Amy Falls in Love Epilogue

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Larry Wheeler made things easier on his sister by moving to Boston, about two hundred miles away; no matter what he had pledged, he knew he’d have a very difficult time keeping his hands off her sleek and beautiful body if she were nearby. In the next three years, he only saw Amy a few times, at crowded family functions where there was no chance of more than a moment alone, and at the party their parents held after her twins were born.

But how tantalizing, how exquisite those moments were, their fingers entwined, their voices low, the kiss he stole — and Amy’s shy smile when he did it.

“A promise is a promise, Larry,” she reminded him.

“I know. But I can always dream. Don’t you ever miss–“

Amy flattened her fingers on his mouth and said, “We can’t even talk about it.”

Larry tried to find another woman, told himself he was in love, but the truth was that not a day went by that he didn’t think of the passion he and his younger sister had shared, their biting kisses, her heaving breasts, those intense, unforgettable orgasms.

So Larry plunged himself into his work, which now included international bank loan deals that often took him out of the country. Larry sent breezy, bland postcards to Amy from Zurich, Milan, and London; she never wrote back.

Then, on one cold, rainy November night, Larry heard three small knocks on his apartment door. Opening it, he was surprised to see his shivering, weeping sister. She wore a slick black raincoat, underneath which was a red cotton blouse and dark blue skirt. But what Larry noticed most was the luggage.

For a moment he held her, let her tears flow and gently kissed her forehead. Finally, she blew her nose and said, “I’ll be all right now.”

Larry nodded and went to the kitchen to brew some tea.

“Where are the twins?”

“With Mom and Dad.”

Larry handed his sister a steaming cup and settled into his armchair.

“You were right about Chuck,” Amy said; Larry now noticed that the wedding and engagement rings were gone. “After the honeymoon, he asked me to pay his old loans, and I did. Then he wanted me to finance an expansion of the store, and I did. Better office space, he said, ‘it looks better for the vendors if I don’t have just a desk in the corner of the basement.’ So he put in a little kitchenette, some plants, some nice pictures on the wall, and a sofa. That’s where I found him the other day, humping one of the cashiers.”

“Oh, Amy, I’m sorry.”

“He told me it was nothing serious, he just likes some young pussy every now and then. Young pussy! Jesus Christ! What does that make me? Carol Channing? I’m only twenty-five!”

Amy began to cry again. Larry held her close.

When the storm passed, she looked into her older casino şirketleri brother’s eyes and said, “You still love me, don’t you?”

“You know I do.”

Larry stroked her hair, and, at last, gave her the long, lingering kiss for which she had come to him. Amy kissed him back, and stared into his eyes for the longest moment of his life. At last she said, “Let’s go to bed.”

Not sure what to feel, Larry put his arm around his sister’s waist and led her to his bedroom. She was trembling, and Larry felt his stomach tighten. He’d never been tense with Amy before; for the first time in their strange, forbidden affair, he had no idea what was about to happen.

The three-year separation had made quite a difference. Before, their lovemaking had a dangerous, playful quality. There was a time limit, they had agreed the affair would come to an end one day, and it had. Larry had never thought he would make love to Amy again, and in a way he was right. This was a different Amy; a wounded bird, in need of tender care.

There was a distance between them, and Larry could sense his sister’s uncertainty.

“It’s all right, honey,” he said. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. I’m a little nervous, too.”

But with a tentative smile and tremulous fingers, Amy opened the buttons on her red cotton blouse and popped the snaps on her lacy white bra. Exposed were Amy’s lively little boobs, whose memory haunted Larry almost every time he closed his eyes.

Larry wore only a T-shirt and sweat pants, which he removed only when he was sure his sister was sincere. He had kept his body well-muscled and toned, partly in case Amy ever came back to him. Larry may have been nervous, but his dick was not. Long, smooth, red, and unyielding, it jutted from his groin like a flagpole from the side of a building.

Amy smiled.

“I’ve forgotten how I’ve missed this,” she said, sitting topless on the bed, her brother’s prick bobbing inches from her thin red lips. Amy raised a hesitant hand, and again Larry thought she was going to change her mind.

But Amy gently raked her long white nails along Larry’s length, then she grasped it firmly, and, with a glance upward and a small smile, she took Larry’s dickhead into her mouth, stroking the rest of his shaft with increasingly familiarity.

She hasn’t forgotten anything, Larry thought as his sister fellated him. He ran his hands through her silky dark hair, found a bouncing breast and rubbed the nipple between his fingers. The sound she made in her throat ran down his cock right to his balls, sending a quick, sudden shiver right up his back.

Amy let the pulsating dick slip from her mouth, and she decided to masturbate her brother for a while instead, while she licked his balls.

“Sis, casino firmaları if you keep that up–“

“Shh,” she replied. “I have a plan.”

