Amy and Her Trucker

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Everything is ready; I wear something simple on the outside, and sexy, sheer, and black underneath. I’m just waiting for the phone call to let me know he’s near. Could he really finally be coming? It feels like I’ve been waiting for years. Butterflies in my stomach, I pointlessly check my phone again; I know it will be at least another half hour before he gets here. The longest half hour of this long, frustrating, delicious wait drags by second by second.

My phone rings. It’s Jack. The butterflies turn to crickets, bouncing and jumping with all their might. I answer on the second ring.

“Hey,” I purr. “Getting close?”

“I’m already outside,” he replies, a telltale tremor in his voice proving he’s been waiting as impatiently as I have for this day. “Let’s go have lunch somewhere.”

We drive to a local place for lunch, neither of us talking because of nerves. He’s playing some hip-hop song I know he’s told me about before, and I clench inside knowing he’s playing it on purpose to set the mood. Surprisingly, lunch isn’t awkward. We’ve been friends for too long, and almost-lovers for too long, for there to be awkwardness between us. At one point, he reaches across and takes my hand and holds it, caressing my palm with his thumb. Butterflies moving lower, I know what’s going to happen later. We hurry through lunch and head back to his truck.

He gives me a tour, showing me all the bells and whistles, but neither of us is paying attention. All our focus is on each other now, that and the bed waiting innocently just a few feet behind the curtains he’d made for his own privacy which today will serve as ours.

He jerks his head back to the curtains. “Wanna see the condo?”

I’m breathless.

“I do,” I barely whisper. I can feel my desire running through my blood like a hot electric wire, and I wonder if it shows in my eyes.

He opens the curtains, and points out the amenities, such as they are, but I only have eyes for the bed. I sit on its edge gingerly and wait to see what’s going to happen next. I didn’t have to wait long. He sits next to me, reaches over to gently caress my cheek, and leans in for a long, deep kiss. I wrap my arms around his shoulders to draw him closer, and lean in as our breath mingles and our tongues slide across each other. I couldn’t say if the kiss lasted a minute or an hour; I just know it is the most erotic kiss I’ve ever experienced. His hands gently wander over my arms, shoulders and back. I don’t quite have that self control. I grip his shoulders and try to sink into him before sliding my hands up his neck and over his head. So smooth and perfect.

I try to lie down, but he stops me and instead moves me so that I am sitting against the wall and he is kneeling in front of me, kissing me the whole time. I’m melting, and nothing has happened but a kiss. He caresses my cheeks and shoulders, and Kastamonu Escort allows his hands to just barely move down to my breasts, cleverly skipping my already sensitive nipples. I moan into his mouth and try to draw him closer, but he is clearly not ready for that. He moves his lips from mine to my closed eyelids, my cheeks, my neck, my ears, and back to my neck. I want to touch him so badly, but every time I move my hands from his shoulders he gently replaces them. He’s in charge here, he wants me to know, and I surrender for the first time in my life. The feeling is exquisite. I’m not going to try to be in charge of my own pleasure. I’m going to just enjoy, and give back to him the best pleasure I’m capable of giving.

He grins a little, teasing me with his hands and lips through my clothing, still not allowing my hands to wander. I start to squirm, wanting more. He finally reaches my breasts with his hands and mouth, and caresses them while he oh-so-gently nibbles them through my shirt. Finally, finally, he takes my shirt off. He gasps at the sheer black I’m wearing underneath, but even that sight doesn’t make him lose control. His lips and hands wander over my breasts and my bare skin. By this time I am so wet I can smell the sweetness of my desire, so I know that he can too. He removes my pants, moans at the lacy black and silver that matches my bra, and I shiver at the feeling of his fingers down my thighs.

He slides me down to my back, but instead of what I expect, he rolls me over on my stomach. Still fully dressed, he starts massaging and kissing me, feet first, then up to my calves. His mouth is masterful- kissing, licking, gentle nibbles to the backs of my knees. By the time he reaches the top of my thighs I am literally writhing in desire, but he keeps me on my stomach and keeps traveling up to my back, nibbling my shoulder blades and the back of my neck and ears.

In all this time he’s barely let me touch him, and I’m starting to get impatient. I growl in desire and try to roll over, but he’s not done yet.

“Remember all the texts you sent while I was driving that drove me insane?” Jack whispers right into my ear, making me shiver with delight and anticipation. “It’s my turn.”

Fingers lightly running from the top of my head, across my shoulders, and down my arms, he caresses the sides of my breasts until I whimper. Worse, next he massages my thighs and ass, somehow managing to miss my wetness while simultaneously adding to it. He covers me with his body, and with a gasp I feel his rock-hard cock rest between my ass cheeks. When had he gotten undressed? It doesn’t matter; I squirm below him as he covers my back with kisses and my neck with gentle, insistent bites. I love the feeling of the silky skin covering the steel of his cock, and raise my hips for a better feel. He sucks on my earlobes and whispers Kastamonu Escort Bayan again, “I’ll turn you over if you promise not to touch me until I say so.”

