Amanda Visits a Masseuse Ch. 02

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Amanda Returns for Another Massage

As Amanda became painfully aware the next day, the toll which Yoko’s massage had taken on her body was considerable. When she woke and attempted to rise, the muscles in Amanda’s lower body, particularly those in her region of her belly, pelvis, and inner legs, protested and insisted on reminding her of the duress to which Yoko had subjected them. She had assumed that her bowels would take several days to recover from their stretching, but, much to her surprise, it was her muscles not her bowels which were demanding her attention. Indeed, as she now realized, from the moment that Yoko began working on her, her body had been required to endure essentially continuous strain, first while her legs were splayed to give Yoko unobstructed access to her groin and then while, tightly curled in a fetal position, she danced at the end of the pole with which Yoko controlled the bulb filling her rectum. At the time, she had been too excited to know what a heavy tax her body had been paying for its pleasure, but she did now.

When Amanda reviewed in her mind what had been done to her during the time she spent on the Yoko’s table, she immediately understood that her thighs and groin had cause to be sore. However, it took her longer to comprehend why the muscles in her lower belly felt the way they did. Only after she began rubbing them did she begin to fully appreciate just how rigorous, albeit subtle, a workout Yoko’s bulb had given them. Indeed, as her fingers explored their surface, she realized what a crucial role her abdominal muscles had played in enabling her body to accommodate the manipulation of her uterus and other internal organs by the bulb embedded in their midst, not unlike the role they would have been playing had she been giving birth. Amanda found these musing simultaneously disturbing and intriguing. On the one hand, it disturbed her that she had given Yoko such mastery over the most intimate parts of her anatomy. On the other hand, she could not deny that much of the excitement she had experienced derived from the knowledge that she had abandoned control over her own body and ceded it to Yoko. Thus, when Amanda finally rose and headed to the bathroom, she was still conflicted, but she was no longer in any doubt about the source of the soreness in her legs and stomach.

Several days past before either of us mentioned Amanda’s massage. Knowing that she was still struggling to resolve her own ambiguous feelings about the experience, I did not want to broach the subject and was content to have her bring it up when she was ready. Nonetheless, although she did not talk about it, I noticed a change in Amanda’s behavior, particularly when we were having sex together. Specifically, she exhibited a level of abandon which she had not shown before. In the past, she had been more reticent and passive, but now she openly expressed her passion, both verbally and physically. For instance, as she approached orgasm, she brought her whole body into the act, wrapping her legs around me to draw me deeper into her body and emitting moans of satisfaction when she felt me stretching her vagina and pressing against her cervix. She had always enjoyed sex, but she had previously been much more reserved about the pleasure it gave her. I attributed this change to our visit with Yoko and was anxious to learn whether she recognized and appreciated her own transformation.

Thus, I was pleased when, one evening during dinner, Amanda brought up the topic. “You know, I have been thinking a lot about my massage. Indeed, it was a life altering experience. In particular, I never before realized that essentially every part of the female body is susceptible to sexual stimulation. Before Yoko suspended my legs and strummed on the tendons in my groin, I would not have guessed that such treatment would be tolerable, much less pleasurable. Even more surprising to me was the intense pleasure I got from her manipulation of the bulb inside me. You have never entered me that way, and I never thought that I would want you or anyone else to try. However, Yoko seems to have cast a spell over me, a spell which, at the same time, anesthetized and opened my mind. Normally, I would have rebelled had someone first introduced a bulb into my bowels and then used it to massage all the organs in the vicinity, but somehow, although I was keenly aware of what she was doing and knew that I should make her stop, I discovered that I was wrong and that what I really wanted was for her to continue. In some ways, what strangest of all is that, in spite of my embarrassment at the time and the residual discomfort which I suffered later in my lower body, I would like to have her work on my body again. She said that she had other experiences to which she would enjoy introducing me, and I find myself increasing curious to find out what they are.”