Now Amy nibbled her way back to the top, and plunged Larry’s cock as deeply as she could into her mouth. The sight of her head bobbing on his length, watching slide in and out of his sister’s eager, skilled lips, the feel of her fingernails stimulating his tightening testicles, was finally too much.

“Amy! Amy! I’m– aggh!” Larry cried.

Larry’s cock erupted as Amy swallowed quickly and dove down for more. He hadn’t been laid in weeks, and so there was a plentiful reservoir of sperm to feed his enthusiastic younger sister. Another blast, and she squeezed his balls as if trying to get it all.

Even though he had finished, Amy licked around, as if the hot prick in her mouth were an ice cream cone. She finally, slowly, allowed Larry’s prick to slide free.

“Jesus!” Larry said. “Where did that come from?”

“Remember that day back at the cabin?” Amy asked. “The morning after you fucked me in the dark?”

“How could I forget. That blow job–“

“I don’t want our first time together again to be over quickly.” She lay back on the bed. “You do still want me?”

“You know I do.”

With that, Larry popped the snaps on her skirt, and removed the rest of her clothing. They were both naked now, and cuddled together under the covers.

“Just hold me for a little while,” Amy said, and they lay silently together, Amy’s head on her brother’s shoulder, her hair spilling softly across his chest.

Larry caressed Amy’s shoulder, and soon he kissed her brow, her temple, her cheek, her lips. She crawled upward a little, their lips, then their tongues, doing a gentle ballet as her hand fondled Larry’s dick back to life.

Larry did no less for his sister, fingering her clit and her pussy to get her juices flowing. She pushed her brother onto his back and straddled him, letting his dick nuzzle the crack of her tiny, taut ass.

“Tonight, let me do everything,” she said, running her nails through Larry’s thick, black mat of chest hair. “Ever since Chuck got that ring on me, it’s been the same thing every time: I’m flat on my back while he jumps on and chugs away until he’s finished. It hasn’t been a lot of fun.”

“I’m sure,” Larry said.

“Oh, Larry,” Amy said as she ground her ass against his dick, “I’ve almost picked up the phone a thousand times!”

Amy lifted her ass just a bit, allowing her brother’s demanding dick to slide forward to her moist, damp opening.

“I never expected you to keep your promise,” she said. “I thought you’d crack in two weeks, and we’d be right back at it again.”

“But I loved you and wanted you to be happy,” Larry güvenilir casino replied, pushing his ass into the bed. “I thought you wanted me to stay away.”

“No,” Amy whispered as the head of his dick slipped between her welcoming pussy lips. “I just wanted you.”

With a satisfied gurgle, she slipped all the way down, her favorite position. Amy leaned forward to kiss her brother and to give him the room he needed to make proper love to her, to dangle her bobbing boobs before his lips.

Larry licked and nibbled them even as he ran his hands along Amy’s body and under her ass. She was small and light enough so that he could bounce her on the palms of his hands and control the speed of their lovemaking.

When Amy took over, Larry found her clit, and began to tweak it between his fingers as his sister writhed and humped above him.

“Oh, you bastard!” she cried. “It’s too soon!”

“Tough!” he replied with a laugh.

Gasping almost to the point of hyperventilation, her face as red as her lips, years of longing and frustration burst to the surface, and Amy came. Her features contorted in lust, she drove her hips down hard towards her brother’s, the two siblings becoming one in the heat of orgasm.

Thanks to the blow job Amy had just given him, Larry was still far from orgasm, and he was determined to give Amy the ride of her life. He let her calm down, fucking her slowly. When she began to smile again, he fingered her to another climax. When it passed, she dipped her head and sank her teeth into his nipple, and that was it.

Unable to hold back any longer, Larry jammed his dick up into her womb as far as it would go, and let off a hot, thick wad of sperm into his sister.

“Amy!” he cried. “Amy!”

“Oh, my God!” she gasped as she came again. “Love you!”

Larry, aflame with passion, blasted into Amy once more, sat up and hugged her tightly as he did so, and then he fell gasping back onto the pillows as she ground her groin against his.

Amy’s smile was as radiant as the dawn as they disentangled their bodies from one another. Neither said a word for several minutes, lost in post-coital reverie.

“Wow,” Amy said at last. “I’m so happy. Oh, Larry, why do you have to be my brother?”

“I don’t know. Why does my screen always freeze when I want to check my e-mail?”

“Don’t be funny. We’re right back where we started,” Amy said. “Deeply in love with the most inappropriate possible person we can find.”

“Don’t look at it like that,” Larry replied. “Absolutely nobody knows you here. Nobody ever has to know about our relationship.”

“But we’re always going to have a relationship, aren’t we?” Amy said. “I can’t have you, and I can’t let you go.”

“Why can’t we raise the kids?” he asked. “Bring them here. Who has to know?”

Amy snuggled close and let her fingers play idly in Larry’s pubic hair.

“There are a thousand questions we have to talk about,” she said, “but let’s worry about them tomorrow.”


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