American Mom Ch. 19

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This is a parody story. No characters represent any real person, alive or deceased.

All characters are over the age of 18, including cartoon characters who have failed several years of school.


It was late Friday night as Haley Smith lay bleary eyed in her bed, very close to drifting off to sleep. Images of fucking her brother Steve a few days earlier had feverishly filled her mind for most of the night as she tossed and turned. Similar day dreams had obsessively overtaken her every waking moment for the past several days. The unexpectedly skillful fucking she had seduced from him on Tuesday had just not been enough. It was now 3:30 in the morning, and she had been trying for over two and a half hours to drift off to sleep.

‘I’ve got to think of some way to get that big cock whenever I want it.’ She thought dreamily, slowly slipping off to sleep. ‘Maybe if I could find out what kind of porn sites he likes I could get an idea of how to better seduce him. Whatever I could learn can only help me tempt little brother into pounding my pussy with that big dick of his on a regular basis.’

A woman obsessed, Haley had a mission now. As she finally slipped into a deep exhausted slumber that would envelope her until mid-day Saturday, the circus side show jack off performance she watched with her mother from the hallway a few days earlier played over and over again in her lust filled mind.

A few minutes later, Haley’s mother Francine blearily woke from a sound sleep down the hall. “Gotta pee,” she mumbled while rolling over in the bed. Peering over at her bedside clock radio she could make out the time.

“3:45 A.M.” she mumbled. “God Damn it!” she swore softly as the reality of her situation hit her. “Stan didn’t get the toilet repaired before he left like he said he would. Son of a bitch is a real un-handyman.” Francine muttered sleepily as she stumbled out of bed.

The beautiful blonde mother peeked out of her bedroom into the still dark hallway. The only light was coming from the trusty nightlight in Haley’s room, shining dimly into the dark hallway.

Without bothering to put a robe on over her nude form, Francine tiptoed into the hallway, creeping extra quietly past Klaus’ fishbowl sitting on the hallway table. She hurriedly entered the bathroom down the hall, sitting down quickly and releasing a strong stream of pee into the toilet. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” She groaned in relief.

As she walked back up the hall, Francine gazed at the prone form of Klaus, asleep in his little fishbowl. “Aw isn’t that cute.” She whispered with a smile as she saw him lying in his little bed, covers pulled up under his chin; cute little stocking cap on his bulbous fish head. Little bubbles floated to the top of the water; popping and producing soft snores.

“Are you awake Klaus?” she whispered softly as she stood in front of the bowl, the dim light from Haley’s room accenting her nude form.

Seeing no change in his sleep pattern, Francine leaned forward, her naked breasts rocking back and forth. “Look at me Klaus.” She softly sang. “I’m naked.” She finished, standing back up and stroking her nipples. “Just like you’ve always wanted to see.” She smiled while turning her back to his bowl and twerking.

Finally, after a few minutes of softly toying with her big breasts in front of her comatose goldfish, Francine silently walked up the hallway to return to bed.

Intending to shut her daughter’s door on her way to her own room, Francine peeked inside as she started to pull the door shut, gasping at what she saw.

Haley’s bed was positioned at an angle in the back corner of her room, the foot of her bed facing the door. The covers were pushed to the side and she lay asleep on her stomach, completely naked, with her feet facing the door. Her right leg was stretched out straight while her left knee was bent and pushed up almost to her breasts. Her pussy was flagrantly spread open and visible in its entirety.

Staring at her daughter’s sweet pussy lips and asshole slightly spread apart, Francine gasped as visions of her recent tryst with Lois Griffin filled her mind.

Shockingly, Francine was awakened from her fantasy as she felt a pair of arms encircle her waist and a pair of hands gripping her big heaving breasts from underneath. “Hmmm. Nice outfit Mom!” her son Steve whispered up into her ear as he firmly pinched her nipples.

Francine had nearly jumped out of her skin in surprise, but now the shock had quickly changed into embarrassment knowing her son had just caught her staring at her daughter’s naked ass.

“Steve, let me go,” Francine whispered back at him, reaching her right arm around his shoulders and frantically trying to get free. Even in her bare feet, she had to look down into her son’s eyes. She was not even wearing the tall heels she had recently been wearing for him in their photo shoots, and yet she still towered over his short frame. Despite his diminutive size for his age, his youthful arms had her pinned and şişli bayan escort she couldn’t move.

