American Mom Ch. 16

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This is a parody story, no characters represent any real person, alive or deceased.

All characters are over the age of 18, including cartoon characters who have failed several years of school.


Despite there only being a couple of weeks left before summer break, school was not in session Tuesday morning. The teachers union was using up the last two planning days on the calendar Tuesday or Wednesday.

Steve Smith woke up to a nearly empty house. Only Haley was home, having arrived sometime late in the night from another rock festival. Roger the alien had been gone for several days on one of his wacky exploits. Stan was still in Afghanistan, and Francine had left a note saying she was on yet another antiques trip to Pennsylvania.

“I still can’t believe Mom let me watch her shave her pussy last night.” Steve thought to himself before quickly whacking off to the surreal images of the night before.

After finishing the deed and cleaning up, Steve downed a couple of bowls of Captain Crunch cereal and left out of the house for a long walk to the neighborhood comic book store with a cheerful skip to his step.

Half an hour later Steve reached his destination, “The Fantasy Realm” collectibles store. After greeting the store owner, Steve heard an enthusiastic greeting from the back end of the store.

“Hey Steve-O.!”

Steve looked around to see Clint Speed, Pearl Baily High School’s all-time leading wide receiver, recent Penn State scholarship signees, and one of Steve’s cool new senior friends.

“Oh, Hey Clint.” Steve called out as he walked to the back of the store.

“How’s it hangin’?” Clint greeted the younger teen, offering a quickly accepted fist bump.

“Great Clint. How about you?” Steve asked, trying to appear comfortable talking to an A list student, even though he was nervous.

“Hangin’ great.” The older boy added with a laugh and a grab at his crotch. “Just waitin’ for school to come to a close.”

Clint quickly came straight to his point. “So Steve, ol buddy. Got any more photos of that hot Mom of yours on that cell phone?”

“Naw.” Steve respond with a bit of regret that he was letting down his new friend.

“Too bad.” The older teen muttered.

“Wait. I just remembered. I don’t have a new one, but my Mom has a new one on her phone. Would you want to see that sometime?” Steve smiled, suddenly recalling last night’s quickie full frontal nude shot on his mom’s phone.

“Hellz Yeah!” Clint piped up eagerly, grabbing Steve’s hand in a soul grip and pulling him in for a man hug. “You are the man. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your Mom, Steve.” He called out, slapping Steve on the back and heading for the exit. “Text me when you have it.”

Steve gathered himself and saw the comic book store owner looking at him with a strange expression of disbelief. “Hee hee. My buddy…Clint Speed.” He said as he went back to looking at comics.

He had been thumbing through various comics for ten minutes when he felt his cell phone vibrating in his pocket. As he looked to see who was calling, the screen read ‘Haley’s Cell’. ‘What the hell does she want?’ he thought, before deciding to send it straight to voicemail. Soon he was totally engrossed in the latest issues and forgot all about his sister calling.

As he left the store nearly an hour later, almost out of habit Steve pulled his cell phone out of his pocket to play games on the walk home. There looking back at him on the screen was a message telling him that he had a new text message as well as a voicemail message. Remembering that his sister had called earlier, he assumed that she left him the voice mail message. “What the hell is so important she is texting and calling me?” he grumbled. With one quick push of a button his text message box opened.

“Oh, it was Mom texting me; with some photo attachments.” He beamed, quickly recalling the sexy photo she had sent him yesterday. “Wait. This message was for Dad.” He read the message. ‘Stan – Hope these help hold you over until you return. XOXO.’ Remembering what the last mis-sent text message to his father contained, Steve quickly opened the attachments.

“Wow. I bet Clint would love to see these.” He muttered. As he stood stunned, Steve Smith saw a series of five steamy photos of his sexy blonde mom. These were not merely posed nude images. No, these were X-rated and pornographic selfies by anyone’s definition.

They started with a shot of Francine from the top of her head to her knees, holding her cell phone and smiling beautifully while facing her mirror; completely naked. For the next photo Francine had pulled her big left tit to her mouth and was sucking on her own nipple while staring at her image in her mirror, her breast overflowing her hand.

