Amir’s First Time

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My husband, Amir, wasn’t gay. He was confident about that, and I believed him, of course. He had worshipped my body, sunk his cock deep inside of me and pumped me full of cum thousands of times. But, he said, something had happened in him recently. Like an optical illusion suddenly coming into focus, he had uncovered in himself a passion for men. A need to feel another man’s skin upon his; a need to taste him.

‘Don’t get me wrong’ he told me. He still loved me. But there was more to him than that. A need to explore both masculine and feminine bodies. Whether that made him fully bisexual, or merely bi-curious, he didn’t know. But he wanted to find out, and he wanted my blessing to do so.

So, definitely not gay. Despite believing him, I couldn’t deny feeling jealous and intimidated the first time I watched him be intimate with another man.

Let me set the scene. I was sat at the head of the bed wearing just my underwear. I don’t know why. I wasn’t to be involved, just a curious onlooker. But I would feel weird sitting there fully dressed while my husband explored another man’s body.

Nerves had compelled me to guzzle most of a bottle of wine and my head felt reassuringly fuzzy. At the foot of the bed was Amir, naked as the day he was born, locked in a passionate embrace with Craig. Craig was a stranger to me. Amir knew him from some website or other. A safe internet space where men on the verge of middle age could discuss their evolving sexuality.

He wasn’t my cup of tea, but I could see why Amir was attracted to him. Tall with mid-length hair in a cut that made him look a little boyish. A light dusting of chest hair and a vague suggestion of a six pack lost to the rigours of time. His dick was okay. Not the largest, but decent enough. A manageable size for Amir’s first time.

Amir was very different. Nape length black, curly hair crowned a body covered in light brown skin. His beard was neatly trimmed, something he kept deliberately to hide the slight double chin he had. Of course I liked the fact he was a little on the chubby side. His little paunch, and bubble butt especially.

As I was admiring said backside, Craig’s hand snaked around and grabbed a handful of it. Amir grunted in appreciation as his tongue explored Craig’s mouth. Amir’s hand slid down from Craig’s back, circled to the front and tenderly squeezed his manhood.

I took a sip of wine from the glass on my bedside table.

Both of them were hard. Amir slowly stroked Craig, and his own cock grazed his knuckle. I wondered what it felt like, holding another man’s prick in your hand for the first time. Was it scary? Was it exciting? Was it everything you had hoped for? I looked at Amir’s face to try and detect any clue as to what he was thinking. All I could see was lust. But instead of being directed at me, it was only for Craig.

Amir briefly relaxed his grip on Craig. He pressed his cock up against Craig’s before enveloping both in his palm. Craig made a satisfied noise as the flesh of their dicks rubbed against each other.

Another sip of wine for me.

They stayed like that for a few minutes. Amir always did like to take his time with foreplay. He had both dicks in his hand, gently squeezing them and rubbing his flesh onto Craig’s. At one point Amir turned his head to look at me.

“You okay?” he asked. I smiled and nodded.

The moment was interrupted by Craig. He took Amir’s hand from their manhoods and slowly pushed him down onto his back. Amir’s cock stood proudly up in the air. Craig bent down and gave my husband a deep lingering kiss. A real mouth-fuck. Wet, slurping and shameless. His hand started to work Amir’s cock as he did so. Not too vigorously; A languid hand job. He was in this for the long haul, and he wanted Amir to be too.

Craig broke the kiss suddenly, and lowered his head to kiss Amir’s chest. From there he sucked both of Amir’s nipples before planting kisses on his stomach. Finally he reached his penis. I felt a tension in the air. Obviously the two of them had arranged this, but I wonder did Amir really think it would happen. Or get this far, if it did? Maybe he had thought, deep down, that it would just be an awkward wank? A quick tug and an unspoken agreement to never talk about it again.

A sip of wine.

Amir was looking down at Craig, whose mouth hovered expectantly over Amir’s length. I shifted my weight slightly on the bed and realised I was wet. I shouldn’t have been surprised. I was getting my own private sex show.

Amir nodded. Craig lowered his head and took my husband’s cock into his mouth. Amir let out a sigh and his head slumped back on to the mattress. His eyes fluttered. I knew the expression. I had been the cause of it many times. Amir had a predilection for oral, both giving and receiving. If I ever wanted him in the mood, or if he needed a little assistance getting hard all I had to do was to gently blow on his cock.

