Amys night away

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Big Tits

You walk into the room from your all-day conference, happy for the day to be done you are looking forward to just unwinding, relax, have a couple of drinks, and getting some time to yourself. I greet you as you walk into your motel room and pass you a drink, “Amy, it’s been a big day, why don’t you go have a shower and relax”, you follow my lead and walk towards the bathroom, I call out as you walk off, “don’t forget to take your special G” you smile to yourself you know what this means.

After your shower you walk from the bathroom wearing one of the motel robes, stepping into the dimly lit room, its quiet, the dim light soothing as you pick up your drink again taking another sip, ‘Amy, stand here for me” I ask you, making you stand before me as I sit on the edge of the bed, I lean forward and pull the tie that is holding your robe together, as the robe opens I see you are only wearing your special black g – this brings a smile to my face as I know how wearing this makes you feel so sexy.

“Amy, step out of the robe” you step forward to me as the white robe slips off your shoulder and lands on the floor, I ask you “do you remember how you felt that day Amy when I had you stand in front of your mirror wearing your G only” you nod as you remember how it felt, the freedom of it, the realization to yourself as you look in the mirror what an incredibly sexual woman you are, the familiar tingles develop down between your legs as you know you will have to follow my direction.

I step up and stand directly in front of you, leaning close to you I whisper in your ear “close your eyes Amy” tune into your body, I then gently kiss your neck as I place my fingertips on your shoulders, I slowly slip my fingers down over your

shoulders and down your sides, grasping the side of your breasts on the way down, as I place my hands on your hips and put a firm grip on you as I whisper again “I will take you as I want Amy”.

I kiss down slowly from your neck over your chest and breasts, my tongue circling your nipples as you stand there, taking each nipple in my mouth and sucking gently, I feel you squirm and hear you moan as I tease you, as you slowly move your hips I know the pleasure and anticipation is getting to you, with each movement of your hips you feel the material of the g tease over your womanhood.

I kiss still lower down over your stomach as I kneel in front of you, your anticipation building as you feel my tongue kiss the inside of your right thigh, then the left, slowly higher and higher I kiss and lick until you can feel my warm breath and wetness from my tongue slipping along the material of your g, your wetness and warm now totally obvious to me making me smile.

I lick along the material line where the g connects your skin, my tongue now brushing over the side of your exposed outer lips where the material of the g had ridden up into you.

I take the material of the G in my teeth and tug at it playfully, trying to slip it down off your hips, as i pull harder you wriggle your hips to let the G fall down into the floor between your legs.

You now stand before me – fully exposed for the first time, your excitement evident a si kneel between your legs, your wet cunt lips parting with anticipation as I see your slick wetness increasing, my tongue slips further, higher between your legs until you feel the tip just slightly brush along your wet slit, parting your inner lips slightly.

To my delight, the wetness is now starting to drip out of you showing your raw instinctive primal arousal

that only a sexually charged woman will feel, as I tease I apply a little more pressure with my tongue, now feeling your lips part as I start to slip into your forbidden cunt.

I stand up in front of you, I am also wearing the same motel robe, but obviously nothing underneath it as my hard cock pokes out from between the robe, I slip my robe off and move closer to you, I move forward so the head of my cock now nudges between your legs, the touch of my warm smooth head along your wet slippery almanbahis slit makes us both moan with excitement, as I move my hips slightly back and forth to slip the head along your cunt lips teasing you, without parting or penetrating you at all.

I love the feeling as your slick wetness coats the shaft of my cock, your desire now so obvious, I reach up with my right hand and take a handful of your hair as I pull it, “not yet Amy” I tell you, “you are not ready yet” I tell you as i pull away, I pull down on your hair more firmly making your knees buckle, you kneel down in front of me now taking my direction.

As you look forward you see my hard cock standing directly in front of your face, you can see the head is slick and shiny from my precum mixed with your cunt juice I place my hand under your chin, and make you look up as I look down at you directly into your eyes, without saying anything you know what to do, as I feel the first contact of your mouth on my head it makes me shudder, the pleasure instantly making me throb as your lips slip softly over my head.

With each throb I can feel huge drips of precum drip into your hungry mouth, the feeling of having another and forbidden woman’s mouth wrapped around my cock is beyond words, as I drip into your mouth I look directly into your eyes as you start a slow and steady rocking movement slipping your lips up and down over my cock.