The next image showed the horny MILF lying on her back on her bed, her opened legs facing her mirror while her left knee pointed straight up. Her freshly shaved pussy appeared wet. The fourth photo showed her in the same Giresun Escort pose, but this time with the middle finger of her left hand buried in her pussy to the hilt. The final photo showed her with that same finger buried in her mouth, her cheeks sucking noticeably inwards.

Steve was stunned. “How does she send pictures like that to the wrong person twice in a week? I wonder if she would send me something like that if I asked? I mean, she did send me the one yesterday wearing that see through top.”

Shaking off the wooziness from seeing his mother in the text message attachment’s he opened his voicemail to retrieve the message. What Steve heard stopped him once more in his tracks.

The next thing Steve knew he was listening to his nineteen year old sister’s voice “Since you were so strong and forceful when you told me you wanted me to do this, here is a sexy voicemail just for you. Wow I’m really nervous. I’ve never made an obscene phone call before…I just hope you like this Jeff.”

This would not be the first time that Steve had gotten a message from Haley that was actually for her longtime boyfriend Jeff Fischer. Haley sometimes doesn’t pay a lot of attention to whose name she pushes on her contact list, and apparently both of Steve and Jeff’s voicemails just read off their phone numbers so it’s hard to tell if you have the correct number or not.

After Steve heard that the message was for Jeff he was about to push the delete button, but curiosity got the best of him. “Maybe she will say something that I can get over on her.

Suddenly a long moan echoed out of the phone and bounced around inside his head. Steve then stopped dead in his tracks in shock. Several short moans later and there was no doubt that Steve was listening to his sister masturbating.

‘Fuck…’ he thought to himself. ‘This is not something that I’m supposed to hear.’

The message went on for about two minutes, filled the entire time with moans until the very end when Haley whispered “God that felt so good. I can’t wait until you get off work tonight Jeff.”

Steve just stood there completely stunned as the message ended. Without even deleting the message, Steve just closed the phone and looked at it completely dumbfounded. He quickly noticed a very uncomfortable feeling in his jeans and realized that he was rock hard, his cock threatening to break the button off his jeans.

Steve kept thinking to himself ‘but it’s your sister’, but that thought really didn’t help. The sounds of her moans kept echoing through his head and his cock just refused to soften until he had almost made it home.

By the time Steve he walked in the door he had pretty much convinced himself that it was not a big deal. ‘I mean I know Haley isn’t innocent…and it’s not like I was supposed to hear the message anyway.’ Steve kept telling himself ‘She’s your older sister. Just forget about it and everything will be ok. Besides, it’s nothing compared to the photos from Mom. What the hell is up with these women and their misdirected messages?’

The second Steve walked into the living room though that whole idea was blown out of the water. There sitting on the couch was Haley in a pair of little shorts and a tight tank top. All of a sudden her voicemail moans where in his head again and Steve didn’t even have to look down to realize that he was hard as a rock again. As he stared blankly Haley just smiled at him

“Hello…Earth to Steve.” Her voice snapped him out of his daze and he gave her a weak smile

“Oh…hi sis what’s up?”

“I’m upset with someone Steve. I called Jeff and he never called me back today, that’s what’s up” she said in a very annoyed tone. “I left him a voicemail, and he was supposed to call me when he got off work.”

“Well, did you tell him to call you in the message?” Steve replied, already knowing what her message said, since it was now repeating itself over and over in his head.

“Well; no. But he should want to call after the message I left him” she replied quickly. A deep red tint crossed her tan face as she blushed.

Steve put on his best poker face at that point, trying to hide the fact that he knew all too well just why she was blushing. “I’m sure he’ll call Haley. Don’t worry” was all Steve could say as he got out of the room as quickly as possible, his cock still throbbing in his pants.

Steve hurried quickly to his room and locked the door. As the door shut he stood there thinking about what was happening. It didn’t take long though for his mind to wander.

Soon Steve started to think about Haley’s long smooth tan legs that led up to her tight ass that looked so good in a bikini. Steve suddenly came to his senses and shook his head trying to get those thoughts out.

‘What the hell am I thinking about? I’ve always known Haley was attractive. But I never thought of her sexually before. Sure, I’ll admit I have let my eyes linger when she walked by me in a bikini…but that always seemed fairly innocent.’

