An Act Of Kindness

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This whole adventure started about six months ago when I was driving home from work. I had stopped to fill up and on my way back to my car I noticed a young woman sitting in her car who was obviously upset. I went over and tapped on her window and asked if she was OK. She explained that there was something wrong with her car and that she didn’t know what she should do. She was sobbing breathlessly as she tried to describe what was happening when I stopped her and said, “I don’t know anything about cars but my husband does. How about I call him and see if he can help.” “Oh, would you? You don’t mind?” she said hopefully. “Not at all,” I answered, “We only live a few minutes away, he can be here in a flash.” I went back to my car, moved it over beside hers, and called Tim on my cell. “I’m at the gas station up the block and I need help, could you come to have a look?” I explained. He asked what the problem was and I said, “You’ll see when you get here.” “OK, be there in a few,” he said and he hung up. I went back over to where the woman was and told her that Tim would be there shortly. “While we wait, can I get you something?” I asked. “I’d kill for a Diet Coke!” she said and I went inside the store. When I came out with our drinks, Tim was just pulling in, I waved him over. Tim parked beside my car and asked, “What’s up?”“This is my husband, Tim,” I said to the lady, “And you are?”“Gail,” she replied as she reached out to shake Tim’s hand and then mine. “What’s your name?” she asked me.“I’m Janet,” I answered. “Gail says her car is making funny noises and has no power, especially when she steps on the gas,” I told Tim.“Well, let’s have a look,” he said. “Can you pop the hood?” Gail pulled the lever and Tim looked inside. “Everything looks OK,” he said. “Nothing appears disconnected or broken. Start it up.” Gail started it and Tim listened for a moment or so. “Seems to be idling fine, you mind if I take it for a spin?” “Sure,” said Gail as she got out. At 5’ 9” and 145lbs, I’m no shrinking violet but it was then I noticed how tall she was, nearly as tall as Tim’s 6’ Ankara bayan escort 1”. I also noticed that, although she was a bit on the heavy side, she did have a nice shape and she was absolutely stacked. Tim got in, backed out, and drove out of the parking lot. He didn’t get a half-mile up the street when he turned around and came back. He pulled in, turned off the ignition, and got out. “I think you have a bad ignition coil,” he said.“Whatever that is,” laughed Gail. Tim popped the hood and showed her. “These little things on top are what send the electricity to the spark plug to ignite the fuel. I think one is not working,” he explained. Gail’s breast was rubbing against Tim’s arm as he spoke.“You say so,” she said. “Is that hard to fix?”“Not if you have the parts, it’s a half-hour job. The problem is the parts stores are all closed around here. Tell you what, I’ll call my buddy Aaron, he has a garage, he might have something.” Tim took my phone and moved away to make the call. I started some small talk with Gail as he did. “Where are you from?” I asked.“Virginia Beach,” she said, “My husband’s in the Navy, stationed in Oceana. He’s away on deployment and I was heading up to spend a few days with my folks. They live up near Lexington.” “That’s a good three hours from here,” I said, “Not much chance of you getting there tonight.” “I guess not,” she said, “Is there a decent motel close that’s not too expensive?” “Why don’t you stay the night with us?” I offered. “We’ve got plenty of room and no plans for tonight. Soon as your car is fixed tomorrow you can head out to your folks.” “Are you sure? I don’t want to impose,” she said. Just then Tim came back over. “Aaron doesn’t have anything. The best he can do is get the part first thing.” “Looks like you are stuck,” I said to Gail “Tim do you mind if she stays with us?” “Glad to have you!” Tim said. “We have an in-law suite, you can crash there.” “Oh, thanks, you guys. You have restored my faith in humanity.” She gushed and gave both Tim and me a hug. “Just let me call my folks Escort bayan Ankara so they don’t worry.” She dug her phone out of her purse and Tim called Aaron back to see if he would tow Gail’s car to his garage. By the time Gail got through her call Aaron’s flatbed truck was just pulling up. It only took a few minutes to get Gail’s car loaded up and she got in my car for the drive to our house. Along the way, the small talk continued. “So what do you do?” she asked.“I’m a nurse at a senior’s home. Tim is a lawyer, works in the prosecutor’s office in Williamsburg. You?” I asked. “I own a lingerie shop,” she said, “and I do a little modeling.” I looked at her with one raised eyebrow, “I thought models were these skinny little stick figure things.”“I get that a lot!” she laughed. “I model plus-sized lingerie. Somebody has to model the naughty nightclothes and underthings for us big girls too y’know!” She reached into her purse and extracted a business card. “Here’s our store,” she said, “You should check us out online, we stock all sizes.” I took the card and tucked it up under the visor. I turned onto our street and Gail said, “Nice neighborhood.”“We like it,” I said. “We got a good deal on our house. The previous owner was a hoarder and after she died, her family decided to just sell the house rather than fix it up. We paid $170,000 for it, put about $30,000 into repairs, and just about tripled its value. Three more years and the mortgage is paid off.”“Sweet!” exclaimed Gail, “I could see me living around here but Andre wouldn’t much like the commute.” I pulled into the driveway and Tim was right behind us.“I’ll get Gail sorted if you start dinner,” I called as he got out of his car. “We’re having BBQ and fresh veggies.” “Sounds great,” said Gail as she grabbed her bag from the trunk. “I’m famished.” I showed her into the house and led her to the bedroom she’d be using.“You have your washroom here, there’s towels and stuff in the closet. I’ll leave you to it while I get out of these work clothes. Come on up to the back Bayan escort Ankara deck when you’re ready.”“OK, thanks,” she said, and I went to my own room to change. I went out to the deck a few minutes later I walked out onto the deck where Tim was just starting up the BBQ and he and Gail both had beers.“Where’s mine?” I asked.“In the fridge,” said Tim. “The BBQ is ready, could you grab the steaks?”I went in and fetched the plate with the steaks that had been marinating all day and grabbed a beer and some BBQ sauce from the fridge. Tim and Gail were chatting, Gail had taken a seat in one of the deck chairs and was laid back with her eyes closed as they talked. I have always known that Tim has a weakness for large breasts so I was not surprised to see him staring at Gail’s ample chest.Gail is a tall woman, nearly six feet with a very athletic build and massive breasts. She is a very attractive, strawberry blonde with her hair cut to frame her round face very nicely and carries her weight well with curves in all the right places. At 5’ 9” and 145 lbs, I’m no shrinking violet but next to Gail I felt quite small and a bit intimidated. At one point when Gail had gotten up to go to the washroom, I tossed a napkin to Tim and told him to wipe the drool off his chin. He just laughed and tried to wave me off but I knew by the way he had been looking at her and by the lump in his shorts that he was entertaining thoughts about Gail that a man wouldn’t ordinarily share with his wife. Later that evening after Gail had gone to bed, I decided that since he was all tuned up and ready, I would help ease his frustration and get myself some hard cock in the bargain. It was a real win-win situation for sure. I went into our bedroom and dug in my lingerie drawer for something clingy and revealing and to pick out a toy for the evening’s activities. I love to have Tim fuck me with a dildo or vibrator while he goes down on me. He came into our bedroom after conducting his nightly walk around to make sure everything was secure, something he picked up during his service in the Air Force, just as I was coming out of our bathroom.“Everything good?” I asked.“Yup, all locked… WOW!” he said, “You look fabulous!”“I figured I better go the extra mile tonight after what you’ve been fantasizing about all evening,” I said with a sly smile.“I’m married,” he said, with his own grin, “I’m not dead.” We both laughed.

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