Amy the teen and the security men.

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Amy the teen and the security men.Amy and the security men.By: Friskee_cpl ( woke up and looked down at the bodies that lay naked on either side of me. Tim and Matt were sleeping like babes in arms and I could feel the dryness from too much booze in my head. I looked down at my neatly trimmed pussy and gave it a quick rub before I hopped out of bed and went to the shower.As the hot water revitalised my senses I remembered that I had left my bags at university and needed to go and get them. Problem was it was a Sunday and most probably locked. I knew I could get into the building but it was likely that the professors room was locked. I dried myself off, grabbed a short skirt, some undies and a halter neck top and grabbing the car keys headed out the door.I grabbed some breakfast at Macca’s as I drove past and with my Barina making strange noises I pulled into the campus car park. The building was open and with absolutely no one about I entered the foyer. I waved at the security camera and headed up the stairs to the second floor where I had spent Saturday afternoon with Professor Hoyle sucking and fucking my way to top grades. I got to the top of the stairs and to my dismay found that the corridor door was closed. I could see that the professors door was slightly open and all I needed to do was get into the corridor.‘ALARMED DOOR’ The sign on the door read. ‘DO NOT USE AFTER HOURS. CONTACT SECURITY’I could see the corner of my bag hanging off the hook and I made a decision. I looked at the security camera at the other end of the hall and pushed the door open. I expected a siren or something to go off but all that happened was that the light on the camera began blinking. I made a dash for the room and grabbed my bag off the hook. As I turned to leave the room I met three security men standing in the hall.”Fuck, that was quick.” I laughed.They smiled.”We have been watching you since you entered the building.””Please take a seat” One said “My name is Bill Higgins and these are John and Eric. Could you tell us why you are here?””I needed to get my bag. My work is in it.” I said playing the innocent.Eric scoffed and said. “Sorry ma’am but was is your name?””Amy” I said flirting with him by flicking my hair.”Well Amy we halkalı escort strict rules about students entering the campus after hours. You could be a terrorist.” John said.”I’m a very cute terrorist though.” I said uncrossing my legs wider than what is considered lady like. I saw that Bill and John looked at my panties as I sat there. Bill sat down on a chair opposite to get a better view so I gave him one.”Why is your bag in the professors office?” Bill asked smiling. He knew what was going on.”We did some um, extracurricular work.” I smiled.”What sort of work?” John asked. He also got it. Eric was a bit slower off the mark.”This.” I said as I pulled up my skirt to show them my panties.”Tell the command centre we are looking for an intruder.” Bill said.”Yes sir.” Eric said.”Oh yeah” was all I could mutter.John was the first off the mark and he pulled his belt open and unzipped his fly. His cock was a good size and he pulled it to full hardness.”Well this is a first,” said Bill as he dropped his daks.I pulled my knickers off and sat on the edge of the table. Bill had a big cock. Real big. It was so big that even John who was now kicking his strides off exclaimed “fuck that’s huge”I was rubbing my pussy whilst three pants less men stood around looking very erect and horny. I pulled my top off revealing my hardened nipples and then undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I was totally naked just waiting for these cocks to fill me. I went over to Bill and dropped down into a squat. I took his cock into my mouth and coated it in spit. It almost split my lips it was that thick. Eric was talking into the two-way and John stood on either side of me so I grabbed one in each hand and pulled them. I began alternating from one to the other coating them all in saliva. I could feel cunt juice all over my pussy and I dipped my hand in and rubbed it on Eric’s cock. I then licked it off.The boys all started taking their shirts off and at last we were all naked. I needed a cock in my pussy so I stood and lay on the table. I was ready for a thorough shagging. I spread my legs and as Bill came towards me Eric said “before you go putting that monster in her let John and I have a go.””Sure” said Bill.Eric was the right height and he easily slid his cock istanbul escort into my hot cunt. John began sucking at my tits and Bill