Taken aback by the abruptness and directness with which she had made her thoughts known, I was not prepared to respond immediately. I wanted to be just as honest Kastamonu Escort and direct as she had been, but I had reservations about divulging thoughts and emotions which, up to then, I had hidden from her. “Amanda, you surely are aware that your experience made an enormous impression on me as well. Of course, it was your body which bore the brunt of Yoko’s attention, but being a witness to what she did to it was as emotionally trying for me as it was for you. Watching her assume such total control over your body and seeing you so readily acquiesce altered my relationship to the body which I had come to think you would share with only me. I won’t deny that I enjoyed watching the contortions which she made you perform or that I was not sexually excited by the positions she made your body take and the manipulation to which she subjected it. I doubt if you know just how beautiful and seductive you looked while you danced to her tune. On the other hand, I will not pretend that, as exciting as it was, I was not jealous of her mastery over you. It injured my male pride to realize that someone else, and a woman at that, is capable of providing you sexual pleasures which I cannot.”

Clearly touched by my revelation, Amanda leaned across the table, took my hands in her own, and said “You and your male pride. Why should one limit ones sexual gratification to a single source any more than one limits ones intellectual gratification to a single source? You enjoy reading and you enjoy movies, and you see no conflict between these activities. I agree that sex is different and appreciate that there are important reasons to practice fidelity to ones spouse. That’s part of the cement which holds a family together. However, what happens in Yoko’s studio has nothing to do with procreation or family. There is no rational reason for you to be insulted or jealous just because I enjoyed putting my body in her hands and would like to do so again. I’m not going to abandon you for her! All that I want is to experience what she has to offer me. I’m sure that you have noticed changes which she has already effected in my sexual behavior and appreciate the concomitant expansion of my sexual horizons. So why shouldn’t both of us want to have her continue? Of course, I will not go back to Yoko over your objections. Our relationship is far more important to me than anything she can offer me, and I won’t jeopardize it for mere sexual gratification. On the other hand, I see no reason for you to think that my relationship to you might be endangered by my relationship to her.”

A primary reason why I married Amanda is her intellectual integrity and her willingness to confront issues head on. However, I had not realized that her sophistication extended into the realm of sexual matters. In fact, I had thought that was the one area into which she was disinclined to delve intellectually. Heretofore, sex had been an activity in which she readily indulged but did not discuss. Now, for the first time, I could see that,if anything, her ideas about sex were more liberated and deeper than my own. She clearly understood the distinction between its biological and social function in propagating the species and its secondary function as a source of pleasure having nothing to do with procreation. Further, I could see that the only reasons for my not agreeing with her were vestiges of conventionally accepted verities whose validity was no longer as obvious as it once thought to be. In other words, there was no way for me to object to her plan other than admitting to myself and her that I had failed to liberate myself from inhibitions acquired from my parents. In addition, I too was intrigued by Yoko’s parting words and excited by the prospect of learning their portent. Thus, after regaining my composure, I said “You are right. It is foolish of me to fear that our relationship is endangered by what goes on at Yoko’s studio, and, seeing as it was I who made the original suggestion, it would be unfair of me to allow my fear to deny you an experience which you obviously crave. Tomorrow you should call Yoko and set up an another appointment.”

When I returned from work the following evening, I found Amanda sitting bolt upright, and completely naked, on the rug in the middle of our living room. With her eyes half closed, she seemed to be a trance. On closer examination, I realized that she was practicing yoga and that she was in a classic lotus position with her legs crossed, her feet tucked in the crease between her upper and lower legs, and her hands turned up and resting own her thighs. Once I had recovered from my initial surprise, I could not but appreciate how peaceful and lovely she looked, and, except for the rigidity of her posture, how totally relaxed she appeared to be. Thus, not wanting to disturb her, I sat down on a chair facing her and drank in the image she was presenting. With each intake of breath, her breasts rose and her tummy rounded into a beautifully contoured bowl, which would flatten as she exhaled. Kastamonu Escort Bayan Otherwise, she remained absolutely still.

