Amy’s First Time

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Amy brought her suitcase into the dorm room. Nobody was there yet, so she picked a bed and a dresser and started to unpack. Her mom had helped her pack her clothes – plain white cotton underwear, white undershirts, dark plain t-shirts, a couple pair of jeans, a couple long skirts and a couple button down blouses. Her parents did not want her to attract any attention from boys while she was studying. It had been that way during high school and also for the year she worked in their church after high school. She had not made any particularly good friends and had not even talked to any boys. Letting her go off to college was particularly hard for her parents, but also hard for her. She was very nervous.

The door opened and a girl with dark skin and short curly hair came in. “Hi, I am Jonay,” she said. I guess we are roommates. Amy thought her parents would be upset to have a colored person in her room, though her skin was light for a colored person – almost the color of honey. Jonay was actually half black and half white. Jonay threw her bag on the bed across from Amy and asked if the other roommate had shown up yet. “No,” Amy said, “I think I was the first one here”. A few minutes later a girl with bright red long hair came in. “Hi there! I’m Theresa,” she said as she threw her things on the remaining bed.

The three of them were quite a contrast. Jonay with her dark skin, dark eyes and dark hair, Theresa with her red hair, pale skin and green eyes and finally Amy with her medium length blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin. The girls put their stuff away and decided to go explore. The first few weeks were so busy with finding classes, exams and studying that they barely had time to talk to each other.

One Saturday morning Amy slept late and when she awoke both Theresa and Jonay were gone. She jumped in the shower and scrubbed quickly. After drying off, she put on her underwear and jeans. She began wrapping an ace bandage around her breasts as her mother had taught her. Suddenly the door to the bathroom burst open. “Oh, I didn’t know you were in here! What are you doing?” Theresa couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw what Amy was doing.

“I’m wrapping myself so I don’t attract attention. Don’t you?” Amy said. She thought all girls did. At least that was what her mom had said.

“No way!” Theresa exclaimed. “I want to be able to have feeling in my breasts and nipples.” “Feeling?” Amy asked. Just then Jonay came in to see what was going on. “You won’t believe this.” Theresa told her what Amy was doing..

“Come over here” Jonay said and they led her to her bed. “Lay back and put this over your eyes” as she handed her a night mask. Amy covered her eyes and laid back not sure what they were going to do. Jonay and Theresa unwrapped the ace bandage. The air against Amy’s nipples made them harden quickly.

Both Jonay and Theresa then ran their fingers lightly around her small breasts and then stroked her nipples. “Wow” thought Amy that feels incredible. She had never even touched her own breasts or nipples.

Next they took a silky scarf and ran over her nipples.

“How does that feel?” Jonay asked.

“Really nice” said Amy. “I never knew anything could feel so good.”

Next Theresa found a feather and played it over one nipple while Jonay found a soft rabbit skin to run over the other one. Amy could feel a tightening in her groin and wasn’t sure what they were doing to her, but she didn’t want them to stop.

Next Theresa and Jonay started rubbing an ice cube over her hardened nipples. It was so cold it was almost painful, but incredible. Her nipples hardened even more. Next Theresa and Jonay started alternating the ice cubes and their mouths. The extreme from the ice cold to the hot moisture of their mouths was so intense.

“See what you have been missing” Theresa said.

“Oh my gosh! I had no idea they could feel that way.” Amy said.

“Put just your shirt on with nothing under it for the rest of the say and see how they feel tonight”. Theresa told her.

Amy put her shirt on and could feel her nipples rub against the cotton of the shirt. They were still hard and a little tender, but it still felt really good. She went outside and went to the library. She felt like everyone could see right through her shirt and know that her nipples were hard. It was hard for her to concentrate on her studies that afternoon. She quickly grabbed seyranbağları escort a sandwich and then went back to the dorm room.

Theresa and Jonay were talking together and stopped when she came in.

“How did it feel?” they asked.

“Very different, I felt like everyone was looking at me.” Amy said.

“Is that so bad?” Theresa asked. “You are very attractive, people should look at you.”

“Is that what it feels like when a guy touches you?” Amy asked. “I didn’t know it would feel so exciting.” She said.

“Haven’t you ever touched yourself?” Jonay asked.

“No, I was told it was a bad thing to do.” Amy said.

Jonay and Theresa exchanged looks.

“So you have never touched yourself between your legs either?” Theresa asked.

Amy looked shocked. “No, isn’t that a bad place to touch?”

Jonay and Theresa looked at her and Theresa said “It’s the best place to touch yourself.” Amy didn’t look too sure.

“Do you want us to show you how like we did with your breasts?” Theresa asked.

Amy wasn’t sure she wanted that, but the experience with her breasts had been incredible and both girls were so nice and so sure of themselves. She wanted to be more like them.

“We can start with your breasts again, if you want.” Theresa said. Amy remembered back to that morning and how good it had felt.

“Okay” she said.

She pulled her shirt off and laid down on her bed. Both Theresa and Jonay started stroking her breasts and nipples.