“What are you doing naked in the hallway and staring into Haley’s room? Oh my…what do we have here?” He finished in a long drawn out whisper. Francine tensed and felt his hands squeeze her nipples harder as he looked at his sister naked on the bed.

“Steve, let me go,” Francine frantically whispered to him.

“Wow mom. Haley looks kind of hot, doesn’t she? No wonder you were looking,”

“No Steve…that is not why I looked!”

“Do you like her ass Mom?”

“Steven Smith! Stop that now!” Francine hissed, disbelieving he asked her that.

“I didn’t know you were into girl’s too Mom.” He whispered, his tongue licking behind her ear while he continued his aggressive massage of both of her nipples between his thumb and forefingers. “Uhnnn,” she softly whimpered in excitement, her nipples becoming incredibly hard.

Steve felt them harden right away and knew why. “You are, aren’t you? I bet you wish you could just walk up to her and kiss her…maybe even lick her between her spread legs.”

Francine was afraid to respond. Afraid to make any noise that might wake Haley; or Klaus for that matter. But for some strange reason, being in this situation excited her, making her heart race and her breath come in gasps.

“Tell me mother. Are you getting excited, seeing Haley spread out like this? I bet you are.” He whispered into her ear. She quickly shook her head in defiance as she felt his hands leave her heaving breasts.

Francine knew what Steve was after, but she wouldn’t give in to him; not with her daughter. Suddenly she realized he had released his cock from his pajamas. Francine turned her head and looked at him in shock and disbelief. He just smiled, knowing his horny mother would not be able to resist.

Grabbing his mother’s elbows, and ignoring her feeble protestations, he pushed her arms up above her head, placing her hands wide apart and high on his sister’s door frame.

Without being told to do it, Francine kept her grip on the door frame as her son slid his hands down her arms to her quivering breasts, pinching her nipples hard in the glow of his sister’s night light.

“Ahhhh…Gahhhdddd” Francine bit off a sound of pleasure and pain.

“Haley excites you, doesn’t she mom? I bet she makes your own pussy wet.” He spoke deeply in her ear, softly licking it as he pawed her nipples. “I know you want to taste her? Tell me the truth Mom.” He demanded, noticing she never attempted to lower her hands from the door frame.

Francine looked at Haley lying in her bed. Looking so sweet; so inviting…her pussy folds waiting for her mother’s tongue.

“Steve…you have to let me go. This is too dangerous.” Francine begged in a barely audible voice.

Suddenly she felt the tip of his cock pressing against the entrance to her pussy from behind. The only thing that stopped him from penetrating her at that moment was the angle at which she stood.

Steve immediately recognized the situation and put pressure on her back, bending her so her ass would stick out. Without protesting, Francine regripped the door frame two feet lower. Suddenly she felt his big cock slide inside her, spreading her open with his thickness. “Ohhhhh MY GOD.” she whispered as her son began assaulting her pussy while she stood boldly in her daughter’s doorway.

Francine spread her feet apart, arched her back and held onto the door frame as her son gripped her hips as he began sliding his thick meat in and out of her pussy.

“This is so crazy…so fucking dangerous Steve.” She hissed softly as she worked her hips back against his thrusts.

“You love it, don’t you mom.” He said a bit louder and with growing confidence in his mother’s worshiping love of his big dick.

“Uhhhmmm…fuck yes…I love it Steve.”

Steve quickly cut her off as he continued plunging his cock into her wet pussy. “I want to watch you fuck and eat Haley. Will you do that for me mother?” He whispered while fucking her from behind.

“Oh God Steve! What if she wakes up right now? What if she sees us like this…what if she hears us?” she whispered as she fucked herself back against his hard cock.

“ANSWER…ME…MOTHER…WILL…YOU…FUCK…HALEY…FOR…ME!” Steve commanded as he aggressively fucked her pussy, each word emphasized by a thrust into her wet pussy.

“Oh God…Yessss!” Francine hissed without realizing it.

Steve immediately pushed his cock deep inside her with a forceful shove. “Yes…oh fuck…you will! Oh FUCK…you just turned me on so much!” he quickly whispered into her ear as Francine realized what she had agreed to do for her son.

“Oh God…YES…I would fuck anyone for you…as long as you let me have that big cock of yours.” Francine whispered back to him over her shoulder as her pussy convulsed around his hard meat.

