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Big Tits

Amanda adventures 4 – Amanda takes on two huge blacks.
A few weeks had passed by since Amanda and her best friend Katie had fucked a patient at Katies’ clinic. She had been with a few other black men since then courtesy of Katie arranging it with men at the gymnasium they both frequented.
She was getting a little frustrated with Katie, because, in her words, Katie was pulling all the strings and getting the greater share of the cock that was on offer.
She admitted she was missing Toby and longed to have him back here at our house were she could fuck him till her hearts content, even though, she admitted when she shared one with Katie she did enjoy it more because she loved licking their cocks after Katie had been on them.
“Well” I said, “your very experienced now and well on the way to being a complete slut your self”…
She gave me an evil look when I called her that. I smirked and continued “why don’t you find your own black cock”?
“Oh I don’t think I’ve got the nerve to approach anybody on my own, that’s why I rely so much on Katie”.
My wife Amanda ran her own lingerie outlet, she frequently went to wholesalers to buy stock. “Do you remember a couple of years ago, you went to that wholesalers in Manchester that was run by those black guys”? I said. “ Yes, I didn’t like it there they made me feel uncomfortable, all staring at me, undressing me with their eyes” she responded.
“Well why don’t you go and get some stock from them, I’ll come with you and wait in the car, who knows you might get lucky”.
Amanda gave me a great big kiss and said “great idea, I’ll make sure there open Sunday morning and we can go then” she excitedly skipped off to look them up on the internet.

Sunday morning we arrived outside a dilapidated old warehouse building on the outskirts of Manchester. I remained in the car and Amanda gave me a kiss and left saying “I’ll see you later”
As she walked away I watched her, she wore a sexy floral short dress with stiletto heeled shoes, she looked absolutely fantastic. I had to concede since she had turned into a black cock slut she had never looked so good, her body was full but firm and toned, she was in short a goddess!

Amanda entered the semi gloom of the business and was met just inside by a tall lanky black man, unshaven and wearing a trilby hat and smoking a cigarette.
“Hello madam”, he grinned at her, can I help. She introduced herself and asked if she could peruse the merchandise for her shop. The black man quickly briefed her on what was where in the front of the shop and that in the rear of the shop they had there stocks of ‘adult material’. “ Oh okay” she smiled and wander off to explore.
A few moments later the tall black görükle escort man appeared again and said” I forgot to mention, if you see any underwear your not sure about you are welcome to try it on and we can give you our opinion”
“Thanks, I’ll let you know” Amanda returned his grin.
The front of the premises was fully stocked with allsorts of lingerie in a huge variety of colours and designs.
Amanda wrote the codes down of a great many she knew would sell quickly and made a note of some of the more risqué ones that she wasn’t sure about.
She wandered into the rear of the premises which was full of dildo’s,porno dvd’s, inflatable dolls.. the lot.
She wandered to the very end of one aisle which had a dark heavy curtain pulled across a door hole.
As she approached it she could here moaning and groaning noises, she was intrigued, she crept towards the curtain and peered through the edge of it. To her utter amazement there in front of her was a young black man in his early 20’s sat on a grubby settee with his trousers around his ankles wanking him self off to a interracial porno on a large tv screen.
His cock was massive and Amanda thought it was the most beautiful thing she had seen in weeks.
She watched intently has the young man stroked his long thick black cock occasionally stopping to have a swig on a can of coke. She started felling very horny and slipped her hand under her dress to gently rub her clitoris. Her nipples were now standing out like cocktail sausages and her cunt was wet and hot.
A though quickly sprang to mind, she trotted back to the front section of the building and found the tall older black man sat still smoking another cigarette. “Can I try this stocking and suspender set on”?
The black man’s eyes lit up and he grinned devilishly at Amanda, “sure honey, if you go through into the back down that second aisle, there’s room there where you can change”. Amanda grinned back “ okay”.
She strode down the corridor very quickly and swept the curtain back just in time to see the young black man jumping out of his seat whilst trying to pull up his trousers.
The young black turned around looking puzzled but amazed at the gorgeous sexy beauty who had just almost caught him with his big cock out.
“ The guy at the front said it was okay to try this outfit on in here” Amanda said.
“Yeah, okay Honey” he said leaving the room whilst staring Amanda up and down.
He left the porn movie playing on the tv, Amanda’s attention was quickly drawn to it because it was an interracial, showing a petite white girl getting pounded by a huge black cock.
She slowly removed her dress and underwear and tried on the underwear she had selected. The bra escort bayan was a quarter cut bra which basically just lifted and supported her massive tits whilst exposing her dark brown nipples, the pants were almost a g string and the suspender belt had long belts which supported short length stockings. When she was fully attired she looked awesome.