“Wait” Amy said. “Can I feel yours?” she asked.

Jonay and Theresa looked at each other and shrugged and took off their tops and bras. “You have such fancy bras” Amy said.

“We need to take you shopping too.” Theresa laughed.

Jonays dark nipples were a big contrast to her honey colored skin. They were really large. Amy reached out to touch hers first and ran her fingers lightly over her nipples, afraid to hurt her.

“Don’t worry about hurting me, I can take a lot of pressure.” Jonay said. Amy pulled a little bit on the one and Jonay said “pull harder.” Amy pulled a little harder and then pinched it.

“That’s better” Jonay said.

Theresa’s nipples were bright red against her pale skin and smaller than Jonay’s but her breasts were much larger.

“Are they heavy” Amy asked her, as she reached over and lifted one up.

“Not to me” Theresa said.

Jonay had leaned over and started sucking hard on Amy’s nipple.

“Mmmm, that is so good.” Amy said.

Theresa leaned her breast over to Amy’s mouth and said “try it”. Amy opened her mouth and first ran her tongue over Theresa’s nipple. The texture was different than she thought it would be. She closed her mouth around it and sucked and twirled her tongue around it. “Oh you are good” Theresa said.

It was exciting to know she could make another girl feel good about her nipples. It had always been drilled into her head that they were evil and not to be seen or touched, much less licked and sucked. Soon she was feeling a twitch between her legs. Jonay and Theresa glanced at each other and Theresa undid Amy’s jeans. Then they both pulled them off. They giggled when they saw her plain white panties.

“We definitely need to go shopping” they said.

They pulled her panties off and Amy felt really awkward.

“Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you.” Jonay said.

Jonay went and got a hand mirror and pulled Amy’s legs apart. “Here take a look first” she said. Amy could see her hair and her pussy in the mirror. She had never looked at it before and it looked complicated. Theresa ran her finger around the outside edges. These are your outer lips and they are sensitive but can take a lot of pressure. She pinched them to prove her point. It didn’t hurt at all, but felt good. Amy was surprised. Nest Theresa ran her fingers along the inside lips. They were moist. She stuck her finger inside and got it moist and the se ran her finger up near the top and said “This is the most important part – your clit”.

“Why is it important?” Amy asked.

“It’s the most sensitive.” Theresa said.

She started to rub it and Amy experienced a feeling she had never felt before. Next, Theresa leaned down and ran her tongue around all the places she had run her fingers. Amy thought she was going to fly off the bed. The sensations going sincan escort through her body were incredible.

“Oh my god!” she cried out.

Theresa and Jonay were enjoying giving her pleasure she had never had before. Jonay pulled and pinched her nipples while Theresa continued licking her pussy. Soon the orgasm hit and Amy was almost screaming.

After it subsided she asked why her parents would tell her it was so bad when it felt so good.

“Your parents are messed up” Theresa said.

“Are all girls the same down there?” Amy asked. She was incredibly curious now.

Theresa and Jonay took off their clothes. First Amy looked between Jonay’s legs. Her pubic hair was very dark and super curly. Her lips were as dark as her nipples and were thicker than Amy’s were.

“Do you want to taste it?” Jonay asked.

“I don’t know,” Amy replied. She touched the outer lips and then ran her fingers around the inside.

Jonay pushed Amy’s fingers inside her pussy and Amy could not believe how wet it was. She could feel the muscles contracting. She pulled her fingers out and looked over to Theresa laying next to her. Theresa had spread her legs and was feeling her pussy with her fingers.

“Do you touch yourself a lot?” asked Amy.

“Yes, Quite a bit. Especially at night, when I can’t sleep.” Theresa replied.

Theresa’s pubic hair was a little darker than her hair on her head. Her pussy was red and moist against her pale skin. Amy touched her to see how hers felt. It seemed a bit smoother than Jonay’s.

“Give it a lick” Theresa said. Amy gave it a tentative lick and could smell her female smell. She then leaned over and licked Jonay’s. It smelled a little stronger, but not a bad smell. It was kind of intoxicating.

“Don’t tease us.” Theresa said.

“I can’t lick you both.” Amy said.

Theresa said she would lick Jonay if Amy licked her. She and Jonay had already pleased each other before. Amy leaned down into Theresa while Jonay climbed on top of Theresa. Amy slowly licked around the edges and then tried to find the spot that Theresa had found on her. She felt something small and hard and sucked on it.

“Oh, that is the spot!” Theresa cried out. Amy was surprised. She swirled her tongue around it and sucked some more.

“Suck harder” Theresa cried out. Amy could hear Theresa sucking on Jonay and Jonay was breathing hard. Soon Theresa’s body was tensing up and she started to cry out. Amy saw her put her fingers in Jonay since she was breathing so hard she couldn’t lick anymore. Amy put her fingers inside Theresa also and Theresa cried out in ecstasy.

“Oh my God!” “Don’t stop!” Theresa yelled.

Amy kept sucking and pushing her fingers in and out. Theresa’s body shook with the orgasm at the same time as Jonay’s. The two of them collapsed on the bed.

