An Afternoon Delight

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It had to have been the most perfect day ever. We were on our way back home from our picnic from nowhere. Literally, we packed some sandwiches and beer and headed out to the desert. I loved our spur of the moment trips. We were driving back in his old Ford truck, the windows rolled down and the radio blaring loud. There was no one else on the two-lane highway for miles. The sun was still high in the sky and the air was hot and humid. I was sitting next to him with my head propped underneath his arm that was stretched out along the seat. I loved this truck, it was old and rickety, but I felt safe in it with him. I was stretched out on the seat, one foot propped up out the window, the other foot resting comfortably on the floorboard. The breeze through the window felt good flowing up my short skirt.

We didn’t fool around during our picnic. We made a pack that we would wait until we got home, just to torture ourselves, thinking of what we were going to do to each other. I closed my eyes imaging what I would do to his delicious cock. I got even more excited thinking what he would do to me. He must have noticed the smile form on my face cause I felt his arm fall off the top of the seat and his hand rested on my knee. I knew that he couldn’t wait like me. Why did we even make that dumb pack? I would have loved him to take me there in the middle of the desert or even in the bed of his truck.

His fingers started to tickle the area behind my knee. It didn’t take much considering Kayseri Escort how horny I was and how hot and sweaty I was. Some reason it made it even sexier. He seemed to be able to read my thoughts and his fingers danced up my thigh and soon found their way up my skirt. I looked up to him and he smiled and kissed me. I closed my eyes and wasn’t going to fight him off. Fuck our pact; I wasn’t going to wait any longer. His fingers came up and around my thigh until they were at the top of my underwear, exposing my goods to any bird flying in the sky near the open window.

“Oh good, my favorite color, pink!” he said jokingly.

His palm massaged my sacred area, rubbing my thong against my clit. Oh man, I couldn’t take this. He continues to tease me through my lacy thong as I start to encourage him by moving my hips to his motion. I take his hand and guide it under my thong when I couldn’t take it any longer. Before I knew it, my thong had flown out the window and somewhere down the road. I continued to guide his fingers, exploring every inch of my clit and soaking pussy. I grinded up against his palm hard and rough. I was in no mood to take this slow and gentle. I was soaking wet and was about to enter my own fingers inside of me when he shook my hand away, he was going to be sure he was the one to finish me off. I reached my hand around and felt the bulge that was waiting to be released from his shorts.

I managed to unbutton his shorts and as Kayseri Escort Bayan he lifted his ass up for me to remove them, his foot hit the gas more and we jutted forward. I was going to suggest that we just pull over but didn’t, this was much more exciting. His shorts fall below his knees and his cock springs to life through the opening in his boxers. As I lick his firm cock with my tongue, my hand finds its way up his thigh and into his boxers to his balls. He sure enough is ready to go, as am I. He continues to rub my clit together pulling at the lips and playing rough. All that I could hear now was the wetness of my pussy waiting for his fingers to do their thing inside me.

I take in his cock in my mouth and go all the way down to his balls. I knew this would distract him, from driving and literally driving his fingers in me. His hand slows the motion on my pussy and almost leaves the region until I grabbed his hand and placed his palm firmly on my pussy. I held his hand there as I rubbed it up and down my clit and soaking pussy. The harder and more I did that the harder and further I sucked his swelling dick. I was now on my knees on the seat facing him, my ass facing the passenger window and my face buried in his lap with his cock deep in my throat. Rubbing up and down his hand, soon enough I didn’t have to guide him any longer, before I knew it, three of his fingers were inside me. I just about squealed with delightment. As I continued Escort Kayseri to deep throat him I took my tongue and licked the whole length of his shaft, all the while squeezing at his balls. His fingers go deeper inside of me as I rock back and forth, wanting him to go even deeper inside. I could taste his warm pre cum starting to spurt out so I sucked him as hard as I could. As he was so close to cumming I grabbed onto his hand that was working it’s way deep inside of me, I wanted him to finger me and get me off so hard and bad. As his cum came squirting out of him I took it all down and sucked out every last bit of it. As soon as swallowed the last of it, I realized that he had pulled over and was ready to pound the living daylights out of me.

Before I knew it, I was on my back on the seat and he was on top of me, attacking me. I’m not sure how or when his boxers came off but he pounded my waiting soaking wet pussy with his cock as hard as he could. I had one leg up on top of the seat, the other on the dashboard. I wanted him so deep in him, deeper than ever. As he is jamming his member in me harder and deeper in my cunt, I was getting closer and closer to cumming and an earth shattering orgasm. And then it hit me. My toes curled up and I grabbed onto his shirt bringing him down towards me. I jammed my tongue down his throat, almost the same way I took in his cock. When he hit that spot, cum came flowing out of me like a river and I the most relieved scream came out of my mouth. It felt so good. He kept pumping me and I continued to cum, all over him and the seat. It was the most satisfying fuck that we’ve had yet.

After we were able to catch our breaths, I told him that we needed to go on picnics more often; he agreed and suggested we go the next day.

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