The tall black man entered through the curtain, Amanda didn’t flinch, his eyes almost popped out when he saw the view, behind him the younger black man stared with a evil grin on his face.
“You look fuckin awesome in that” the tall black said whilst turning around to his younger friend, “what do you think”?
“ Fuckin lovely, I’d fuck it!” he blurted out without thinking.
Amanda was feeling like a sexy horny slut now and she was on the hunt for cock.
“You don’t think it makes my tits look too big do you” she said whilst sticking her tits right out and shaking them from side to side making them wobble.

“Fuck no girl” the tall black said, they are just perfect!
“What about my bottom, does it look okay” she said as she turned and bent over slightly without bending her knees.
“whhooooeee” the younger black man howled.

Amanda got on all fours on the settee in the room, “do you think this outfit will sell good in my shop”? she enquired…
“The tall black man undid his trousers and let them drop to the floor, his massive black cock was fully erect and sticking straight out, he swaggered his hips from side to side making his huge tool swing dangerously about “honey, if it has this effect on my cock.. trust me it will sell”.
“Has it had the same effect on your cock” Amanda questioned the younger black man.
He too removed his jeans, his cock was also hideously engorged, his bollocks were extremely heavy and hung down half way to his knees, “what do you think” he said whilst grabbing hold of his huge cock and started wanking it.
“Ohh, your both very BIG boys aren’t you” Amanda retorted, she sniffed the air, it was thick with the heady scent of cock, “your cocks smell very pungent, would you like me to clean them for you with my mouth”?
“The younger man stepped forward, the tall black with the bigger cock put his hand across his chest and stopped him, “me first junior”.

Amanda proceeded to clean his cock, she pulled the foreskin back and lapped at the big purple head, she forced it into her throat and began wanking the stalk of it.
“yeah baby, suck that big black cock” the tall black said.
Amanda reached over and grabbed hold of the other cock and started wanking it.
She systematically swapped from one cock to the other sucking slurping and cleaning, occasionally lowering bursa escort he head to lap at their bollocks, the younger black’s bollocks where outstanding, they where big and extremely heavy.
Amanda wanted to drain both men’s’ bollocks, she knew from her experience with Katie that to get the maximum discharge out of them the trick was to work the cocks hard for at least 20 minutes or so.
She set about her task, she wanked and sucked them for a good 5 minutes or so and them she stood up and bent over and guided the tall black man into her hot cunt whilst she continued sucking the younger black.

The tall black entered deep into her cunt and proceeded to pump away at her, “fuckin hell honey, your cunt is incredible” he hissed.
Amanda attempted to deep throat the younger black as she had seen on numerous porno movies, it was a technique she had been working on for some time but hadn’t quite mastered it yet.
The blacks swapped over several times and hammered their large black cocks into Amanda, slamming their heavy spunk filled balls against her

After a while they started getting a bit carried away, the younger black was lunging away at Amanda’s cunt “get that fuckin black cock in you, you fuckin white whore” he was shouting while bagging away at her.
The tall black had hold of her hair forcing her head down on to his huge cock so that she could barely breath..”suck on that big black dick, yeah that’s right, suck it you fuckin white slut…suck it”…
On and on it went, they used my wife like a common whore, they were brutal with her, they pounded away with their massive cocks into her beautiful tight body remorselessly… Amanda was enjoying every single moment of it..
Eventually, Amanda orgasmed, it was intense and lasted longer than she had ever experienced before. Her cunt juices sprayed over the massive cock and bollocks that was fucking her at the time.
The blacks didn’t let up, they carried on pounding and fucking, she came again, not as intense but just as rewarding.
The longest black shot his spunk deep into her womb, the younger black blasted hot fresh cum down her throat and over her face.
She cleaned both their cocks with her mouth ensuring every last drop of spunk had been removed and swallowed!

Amanda got dressed, collected her goods and returned to me awaiting in the car, “where the fuckin hell have you been!” I said, “why” she replied, “you’ve been in there for almost 3 hours” I responded.
“Oh” she simply said as she dropped exhausted into the passenger seat.
“That was fuckin gorgeous” she said with a flushed tired happy look.
“I think I’m gonna need a lot more stock from this establishment” she grinned.
On the way home she fell asleep, I looked at her she looked contented and happy, there were dried starchy stains on her cheek and her hair was tussled, she looked beautiful!!

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