“Was I good?” Amy asked.

“You were incredible” Theresa said.

“Does it feel different with a boy?” Amy asked.

“Oh, absolutely” Theresa and Jonay both replied.

“Have you seen any cute guys?” Theresa asked.

“Well, there is one in my English class, his name is Kenny Jones and he is really nice to me.” Amy said.

Theresa and Jonay both knew who he was. They also knew that he would be a willing partner and gentle with her. They made a phone call and asked him to come to their room the next night.

“We have to go shopping first thing in the morning.” Theresa said.

They went to bed early and got up the next day and headed to the mall. They went to the lingerie store and showed her all the different styles and colors and materials of the panties and bras available. Amy had no idea there were so many different kinds. It was pretty confusing. They sent her to the dressing room with a handful of bras and had her try some on. She found some that really made her breasts look full even though they were small. She found some panties to match and they went to another store to find some flattering slacks and pretty tops.

When they got back to the dorm room Theresa and Jonay had her change and they fixed her hair and put makeup on her. They didn’t put too much on though, just enough to accentuate her features. She looked stunning and Amy turned and looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe it.

“I am so glad I came to college! I am learning so much more than I thought I sıhhiye escort would!” Amy laughed.

Theresa and Jonay got ready to leave and Amy started to get nervous.

“I wish you could stay” Amy said.

“Well, Kenny might not mind, but not this time” Theresa said.

“You will be fine. Just remember how it felt with us and it will be even better with him” Jonay said.

A few minutes after they left, Kenny knocked on the door. Amy let him in and offered him some wine like Theresa said to. They both sat down on her bed with the glasses of wine and he asked her a few personal questions. They talked for awhile and he turned on her stereo and turned off all the lights except for one.

He sat back down next to her and leaned over and kissed her lips. His mouth was warm and moist and soft. He worked his tongue gently into her mouth and explored all around with it. He really tasted good and smelled good. Soon their tongues were swirling with each other and she felt his hand move up her back and then around the front to her beast.

She relaxed remembering how the girls had made her feel. He reached under her blouse and undid her bra. His hand stroked her breast and then her nipple. He pinched and pulled on her nipple and it felt incredible to her. She stopped kissing to take a deep breath. He looked into her blue eyes and said she was beautiful. She had never been told that before.

He slowly undid her blouse and took it off and then removed her bra. Your breasts are incredible he said and leaned down and started licking her nipple. It was so hard and so sensitive she thought she was going to cum right then. He pulled his shirt off and pulled her against him. His chest had soft silky hair on it and felt really nice against her skin. He then undid her pants and pulled them off. He admired her pretty silky panties. He said they made him excited. He stroked her pussy through the panties and could feel her getting wet.

He pulled his pants off and then his boxers. Her eyes widened with surprise when she saw his large cock. He knew she hadn’t been with a guy before since Theresa and Jonay had told him, but she looked pretty scared. “It’s okay.” He said. “I won’t hurt you.” “Here touch it.” He said.

She reached out and felt it. It was hard and warm and moved when she touched it. He showed her how to wrap her hand around it and slide it up and down on him. Then he showed her how to reach down around his balls and lightly squeeze them.

Then he pulled her panties off and spread her legs to look at her pussy. “Your pussy is so beautiful” He said.

“Please touch it” She said. She couldn’t wait.

He ran his fingers around it and inside it. She was so wet it really turned him on. He knew he would have to control himself. Gently he leaned down and licked her. He sucked gently on her clit and she moaned out loud.

“I think you are ready.” He told her.

He started to gently enter her. She was so tight he thought it would not go in. He pushed more and then all of sudden it slid right in. “Oh” she cried out. “It kind of hurts” she said. He held still and told her to relax. Slowly she did and she could feel how much he filled her up. Slowly he pulled out a little and slid back in. The pressure against her clit got her excited again. Slowly her hips rose up to meet him and he pushed in harder. Soon they were going harder and harder against each other. She started to breathe really hard and he knew she was close. He was so close also and couldn’t wait anymore. They both exploded together.

He couldn’t believe how good she had been for being a virgin. She was surprised it felt so good.

“That was amazing” She said.

“I had no idea it would feel that way. When the Jonay and Theresa touched and licked me it was so different.” Amy said.

Kenny had a surprised look in his eyes. The girls hadn’t told him that part.

“They licked you?” He asked.

“Oh yes, they showed me how to touch myself and then Theresa licked me and made me cum.”

“Then I licked her while she licked Jonay. I actually made her cum too and it was exciting.” Amy said.

“I can imagine.” Kenny said.

His mind was racing with the images she was creating. He knew he would be coming to this dorm room more. They relaxed and then he got a washcloth and helped her clean up and get dressed. They talked some more and he said he needed to leave.

“When will you be back?” she asked.

“When would you like me to come back?” He asked.

“How about next weekend? I will fix dinner and you can hang out with the three of us.” She said.

“I would love that!” He replied thinking what an exciting evening that could turn out to be.

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