Amber Tales Ch. 03: Remembering Jen

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As I cuddled into Amber’s plump flesh and lightly dozed she muttered as she fell into post-coital sleep that Jenny Green was her Mum. I would like to say that this brought me back to full wakefulness, but it really didn’t, and as I continued to doze my memory took me back almost 25 years, and I dreamed / remembered the following, all with the fuzzy edges that dreams bring:

I must have been 24 or 25 and a mate had asked me to come along as “wing man” when he had his first date with this girl he was chasing. I was quite shy as a young guy and was quite nervous about going out with Graham and his date, especially when Graham told me she was bring “a friend”.

I put on a good shirt and my best jeans and met Graham at the pub (the same one that is now the wine bar where I met Amber!). Soon enough Graham’s date Mel turned up (a tall slim blonde), and she introduced her friend to us as “Jennifer”. She was clearly Mel’s “fat friend” as she was shorter (about 5’6″) and a lot plumper than Mel. Jennifer had long brown hair that ran down her back and was wearing a long black skirt over a wide bum that jutted out behind her, and a tight fitting armless top that showed off her tanned chubby arms, as well as a pair of substantial boobs, with a teasingly deep cleavage.

We all got drinks and as Graham focused on chatting up his date, Jennifer and I found we got on well, both being shy, but enjoying a lot of the same TV shows and bands.

Fast forward a couple of hours and a few drinks – we were all laughing, and taking turns on the Karaoke. Our nerves and shyness had been systematically drunk away, and as Graham and his squeeze wandered off Jenny and I took to the stage and did a duet of The Proclaimers “500 miles”. As we shared the microphone my arm went round Jenny’s shoulder, and I gently stroked her back and even daringly put my hand on her big bum as we belted out a terrible rendition of the song.

As we finished singing (even getting a round of applause) we hugged and I could feel her big boobs against my chest (and of course this had the effect of waking my trouser snake). I looked down into Jennifer’s pretty blue eyes and instinctively bent and kissed her softly on the lips. Jennifer blushed and hit my arm.

“Cheeky!” She said, laughing at me

“Well you can’t blame a guy” I said “I rarely get the chance to kiss a pretty lady”. I kept my arm around her as we left the little stage area.

“You don’t have to humour me Mike” Jennifer said as we got back to our table. “I know you are only here so that Graham gets off with Mel”.

“Don’t be silly Jen, can I call you that?” I replied. “I was a little nervous at first but I’m really glad we’ve met, and I mean what I say, I really do think you are very pretty”.

“Well nişantaşı escort I think you’re very sweet” Jen said, looking up into my eyes and cuddling into me.

Of course Jen and I were soon enough alone in my flat, with soft music playing in the background, making out on my sofa. My hands started to wander all over Jen’s big boobs as we kissed, our tongues dancing as we exchanged saliva. Her tits were fantastic, large and ripe, soft and pliant – I had to see them!

Rising from the sofa I asked Jen to sit on a dining chair I placed in the centre of the room. She looked at me quizzically but did as I asked. I knelt in front of her, kissing her mouth deeply and then lowered my face to her cleavage. I lightly kissed the top of Jens breasts, enjoying them rising and falling with her breath. I gently unbuttoned her top, allowing my eyes to feast on the top of her beautiful tits, which were framed by a white lacy patterned bra. Her cleavage was deep and inviting, and I could see the crinkly lines of stretch marks snaking out of the top of her bra. I helped her out of her top and returned my attention to her boobs.

Jen pulled my head into her chest and I kissed and licked, lowering my head to gently bite her tit-flesh through her bra, leaving dark wet marks in the white material when I pulled back. I removed my shirt and returned to my position kneeling at Jen’s feet.

“Please Jen” I asked in a soft voice, looking up into her blue eyes, “May I see your fantastic boobs?”

“Oh Mike you silly thing!” Jen replied. “They are way too big, saggy and covered in stretch marks!”

“I think they are wonderful, I think you are wonderful”

“And I think you’d do anything to get laid right now” Jen chuckled, but reaching behind her back released her bra clasp and her large boobs pushed forwards in their lacy holder.

“Guilty as charged” I replied, “But I mean what I say Jen, I think your body is fantastic, and would love to explore every inch of you”.

I reached forward and biting at the lacy edge of Jen’s bra pulled it from her boobs, her beautiful big orbs bouncing slightly as they were freed. Oh god they were fantastic! Pendulous round and fleshy, sagging slightly onto Jen’s substantial belly and each topped with big brown areola. Her nipples were already semi-erect from my teasing and I tossed the bra on the sofa and lifted a weighty tit with both hands and sucking one brown nub into my mouth was rewarded by her nipple extending against my tongue.

As I suckled like a hungry baby on her left boob I reached and squeezed the brown teat of the other, feeling Jen’s nipple hardening against my fingers. As I feasted and toyed with these marvellous boobs Jen moaned and sighed, gently running her fingers çapa escort through my short hair.