He held her tight and with short jabs tickled her cervix with the head of his nine şişli escort inch cock. “Look at her mom…just look at her. Tell me what you want to do to Haley Mom…talk about it like a porn starlet would.”

Once her brain registered what he said, an all too familiar tingle ran up and down her spine. Francine looked lustily at her daughters sexy pussy spread open in front of her and pushed her ass back at her son while the might of his cock teased her pussy walls.

“Ohhh…Oh my God!” Francine whispered, feeling the tight, spreading feeling deep inside of her.

“Tell me you will eat Haley.” He hissed.

Francine made short, quick movements with her hips, fucking herself on his long meat. “Yes…yes I will.” Francine whispered, ready to cum.

“Tell meeeee…Tell me what you want.” Steve was nearly cuming and so was Francine.

“I want to…Ohhhhhhh…I’ll eat her pussyyyyyyy…Oh my God…I want to eat Haley’s pussyyyyyyy.” Francine hissed back at him.

With that he forcefully shoved his cock inside of her and held her tight while his cock spilled several loads of his cum inside her.

Unable to hold off, Francine came as well, biting her lower lip so she wouldn’t make a sound and wake Haley as they both silently held on, riding the waves of their orgasms.

As she came down from her orgasm Francine become conscious of how absurd a situation she had gotten herself into. She realized she was on her tippy toes with her legs apart and arms spread high above her head, holding on to the frame of the open door of her daughter’s bedroom, being impaled on her son’s thick cock as her daughter slept peacefully in the nude in front of her. The outrageousness thrilled her even more.

Francine and Steve stayed joined together that way until he was spent, his cock no longer pulsating inside her tingling pussy. Breathing heavily Francine looked back at him as he silently slid out of her. Instantly she felt his cum drip out of her pussy and run down her legs, forcing her to bring her legs together in a futile effort to hold his juices.

“Oh my God. How much cum did you have?” she asked softly, amazed and leaning against the door frame for support.

Francine looked at his wet cock and instinctively licked her lips. Steve smiled, knowingly. “Why don’t you taste that pussy on my cock and pretend its Haley’s?” Steve directed.

Francine looked over at Haley, and saw that she was still asleep. Dropping to her knees and grabbing Steve’s hips, she pulled him towards her and took his enormous cum soaked cock inside her mouth.

“Hmmmmm.” she moaned while cleaning his softening cock off. “Ohhhh…I like this…God I don’t know why but I like the way it tastes.” Francine moaned, lost in her perverse pleasure.

“Good slut,” Steve announced “Suck those pussy juices; just like that…just like you’ll soon lick Haley’s cum from my cock.”

Francine froze realizing what she had agreed to during the height of her orgasm. Looking up at Steve, she stood up.

“Steve…I…” Before she could finish what she wanted to say, her son quickly pulled her to him, silencing her words with a deep kiss as his hands found her firm ass cheeks.

When he finally broke the kiss Francine was so weak that she had to grip the doorframe that much harder while she desperately tried to catch her breath. Her son’s young face was tense with anticipation and his eyes pleadingly watched her every move.

“I’ll do anything and anybody you want…including your sister if you promise to fuck me with that big cock of yours whenever I want it.” Francine declared before turning and walking out of his room without saying another word. Her agreement to his demands left him speechless.

Saturday afternoon, after a long exhausted sleep after the excitement of the night before, Steve like all good nerds in town, had gone to see the premiere of the new Star Trek movie. Because it was such a long movie he was going to be gone for at least four hours, so his sister Haley thought that she’d take the opportunity to do a little snooping on his computer. She knew that he had to keep some porn sites hidden there that he didn’t want their Mom and Dad to see.

Haley started scoping out his web sites. There were so many and she couldn’t find any real common thread. “Hmmm…all kinds of fucking…sucking…” She continued opening web pages. “Blondes; brunettes; full figures; slender ones. If there is anything here that I can use, I’m not seeing it.”

Just as she was about to give up Haley spied a folder she hadn’t opened yet. It said “AGS.” Haley opened it up and was taken to a site unlike any of the others she had seen. Across the top were a bunch of naked girls in various sexy poses under the title, “America’s Got Sex.” The rest of the page was a small collection of thumbnail pictures, which were categories of specific video types, like “Best Mature” “Best Public Sex” and “Best Cum Shot.”