After continuing for another ten minutes, breathing deeply in slow, measured breaths, Amanda began to emerge from her self-induced trance and at last acknowledged my presence. Smiling at me, she said “You’re wondering what’s going on. Well, I called Yoko this morning and made an appointment for next Saturday, again starting at 9. In addition to the dietary restrictions which she prescribed for me last time, she gave me instructions which, to the extent that I follow them, will increase the receptivity of my body to what she has planned for it. Between now and Saturday, she wants me to spend half an hour each day practicing yoga exercises. For this purpose, she had me drop by on my way home to pick up a device which she recommends my using to improve my posture and muscle tone. As you probably noticed, my posture is better than normal. That’s because I am sitting with a rather long dildo embedded inside me. The dildo consists of a shaft mounted on a circular plate, which is hidden beneath me. Before assuming this lotus position, I slowly lowered myself onto the shaft. Due to the size of the shaft, it took me some time to get the whole thing inside me, and, at first, after I had it inside, I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to keep it there for half an hour, especially with my legs crossed so that my entire weight bears down on the shaft, stretching my vagina and pressing against my cervix. However, after several uncomfortable minutes, I felt my uterus shift to accommodate the intrusion, and when this occurred, the discomfort was replaced by a exquisitely satisfying feeling of repleteness. Even though I have been completely still, waves of sensation have been radiating throughout my lower body. At the same time, because my uterus is being pushed up and seems to be pressing against my diaphragm, I have to monitor my breathing very carefully, in precisely the way that one is supposed to when doing yoga. As a consequence, this has been my most successful attempt to achieve the benefits which yoga is designed to give.”

Once again I was staggered by Amanda’s transformation. Before our visit to Yoko’s salon, she would have never spoken, especially with such equanimity,about having a dildo lodged inside her vagina and the effect it was having on her body. In fact, I cannot imagine her former self ever willingly allowing one inside her body. But there she was, calmly extricating herself from the pedestal on which she had spent the last half hour and talking about her intention to repeat this exercise on each of the two days remaining before our appointment with Yoko. It was obvious, both from the ease with which she was able to remove the dildo and the flush of color which had spread over her naked body, that she was in a state of considerable sexual excitement. However, she gently refused my invitation to finish the job which the dildo had begun, saying that Yoko thought it best for her to conserve her sexual energy. Somewhat petulantly, I said, “You mean that she wants you to be abstinent until after your massage? That seems a little unfair, particularly if I am going to be treated each day to a display of the sort I was today.”

Coming over to my chair and leaning forward so that her breasts hung like ripe fruit before my eyes, Amanda coquettishly answered “Yes, that’s exactly what she wants. This time, both of us are going to suffer a little, but imagine our eventual reward!”

Mildly annoyed by her smug tone but enchanted nonetheless, I responded “O.K., if that’s the way its going to be, then I insist that you let me take my revenge by making you regret your vow of chastity. If you agree to those terms, place your hands on the arms of this chair, spread your legs a little, and keep your breasts available to me.”

Apparently accepting my deal, Amanda moved her legs so that they straddled my knees and hunched her shoulders so that her breasts swayed enticingly just inches from my face. Reaching one hand into the juncture at her crotch and the other to the cones of her hanging breasts, I enlisted all my skills to bring her to the threshold of orgasm. Using one hand to alternately set her breasts in motion by tapping on their sides and arrest their motion by pulling gently on her erect nipples while simultaneously using the fingers of

other hand to delve into the warm valley between her labia and stroke her clitoris, my efforts were quickly rewarded. Soon after I began, Amanda was unable to remain still: throwing back her head and rotating her hips in sensual circles. For a while, the only sounds she made were increasingly audible sighs. However, as her excitement grew, her frustration overwhelmed her and her sighs turned to pleas that I stop torturing her.

When I sensed that she could stand no more, I abruptly stopped and, with a sly smile of satisfaction, pushed her away, saying “I do not want to be responsible Escort Kastamonu for you disobeying Yoko’s instructions.” Then, putting my hands on her hips and turning her until she was facing away from me, I gave her a slap on the rear and said “Perhaps you should take the advise usually given to men in your state. That is, go and take a cold shower.”

