Amy Loves Pee

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The persons and events portrayed in this story are pure fiction.

Steve was just hitting send on an email to his boss Mark when he appeared over his cube. “Hey, word is we’re getting released early!”

“Great!” replied Steve, “I was thinking of taking Amy out to dinner and a movie, we haven’t been out much lately and it’d be nice to catch up with her.”

“How’s your daughter?” Mark asked.

“You know, Amy is ever the angsty teen.” Steve replied “I just wish her mother hadn’t run off with that asshole. Amy needs her.”

“You’ll find someone bud,” Mark said, “who knows, maybe you’ll find someone this weekend! Hey, why don’t you cut out now, go spend some time with your kid.”

“Well, alright. I emailed you the info on the Jackson account so that’s wrapped up, I have nothing else going on…”

“GO!” Mark jabbed.

“Alright alright!” Steve chuckled as he locked his pc and put on his sport coat.

Amy sat at the computer, bored again. School was out and she hated being left at their apartment all day alone. One foot dangled from the computer chair nearly touching the floor, the other under her bony butt.
Amy was a very slender girl. 5’2” and 100lbs soaking wet. Her light brown hair and hazel eyes a stark contrast to her dad’s dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a perfect mix of her mom and dad. Amy smiled at the thought of how people stared in disapproval whenever she was out with her dad. They must have thought he was some sort of dirty old man out with his mistress. She had to admit, if it ever came to it, she’d so jump her dad. Just the thought gave her little pussy a tingle, if she wasn’t careful she’d soak another pair of panties, this time Tinkerbell.

Getting bored with her website, Amy decided to see just how much of a dirty old man her dad could be. She ran a search for jpeg files and waited while the pc retrieved the results. Most of the pictures were pretty mundane. She scrolled down and one picture caught her attention. It was of a woman, a naked woman.
Amy’s heart started beating harder. She looked at the file extension and quickly followed the path to the folder. She opened it and stared at her dad’s secret porn stash. Amy’s mouth dried up ‘too easy dad’ she thought. She looked at the clock on the screen. Dad won’t be home for a few hours. Good.

Scrolling through the folder she saw just what her dad was into. Girls on girls, girls doing things in their butts, and why is that one girl on a toilet? Amy opened that one. The camera shows a girl that looks kind of like her before zooming in on her privates. Amy sat transfixed. ‘What’s going to happen?’ She thought. All at once the girl on screen started peeing! Amy watched until she was done, suddenly a man came on screen and began cleaning the girl’s privates with his tongue. ‘Whoa! People do that?!’ she thought.

All this excitement made Amy’s privates tingle and throb. Her pussy began drenching her panties. ‘Sorry Tink’ she thought. She quickly opened another video. The girl on screen was standing outside in some short shorts. Again she resembles Amy, ‘weird’ she thinks. “Are you ready?” the girl asks the camera. “Yeah, let ‘er rip!” says a guy. Suddenly the girl’s shorts turn a dark color and rivers of liquid come streaming down her legs. The girl looks very happy about this, like she’s enjoying it. Her eyes are closed and she’s moaning about it feeling good. Amy enjoyed watching her, suddenly becoming aware of her own bladder throbbing with a need for release. Putting it off, she opened another video and put her fingers on her little clit rubbing it through her shorts.

Yet again the girl looks like her only this time she’s upside down on her shoulders in a bathtub. ‘Why is she doing that?’ Amy wonders. The girl’s legs are spread wide showing her shaved private. Amy watches as she reaches up and spreads her privates wide, tugging and pulling. Then suddenly, she starts peeing. The liquid flows through the air splashing down on the girls face soaking it; it runs into her hair and over her Ankara escort breasts. Finally slowing down, it dribbles down her torso in a hot wonderful mess. The video ends.

‘Wow,’ Amy thinks, ‘I have got to try this.’ She looks down at her own jean cutoffs and wonders what the material will look like soaked. She focuses on her bladder muscles and a trickle comes out. Her heart is slamming in her chest as the stream gets a little bigger. Her shorts are dampening and her breathing is short and choppy. The pee feels so hot on her skin.

The front door opens and closes.

Steve walks through the door. The apartment is quiet. ‘Amy must have gone to a friend’s house.’ He thinks ‘good, that means some Steve time until she comes back.’ He can’t wait to fire up his special videos and rub one out followed by relieving his pulsing bladder all over himself in the bath tub. He takes off his jacket and lays it on the arm of the sofa before heading down the hall undoing his tie.
Entering the doorway to his office, Steve stops. There’s Amy just standing up from the computer. She looks shocked, breathing heavy, nipples clearly standing out from her light pink tank top and ‘what the hell, did she pee herself?’ Steve asks himself. “Hi honey, I…didn’t know you were home…” Steve pauses as he spies a trickle of liquid running down the inside of Amy’s leg.

‘Oh shit, he can see it!’ Amy thinks. ‘He’s gonna think I’m so gross!’ “Hi daddy, I uh, I…”

“Why don’t you go finish what you’ve started and clean yourself off?” Steve says.