I knew nothing about Craig through choice. I don’t know if, like Amir, he was a virgin when it came Avrupa Yakası Escort to fucking guys or whether he was an old hand. This was partly because it was Amir’s experience, but also because I didn’t want Craig to become a fixture in our lives. He was to be like a masseuse or a physiotherapist. He would come in, perform a service and then be gone. A simple procedure completed without fuss or sentiment.

When Amir had suggested having a one off, exploratory session with another man, my only stipulations were that it had to be in our home and I had to be present. Partly to make sure Amir was safe, and partly to make sure he didn’t forget who he shared his bed with normally.

So, whether Craig was a natural or well practised I didn’t know, but he was sucking Amir well. His pace was consistent, his head bobbing up and down on his dick like clockwork. What varied was the amount of Amir he sucked. Sometime he would take his whole head into his wet mouth, sometimes he would just kiss and lick it. Every so often he would push Amir’s cock as far back into his mouth as it would go, enveloping most of his shaft. The muffled sound of Craig’s gag reflex mingled with groans of pleasure from Amir. This was a blowjob designed to please, but not too much.

As Amir reached down and entwined his fingers in Craig’s hair, my hand drifted to my underwear. The plain white briefs were wet from my pussy. I hadn’t known how I would react to watching my man with another man. Nervous and jealous, or course. As much as I wanted him to explore this side of himself, it hurt that he couldn’t do so with me.

I gulped down the last of the wine for a bit of courage, before pushing my hand underneath the fabric of my underwear. If Amir can enjoy this, I thought, why couldn’t I?

I must have made a noise as my fingers found my clit. Both Craig and Amir looked at me. Craig merely glanced at me. That was fine. He wasn’t interested in me, and I certainly wasn’t interested in him. Or at least not in anyway beyond how he could pleasure my husband.

Amir took a moment to realise what I was doing. It must be hard to concentrate when your dick is in someone’s mouth. But he quickly realised and his face lit up. He knew that I hadn’t been overly enthusiastic about this. The fact that I was turned on and clearly enjoying the view meant so much to him.

I leant back against the head board as I gently stroked and pressed my clit. With my spare arm I reached up and began to squeeze my tits. I considered taking off my bra and underwear, but didn’t want Craig to see me naked. He could suck my husband’s cock, sure, but he couldn’t see my tits. Strange the values you have, in the moment.

We stayed like that for a while. Amir on his back, Craig working his shaft and me rubbing myself. Eventually Craig removed his head from Amir’s member, wiping the drool from around his lips.

“My turn,” he said with a slight rasp.

Amir nodded, before turning to me.

“Enjoying yourself?” he asked. I suspected he meant the tone to be playful, but he couldn’t quite disguise the hint of worry in his voice. A worry that the night would implode a marriage.

“Ya-huh,” I responded, and it was mostly true. In an ideal world Craig would have disappeared in a puff of smoke, while my husband shoved his dick into me and fucked me raw. But that would be the day after. The evening was his, and I wanted him to enjoy it.

Craig flopped onto the mattress next to Amir, interrupting our moment. I felt a twinge of annoyance at him. The interloper in our bedroom, dictating who should do what.

Craig scooted to the edge of the bed and sat with his legs on the floor. His prick jutted up towards his chin. Amir waited for him to get in position before rolling off the bed and straight onto his knees.

With a bit of manoeuvring he slowly shuffled between Craig’s legs. Their was a moment just then. Amir looked up into Craig’s eyes and paused. I felt my heart skip a beat. Everything up till now had been foreplay, or Craig servicing him. Amir was going to cross a boundary and take another man into his mouth.

My subconscious had taken control of my right hand, as I felt two of my fingers push inside me and begin to gently stroke my G-spot. My surprised intake of breath must have broken the spell between them. Amir glanced at me, smirked at the sight and then licked Craig’s cock.

It was a long slow lick, like he was savouring an ice cream. Starting at the base of his shaft, he slowly dragged his tongue up his length. When he reached the head he swirled his tongue around, before sinking his lips down and over him. I recognised the manoeuvre — it was how I started my blowjobs. The cheeky sod had stolen my move.

As Amir’s head started to bob up and down, Craig closed his eyes and his head lolled back. The only noise in the room was the slurping of Amir sucking his first dick, Craig’s heavy breathing and a gentle wet sound emanating from my sodden underwear.

The sight of Amir giving Escort Bayan Craig a blowjob wasn’t as upsetting as I thought it would be. In a way it felt right. As if a part of him that I knew was there in the distance suddenly came into focus. It felt…nice to see him there, on his knees with a cock in his mouth.