I love the sensation you are giving me, but I want you to know who is in control as I take your hair in my hand again and push your face toward me – taking my cock deeper down our throat, with some more pressure I make you gag, as I look down I see the tears in your eyes before let you have air, you know who is in control.

I release you and let you slowly withdraw, as you breathe in deeply, your face a mess with saliva, I see it dripping out of your mouth and down over your tits as you kneel there looking so sexy and so slutty.

I pull you up again so you are standing, I take your hand and lead you to the bed, as you sand facing forward I push you slightly so you fall forward and place your hands on the bed, your knees resting again the mattress as I admire that beautiful arse of yours, I slap your left cheek firmly making you jump and yell out in surprise, again I raise my hand and this time I let it fall firmer on your right cheek, the sting surging though you making you yell out, at the same time you fall forward and place your knees on the bed.

I stand behind you as you kneel on the bed, moving behind you I place the head of my cock directly against your wet cunt lips, I can see your wetness had dripped down your thighs as I place my hands firmly on your hips, asking you – “Amy do you want this” you moan out slowly – “Oh fuck me, you know I need it” I push a little to apply some pressure to your cunt, I feel the head star to part your wet cunt lips, oh that very first sensation of slipping into a new wet forbidden cunt is amazing.

I push a little firmer, and your lips part to take me, I feel the rim below the head slip in between your lips, I can’t believe how tight you feel gripping around my head, it makes me throb in anticipation, with each throb I feel a huge precum drip into you, I can feel your cunt clenching as I slowly enter you, holding your hips firmly.

I look down and see your hair falling over your shoulders, the tattoo down your back also obvious, I smile as I take another woman, knowing she has only ever known one cock, but tonight is the night you feel another man’s cock inside you, parting and stretching more than you have experienced before, the sheer forbidden naughty nature of it driving you on with excitement nerves and wonder

I push further into you, slowly little by little until my cock is now fully inside your tight gripping clenching cunt, the head of my cock now pushed up into your cervix, I love he thought knowing I can fill you so totally, as I slowly pull out the first time I look down to see the wetness you have coated my shaft in, the almanbahis giriş slick wetness of desire of a sexual woman, I push in again, slowly starting a steady in out motion as I fuck your forbidden cunt, Amy.

I increase the pace slowly as I fuck you, the wet sticky noises obvious from between your legs as you moan out, I look down to watch my cock taking your slick cunt, with each withdrawal I can see your cunt lips slipping out and almost trying to suck me back in again, the pace increases as I am now pounding into you hard, treating you like the fuck toy I know you need to be, your wet cunt needed to be fucked hard for so long.

With each inward thrust I can feel the head of my cock push up into your cervix I want to fuck you so totally and completely fill you like never before I feel your gripping becoming tighter as your moaning becomes louder, now un-controlled, primal moaning of a woman in lust, pure un-controlled pleasure, your sound and feel of your cunt gripping me sending me closer to the edge, I know I will not hold on much longer.

I tell you I am about to cum as I push harder into you, the words seem like a trigger to you as you know you are about to receive your very first load of forbidden seed deep inside you, I feel your cunt start to clench harder with your inevitable orgasm, it arrives on you like a sudden wave, as you moan out load, your first climatic contraction taking you by surprise with how strong it is, the urgent gripping on my cock obvious as you cum on my cock so hard Amy.

Your contractions send me instantly over the edge as I grip your hips and push and hold into you so firmly, as deep as I can get inside you, I feel the first big hot spurt of cum pulse up my shaft and unload inside you clenching cunt, the heat of the sudden splash inside you making you jump and moan in pleasure, then another squirt and another and another as I unload all my build up cum load inside your hungry quivering forbidden cunt.

All the built-up teasing / frustration and sexual tension all of a sudden release from both of us in one huge wave, the throbbing of my cock now slowly subsiding with your orgasmic clenches.

I slowly pull out of you as you fall on the bed and roll over to lay on your back, both spent, I move to kneel between your legs and place your tired legs over my shoulder as I look down at you, flushed red, sweaty, hair a mess as I tell you how beautifully fucked you look, I see some of my cum start to leak out of you, as I move your legs higher over my shoulder, “no Amy, we are not wasting this cum” I tell you, smiling down towards you, “this will remain inside you until I am ready to unload into you again”.