Amy runs from the room mortified.

Steve quickly sits down and starts looking at everything that was recently viewed on his pc. ‘Damn, Steve, a damn fine mess you made’ he thinks when he realizes she found his porn folder. ‘Now she thinks I’m some sort of pervert. I hope to god she didn’t notice how much like her the girls in the video looked, if she knew the dirty thoughts rolling in my head every day…well, guess I should check on her, make sure she’s alright and do some damage control.’

Steve exits the room and walks to the bathroom.

Amy enters the bathroom and slams her butt into the counter, without bothering to shut the door she spreads her legs and leans back, she let’s go and floods her shorts. Piss is gushing into her underwear and shorts filling them, running out the openings and down her skinny pale legs, dripping from the crotch of her shorts onto the floor. Her eyes have rolled back into her head and she’s gasping with her mouth in an oval.

Steve rounds the hallway corner and stops, eyeing his daughter as she pisses herself, shocked at the mini rivers running down her legs and pooling on the floor. Her body is taut and shaking. “Amy?” He says.
Amy stops the flow, simultaneously embarrassed and turned on by her dad watching. “Daddy, I…I…”
A strange look comes over her dad’s face that scares Amy. In a far off voice he says. “So, you like pissing yourself, do you?” Unable to speak, Amy nods trembling. “Get in the tub” he commands. Amy stares at him unsure of what to do, limbs immobile. “Daddy…I’m sorry.” She says. He replies with “Don’t be sorry, just get in the tub.”

Seeing her unmoving, frozen in place, Steve closes the gap and picks up her small frame easily and carries her over to the tub, piss dripping onto is slacks. Once in the tub Amy can’t hold it any longer and lets the rest run out creating mini rivers running down her smooth white legs pooling in the tub. Steve stares at the yellow mess she’s created and takes in the odor warm urine. His cock starts growing in his slacks and he knows he has to add to this mess.

Steve can’t control himself. “You really want to get pissed on? I’ll show you how” he says in a soft voice while undoing his belt buckle, then his slacks and lets them fall to the floor. Amy’s eyes grow larger and her breathing deepens as she stares at her dad’s exposed cock, half hard and bobbing. Steve grasps the base and aims up. “Just stand still.” He says as he releases control of his bladder.

Piss jets Ankara escort bayan out hitting Amy’s shorts adding to her mess, he aims higher toward her light pink tank top, the wet material revealing his daughter’s tiny braless nipples poking even harder through the fabric. Higher he aims, it splashes her face, she curls her lips back exposing her pink braces as the piss rides up into her hair. His stream is getting weaker but she’s already soaked. The harsh smell of his afternoon coffee piss fills the air clouding their nostrils.

“Why…why did you pee on me daddy?” Amy asks involuntarily rubbing her pussy while eyeballing Steve’s cock.

“Well honey, I saw you enjoying yourself so much and looking so beautiful doing it that I got carried away.” Steve pulls off his shirt. “Come here” he says as he wraps his arms around her warm messy smelly body. Her skin is already turning sticky in places. Steve picks her up and carries her to his room.

Steve sets her down and undoes her shorts, with some effort he gets her out of them. Amy’s face turns red as for the first time a man looks at her most private area. “Daddy, what are we doing?” asks Amy.

“Shhhhhh” he responds, “this will feel good.” Steve says as he picks her back up, her legs wrapping around his waist, his free hand roaming over her bare ass and back.

Steve kisses his daughter on the lips, a very non-fatherly kiss. She responds and kisses back. They can both taste the salty tang of urine as they kiss away getting spit on each other’s faces. Steve gives her a few more kisses before kissing down her salty neck and pulling down her wet tank exposing her barely-there breasts. “So beautiful.” he says before sucking and licking on them. “Thank you Da…deee!” Amy gets out as she leans back while Steve attacks her wet chest. ‘OMG’ she thinks, ‘this feels sooo good. I never knew it could be like this.’ Steve sucks one nipple into his mouth running his tongue in circles over it, then the other, lightly biting it. Amy is moaning and breathing hard clutching the back of Steve’s head.

Steve’s free hand comes up to his mouth and he sucks his middle finger for a moment before it runs down to the crack of her ass and beyond, touching her gentle star. “Oh gawd daddy, what are you doing!?” Amy asks as her hips jump toward her dad. “Dad…Dad…oh gawd daddeeeee!” Amy squeals as Steve circles her little asshole with his slick finger.

Steve feels her ass relax so he puts the tip of his finger on the hole and pushes gently. “Daddy…what…are…ohhh” she says. Her asshole takes it slowly. Steve pushes in and out a few times as Amy’s eyes glaze over, she leans into his shoulder and makes whimpering sounds as her chest and abs convulse. Steve’s finger is getting milked by her ass as it clenches and unclenches. In and out his finger strokes as her swollen pussy slides up and down the underside of his cock.

He lays her down on the bed face down and gets a small pillow putting it under her stomach. Then he goes to his dresser and pulls out a bottle of lube. Amy looks over her shoulder biting her lip and wondering what her dad is doing, hoping this doesn’t stop.