It was also fucking hot. I had watched some gay porn in my time but it had never done much for me. This real life demonstration was different though. I was sodden at that point, and my hand had picked up pace till I was finger fucking myself.

As Craig let out a groan of pleasure I felt a familiar tightening in my pussy. What felt like an explosion of pleasure shot through me as my cunt muscles clamped down on the fingers I was shoving inside myself. I felt my legs twitch and spasm, lightly kicking Craig in the back.

I’m reasonably sure I must have cried out or shouted, as when I opened my eyes, Amir was looking at me. He hadn’t missed a beat on his blowjob though. Good boy.

Craig was leaning back on his elbows and his breathing was deep and animal like. He was going to blow soon.

“Stop,” he said. He reached down and gently placed a hand on Amir’s head to keep him still.

“I want to fuck you.”

When we had first begun talking about this, about Amir hooking up with another man, I asked how far he would go. Would he suck them? Would he let them suck him? Would he swallow? The answer was always yes. The only time their was any uncertainty in him was when the topic of penetration would arise.

I would ask him if he would top or bottom, or even if it wanted it to get that far. He always responded that he didn’t know. I think he did know. He just didn’t want to say out of fear or upsetting me, or maybe just a fear of the act itself.

Amir paused for a moment before looking at me.

“You can,” I whispered. “He can fuck you. I want to watch him fuck you.”

Amir nodded, before rising to his feet.

“Where do you want me?”

Craig got up as well, and pulled Amir in for a kiss. The taste of each others dicks lingered on their tongues.

Craig broke the kiss.

“Lie on your back and put a pillow under your arse.”

Amir did what he was told. He lay down next to me, grabbing the pillow and tucking it under his beautiful, chunky bum.

“This was what you were hoping was going to happen, isn’t it?” I asked, as Craig rooted around for something in his bag.

“Yes. I think this was always what I wanted to do.”

That sounded about right. That night was always going to end up with Amir going all the way.

“I always knew you were a bottom,” I said. Amir cracked a smile.

“Well I have to try both, to make sure. But I think you’re right.”

Craig found what he was looking for and joined us on the bed. In his hand was a brand new bottle of lube and a silver condom wrapper. I shuffled over to give them space. Craig tore open the condom wrapper and rolled the sheath down onto his manhood.

He then spread Amir’s legs before shuffling between them. The tube in his hand flipped open with a click, and he deposited a fat dollop of lube into his palm. Amir reached out and again took my hand in his. I gave it a squeeze to try and reassure him. As the lube touched his hole, he shivered and squeezed back.

Craig began to massage the lube around his butt hole, gently probing and tickling it. Amir slowly relaxed into it. Sensing he was ready, Craig began to push his index finger into him. Amir and I had always chatted idly about ass-play, but had never gotten around to it. What a missed opportunity, in hindsight.

Craig fingered Amir, working the lube into him. When he sensed Amir was ready, Craig added another finger, to stretch him out. Amir let out a grunt. Half discomfort, half pleasure.

Craig reached out and took Amir’s other hand. He turned it upwards and deposited another dollop of lube into his palm. He dropped the tube, letting it fall to the mattress and guided Amir’s hand to his cock. Amir smeared the lube on Craig’s prick. Starting at his head, he ran his slimy palm down to his balls.

“That’s it. Get it wet,” muttered Craig as Amir prepared the cock that was about to fuck him.

They stayed that way for a moment. Craig finger fucking Amir’s arse, Amir wanking Craig’s greased pole. My hand migrated back to my knickers. I began to push my fingers into my cunt in rhythm with Craig’s ministrations to my husband’s arsehole.

Craig took hold of Amir’s hand and lifted it away from his prick. He was ready. With a final look to Amir for a nod of consent, he gently lifted my husbands backside and pressed the tip of his cock against his puckered hole. Amir released a gentle hiss. He squeezed my hand tightly. Slowly the mushroom head of Craig’s manhood sunk into Amir. Craig paused for a second, letting Amir adjust to the anal invader.

“Okay? He asked, tenderly. The gentleness in his voice surprised me. I had assumed he was there to get his rocks off. Nothing istanbul Escort more, nothing less. The idea that he would care about Amir’s comfort hadn’t occurred to me.

“I’m fine. Just be gentle,” said Amir.

Craig gave a nod and began to slowly, tenderly fuck his arsehole.

