautiful big brown ass. Those boys who treated her like shit in high school never got to see her beautiful body…..she had these gorgeous boobs, like I said, and these wine-dark nipples that popped out about an inch when she got turned on … I loved her boobs…I would have had a hard-on for them if I had a dick….As soon as she got her bra off, I stopped dancing, walked tuzla escort bayan over with my panties stretched between my ankles, knelt next to her, put one of lovely big brown nipples in my mouth and for a while, the sweet boys and their dicks and all that disappeared.”Silkie rubbed her puss and closed her eyes for a moment.”Pedro’s cum was still all over her, so I got some of that too, but it was Judy who was getting me turned on……………..””Do you remember the first time I was with you , Tom, and I did your toes and your nipples before we did any other kind of stuff? I learned all that from her..She thought regular American girls fucking and making love were “so dumb”:”First they kiss for a while,, then some other stuff, but when everything gets going, they do this high-speed blow job-how are you supposed to get a guy turned on with that?………Then they either have him shoot in their hand or just roll on their back, open their legs, wait for the poor guy to stick it in and do all the fuckin’ work……..Silkie, I’m not the prettiest girl in the world, but I can do lots better than that…..””She taught me so much about sex, when I thought I knew so much already….””We made love. She gave me orgasms like nobody before or since..she liked the same stuff I did, eating pussy, of course, but other stuff too. I had had sex with a few other girls by then, including my sister, but we were growing up and didn’t play anymore… but when other girls and some boys were eating me…… was like they didn’t really want to get their faces all messy, I guess……… geez, I don’t know, we were having sex, after all,….Judy really pushed her face into me…..I need to have my clit pushed real hard to come that way, but I was too shy-yeah me, too shy….to tell the other girl what I really needed. Judy wasn’t like that at all. She wanted me to come and went right for it. She got me to understand how sexy tits are, for men and women. She gave my little clit so much love when we were having sex, and….well..I’ve never been that crazy about fingers up me……..but when she did it……….there was a spot she touched that just drove me out of my mind………because we were lovers, she showed me how to find the same place on her. Then she would do that spot and a finger in my butt at the same time….. I do that now, but I was like sixteen when we met………..oh my god, I’m either going to start rubbing myself off or go back to the story.”Pedro was kind of stunned, still, but he looked up, smiling, fresh from getting the royal treatment from Judy, and said something to her in Spanish. He was sorry, he couldn’t stay, he had an important meeting that he had to go. Judy looked annoyed.”Tell me Pedro, is it more important than this?”She was naked, across his lap on her knees, facing him, and she had his cock in her hand and at her entrance in one motion:” C’mon, fuck me with this thing…fuck me with it, c’mon……….”Did he have a choice? His erection came right back.”I was right next to her, watching, watching her push her fat brown ass right down on his cock. Like I keep telling you, yeah, you two, sucking dick right in front of me, you two; I get turned on when I see stuff. I forgot about Miguel for a minute. I was really excited. Miguel came over and put his dick in my face, I guess he thought I would blow him, and I did, I played with him a little, but Judy was the one who was making me nuts. She was always, always, talking about it when she fucked, and today was no exception. Her love words in Spanish and English were getting to me to–oh they were getting to everybody there. I wanted to get under Judy and do her, give her clit some attention , while she fucked Pedro……I know that sounds really nasty, but we had fucked boys together before, and I knew how much she liked that. We were just at the wrong angle for that right now, and she liked getting fucked in that position.”I put some kisses on her bottom. I smacked her a few times. Pedro popped out for a second. I licked and kissed him and guided his cock right escort tuzla back in her puss.I was trying to think what to do next.Pedro was fucking Judy, but it didn’t look like he was going to come soon. We wanted both of these boys to come once, so that would last longer when we played some more.I got right up next to him on the sofa, started kissing his face and ears and tits while he was doing Judy..” Judy, I would like to play with Pedro please…… I think that Miguel would………..”No more words needed to be said.”Judy had been checking Miguel out for a while. She was way more into size than me. I know she wanted to feel that big boy slapping against her girly spot.” I said ” I’m going to my bed, I think it’s better than the sofa.”I kicked off all the rest of my clothes and headed for the bedroom. The kind of four people fucking that I wanted needs a bed, a big one, and that is what I put in my little apartment as soon as I got paid for giving piano lessons. It took up most of the little room.Before I got four steps away, Judy and Pedro started making a lot more noise. Pedro came again. This time he came in Judy, without trying to pull out, without telling her what was going on on. In those days there were no birth control pills, the whole thing about not getting pregnant was on the women, just like now, but it was a lot riskier before pills. Judy had not come close to coming. This guy had just filled her up. She was not happy. I had seen and been with Judy when she had sex with boys and men…I still had no idea what she did about not getting pregnant from all this…She was more annoyed about not coming.”Pedro, that was sweet…..give me a kiss, baby, I think maybe you’d better get to your meeting……..”She was helping him into his clothes and not really wasting any time about it either.”Please come over again…………..especially when you have more time………..”” I knew she liked him. She just wanted to come and she didn’t want to be full of his stuff………It turned out that he was a seminary student, he was planning to be a priest, that’s why he was in Los Angeles. He and Judy became friends after they weren’t lovers anymore. He told me later after the sex with her, he gave up the whole idea of being a priest….last year I ran into him in Hollywood. He had decided to stop trying to not be gay, and was running his own bakery……….he was very sweet, offered to have sex with me if I didn’t mind having sex with a “homosexual man”, who still liked girls sometimes………..””Did I turn him down? God, I have to tell you everything, don’t I?””Okay, no, I absolutely did not…..some things I still keep personal, but I liked him, still do, and when he was in me it felt just as good as lots of straight men………….but that was different……….I want to tell you about Judy and Silkie and Miguel……………….” ” Pedro was out the door. It didn’t look as if Miguel had any appointments that evening. I wanted to move all of us to a big bed. I wanted Judy, I wanted Miguel, I wasn’t sure who I wanted more…I was excited, because I knew I was going to get them both. I stopped my trip to the bed to put another record on and dance my little nakey dance some more with Miguel. His shirt was off, his pants were off, his cock was big and hard, I told you before, by this time, I had seen and played with a fair number of penises, and I began to learn what I liked. Long wasn’t so important to me, but I liked fat and I liked hard. That’s all I could see on that boy. I was butt , shoes, panties, jeans and bra off, naked, bare assed, get- ready-to-fuck-me, nude. Judy came out of the bathroom, naked too, and she began to dance with us. I don’t know what is it, but Panamanian people really know how to dance. I was like a k** in a candy store with a twenty dollar bill, as my dad used to say. I was watching her move her boobs and her ass and hips around, and I was looking at that curly black bush that I loved to taste. I knew she and I were going to be in each other’s puss’s in a little bit, and that it would be great. I knew that she and I would be sharing this lovely boy with a dick like a fucking tree. To be honest, he looked a little big for my puss to take, but I knew that for Judy, the bigger the cock, the better…….

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