The tension grew over the next couple of days. Returning each day to find Amanda perched on her dildo, I found it increasingly difficult to release my own frustration by simply exacerbating hers. Thus, by Saturday morning, both of us were relieved that the waiting was over. However, confronted by the reality of putting her body back into Yoko’s hands, I could tell that Amanda’s relief was tinged with something approaching fear as she prepared for her appointment. Although she bravely tried to hide her fears, it was clear that she was remembering her previous visit to Yoko and the demands, both physical and psychological, which it had made on her. Nonetheless, in spite of her reservations, she never considered the option of canceling her appointment, and so, at 8:30 sharp, we headed out the door on our way to Yoko’s salon. Once again, Yoko met us at the door and ushered us into her studio.

After closing the door, she positioned Amanda in front of her and immediately began removing Amanda’s clothes. When Amanda was down to her panties, Yoko took a step back to scrutinize the body revealed before her. Running a hand over Amanda’s front, Yoko patted Amanda’s firm tummy and said “I am pleased to see that you have followed my instructions. Your posture has improved and your tummy has firmed.” Then, taking a step forward and probing with her fingers through the thin material covering Amanda’s stomach, Yoko continued “On your last visit, I appreciated these subtle curves and the charming bulge just below your navel, both of which have been enhanced by your yoga exercises. Today I plan to reward you for your efforts and will concentrate on this lovely belly of yours. At times this will entail your tummy having to perform in ways which you will find difficult to bear. However, just as I did last time, I assure you that the pleasure you ultimately will derive will more than compensate for whatever you suffer. In the process, I hope to teach you to regard your stomach as a potential source of erotic pleasure, one which you will want to have become an integral part of your sexual activity.” As an afterthought she added “I seldom have the opportunity to work on a body which is as well suited as yours for the joys I can bring it.” While she spoke, Yoko continued her intimate exploration of the region about which she was talking, but Amanda never objected, having, as she had on our previous visit, fallen under the Yoko’s spell. When Yoko was finished, she took Amanda’s hand and led her to the door behind which waited the tub in which she would prepare Amanda’s body

for its sensual ordeal.

They remained in the tub room for slightly more than twenty minutes. Aside from the occasional sound of splashing water, I heard nothing to indicate what transpired during their absence. I only knew that, as distinguished from the last time, Amanda voiced no complaint about whatever liberties Yoko was taking, and, just as last time, when they reappeared, I was struck by the contrast between Amanda’s glowingly pink and generously feminine nakedness and Yoko’s scantily clad, trim, nearly boyish, figure. Guiding Amanda to the massage table, on which she had placed a padded mat, Yoko asked Amanda to lie flat on her front, with her arms folded and her chin resting on her hands. Yoko then hopped up onto the table herself, straddled Amanda’s prone body, and reached over her head to grasp a bar which was suspended from a short chain attached to a track in the ceiling. Grasping the bar with both hands, Yoko placed her left foot smack in the middle of Amanda’s upturned rump and explained “Amanda, I am going to use a Japanese massage technique in which the role usually played by the masseuse’s hands is played by her feet. Obviously, the pressure that be exerted with ones feet is significantly greater than that which is possible with ones hands. Thus, only an expert should attempt to administer such a massage. To accustom you to the technique, I will begin by working on your gluteal muscles. When I put my weight on them, they may complain a little. However, I am confident that they will soon learn to accommodate my weight and that you will then feel only a pleasant burning sensation as I continue

manipulating them.”

Having told Amanda what to expect, Yoko shifted her weight to her left foot and stepped onto the rounded surface of Amanda’s buttock. Once she was up, Yoko used her hands on the bar above head to simultaneously steady herself and modulate the pressure she was bringing to bear on Amanda’s rump. Then, after she had familiarized herself with the terrain, Yoko subjected each and every portion of Amanda’s bottom to a systematic massage, using her toes and heels to compress and knead the muscles under her feet. Initially, Amanda found it difficult to stand what was being done to her behind. She grunted each time that Yoko changed positions, and it took a couple of minutes before she experienced the pleasure which Yoko had promised.

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