His thrusts were tentative at first. Just slowly pushing the tip of his cock in, sinking just a little bit deeper every-time. Amir’s hand released mine, and he grabbed a handful of the bed’s under-sheet. The short shallow breaths he took began to turn into satisfied moans.

As Amir relaxed and begun to enjoy the sensation of having his rear violated, something eased in him. Craig’s thrusts into his ass went deeper, until eventually his balls were pushed up against Amir’s skin. As his cock sunk fully into Amir’s arse, both of them groaned in pleasure. My pussy throbbed and yet again I came all over the slick fingers inside me.

As he had successfully breached his defences, Craig was able to properly fuck Amir. His pace quickened. His cock sliding into my husband with ease. Amir’s panting urging him on.

“Fuck!” Craig exclaimed. Clearly Amir’s virginal arsehole was to his liking.

As I watched them I couldn’t held but look at Amir’s cock. As it bounced up and down from the force of Craig’s thrusts, a dribble of pre-cum was leaking out of it and pooling on his belly. I felt an overwhelming desire to reach out and grab his dick. To take it into my mouth and swallow his seed. But it wasn’t my place. I was an observer, not a participant. That time at least. Watching my husband fuck another man on our marital bed wasn’t as terrible as it first seemed at the start. In fact having a bisexual husband presented a number of unique possibilities. Although the next time it would be with a man who we both fancied.

I desperately needed something more substantial than my fingers in me at that point. I felt like I was going to combust. My coyness around the stranger in our bedroom had disappeared. He was, after all, balls deep inside my husband.

I lent over and pulled out my bedside table drawer. I rummaged around for a second before my fingers found my vibrator; Amir had given it the affectionate name of Henry. I wondered if that had been a sign?

Henry was a slim pink little thing, with two ears designed to tickle my clit. I squeezed out a dollop of lube from the pump I kept in the drawer and hurriedly prepared it.

I turned back to the action on the bed to realise that the two of them were watching me. Craig was watching with mild curiosity, but his attention was clearly elsewhere, as his eyes slid closed. The sensation of Amir’s butt-hole on his prick was clearly more interesting. It was hard to argue with that, really.

Amir watched me with lidded eyes; a half smile on his lips. The evening was going much better than he had anticipated. I suspected he had thought I would be repulsed by the whole thing. Or maybe that I wouldn’t look at him as the same man he was before. I smiled at him, and mouthed ‘I love you’. His half smile converted into a full one.

It only lasted for a second. As Craig pushed into him, his cock hit just the right spot. Amir arched his back in pleasure and his eyes practically rolled up into his head. I made a mental note to buy a strap-on. I wanted him to do that for me.

I pulled aside the fabric of underwear and pushed my vibrator into my cunt. I was so turned on that just doing that nearly sent me over the edge. I thumbed the power switch and Henry buzzed into life. It was my turn to groan with pleasure.

Without warning Craig kissed Amir on the mouth, before pulling out of his rear. Amir gave a yelp as his backside felt suddenly empty.

“Get on top,” Craig ordered.

On wobbly legs Amir managed to swap positions with his lover. Craig lay down next to me while Amir awkwardly straddled his torso. Amir managed to scoop up Craig’s lube and squeezed a load into his hand, before applying some to Craig’s palm. With the load in his hand, Amir reached down and rubbed it onto Craig’s tool.

When he was ready, he grabbed our head board, and slowly lowered himself onto Craig’s tool. The lube, foreplay and rough fucking immediately before had done their jobs — he slid straight down.

“Oh my fucking god,” was all Amir was capable of saying as Craig’s cock bumped against his prostate.

Craig took Amir’s less than subtle hint and grasped his cock with his lubed hand. He began to stroke him as Amir began to bounce up and down on his length.

It was quite possibly the sexiest thing I had ever seen, either in real life or in porn. My pussy muscles contracted and clamped down on my vibrator. My orgasm felt like lightning through my body. The sight of my dearly beloved husband impaling himself on a hard cock, while it’s owner wanked him off was permanently added to my memory’s highlight reel.

When I came back to my senses post-orgasm I could see that both of the guys were close to finishing. Craig had his eyes closed, head thrown back and his leg was twitching uncontrollably. To his credit he was still pumping away on the cock in his hand. Amir was breathing deeply through clenched teeth; His knuckles were white as they clamped onto the headboard. I’d seen that face enough to know that he was about to blow his load.

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