So there Giresun Escort Bayan Steve stood in his room, his hard-on still raging in his pants, not sure what to think about the afternoon’s events when he heard a knock on the door, snapping him back to reality.

Steve slowly turned to open the door “Who is it?”

“It’s me bro I need to talk to you.”

Steve could feel his cock jump in his pants at the sound of Haley’s voice. Slowly he opened the door and peaked his head out, trying to look as calm as possible. Without being able to help himself his eyes slid up and down her body before meeting her eyes.

“Hey sis what’s up” was all Steve could say without giving away the thoughts that were currently running through his head.

“Ummm I was wondering…did you get a voicemail from me today?” Haley asked nervously, with a look of embarrassment.

‘She must have wondered why Jeff hadn’t called her back and then looked at her recent calls.’ Steve pondered. ‘That means that she knows that she called me by mistake!’

“Uh yeah I did” was all Steve could say. Very quickly a stunned look crossed her face.

“Did you listen to it?” Steve had no clue what so ever how to reply to that and apparently his silence told her all she needed to know.

A little smile crossed her face. “So…did you like it?”

Steve didn’t even get a chance to reply, because suddenly she turned away walking down the hall to her room. Steve stood stunned as he watched her nice little ass go down the hall, away from him. Steve just closed his door and walked back to his bed, unzipping his jeans and pulling off his shirt, and lay back on his bed.

His hand slowly slid down and pulled his still rock hard cock out of the fly of his white briefs. Slowly his hand started to slide up and down his length as Steve thought about his sisters amazing body and that little smile she gave him when she found out he had heard the message. His mind quickly wandered back to the message and his hand sped up at the same time.

Then Steve got an idea. He reached for his cell phone and quickly dialed up his voice mail. The next thing Steve heard was his sister’s voice. With his hand still wrapped tightly around his length he started to listen to Haley’s moans. His hand very quickly sped up, with the message coming to an end as he released a large load over his stomach. Steve closed the phone, breathing hard in complete disbelief that everything that happened tonight actually happened. After cleaning up a bit he feel asleep, his sister’s moans still echoing through his head.

The next morning, with school not in session again, Francine left the house bright and early to run errands, like she always seemed to be doing lately. Steve woke at around 10 that morning to a very quiet house. Haley’s door was still closed and he assumed she was still asleep. He pulled on a pair of shorts and went into the kitchen to grab some breakfast.

As he pulled the toast out of the toaster Steve heard the sound of feet moving across the kitchen floor. Without even looking Steve said “Good morning Haley”

“Damn. I was going to try and scare you” she said giggling lightly.

Steve turned around and was immediately stunned. Standing a few feet from him was his sister, wearing a very thin, tight and short white tank top that stopped above the gold ring in her belly button and a pair of pink bikini style panties. Adding a sense of surrealism to the situation, he was amazed to see she was wearing a pair of black leather dress shoes with four inch heels. His eyes slid slowly up and down her body until he heard a staged cough.

“See something you like?” she smiled sweetly.

“Sorry sis. Just not used to seeing you wear anything like that around the house. I don’t think mom or dad would approve” Steve snickered.

“Well they aren’t here, are they?” she said with a smile.

Steve just shook his head and didn’t reply, instead turning around to put some jelly on his toast.

Apparently Haley wasn’t done though. She eased up next to him and sat up on the counter, looking at him with an intense smile on her face. Steve couldn’t help but look over and see how tight the tank top clung to her breasts, which were at his eye level. The brown of her hardened nipples was bleeding through the thin material.

His eyes hung over her breasts a little too long and Haley grabbed them with her hands and pressed them together pushing more of the flesh up over the top of her tank top. “You like them, don’t you?” is all she said.

“What are you up to?” Steve said as he looked over at her suspiciously. Very quickly Steve started to realize that his cock had started to harden once again.

“Oh I’m not up to anything. But you never did answer me last night mister. Did you like the message I left you?” A big cheerful smile crossed Haley’s face as Steve looked up at her in shock, not knowing what to say.

“You mean you know that you left that on my phone?” Steve said surprised Escort Giresun at how she didn’t seem upset about it.

“Yeah. I figured it out. And judging by how hard you were when you got home, you listened to all of it…and you liked it.”