I breathlessly agree, and he raises above me just enough so I can turn over. He looks me in the eyes and gives me another of those endless, delicious kisses, holding himself up on one elbow and caressing the sides of my breasts and stomach softly. He starts traveling with his mouth down my chin, stops at my neck and earlobes briefly, and moves down to my collarbones, which receive the same erotic treatment. He moves off me, lying on his side next to me, his hands never stopping, his mouth never away from my skin for more than a moment. As he finally starts caressing my breasts in a gentle circular motion, staying away from my hard nipples, I whimper, “Please, Jack.”

He grins again but moves his hands away from my breasts and down my stomach, passing a quick palm over my wetness before teasing his fingers around my thighs and stomach. I moan and beg him with my eyes, and he finally relents and allows me to touch him. I hungrily run my hands over his shoulders and arms, kissing his neck, his chest, swirling my tongue around his own hard nipples. His eyes close for a moment in ecstasy before opening them again. He has a look in his eye that I never wanted to be gone- he wants me, wants only me, and wants me now. But there’s a determination there, too, not to let things get out of hand before he has finished whatever his plan is.

I soon find out what that is. His mouth travels down to my breasts, finally, finally touching, kissing, and nibbling my nipples. I writhe and moan under his hands and mouth, but once again he’s not finished. He moves down to kiss my thighs, my hipbones, the top of my pussy, and spreads my legs just enough to settle between them. I’m quivering in need. He doesn’t disappoint- in one long, sweet, gentle movement he licks the entire length of my pussy. I shudder in delight. Although he’s always said he hasn’t had much practice, it seems he instinctively knows the right pressure and location to flick his tongue to send me into paroxysms of an orgasm; the noise I make is somewhere between a moan and an animalistic groan of need.

But he isn’t done yet. He caresses and licks and nibbles and makes me shudder over and over; finally I whimper, “Jack, please let me touch you.” He finally relents. I run my hands down his arms and chest, kissing every inch of skin I can reach. I turn him over and run my fingernails over every inch of his skin, starting at his calves and slowly, ever so slowly, heading up his thighs. As I reach his inner thighs, he quivers and gives a shuddering sigh, moving his hips slightly to give me better access.

But I’m not done yet, either. I keep running my fingernails up his back, shoulders and neck, my lips following Escort Kastamonu my fingers slowly, licking and nibbling as I go. When I reach his neck, I lean over him so the tips of my breasts barely brush his back. At this, he growls in impatience and flips over, but I won’t let him on top of me yet. I continue my travels across the front of his body, avoiding that one spot I know he would kill to have me touch right now. As I caress his thighs, the tips of my breasts once again touch him, only this time they travel the length of his straining cock. He tries to bring me up to his face level, but I resist, and lightly lick the length of him before taking him into my mouth, my tongue swirling around its head gently before taking more and more of him, careful with my teeth but adventurous with my tongue. I oh-so-carefully handle his balls as I take all of him into my mouth, and he makes an animalistic groan of need. This time, I let him bring me to his mouth, and we kiss deeply, writhing against each other in an insane need.

I rub my wet pussy over his pulsing cock, and it feels like heaven. Heaven, at least, until I slowly allow him into me, keeping control over the depth and motion, teasing him mercilessly before I finally slide his entire length into me. We moan into each other’s mouths and hold still for just a moment, enjoying the ecstasy of him filling me, finally.

We move together a few times, but it feels so good I don’t want it to end yet. So I slowly slide down his body and take him back into my mouth. The taste of us both together drives me wild. He’s slick with our combined juices, and he slides easily in and out of my mouth. I lick him from top to bottom, paying special attention to those two oh-so-sensitive balls, which deserve gentle, sweet licking and even gentler sucking of their own. He’s writhing in need, though, and before I can take him into my mouth fully again he reaches down, pulls me up and flips me over.

He slams into me, his eyes dark with desire and want. His hands are all over me, playing with my nipples and clit while on his knees sliding in and out of me. My eyes start to glaze over, and I meet him thrust for thrust before exploding in yet another indescribable orgasm. At the sound of my whimper, and the clutch of my inner muscles on him, he explodes and collapses on me, groaning my name and thrusting hard and fast as he comes. Our skin sticks together with the sweat we’ve made, and he brushes my hair out of my eyes to kiss me sweet and long. Our breath commingles and I feel him still inside me, pulsing every now and then, causing him to shudder in after-release. So am I. My hands start to roam over his wet skin, and he feels so good I kiss him and wriggle under him a bit. I feel him start to get hard inside me again.

This time, we need no foreplay. We just fuck. Long, hard, fast, slow. It feels exquisite, and I never want it to end. I play with my clit while he fucks me, and again I come right before he does.

I’m satisfied, tired, and feel so good. He covers us with a blanket and kisses me sweetly. I’m sore, and happy. But something tells me it won’t be long before we start again….very soon…

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