“Fucking hell Mike, you mean it don’t you? You really do like my big saggy boobs”

“I love them Jen, I need to worship them”

Releasing her rubbery nipple from my mouth I lifted both breasts in my hands and licked then all over. I ran my tongue along the crinkly stretch marks, gently biting the soft flesh and then lifting licked underneath each of them, running my tongue over each nipple to the fleshy top of her boob then back over and over again, alternating between these beautiful titties, stopping only to gently bite each nipple to fuller and fuller erection. Jen moaned more and more deeply and leaned forward in the dining chair as I feasted on her sensitive tit-flesh, her arms by her sides, her giant knockers hanging into my face.

“Oh, Mike you are making me so wet!”

“And your beautiful tits are getting my cock as hard as a rock Jen” I rose and showed Jen the outline of my hard cock against my jeans “Would you like to see how hard?”

Jen reached forward and stroked the outline of my cock through my jeans. “Oh yes lover boy, show me your cock, show me you how much you want me”.

As I unbuckled my belt and pushed my trousers and shorts down my 7″ cock sprang out, pointing skyward and throbbing, with a little bead of pre-cum slipping out too. Jen reached forward and grabbing the base of it moved to lick the translucent liquid from its tip, then quickly parted her lips and I had the delightful sensation of my hard cock being engulfed in her warm wet mouth.

As I stood, knees buckling, Jen slurped and licked up and down my cock. I reached down and held the sides of her head and started to slowly fuck her pretty face, her blue eyes looking up as if for approval.

“That’s so fucking sexy Jen, but I need to fuck you, I want to give you the same pleasure as you are giving me now, want to feel my body against and inside yours you sexy thing” I mumbled as she continued to lick and suck me, squeezing my balls with her hand as she did (in truth I was worried about coming too soon and did not want that).

Jen stood up, and I could see the mixture of her saliva and my pre-cum dribbling from her lips. “Yes Mike, I want you to. I haven’t felt this turned on ever before and I need that hard cock inside me now”. We kissed wetly and I felt her wonderful warm boobs pressing against my chest.

She turned around and reaching for her waistband lowered her skirt and panties in one motion. Then in front of my amazed eyes Jen leaned forward over the chair and presented her wonderful wide arse towards my aching hard cock “Take me from behind Mike, fuck me now lover boy!”

I took a moment to enjoy fatih escort this unexpected and wondrous view, Jen had beautifully big dimpled bum cheeks, and as she bent forward I could see that she was quite hairy, with little dark hairs between her buttocks, leading down to a dark brown thatch of pubic hair around her glistening wet cunt.

Pushing my cock forward I rubbed it from side to side over her arse cheeks a couple of times, making it harder (as if that was possible) then slowly pushed it into the crevice between her big buttocks. Leaning forward and reaching around her fleshy back I gabbed hold of her massive tits with both hands and slowly lowered my cock so that my crown was pushing against her hairy pussy opening.

Jen pushed back against me at the same moment as I pushed forwards and in one massive thrust I rammed my cock into her waiting cunt. My god that felt awesome, feeling my hard and desperate cock being welcomed deep into her tight and wet pussy had me almost cumming in that very first thrust!

As we built a rhythm between us of Jen pushing back and me pushing forwards I released her boobs to let them bounce around, and straightening my back looked down on her and gently smacked her delightfully big bum as I thrust into her over and over again. This seemed to drive Jen wild and I could feel her wet cunt walls squeezing around me cock tighter with every push.

“Fuck yes Mike, HARDER” Jen moaned.

I hammered my hard member into her hard and fast, the soft music being drowned out by the slapping sound of my belly against her big arse as my cock pushed against her cervix deep in her cunt.

“I’m Cumming Mike, don’t you dare stop now!” Jen shouted as I continued my assault on her cunt and arse.

I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to, as I was so carried away in the ecstacy of the moment and soon I was holding onto Jen’s wide hips, pulling her arse cheeks apart and squirting load after load of sticky cum deep inside her pussy. As I continued to shoot she pushed back and held her beautiful bum hard against me and I felt her spasming around my rod as Jen came with me.

We fell back onto my sofa in a mass of sweat sated flesh, and I remember kissing her and kissing her, my hands exploring her and hers me.

I saw Jen only a few times after that, I guess we didn’t want to fall into a routine relationship. I do remember Jen as insatiable though and I love the memory of falling asleep contentedly with my head on her soft tits. The image of her piercing blue eyes looking into mine as we fucked in every position we could think of often comes back to me. Even now so many years later each time I think of those beautiful eyes and her gorgeous boobs my cock twitches!

My dream, or the events with Amber of the night before had the same effect, as I woke cuddling up to Amber with a rock-solid erection. As I stretched and yawned Amber grabbed my hard cock and smiled at me. Without words she rose up in the bed and straddled me, but that’s another story…

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