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Ben climbed out of the shower, water dripping off his muscular tanned body. He reached for a towel and began drying himself as he walked into the bedroom. Amanda, his girlfriend, was dressing in front of the mirror.
Amanda was quite simply stunning. She had a body most women would cry out for; long firm legs, a round taught arse and pert upturned 36C breasts each tipped with a rosy coloured nipple. Her long and lustrous golden hair fell down over her shoulders. She had trimmed her pussy hair to show off her petal like pussy lips. Ben openly admired this gorgeous woman, who stood before him wearing only a small camisole, and wondered what he had done to deserve such a beautifully perfect specimen of the female form.
Amanda turned round when she noticed Ben behind her in the mirror. He stood idly drying himself with a proud grin on his face.
“What’s the matter with you?” she asked.
“Absolutely nothing babe. I was just admiring you.” He replied.
“That’s not all you were doing,” she said with a nod towards his groin. “Seems like you were having naughty thoughts while you were admiring me.”
Ben looked down and saw that he had a semi hard-on. He dropped his towel to the floor and grasped his cock, stroking it to full hardness.
“Seems a shame to waste this then.” He said playfully.
“Absolutely.” Amanda replied as she walked over to him.
She dropped to her knees in front of Ben and took hold of his now hard cock. She pushed it flat against Ben’s stomach and ran her tongue round his heavy ball sack then up the shaft. She flicked her tongue across the ridge under the cockhead making it twitch and throb, and then sank her lips down over the shaft, taking half of the nine-inch cock into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked on Ben’s cock, taking more and more of the shaft into her mouth. Spit bubbles formed at the corners of her mouth as she sucked harder and faster.
She let Ben’s cock fall from her mouth and cupped her hands around it, interlocking her fingers, and stoked her hands along the slippery shaft, from the base up to the tip. The tightness of her grip caused Ben’s cock to twitch. Each time her hands left the tip exposed, she lapped at it with her tongue, occasionally sucking just the tip between her lips.
“Fuck that feels good, but don’t make me cum just yet babe.” Ben said.
Amanda let go of his cock, stood and peeled of the camisole. Her nipples were hard and she pinched them between her thumb and forefinger. She moved to the bed, sat on the edge and then leant back, opening her legs.
“You know what to do baby, gaziantep escort make me cum.” She demanded.
Ben did know what to do and he knelt between her legs and prised her pussy lips apart with his fingers. She was already wet and his fingers slid easily between her pussy lips. He pulled aside the thin fleshy hood that covered her clit and lapped at it with his tongue. Amanda moaned softly as Ben’s tongue worked its way around her pussy and over the distended clit. While he continued licking her, he slid his first and middle fingers deep into her wet pussy, massaging her insides. Pussy juice and saliva coated his chin and ran down between Amanda’s arse cheeks lubricating her puckered arsehole so that he was able to insert his third finger and push it deep into her.
Amanda sighed with pleasure as Ben’s fingers began working on both her holes and she pushed herself onto his hand and face, urging him deeper. Within seconds she was coming, her moans getting louder as the pleasure peaked. Ben’s tongue worked its way into her clit and his fingers probed deeper into her pussy and arse, pushing her over the edge. A huge wave of pure pleasure soared through her body as she reached a crashing climax.
“Ohhhh,” she moaned, “I’m coming, oh fuck, yes, ohhhh.”
Ben withdrew his fingers. His hand and face were slick with Amanda’s pussy juice. He moved up her body, snaking his tongue across her heaving belly, moving up to her hard nipples, which he sucked hard, causing a final tremble to run through her body. He kissed Amanda hard on the mouth.
“Was that ok babe?” He asked.
“Oh baby, that was so good, now fuck me.” She demanded.
Ben didn’t need much persuasion. His cock was aching to be inside of her. He slid easily into Amanda’s wet pussy, filling her with one push, and began a steady rhythm, pulling his cock right back to the entrance of her pussy and pushing in, balls deep. Amanda wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him into her. They fucked slowly and rhythmically, until Amanda begged him to fuck her harder. Ben pulled Amanda’s legs up over his shoulder and drove his cock deeper into her pussy. She moaned over and over, feeling the tip of his cock push against her innermost depths.
Ben shifted position again, sweeping Amada’s legs down so that she was lying on her side with her arse raised, all the time keeping his cock inside of her. He was on his knees with his legs splayed open and began fucking her in this half doggy position which allowed him to push his cock hard against the top wall of Amanda’s pussy, stimulating her G-spot. Amanda responded with load moans of pleasure, feeling his cock rub against her sensitive spot. In no time she felt another orgasm building, which Ben sensed. He responded by pushing harder and faster into her as she climaxed for the second time.