Coming back to the bed, Steve climbs up and lowers his face down to her piss covered ass poking up in the air. “You’re gonna like this” Steve tells his daughter as he runs his tongue over her sensitive little asshole. “Ooohhhhhhhhh” responds Amy, her hands gripping the sheets and light purple painted toes curling. Steve rims her and gently tongue fucks her slowly opening up her ass. He brings one hand up and begins rubbing her clit as Amy buries her face in the sheet moaning. The bottle of lube appears in his hand and he spreads it on two of his fingers before gently inserting them in Amy’s ass. He works the fingers in an out getting her used to the sensation as Amy’s hips rock to the intrusion.

Finally Steve can’t take any more, he has to take his daughter. Grabbing the bottle of lube again, he squirts some in her slightly gaping ass and spreads some on his cock. Then he pushes her knees up to her tits tucking them under her. “This is opening you up better and will make it easier to take me. Remember to just relax and keep breathing” he tells Amy. She nods Escort Ankara and he places the head against her hole.

Steve pushes forward, Amy’s ass doesn’t yield, her skin stretching in as Steve’s cock tries to make its way in. There’s a moment of hesitation where he thinks it’s not going to happen just before her ass opens up and swallows the head of his cock, her anal ring just covering it. Amy’s breathes in a quick breath and holds it in. “Breathe” Steve says. Amy lets out a choppy breath ‘god if feels so huge’ she thinks.

Slowly, Steve works in more cock watching her ring grip him every time he withdraws. He pushes a bit in and pulls a bit out before pushing more in. About halfway in he notices Amy’s hips rocking with the motion. He looks at her flushed face, eyes closed, and mouth open and sees that she’s enjoying this. He loves the hot smooth feeling of her ass opening up to him. Steve speaks up, “Reach down and play with your clit, it’ll help.” She does and starts moaning even more.

Before he knows it his trimmed pubic hair is resting against her anal ring. The smell of hot young pussy, sweat, piss, ass, and lube fills his nose creating a cocktail that energizes him and fills him with lust. He pulls nearly all the way out before sliding completely in. Steve does that a few more time before building up a good fucking rhythm. Amy’s hips move in time with her dad and for several minutes the only sounds that fill the air are ruffling sheets, moans, groans, and heavy breathing.

Steve marvels at this tiny woman beneath him while his hands squeeze and caress her firm young ass cheeks. Leaning forward, he starts kissing and nibbling her shoulders and back pinning her to the bed. In and out, the friction building heat between them causing his cock head to flare.

Steve pulls his cock out of Amy’s ass and flips her over. Amy looks confused and afraid “Did I do something wrong daddy?” she asks. “No baby,” he responds “I just want to look at you, you’re so beautiful.” She smiles and says, “Thank you daddy” as Steve places her ankles up on his chest and reapplies lube before positioning his cock head at her tender ass again. “Ready?” he asks. “Mmmm, yeah” she responds.

Pushing forward, Steve watches as his cock disappears inside her tiny body just below her swollen dripping pussy. Amy closes her eyes and tilts her head up “Ahhhhhhhh” she lets out. Steve reaches down and starts squeezing and rolling her hard little nipples with one hand while his other goes for her pussy. His thumb searches out and finds her swollen clit.

Amy’s body is on fire, every nerve shooting off electricity she didn’t know existed. Her ass stretched around her dad’s dick feels awesome even though it hurts. She’s sure she’s bleeding but doesn’t care she just wants all of him inside her always. Her daddy of all people using her sensitive little body for his pleasure blows her mind. She can feel herself getting closer to climax.

Steve watches his daughter’s head rolling side to side as his cock plunges into her bowels over and over. Her stomach bulges every time he enters as his cock pushes up toward her belly button. He starts wondering if he wants to cum inside her or on her nearly flat chest. He’ll have to make his decision soon he thinks as Amy’s ass convulses around his cock again milking it. Steve speeds up bringing gasps and moans from both of them.

Lying down, Steve gives his daughter a kiss, her mouth readily opens and once again they taste piss and spit. “Oh shit,” he says “I’m gonna….cum!” With a loud groan Steve pulls out resulting in Amy’s orgasm, her little pussy convulses and gushes. Steve aims at Amy’s chest and lets fly with what he’s sure is the biggest load of his life. The first splash hits Amy’s sternum, the following ropes hit her tits and nipples and the final shots land on her taut stomach. Amy looks down at the mess they’ve made and smiles. Her fingers trace through the cum and she brings some to her mouth to taste. “Holy shit dad that was crazy!” she says. “I’ll say” he responds breathing hard.

Steve lies down next to Amy and rubs a little of his cum into her stomach as they catch their breath. Amy pipes up, “Daddy…that was awesome! Thank you.” Steve looks at her and says, “Yeah it was, god you felt good.” A few minutes pass before they speak again. “Guess what” Steve begins “….I have to pee again.” Amy laughs.

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