came around for another blowjob. Eric knew how to shag and he began rubbing my clit as he pounded home. With a cock in my mouth, a mouth on my tits, a cock in my pussy and a finger on my clit, I came. I came big time. I had to let Bill out of my mouth and move Eric’s hand off my cunt as wave after wave of delicious orgasm swept over me. I almost pissed myself. John lay up on the table and offered his cock to me so I was able to suck two cocks as Eric drilled me.Eric pulled out at one stage and began sucking my clit. Fuck it was good. I had juice aplenty and he really enjoyed sucking it up. John hopped off the table and Eric took the clue and moved away. John had a long thin cock and it reached further in than Eric’s. I could feel it pound my cervix as he thrust in. Bill began sucking my tits and Eric fed his cock into my mouth. The taste of his oozing cock and my cum juice was fantastic. “Fuck this bitch is hot,” said John as he quickened his pace.”Let me fuck her now,” said Bill.John pulled out and Bill took his place. He placed his huge 10″ of cock against my cunt and rubbed it up against my clit. He spat on his hand and rubbed it on his cock and then slowly, ever so slowly, filled my pussy with the biggest pole it had ever had. I was over the moon. Eric began rubbing at my clit as Bill started pumping into me. I had my legs spread as far as they could and John held my left ankle to help me. I held onto both the cocks on my side as Bill became more furious. When Eric and John both started sucking my elongated nipples I came again with as much ferocity as the first. Bill pulled his cock out and the sensation of my cunt slipping back was great.I was ready for a change in position and I gently pushed Bill away. I wanted to ride this giant cock.”Lay down,” I said to him.He didn’t hesitate. He lay on his clothes on the carpet and I squatted over his huge member. I spat on my hand and moistened his knob and then I slipped it into my cunt and slid down on it filling the cavern inside. John and Eric came around and I went back to sucking each cock. I was studying each cock and decided that John’s would be the beylikdüzü escort one to enter my other hole. I spat heavily over it and said to him.”Fuck my arse.”He almost came on the spot.He managed to control himself as he quickly spun around and lined his cock up at my arse. He had the decency to grease it up by rubbing his cock all over the cunt juice that was all over my legs. His cock was placed at my arse and Bill stopped pumping as John slid his cock into my pooper. The feeling was exquisite as the two cocks really filled the void within. The two cocks began an alternating pumping into my arse and cunt. When Eric offered me his cock I took hold of it and sucked it down my throat. Bill was beginning to start to groan and I knew that he would be cumming soon so I left him to it. I knew that a cum filled cunt would make me cum again.Eric’s cock was really hard and he began rubbing his balls and pulling his cock. I opened my mouth in expectation of a blast of semen and I wasn’t disappointed. He let fly with a huge stream of cum as he pumped his cock into my waiting mouth. Warm jizz splashed onto my face and I scooped it into my mouth. Bill below me was next to cum and his cock exploded in my cunt filling me with his hot love lava. This feeling of his cum being pumped into me sent me over the edge and I came with a ferocity I had never experienced before.John pulled his cock out of me and I lifted myself off Bill and allowed a few big gloops of cum to spill onto the floor. I squatted on the floor and started to pull on John’s cock. With cum still on my face and my cunt splayed open with cum dripping down onto the floor John didn’t last long and he shot a load of thick spunk over my face and tits. After I drained the last of the semen out of his pole I stood and walked over to the mirror on the wall. I was a mess. I had a cum goatee beard. The three blokes watched me as I washed my face, arse and pussy in the sink.”That enough for you blokes?” I asked of the three befuddled blokes. “I am sure that you will be keeping an eye on me every time I enter the campus?””We certainly will” Bill said.I put my clothes on which was a cue for them to get dressed. Without another word they all left the room and I gathered my belongings and exited the room. I saw them walking outside to the security centre, no doubt to brag about their performances. The funny thing is I was still ready for more action. I’m a sexaholic, when I get started I find it hard to stop.Please send a message.

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