Steve just stood their stunned and his sister smiled at him as she let herself down off the counter, her tall heels clacking on the floor. “Just so you know; I sound even hotter in person” she said as she walked away “Come on by my room if you want to experience that.”

As she walked off Steve was staggered to see that she was actually wearing a pair of thong panties with just a small string separating her jiggling ass cheeks.

Steve just stood in place, completely in shock trying to figure out what his sister had just said and done. “Did she just invite me to come and listen and watch her masturbate?” he asked himself out loud.

After trying to finish spreading the jelly on his piece of toast he dropped the knife and slowly walked down the hall towards his sister’s room. As Steve approached the door a loud moan echoed through the upstairs hallway. Steve arrived at her room quickly and peaked around the corner.

There was Haley laying on her bed, one hand underneath her tank top moving while the other hand pushed her panties to the side as two fingers smoothly slid in and out of her pussy. She looked over at him and smiled, before slowly running her tongue along her lips. In a very sultry tone she spoke “Come on in bro. Watch me for a while.”

Steve certainly wasn’t in the right frame of mind to say no. He walked slowly into her room, noticing that the chair that was normally at her desk had been rolled within several feet of the end of her bed, facing directly between her spread legs. Steve slowly eased himself down into the chair, his cock raging and his eyes glued to the spot where two of Haley’s fingers now rested inside of her tight, shaved pussy.

Steve just sat there speechless as his sister resumed slowly sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy. Steve could see and hear that she was soaking wet. As he watched as she fingered her pussy, he was suddenly hit in the head with her tank top. This drew his attention up to see his sister laying against a pile of pillows with her beautiful breasts on full display, her left nipple being pinched roughly between her fingers.

The whole time Steve was taking in the scene Haley was moaning loudly. The same moans that just yesterday afternoon he had heard on his cell phone. His hand slowly crept down to the tent in his shorts covering the raging hard on that he had. He started to slowly massage it through his shorts until Haley spoke between moans.

“Take it out bro. I want to see it.” His cock hurt so bad pressing against his shorts, so there was no way Steve could say no. He stood up and slid them down to the floor with his white briefs, his cock popping straight out as his sister stopped for a second to stare. Steve noticed the look of awe on her face as his nine inches of meat bounced with every beat of his heart.

“Wow Steve. What a big, beautiful cock.” Haley smiled with a lustful look in her eyes as her fingers resumed sliding in and out of her wet pussy at a pace that was even faster than before.

Steve sat back down on the office chair, the leather rubbing against his bare skin. His hand quickly slid around his cock and slowly started to slide up and down his long length. Steve had no control over his hand anymore and was transfixed on his sister’s fingers sliding in and out of her bare pussy. Soon Steve realized that he was jerking his cock at the same pace that she was fingering her pussy.

It didn’t take long before Haley’s moans increased in pace and volume. Soon an orgasm took complete control of her body and she squirmed on her bed letting out short loud moans, the most erotic sounds Steve have ever heard. As her orgasm subsided she looked at him, smiled, and let out a low throaty moan that spoke of complete satisfaction and pleasure.

His hand kept sliding up and down his cock as Haley laid there breathing deeply watching him with a little wicked smile on her face.

Steve looked at her “So is the show over, or are you going to help me with this?”

Without saying a word, Haley slid off of her bed and walked over to him, wearing just her tall heels and her panties, twisted and tight.

She stood in front of him for a second, her beautiful breasts right there in front of his face. “So little bro, did you like the message I left for you?”

“Yeah I did, but you didn’t leave it for me, you left it for Jeff” Steve replied as his eyes ran over her body taking in every inch, not knowing if he would ever get to see her in this state of undress ever again.

Haley then put her hand on his shoulders and looked at him, his eyes meeting hers. “Oh Steve. You’re so clueless. I saw you from the hallway the other day while you were jacking off in your bed.”

Steve looked stunned.

“You left your door cracked open. Anyway, your cock is amazing. Who knew a skinny dude like you could be so huge?” She leaned in closer. “I left that message for you. I was thinking of you and I knew you were going to get the message. I just said Jeff’s name so you wouldn’t realize right away that I wanted your big cock.”

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