Haley couldn’t believe it as she read out loud the description of the site. “Submit your mecidiyeköy escort hot amateur video so our members can vote for their favorite. The winners each week will be win a five hundred dollar prize!”

“Wow. I had no idea that this kind of stuff went on.” She commented before looking again at the categories, a little more curious this time. As she read through them, one caught her eye. “Best Self Stimulation.” A little tingle started in her pussy as Haley clicked on the link.

It took her to a new page with a headline, “Last Week’s $500 Winner!” and a still from a video showing a woman in her mid-thirties in high heels holding a vibrator between her legs. She was obviously in the throes of a massive orgasm. Underneath her image were about a dozen smaller video stills with more video links, “Vote For This Week’s Hot Picks,”

“Obviously these are the videos to watch and then vote on.” Haley said. She was about to click on the previous weeks winning video link when her eye was attracted to the thumbnail photo under the line “Most Votes So Far This Week.” It was hard to tell with the little picture, but it kind of looked familiar. “Holy shit…that looks like my bedroom.”

Haley clicked on the picture and waited for the video to download. “Has that little turd been watching and taping me?” Haley asked herself out loud. Her emotions at the moment were torn. On the one hand she wanted to stuff his camera up his ass, but at the same time she noticed that her pussy had started to become wet. Her reflection in his mirror revealed her very satisfied smile.

Her hand was trembling over the mouse as the video started to play. “Oh my God…that is me.” She said as the video started with her in her crawling onto her bed. The camera was hidden in the closet at the foot of her bed. “I was wearing those clothes a couple of days ago; the day Mom and I first saw Steve’s cock through the crack in his door as he was jacking off.”

She relaxed a little in her brother’s desk chair and watched herself on the video as she pulled off her top. It was like watching somebody else…somebody who was somehow sexier and hotter than Haley ever was in her own mind.

On the video Haley pushed her jeans down and spread her legs so that she could rub her pussy. The camera caught the action as she began licking her fingers. “Fuck…I look hot!” she exclaimed as her video persona threw her knees up and back towards her shoulders. She watched in awe as the video showed her plunging her fingers into her shiny pussy, obviously having an absolutely massive orgasm.

Her body flushed red in the video as she gasped for air and fucked her own hand. Haley found herself getting hot and worked up just watching it. Her pussy relaxed and became more sensitive as it became engorged. “I had no idea I looked so sexy.” She smiled as she started the video again.

“God this is so erotic!” Haley called out softly as she squeezed her thighs together, putting a little pressure on her clit as she wiggled her legs and rubbed her pussy lips together.

When the video ended a second time she noticed a little marker under the thumbnail. Clicking it she was amazed to discover that almost 5,000 people had watched her video. “OH…My…God!” Haley felt goose bumps running up her arms at the thought of all of those guys jacking off while watching her.

Her anger at Steve diminished greatly as she sat there watching herself cum over and over. Just as she was nearing an orgasm, Haley heard the sound of a key jiggle in the front door downstairs.

Hurriedly turning his browser off, Haley jumped from the computer and sprinted to her room as fast as her flip flops would allow, shutting her door just as Steve began mounting the stairs below. “Oh my God, that was so close.” She hissed, trying to catch her breath.

Still breathing heavy fifteen minutes later, Haley snuck into the hallway and tiptoed over to her brother’s room. Steve Smith sat at the computer in his bedroom intently editing the videos and photos from the shoot he had done a couple of nights ago with his brand new equipment.

His beautiful mother Francine had not only given him the equipment for raising his grades at Pearl Bailey High School, she had been his more than willing subject of the erotic photo shot.

Situated at his desk facing the door with his head down, raptly staring at the screen, Steve had not noticed his sister entering the room. Thinking she might have a chance to startle him, she gently closed the door, but stopped short of pressing it closed so he would not hear the door latch.

“Hey little Bro, whatcha doing?” The sound of her voice startled the young teen.

“Oh…hey Haley. You surprised me, hehe.” He nervously laughed, quickly turning off his monitor. “Just working on some stuff for the AV club at school. What’s up?” he questioned as Haley walked around the desk and put her arm around her little brother’s shoulder, pulling his shoulder against her hip and his head against the underside of her boob.

Steve looked up, past her breast and into her eyes.

“Me?” she responded as she moved behind him, leaned over and placed her chin on his shoulder and began stroking her hands on his thighs. “I’m just enjoying the world Steve.” She said.

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