As her climax subsided, Amanda felt Ben’s hands grasp her waist as he pulled her up onto her knees. She laid her body against the bed, forcing her arse up high. Ben reached under her, raking his fingers across Amanda’s sopping pussy. He rubbed his fingers around her arsehole, leaving it sticky with pussy juice.
“Oh yes baby, fuck my arse.” She cried.
Ben placed the tip of his cock against her arsehole and, pulling her cheeks apart, pushed the cockhead into Amanda’s arsehole. It slipped into the tight hole. Ben slowly pushed more of his cock into her, easing in an inch at a time, until he had half his length inside her arse and then began fucking her, gently at first, but slowly increasing his pace.
Amanda cried out, in pleasure more than pain. She was used to being fucked in her arse, and whilst her hole was tight, she loved the feeling of Ben’s hard cock in her tight arsehole and he was always careful not to rush in and hurt her, he always started slowly, allowing her arse time to get used to his cock.
Now she was ready for him and she pushed back against Ben, urging him to fuck her deeper. She wanted to feel all of his cock deep in her arse. Ben pushed into her, sliding all the way in.
“Oh fuck that’s good. Fuck me baby.” Amanda all but growled.
Ben responded, stroking his cock back and forth inside of her. Amanda reached up between her legs, rubbing her clit then inserting two fingers inside her pussy. She could feel Ben’s cock through the flesh and muscle separating her two holes and that was enough to tip her over the edge. Amanda came for a third time, frantically rubbing her clit, and Ben’s cock was gripped tightly as Amanda’s muscles contracted with the orgasm.
Ben withdrew from Amanda’s quivering arsehole, flipped her over onto her back and straddled her chest. Amanda knew what he wanted and cupping her tits in each hand she squeezed them together. The soft pulpy flesh formed a deep envelope around Ben’s hard cock. He began thrusting his cock forward, the tip emerging from between the deep cleavage, tapping the underside Amanda’s chin.
Amanda dipped her head lower so that she could reach Ben’s cock with her mouth each time he pushed it forward. She lapped at the fat, glistening cockhead with her tongue, wetting it with her saliva, adding lubrication and allowing Ben’s cock to slide easily between her tits. Ben continued to fuck her tits for a couple more minutes and then, feeling his balls tighten, announced his impending ejaculation.
“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum now.” He moaned.
Amanda immediately let go of her tits and grabbed Ben’s thick cock in her right hand, jacking her fist back and forth along the shaft. She opened her mouth just as Ben came. A thick bubble of cum appeared at the tip of his cock, flying onto Amanda’s chin from the motion of her hand. Then the dam broke proper.
Ben’s cock pulsed in Amanda’s hand as his cum exploded from his cock. A huge spurt shot out, hitting Amanda high on her right cheek, followed by two more powerful spurts, streaking her cheek and clinging to her skin. Each powerful spurt was followed by a weaker one which left Amanda’s chin dripping with cum, from where it dripped in ribbons, pooling thickly around her throat and the top of her chest. Another thick spurt landed across her tongue and top lip. Still Ben’s cock pulsed, sending cum streaking across Amanda’s face. She pulled his cock into her mouth, closing her lips around the shaft. She felt his cum pour over her tongue. As she pulled his cock from her mouth another powerful jet erupted arcing up over her nose and splashing down onto her left cheek.
By now Amanda’s face was awash with cum. It hung in thick ribbons, dangling from her chin and falling onto her chest forming a deep white creamy pool in the hollow of her throat. Once more she pulled his cockhead to her lips as still more cum bubbled from the tip, smearing it over her lips and tongue.
Finally Ben’s cock twitched one last time depositing a thick glob onto Amanda’s outstretched tongue. She lifted his cock away from her mouth. An ever-lengthening string of cum connected the shiny cockhead to her tongue before snapping off, landing across her nose and upper lip.
“Oooh baby, I came so much,” Ben sighed.
“Mmmmm.” Amanda murmured, as she scooped up Ben’s cum with her fingers, sucking them clean, savouring the thick creamy texture.
“God, you taste so good. I love your cum,” She said, looking up into his eyes. “I could eat your cum all night long.”
“Yeah, if only I could cum all night long that is.” He said, laughing as he collapsed down onto Amanda’s body.
She took his weight and hugged him close, kissing him deeply. They lay in each other’s arms, resting and enjoying the moment.
“I thought we were supposed to be going out to dinner.” Amanda said.
“We are, and I guess we’d better start getting ready again,” Ben laughed, climbing off the bed, “you wanna come join me in the shower?”
And so they both wandered into the bathroom, hand in hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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