You look puzzled, almost like you have only known one orgasm at a time, no Amy, you need more than this, a si look down I can see the movement of your cunt clenches again as if she is trying to take all my cum down deep inside as I hold your legs up higher, my quivering cock now starting to react again to the beautiful sight before me, to see a woman used and spent sexually, is a drive to give her more, as I tell you, “Amy you need to be fucked again” you know that don’t you?

I await your answer as I look down at your face, but your clenching cunt has already given you away, I already know what you need, and I am ready to give you all you need……

As you look down you see my cock standing at attention again, ready for you, its hard slick and dripping with precum, still coated with your juice I place your legs down from my shoulders so your feet ate up against your arse, your knees point up as I push your knees apart, fully exposing your wet, engorged, used, needing, wanting cunt, as I look you directly in the eyes “Amy I am going to take you again, you know you need it” I say to you.

I place the head of

my cock just above your lips on your mound and slip it down slowly downward, the wet slippery head slips over your exposed sensitive clit making you moan out in anticipation, my cock move further lower, slipping along almanbahis giriş your ready open hungry cunt lips, you can fee my cum starting to drip out of you as I press head into you again.

I take your hair in my hand and pull your head forward as I place a pillow under your head, look down I tell you, I want you to look down between your legs as you watch me take you again, see your lips part, watch as my slick cock enters you wanting cunt again, you know I am wanting you so bad as I slowly slip deeper into you, I feel your cunt so slick with a mixture of your juice and my cum, you can see your lips stretched around the shaft me as I slowly start to fuck you again, making you watch my cock go in and out of you, as I tell you this is what your cunt is for Amy, to be fucked, used, filled, it should be like this always.

I slowly increase the pace again as I start fucking into you, you can feel all my cum from the earlier mix with your juice and leak out of your cunt down to your arse, making a beautiful wet sticky creamy mess, wet hot fucking just as it should be.

You can hear the wet noises louder and more urgent as I fuck you faster, my balls now slapping hard against your used cunt lips, and feel you start to clench again, knowing your second orgasm is about to hit you, you moan out loud as it starts, you tip over the edge as your first orgasmic pulse grips you, then another and another and another, I hole into you tight as you clench and cum around my cock, but this time I let you ride it out as you moan through your orgasm.

I feel your clenches subside as you slowly calm down, I pull my still-hard cock out of you as you feel another pool of juice leak down your arse, I look at you as I move your legs further apart – I move up your body, kneeling over you as I now straddle your chest,

My hardness throbbing’s before your face I move closer to your mouth, you know what’s about to come, I place the head of my cock on your lips as you let your mouth open, the wet taste from my cum and your cream is obvious as I slowly slide my cock down into your open mouth, looking you in the eyes the whole time.

I hold in your mouth at first looking down at you, feeling your tongue slip over my smooth head, precum now dripping into your hungry mouth with each throb I feel, I start a slow fucking again as I take in every feeling from your slick mouth around my cock, I love the look in your eyes as I start to mouth fuck you, a look of desire and need that’s so beautiful to see, the look of a woman who is finally getting what she needs, deserves and craves.

I take a handful of your hair as I start to mouth fuck you harder, with each push in I go slightly deeper each time, so you can feel the head sliding down your throat now, with each deep thrust I feel you gag slightly, just as you should, the tears now forming in your eyes as each time you start to gag I hold in your throat a little longer, I am using your mouth and the pleasure around my cock is unbelievable.

As I fuck your mouth your saliva is dripping from your mouth over your neck/tips and chest, you look so well fucked as I see the mess, mixed with your flushed red skin and the total look of desire in your eyes, I can see you have come to realize how slutty you feel and how desperately you need this,

I can’t hold back any longer as I tip over the edge, I feel my cock harden and throb, as the first spurt shoots up the shaft and unloads into your hungry used mouth, as you feel that hot spurt of cum splash down against the back of your throat, I hold into you deep, as far as I can, unloading into your mouth as you gag through it.

I slowly calm down as I unload into your mouth, the look in your eyes now one of submission, a used slut that just had what she needs, as you realize this is not only what you want, it is what you need, you inner slut has been released, and you know there is more to come.

I release your hair and let your head lay back down on the pillow, you now feel fully spent as I look down at what a beautiful sight you are, wet messed up face from saliva and cum, your hair messed up looking like you have just been so well fucked, you face and chest flushed red, your chest moving up and down from you hard breathing, your cunt open and dripping cunt juice, and my cum.

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